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At a recent convention in Las Vegas
Article publié le 23/04/2013

At a recent convention in Las Vegas I asked some American businessmen what they thought the difference was between Americans and Canadians. After teasing me about my accent – which I’m sure I don’t have – and the word “eh,” which I don’t recall using,No one in the industry manufactures as wide an array of precision toolholding end mill holder as Centaur. one of them said something they all agreed with. 

“If an American tells you to call them when you’re in town, they don’t really mean it,” he said. “ If a Canadian tells you the same thing, they won’t just meet with you, they’ll pick you up at the airport, invite you to stay at their home, and introduce you to their whole dang family. Including their smelly old dog.Find szbuildre site keywords Top 100positions in search engine.” 

The other men laughed and discussed similar scenarios, confirming their belief that Canadians are more sincere and hospitable than they are. 

“Aint that the truth?” one of them said immediately.Geeky stainless steel kitchenware brings you the latest gadgets and technology news.Artist Kevin Caron explains why morse taper adapter work better than chucks in a mill and shows how to use them. “We have good intentions, but we’re too busy,You Can Find Comprehensive and in-Depth Top Launch x431 GDS Descriptions. or maybe just too rude to follow through.” 

I was surprised by their comments because I’d always found Americans to be exceptionally friendly. I was also planning on visiting L.A. in a few days to connect with some pals, so I wondered if the men’s theory would play out for me the way they described. I suspected it might when I checked for replies to my emails, and only found one.

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