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Email Etiquette Mistakes That Can Destroy Your Business
Article publi le 23/10/2018

Communication is the most important part of being a successful entrepreneur. Be it bulk email marketing services, instant message or a call, entrepreneurs have their own collection of points to communicate with their partner, clients, and customers.

Despite the growth of social media tools, buy smtp relay is still regarded to offer many benefits that can contribute to your business’ long-term success. But when used inappropriately, emails can harshly hurt your business’ reputation.

Entrepreneur India lists out few tips to get your email etiquette right and avoid the most common mistakes made by one and all.

A Word of Caution With Humor

An average Indian entrepreneur ends up spending a large chunk of their time going through hundreds of emails. And because of the sheer volume of emails, they are more prone to making errors, which can have serious professional consequences.

Monica Bhayana, Fashion Designer, pointed out that the most important content of a mail is the subject. So, one should always make sure it’s a clear, direct subject line.

“The other very basic rule is to always use a professional email address. Any mail going to your client with an email ID like “cooldude@…” is not at all appropriate,” said Bhayana.

The second rule she suggested is to be cautious with humor and writing with the right tone. Bhayana thinks using the right words is very crucial if you don’t want your emails to be misunderstood.

“Also very crucial rule is to remember that nothing is confidential, so write accordingly,” suggested Bhayana.

Write the Perfect Introduction

Mails have to be treated with extreme caution and even the introductory mails have to be crisp and to-the-point so people understand that you mean business.

Aarti Iyer, Marketing Head, Unibic Foods shared that the introduction has to be drafted with extra care so you give away the right points about the product/service you intend to offer.

“This has to be done after verifying the contact you plan to send it to. Do some work about the person, company and see how your product/services would be relevant to them or their business and emphasize on those points that would be crucial rather than writing history or unimportant things that might not interest them,” Iyer said.

She suggests emails should be kept simple, short, crisp and clean.

Keep Emails to the Point

Sudhir Kamath, CEO, 9Stacks who still relies on emails for external communication said he tries to keep his bulk email server provider short and to the point.

“We rarely send out completely cold-call emails to anyone. It’s a very connected world now, and usually we're able to find someone on LinkedIn or Facebook who can introduce us to the person we need to reach but even a simple one line introduction can make a world of difference when it comes to getting a response,” said Kamath

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5 Ways You Can Earn a Better ROI with Your Email Marketing Campaigns
Article publi le 22/10/2018

Whether you’re marketing to consumers or other businesses, and regardless of the industry you’re in, these five key bulk email marketing best practices have a direct effect on the success rates of your email marketing efforts.

1. Timing

Email marketing funnels include a sequence of messages that are automatically sent out (or “dripped”) at specific times. You set this timing up when you create the automation in your email marketing tool. Since the power of email conversion funnels is in their ability to remind, engage and persuade contacts to take specific actions, the timing of when people receive your messages matters a lot.

If you were speaking with someone, would you tell them something and then continue to remind them every five minutes? If you needed to call a prospect to close a sale, would you call them twice a day, every day, or every other day? How often is too often?

Most email recipients act on a message within 24 hours. Therefore, an automated sequence of messages should be configured to send messages every two days unless there is a deadline or other urgent reason that requires messages in your funnel to be sent more frequently. You can extend the number of days between messages when you reach the third message in a sequence so it doesn’t seem like you’re spamming people with too many messages. Your goal is to find the right balance that your audience will accept between staying in front of your contacts and looking like a spammer.

2. Offer

The heart of every email conversion funnel is the offer to your target audience—what they’ll get in exchange for taking the action you want. Your offer must be extremely relevant to the target audience and highly desirable, or they won’t be motivated to act. In other words, your buy smtp funnel won’t convert. Therefore, spend time researching what your audience wants and needs. Search Google, online forums, question sites like Quora.com and your competitors’ content to find the problems and pain points that your target audience is seeking solutions for, then offer those solutions in your email conversion funnels.

For example, you could create an email conversion funnel to motivate people to read your new case study, join your upcoming webinar, watch your latest video or buy your product or service. The trick is matching the offer to the audience depending on where they are in the buyer journey and where you want to move them to in your overall marketing funnel.

3. Subject line

It could be argued that the subject line of each message in your email conversion funnels is the most important element. The reason is simple: If your subject line isn’t powerful enough to convince people to click and open your messages, you have no way of converting those people. Your subject lines should be short enough to fully display in most email inboxes without being truncated. With that in mind, keep your subject lines shorter than 50 characters. The best subject lines are interesting and pique the recipient’s curiosity. Address the audience’s pain point and the solution you’re offering, but keep your subject line clear.

It’s also very important that the content of your messages matches the expectations created by your subject lines. Not only will recipients be unhappy when they click through a subject line to discover the content of the message is unrelated, but doing so can also destroy your chance of creating brand trust. Ultimately, you could lose conversions because of it and increase unsubscribes.

