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The Best Street Style From New York Fashion Week
Article publi le 11/02/2018
Did you even go to New York Fashion Week if you didn’t wear a beret, tiny sunglasses, or both? Based on the street style yesterday, no. Statement accessories were the hero pieces of the day. The controversial chapeau kept popping up in green, in red, and in fur. As for the sunglasses, people took their cues from Rihanna and The Matrix. There were colored lenses, teeny-tiny angular pairs, and oversize owl-like glasses. Pro tip: Pair them with a fanny pack for extra clout. Puffer coats were everywhere, but the best was a full-length one with Frida Kahlo printed on the back multiple times. If the puffy-coat look isn’t your scene, the most prevalent alternative was colorful fur. Some opted for tan teddy-bear cocoon coats, others chose feathery rainbow furs, and one woman went all the way and wore a floor-length mink. The cold weather gave new meaning to the phrase “go big or go home,” at least when it came to the outerwear. See More: Long Prom Dresses
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Tom Ford Loses His Cool
Article publi le 10/02/2018
The New York women’s ready-to-wear shows began just after the video that exposed the seeming truth about President Trump’s hair (or lack of it) spread online, and while those may seem like two unrelated incidents, the latter turned out to be something of a portent for the former. Just as that gust of wind — and missing a more-important-than-anyone-knew accessory (the MAGA cap) — revealed the big nothing under all those artfully arranged strands on the executive head, so, too, it turned out the first big show of the week, Tom Ford, didn’t have much under its skirt. Metaphorically speaking, of course. There were barely any skirts on the runway at all. There were, rather, leggings — lots of ‘em! — in sequins and lamé and silver. There were sharp-shouldered jackets, big (maybe fake) fur coats and blouson satin bomber jackets. There was a little black catsuit with cutouts at the side and a bow at the waist, and a little black dress with a little white collar. There was a menagerie of genetically modified leopard prints, including a group of beaded leopard pantsuits in lurid shades of lipstick red and lime (the mythic cats presumably roam the streets of Los Angeles late at night, stalking their prey). Oh, and there were some swinging ‘60s sequined Pop Art cocktail dresses and a sweatshirt blaring “Tom Ford Beverly Hills.” Mr. Ford has always loved a bit of kitsch — it’s part of his birthright as a designer; part of what put him on the map at Gucci, back in the day — but his skill lay in balancing it with an appreciation of high luxury, so the net effect was an elegantly knowing, arch kind of power cool. See More: Grad Dresses
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