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Article publié le 21/08/2017

Day chinese lingerie wholesale Two: The Big Meeting


I picked a white semi-sheer set from Freya because it lingerie suppliers china felt cool, fun and summery, threw a dress on top, and headed out for lunch with my family followed by lounging around at home.

And you know what was the most incredible, mind-blowing Corset Manufacturer China part of the experience? When I got home, I didn't feel the urge to immediately tear the bra off my back and set my boobs free.

Turns out that actually getting yourself a properly fitting bra instead of making do with the one you got a year ago (that isn't actually your size, but seems to do the job, AKA boob prison) means you'll be a lot more comfortable!

So yes, I did feel happier and more confident - mostly because I wasn't constantly tugging up my bra straps.

I eternally thank the dress code gods that I'm lucky enough to work in an office where I can wear jeans, heels are not expected and I've never, ever, had to go to a meeting wearing a power suit.

But having a laidback dress code does tend to make me, well, a little too laidback.

I'll usually rock up to my desk wearing an oversized jumper and jeans. But when I slipped on a set of hot pink silky lingerie, my massive knits suddenly didn't feel quite so appropriate.

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plus size cheap lingerie
Article publié le 21/08/2017

How cheap lingerie sites has underwear shaped women's lives?


Corsets, crinolines and crotch-less pink babydoll nightie pants: for centuries, women were expected to wear a variety of weird and wonderful contraptions under their clothes to achieve a desirable silhouette.

Women's underwear plus size cheap lingerie has always been a source of fascination, contention and debate. In the Victorian era, dress reformers declared that restrictive garments prevented women living healthy lives, and dared to argue that underwear should not 'exceed seven pounds in weight.' In recent decades, its been hailed as a source of female sexual empowerment and scorned as a symbol of patriarchal oppression.

Underwear gives us cute plus size lingerie a glimpse into a larger story: the expectations, limitations and status afforded to women throughout history.

Lucy Worsley gives us a glimpse of Elizabeth I's underwear and reveals how the intimate dressing habits of a monarch contributed to the spectacle of her power.

Throughout Western history women wore garments to contort their torsos into the fashionable shape of the day. They evolved from the laced bodies of the Medieval period, through to the constrictive boned corsets of the late Victorian era and the elasticated girdle of the 1920s.

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large size lingerie
Article publié le 21/08/2017

Types ladies sexy lingerie Of Babydoll Chemise Every Woman Should Own Simply For Herself


There are certain essential large size lingerie pieces of fashion that arguably belong in every woman's closet, like a simple pair of ballet flats or a perfect white T-shirt. But often left off of these lists of wardrobe basics are must-have types of lingerie. This, in my humble opinion, is a huge oversight because good lingerie is the foundation to any outfit, and pairing the right kind of lingerie with the right ensemble can elevate your look (not to mention your confidence) in a big way.

I used to be the kind of person cheap lingerie sets who totally wrote off fancy and frilly lingerie, primarily making decisions about what underwear to wear based on what was clean. It's only been within the last several months that I've truly understood the appeal of lingerie, especially the ruffled kind. Wearing the right type of lingerie under your clothes can make a huge difference in the way you carry and present yourself. Plus, there's so much more to lingerie than simply matching pretty bras with lacy underwear. And once you start down the rabbit hole, it's pretty easy to convince yourself that every frilly nightgown is an essential.

So if you're looking to refresh blue laca eunderwear your underwear drawer, or just want to see if you have all your bases covered, here are seven types of lingerie that every woman should own, from everyday essentials to some things that are a little more special.

Neutral Slip

I've never been a huge fan of shapewear, but sometimes I just need to wear something under my clothes to ensure that my underwear isn't totally visible under a sheer or white dress. Enter the neutral slip, made of a light cotton or silk, and preventing you from accidentally showing the world your nipples if that's not your thing.

The neutral slip doesn't have to be form-fitting in order to cover the bits and pieces that might need covering, which is why I prefer it to a pair of Spanx. Even though it might not be the sexiest piece of lingerie in your underwear drawer, it's definitely a worthwhile item to keep around because when you need a neutral slip, you really need it.

Colorful Babydoll

On the other end of the spectrum is the colorful babydoll, which might be one of the least practical pieces of lingerie out there. It's not like you can wear this underneath a T-shirt or anything. But it's a surefire way to feel sexy, especially in the bedroom. If you're looking for something comfortable to wear to sleep that's still got a bit of glamour, opt for one of these bright babydolls.

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