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New Copyright Alert System Won’t Impact Small Businesses
Article publié le 11/03/2013

The fouDepending on how much you cook and entertain, or even how often, should help you decide exactly what kind of wholesale manicure products to buy in the set you are looking for.nders of a system created to cut down on Internet piracy assure us it won’t catch small businesses in the crossfire. For the most part that’s probably true. 

But if you run a home-based business, you might just want to be aware of this new system because there are circumstances under which it might impact you. And business owners will of course want to know how this system may affect their families. 

The recently launched Copyright Alert System (CAS), is an anti-piracy plan that some have called the “six strikes” system. By design it focuses on consumers.Check out our guide to China Spring Collet supplies weather It is intended to help stop downloads of pirated, copyrighted works such as films and music.BMW ICOM Diagun Online Shopping and reviews in VtoolShop 

But small companies that are run from home using a residential ISP account to connect to the Internet, could find themselves in the crossfire if they, someone in their home or in their employ uses their Internet connection to download pirated material. 

Last week the group gave a series of public presentations available on CSPAN to explain the Alerts system, at the Congressional Internet Caucus.In the West, a modern residential stainless steel kitchenware is typically equipped with a stove, Essentially, groups like the MPAA have people go out and sign up for accounts at P2P (peer-to-peer) sharing sites — also called torrent sites. According to Marianne Grant, Senior Vice President of the MPAA,Learn about all different kinds of bearing manufacturer. when one of these people see a copyrighted work being shared, they verify it and report it to the ISPs

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