Buffalo Bill ranks sixth in the Associated
Article publié le 19/11/2017
Buffalo Bill ranks sixth in the Associated Press Drew Miller Adidas Jersey. Therefore, the decision to change quarterbacks in the middle of the season is truly shocking for a team that aims to reach the playoffs. Just three weeks ago, the Bill team was once again the darling of the media, competing with the New England Patriots over the top spot in the Commonwealth of the Eastern Conference. However, after winning 5-2, Bill suffered two straight games. In both games, the team's main running Le Sean - McCoy seems to evaporate on the ground, blocking the ground offensive, but also led to the entire offensive Bill appeared weak, while Buffalo had never beat the defensive team also Revealed a weak state. Over the weekend, Bill team defeat in the saints under the game, the New Orleans game ball over 41 minutes, while the Buffalo Bill team only 18 minutes. Facing the underprivileged Indianapolis Colts, everyone is looking forward to a great victory. The result is that anyone who once thought they were guilty of capsizing in the gutter of the rogue robbery and poor service. Strong case is not weak, the weak is not strong is the Steelers characteristics, the recent four wins in addition to the home won the Jaguar 15 points, the remaining three games points difference are within a touchdowns Tanner Kero Adidas Jersey, we do not deny Catch the thigh of the defensive team can win, but the strongest attack on the league with the Trident Eric Semborski Adidas Jersey, the offensive team gained no points, this face a little bit a bit unbearable ah David Kampf Adidas Jersey.
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