4. Design and messages

Make sure your messages are well designed and look professional to create the perception of quality and build trust with recipients. Furthermore, they should be optimized for all devices. This is particularly important since more than half of email messages are opened on mobile devices today.

Unless your product or service is complex, shorter messages are almost always better in email marketing. The truth is, most people don’t want to spend a lot of time reading email messages, so keeping your messages succinct is a good rule of thumb. Just make sure your messages are compelling, action-oriented and tap into recipients’ emotions. Explain what recipients get when they follow your call to action and how that action benefits them by addressing their pain point or solving their problem. In addition, be sure to use a real reply-to email address and your real name in your messages and signature to improve the authenticity and trust factor.

5. Follow-up

What happens when your email conversion funnel sequence is done? Don’t abandon people in the funnel when it’s over. Instead, make sure you continue to nurture and engage them with future email campaigns and automations based on the behaviors they display on your website and when interacting with your future email messages. This is essential even if the conversion funnel ended in a sale. The relationship isn’t over when someone makes a purchase. In fact, the relationship is even more important because it costs less to keep an existing customer and turn them into repeat customers and loyal brand advocates than to attract new customers.

For people who purchased products at the end of a conversion funnel, continue to send them your email newsletter as well as renurturing and re-engagement messages that continue to build a stronger relationship with them.

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Activity Stats Premium Write a new post or a page 3 Easy Steps to Grow Your Email List http://best
Article publi le 19/10/2018

Email marketing doesn't work unless you build a list of people to send messages to who are interested in your products or services. If you've captured email addresses from your prior customers, then you have a great head start. So let's dig into the task of growing your list.


Here are three key steps to growing your email list:


1. Develop relevant opt-in offers


The first step to growing your email delivery service list is to develop an offer with a high enough perceived value that your target audience is willing to provide their email addresses in exchange for it. Your offer could be an amazing weekly newsletter, a discount on a future purchase, a free trial or demonstration of your product or a free tangible item, which marketers refer to as an incentive or lead magnet. If your offer isn't valuable enough to your target audience, it doesn't matter how much you promote it online and offline -- no one will be interested enough to take action. That means not only won't you get traffic to your online opt-in form, but you also won't get any subscribers.


With that said, an opt-in form that doesn't promise a special offer or free content as a lead magnet could simply promote all the great content you'll share in your email newsletter. For example, your opt-in form could simply say, "Sign up now so you don't miss the important news and tips you need to be successful."


You can get more specific with your promise with copy that says, "Subscribe now and get a critical tip to grow your business every week delivered directly to your inbox." These examples demonstrate that you don't have to give anything more away than the promise of useful and meaningful information to motivate people to subscribe to your email marketing list.



2. Create effective online opt-in forms


You can create opt-in forms directly in most email relay server. It's a very simple process, but there's usually a problem: Most opt-in form designs offered within email marketing tools are very basic. You might be limited by the layout, colors and even the amount or placement of copy. If you're serious about growing your email marketing list, you should consider using a more robust opt-in form tool.


There are a variety of applications you can use to create beautifully designed opt-in forms that can be displayed in a variety of places on your website. Most of these tools offer libraries of free opt-in form templates complete with images, fonts and colors chosen by experienced designers, and many offer free trials or free accounts with basic functionality. Be very careful to make sure the tool and plan you choose integrates directly with your email marketing tool and allows you to capture leads from all your monthly traffic. Some limit the amount of traffic or form submissions allowed at different price points. If your form looks great but isn't displayed to some of your visitors, then don't use it.


3. Drive targeted visitors to your online opt-in forms


Your target audience needs to see your opt-in forms, or you won't be able to grow your email marketing list effectively. Fortunately, there are many steps you can take to bring the audience you want to connect with to your website where they'll see your opt-in forms.


Here are three strategies you can use to drive more qualified traffic to your opt-in forms:


1. Build your email marketing list offline. You can do this by using sign-up forms in your brick-and-mortar location or at conferences and trade shows. It's also important to use offline initiatives to send people to your online opt-in forms where they can subscribe to your list. For example, include the URL for your opt-in form (assuming you have it available on a specific page on your website) on your business cards, print ads, point-of-sale signage, brochures and so on. Lead magnets work particularly well at driving offline leads to your online opt-in forms.


2. Use social media to attract more people to sign up. Social media marketing is an excellent way to drive traffic to your website and your opt-in forms. Post useful information to your social media accounts with links to your opt-in forms. Lead magnets work extremely well to build your list using social media marketing tactics. You can share sneak peaks from the lead magnet, images, charts, related videos and more to boost interest in your lead magnet and motivate people to click the link and submit your opt-in form. Any social media posts that lead to your opt-in form should be pinned to the top of your newsfeed. You can do this in Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and other popular social media tools so people are sure to see your opt-in post before they see other posts from you.


3. Advertise online. Online advertising on targeted websites or through Google AdWords, Facebook ads, Twitter ads, LinkedIn ads and other digital advertising services can work extremely well to increase opt-in form submissions, particularly if you're offering a lead magnet that your target audience really wants.


