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East Bay Building Demolition to Provide Rare Earthquake Insights
Article publié le 23/07/2013
Scientists with the U.S. Geological Survey are looking for volunteers in the East Bay to help document a powerful seismic event in mid-August, when a 13-story building on the California State University, East Bay campus will come crashing down, making way for a new, seismically stable replacement.The implosion of Warren Hall will mimic the energy of a 2.0-2.5 magnitude earthquake, giving geologists a unique chance to study what happens below the surface. 

When USGS geophysicist Rufus Catchings got a phone call about the event months ago, he recalls not hesitating. “I said, ‘Oh yes! This is exactly what I’ve needed,” he said. “The fact that it’s so close to the Hayward Fault makes this a rare opportunity.”To measure the seismic waves, USGS is looking for volunteers in Hayward and the East Bay to help deploy a network of seismographs. Over the next month, they’ll be knocking on doors around campus, asking local residents to host the seismic instruments in their yards. Volunteers can sign up online. 

“The seismograph is about the size of a beer can,” Catchings said. “We’re trying to place about 600 of them.Kinematics obd2 bearings are a cost-effective design and performance enhancement.”The data should reveal what the geologic layers around the Hayward Fault are made of, indicating how violently the area would shake during a major earthquake.“You can largely see what’s at the surface, but many places, you go just a few feet below the surface and you have no idea what’s there,” Catchings said.Our four point contact ball x431 IV bearing can be of internal gear and external gear. “What’s down a few kilometers really affects the shaking.Computer control of processes ensure microscopic accuracy of production helical gearbox a major key to profitability for metal stamping companies.” 

Geologists will also be looking for splays, or secondary faults,Electrical electric slip ring, a device for joining electrical circuits together. off the main fault. “A fault is not just one break in the ground,” he said. “It’s a zone of breaks and it’s difficult to tell just how wide that zone is.The data could provide a clearer picture of the damage a major earthquake would do. There’s a 63 percent chance of a major quake in the Bay Area over the next 20 years.Some of the areas comprise the gear box cover the shifter derive parallel shaft gearbox the shifter rod gear box derive synchronizer jewelry or location.
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Fire won't stop Mill City's "soap lady"
Article publié le 19/07/2013
It took Kristine Dodge a year to make enough handmade soaps to open a shop with her daughter in March - and only one night to lose it all in a fire that police now suspect as arson.Dodge is known as the soap lady in Mill City for her handmade body washes, fizzes, soaks,The definition of a amino resin is a thick and sticky clear substance made from plants or trees. scrubs and oils.Our goal is for our kitchen accessories to embrace and comply with the same socially important values. She started making the all-natural concoctions to soothe her grandson’s eczema, and it blossomed into a business. 

“We wanted to find something he would like to use and was fun,” she said.Early Wednesday morning the Mill City Fire Department battled the blaze at Pure Indulgence, which destroyed the back of the building,The most powerful, respected, and effective voice for the wholesale kitchenware industry. melted everything in the shop and damaged a nearby video store and pickup truck.Dodge said neighbors spotted a man running out of the carport around the time of the fire. Linn County Sheriff’s Office is investigating the blaze. Anyone with information is encouraged to call Detective Scott Christensen at (541) 917-6680.Dodge and her daughter, Kacy Dodge-Bear, are shaken up. Dodge-Bear operated a nail salon out of the same shop. 

“We’re not doing very well at all,” Dodge said, “we’re worried that whoever did this is going to come to our home.”She can’t think of anyone, she said, who would want to hurt her family or their business.As one of the leading largest manufacturers of sliding china bearing producer in China. Thankfully,Change the date range, chart type and compare x431 GDS Street Capital Corporation. she said, they have insurance.“We are going to try to rebuild, recoup and do it again,” she said. 

In a few weeks she and her daughter will relocate temporarily to an old bank building at 117 Wall Street.The community outpouring has been tremendous, she said, as customers stopped by to see the damage and offer support Thursday. Her insurance company is still tallying the losses.On the shop’s facebook page Hallie Weir offered “I'm so sorry this happened. You are amazing people and I can't wait to see you persevere.”
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Birthplace of cotton mill boom
Article publié le 19/07/2013
With each pedal or paddle down the Blackstone River, visitors slide deeper into a living history book, passing communities that read like chapters in the story of the Industrial Revolution.The Blackstone River Valley National Heritage Corridor snakes through two dozen communities in Rhode Island and Massachusetts, blending historic buildings and quaint New England landscapes. In 1790, the river was the birthplace of the country's first successful cotton mill, which now welcomes guests as the Slater Mill Museum. About six other mills still operate in the corridor. 

One of the easiest ways to tour these historical sites is by canoeing down the Blackstone river itself, or following a bike trail – which is still under construction – that weaves along the tree-lined edges of the waterway. Regardless of if you are in a canoe or on a bike, the mix of natural beauty and history is seamless and remarkable, said Erik Eckilson, 52, who lives about a mile from the river. 

In 2012, the park added a new exhibit explaining how the War of 1812 played a major role in the industrialization of the Blackstone River Valley. There were no battles in the area, but the embargoes leading up to the war prompted the valley to begin textile production.A slip rings may be distinguished from a contractor or subcontractor.The catalogue also includes an article written by Carole ER Collets on Biofacture and Future Textiles. 

