The so-called hard-earned
Article publié le 24/11/2017
The so-called hard-earned, Stafford ushered in the 2013 Thanksgiving Day first win. In the face of Aaron - Rogers missed by the Packers, Lion's start is not smooth, the first quarter there have been two off the ball and has been a direct attack touchdowns Taylor Beck Jersey. But they quickly stabilized, 17-10 overtake the score before halftime. The second half Stafford and his firepower fully open, the final 40-10 bloodbath Packers ended the team's Thanksgiving 9-game losing streak! In the 2014 season with the Chicago Bears, Stafford scored 34 yards on 50 passes and 34 touchdowns in 45 passes, leading the team 34-17 to take the opponent. The 2015 season they continue to eat the rhythm of the chicken, 45-14 slaughtered the Philadelphia Eagles. This season, Lion won 6 wins and 4 losses, won the packager, Brown and the Bears made three-game winning streak, morale Masamori, but attentive fans also found that "how to win are weak teams Yeah Derek Roy Jersey, this is the male Lion true portrayal of this season, the weak team won steadily, in the face of strong dialogue soon paid the gun, so we have to worry about the game. In the historical record, the Lions have already done three victories against the Vikings and they are unbeaten against three opponents in the same district this year Matt Carle Jersey. The two teams clashed in the fourth week when Vikings were faced with Lion's defense Can not find any solution, male lion 14: 7 victory, if the hero can win the Vikings in this field, then in addition to record the points will be chased as a winner, but also in the partition "small league" share Advantage. On the fourth Thursday in November each year, it is Thanksgiving Day, when the overflowing turkey tosses in the oven, adding to its fat gravy. Family together, grateful to God's gift Ryan Johansen Jersey, the holiday atmosphere is not lost to Christmas. In addition to roast turkey, pumpkin pie, cranberry curd jam, sweet potato are the traditional cuisine, pour a glass of beer, what entertainment to accompany meals?

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