The key to success is to choose laser-focused audiences to show your ads to. Many email marketers working in a wide variety of industries have great success in building their lists by advertising lead magnets through promoted posts on Facebook. The targeting tools are excellent and allow you to hone in on very specific people. Make sure you use a compelling image, in addition to powerful copywriting, and you should see your opt-ins climb.


In addition to traditional digital advertising, test native advertising (also referred to as sponsored posts or paid posts), where you pay a website or blog to publish a post for you with a link back to your opt-in form page. Just make sure the website or blog discloses that the post has been paid for, or you could violate the Federal Code of Regulations' rules related to disclosing material connections in online content.

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How Marketing Automation can make things Simpler for you
Article publi le 18/10/2018

Mass Email Sender automation sometimes looks like a nightmare by giving all the controls you have two machines?isn't it scary? Obviously yes it is..... or maybe you take some time to decide I don't know it's complicated......

There is also a fact that  marketing automation increases sales up to 20 percent which is awesome.

No I dont think its scarier obviously it isn't !!!

Most of the marketers still feel hesitant to get into marketing automation because they feel that they do not have enough strategy.

Here is  the great news for all of your marketers!

You don't need to wait enough and you don't need some out of the box strategy for your marketing automation...and yes it's true it's right there in front of you you just need to realise that...

I here is how will help you do that :)

Please follow the simple steps to easily deploy your marketing strategy based on automation.

1. Start simple and focused 

You cannot do everything at once I need to do is focus on one thing that puts you in the right direction so stop doing everything at once.

So stop automating all your buy smtp and sales processes in one day when you start simple things will get easier... and you will have much much better and clearer idea where you are standing right now I'm going to need to go... in simple you have direction to follow....by applying the stuccowork you will get more control over your strategy and your decisions and you'll end up better more effective marketing automation campaign.

2 Start with basics

When it comes to marketing stuff automation starting with basics is a great idea.

First of all observing and think about what kind of emails do you typically send out?

Don't you agree you can save a lot of time by automating your Bulk email marketing campaigns.

And later on you can invest this precious time on more important things.

Here are some of the basic process  of marketing you can easily automate.

Welcome series of emails

If you have signed up some subscriptions from users from anywhere in the world on your website uses take your in content very seriously and read it with deep interest....

if you work on Bulkresponse blog manually then think about how much It can help you out when you automate them. By automate your welcome email you will just save up a lot of your time and energies you can also schedule your email campaign using automation strategy that will be according to your targeted audiences most desired time and that will help your impact your targeted audiences more effectively.

Automating an email promotion ensures that your audiences get immediate attention towards your email  campaign. It will also help you generate more sales more leads affectively. 

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Article publi le 17/10/2018
Most of the people practice email sending service  to promote their services, some of them don't know the difference between spam emails and opt-in email marketing. Things are so mixed up now that the line between the opt-in emails and bulk email spam has become so blur that it’s quiet difficult to differentiate between the two. Get to know the basic idea of both types then it will be easy for you to decide the fate of your emails.

Spam is an email sent for commercial purposes without the permission of receiver. However, if you're sending emails to your friends, family or colleagues, they do not qualify as spam. But if you're sending a group of emails to people who never asked to receive them, you're definitely sending spam.
Contrary to that, Opt-in email is any commercial email sent to people who have explicitly signed up to receive it. If you have a list based on people who have signed up to receive emails about your any specific service but not your agency, it doesn't qualify as specific permission. You need to keep the requirements of the receivers in your mind and send them emails according to that.


What makes permission email marketing different is not just that you have the approval of the customer to send to them, it's that you, by getting permission, are sending email campaigns to people who really want them. Even with permission email relay server, every once in a while a person who gave you permission will hit the spam button. But at least you have the proof showing your email service provider that you had permission and you followed the proper procedure.

Advantages of Opt-In Email

  • Email marketing reputation increases with opt in emailing. 
  • It boosts your sales and product interest.
  • Privacy of the customers is respected.
  • It makes you more targeted in your campaigns.
  • A long-term, trust-based relationship is built with customers.
  • It lets you email only those who are interested in your offer or service. 
  • It saves your time and money by segmenting your list. 


Sending bulk email spam puts your email marketing reputation at risk. When you send mass emails to people who never asked for them, they're definitely going to hit the spam button. This will get you in trouble with Internet service providers, and even worse, can get your email and IP address blacklisted.

Disadvantages of Sending Bulk Email Spam

  • Your recipients will become unresponsive.
  • You will be wasting time by sending emails to an unresponsive audience.
  • Your money will be wasted as you are sending emails to people who don't want them.
  • Your email marketing reputation will be ruined.
  • The reputation of your company will also get affected.
  • Your open and click-through rates will drop eventually. 

Opt-in email is emerging to be the industry standard for good email marketing. With just a Signup and some creativity, you'll find yourself building a targeted, valuable list of people who are happy to know about your products and services.

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