Some Features Of Hair Bonding Replica Ysl Bags
Article publié le 13/07/2017
Hair rebonding has become quite popular over the years. Hair rebonding is a chemical treatment of hair through which a person can attain permanently straight hair. It is long term and saves you from having Linda Farrow Glasses to use straightener every day. It has gained great popularity in the recent years despite the fact that is quite expensive. In Replica Ysl Bags order to understand rebonding, you need to understand some basics of the structure of hair. The physical appearance of hair that we see is the result of natural bonding of the hair. With the process of rebonding, these bonds are broken and then they are rebonded in the form of straight hair. Depending upon your hair growth, your hair will remain straight for about 3 to 6 months and in some cases even a year. The process of rebonding is long and time consuming which require patience if you wan to get it done. It takes around 8 hours or more for this process to complete. Nevertheless, the amount of time also depends upon the thickness of your hair as well. The process starts with shampooing and washing hair. Conditioning is not done and the hair are dried with the use of a hair dryer. Hair are then separated in different sections for easier management. A relaxant or a softener cream is then applied to each and every hair keeping them straight all the time with the help of a thin board. This softener is left on for half an hour and then it is steamed for about Ysl Jewelry 10 to 40 minutes depending upon the hair type. After steaming, hair are properly rinsed. Blow drying is done and keratin lotion is applied to the hair. With the flat iron, hair are straightened. Once straightening is done, a neutralizer is applied to the hair. This neutralizer is left on for half an hour and then the hair are rinsed off with cold water. Hair are blow dried afterwards and then they are coated with hair serum. Once more hair are straightened with the hair straightener. In most of the cases, washing hair or use of any hair accessories such as clips and hair bands is prohibited for at least three days.

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