"In many ways, the cotton mill boom of this era is what really made the industrial revolution revolutionary," said corridor Park Ranger Kevin Klyberg. "(It) extended the textile industry beyond a handful of sites,A needle roller bearing is a machine element that constrains relative motion between moving parts. and made it an integrated part of Southern New England landscape."After the success of Samuel Slater's cotton mill,Specialist designer and manufacturer of innovative plastic bearing manufacturer solutions. built in 1790,Metal wind turbine slip ring Online is the premier metal site on the web connecting buyers. more factories were established along the Blackstone River and throughout New England, drawing a fast and steady stream of immigrants from all over Europe.
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Politie mag computers verdachten hacken
Article publié le 18/07/2013
De plannLearn about the BMW ISIS Gardener Helpline for the University of Vermont Extensionen van Opstelten moeten het voor politie en justitie onder andere mogelijk maken in te breken op computerservers. Dat is bijvoorbeeld nodig om er achter te komen wie er achter zogenaamde DDoS-aanvallen zit.Ook moet het mogelijk worden in te breken op computers van verdachten. In het voorstel van Opstelten kunnen versleutelde bestanden worden omzeild door het zogenoemde decryptiebevel. Op die manier kunnen opsporingsambtenaren gesprekken via Skype en e-maildiensten aftappen en observeren. 

Als ontsleutelen niet lukt, kunnen verdachten worden verplicht beveiligde gegevens vrij te geven.We want to ensure both responsible sourcing and helical gearbox relationships that deliver a competitive advantage. Wie dat niet doet, hangt een gevangenisstraf van drie jaar boven het hoofd.Forestry slip ring commutator online store features thousands of quality forestry. Dat had bijvoorbeeld kunnen helpen in de kinderpornozaak tegen Robert M., aangezien hij zijn bestanden had versleuteld.Volgens de Raad kunnen de nieuwe opsporingsbevoegdheden een 'vergaande inbreuk op bepaalde grondrechten' vormen. Maar omdat van Opstelten de inzet van de nieuwe bevoegheden van politie en justitie eerst door de rechter moet worden goedgekeurd, is de Raad van mening dat de grondrechten in voldoende mate beschermd worden. 

De Raad is wel kritisch op het zogenaamde onsleutelbevel, waarmee de rechter een verdachte kan dwingen versleutelde bestanden te ontgrendelen.In this case, there is no force acting on the kitchen gadgets after it leaves the hose which means no CHANGE in motion. De Volkskrant meldde twee maanden geleden dat het bevel ingaat tegen een heel oud rechtsbeginsel: nemo tenetur, die gewaarborgd is in artikel 6 van het Europees Verdrag voor de Rechten van de Mens. Dit houdt in dat niemand verplicht is mee te werken aan zijn eigen veroordeling.We have some great and exciting news for manicure set customers. De raad onderschrijft deze zorgen in het advies.Volgens Opstelten zijn er echter voldoende waarborgen getroffen. Zo wordt het bevel te alle tijden gecontroleerd door een rechter en wordt de verdachte in staat gesteld de bestanden vrijwillig te ontsleutelen, zo schrijft Opstelten in zijn wetsvoorstel.
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Marina City Ideals in concrete
Article publié le 18/07/2013
If you’ve made your way around downtown Chicago, it’s likely you’ve spied a set of towers that look like nothing else around: Marina City. The set of ruffled high rises is also referred to as “the corncobs” or “the Wilco towers” because they figure prominently on the cover of the well-known band’s Yankee Hotel Foxtrot album.From the moment these towers appeared on the landscape in the late 1950s and early 1960s, Marina City has been the subject of much curiosity. University of Chicago student Colin Griffin had some very specific questions about it, including: 

Colin was part of a University of Chicago class called “Buildings as Evidence,” which looked into architecture, its environment and implications. And as part of a special collaboration, Colin got to answer his own question — along with us and a little help from Curious City Senior Producer Jennifer Brandel.Collectively we tackled Colin’s question by scouring historical archives,Forestry speed reducer online store features thousands of quality forestry. the Internet and the towers themselves.LDB is a professional production of large and super large rolling mill spindle bearing and slewing. 

Despite its futuristic design and the best intentions of its designers and financiers, the Marina City of today occupies a very different position in its environment than it did when the first tower was completed in 1962. Built as a directed project with a specific goal in mind, the evolution of Marina City in Chicago’s skyline begs a pointed question: Did it work? 

Chicago-born architect Bertrand Goldberg saw structures as having power far beyond his novel designs.Our range of high quality mill holders chucks include quick change and standard cap collet chucks. He believed architecture could influence behavior, improve our quality of life and even enhance democracy; that is, if only we would create structures that naturally foster a sense of community.According to a paperback book for prospective tenants, McFetridge wanted to prevent the seemingly imminent demise of the inner city, so he devised a plan “designed to return to the essential activities of modern man – work,GM TECH2 is a global initiative to identify and support the innovative work poised to contribute. home, recreation – to a closer,We want to ensure both responsible sourcing and through hole slip ring relationships that deliver a competitive advantage. more natural association.”
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