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Mubarak to pay back $3m for gifts
Article publié le 18/01/2013
Ousted Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak and his family will pay back around $3 million for gifts they received from a state newspaper while he was still in office, after a settlement agreement announced by prosecutors Wednesday.

The settlement resolves a side case that opened against the 84-year-old Mubarak just as he was granted a retrial last week on charges of a role in killing protesters in the 2011 uprising that led to his downfall.

Last summer, Mubarak was convicted and sentence to life in prison for failing to stop the killings. But a court last week threw out the conviction because of shoddy procedures.

Mubarak, currently held in a military hospital, is not expected to walk free pending his new trial. Lawyers say once a trial date is set, the court can decide whether to free him during the procedures, but that is seen as unlikely considering the highly charged political nature of the charges.

Mubarak was the first Arab leader who stepped down in the wave of protests across the region to face trial, appear in a defendant’s cage and be slapped with a life sentence. He is also the first Arab leader to be tried by his own people.

The trial of Mubarak for his role in the death of nearly 900 protesters during the 18-day uprising against him has left many of the former leader’s detractors unsatisfied because they sought to have him tried for his nearly 30 years of rule.
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Wheeling healthcare to remote corners
Article publié le 10/01/2013

Mental health and trauma — two of India's top killers — have seldom received the attention they deserve from the government. But the awards jury turned the spotlight squarely on these problems. This year, it awarded organizations that provide emergency care or work for the welfare of persons with mental disabilities.

In the corporate category, Ziqitza Health Care, which operates over 860 ambulances in Rajasthan, Punjab, Bihar , Kerala and Mumbai, and says it has transported more than 1.8 million people, has won the award.

Ziqitza was set up to help establish an ambulance service that's accessible and affordable to all sections of society in medical emergencies, irrespective of the affected person's capacity to pay for it. It conceived a cross-subsidy , fee-based service using differential pricing where wealthier customers would pay the full rate for the ambulance service while the poor get hefty discounts and free service.

In the government category, the jury unanimously approved the National Trust for the Welfare of Persons with Autism Cerebral Palsy Mental Retardation and Multiple Disabilities. The organization provides health insurance for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities . Under the ministry of social justice & empowerment, this centre was started in 2007 when no health insurance products were available for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

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Hollywood second most important night in movies
Article publié le 10/01/2013
The Broadcast Film Critics Association's 18th Annual Critics Choice Movie Awards kicks off the 2013 awards season Thursday, January 10th when it airs live on the CW network.

The awards, held this year at Barker Hangar in Santa Monica, also occurs the same day as the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences announces their Oscar nominees.

Traditionally, the BFCA and Academy members tend to vote alike for films and film performances, making the nominees - and often times the winners - in both groups virtually the same.

Huffington Post blogger and BFCA member Zorianna Kit sat down with BFCA president Joey Berlin - who co-founded the organization in 1995 and executive produces the CCMAs - to talk about what audiences can expect from this year's awards ceremony.

For the past several years the CCMA's aired on VH1. Is it big deal to go from a cable channel to a major network?

Yes. The Critics Choice Movie Awards is very successful in Hollywood and a very important part of the movie awards season. We're thrilled to be on a broadcast network where millions more people will have a chance to watch it.

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Marion Family Loses Belongings and Christmas Gifts To Waste Water
Article publié le 28/12/2012

A Marion family is without a place to call home after waste water started backing up into their apartment on Wednesday. The family said just after 6 a.m., the water started seeping in, and it never stopped.

"We tried to push the water to the drain and it came squirting up," Katie Libby said.

The family of five is unsure when or if they will get back into their apartment. On Thursday, Libby and her boyfriend Derrick Knight walked around their apartment and you could see their shoes sink in the saturated carpet. The two were devastated as they looked around at what remains.

"The only stuff that isn't lost is whatever is on the top of my closet because everything else is wet," Libby said.

The couple tried to move rugs, furniture, and belongings but much of their stuff was ruined. "It even came from behind my fridge, I don't even know how that happens," Libby said.

The water also damaged the toys Libby's three children unwrapped just two days ago.

"The worst part is my kids, because I used all my money for Christmas and now they have no toys to show for it," she said.

Christmas decorations still hung in the apartment on Thursday, but most of the family's holiday spirit washed away with their belongings.

The City of Marion came to the apartment on Thursday and posted signs that said "Do Not Occupy". The Code compliance coordinator informed the family they couldn't stay at the apartment complex until the problem was completely fixed.

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Random Shopper bot buys and sends Amazon gifts to owner without help
Article publié le 28/12/2012
What if your computer could go on Amazon and send you a present every month without you knowing what it is. Pretty human, right? In Darius Kazemi’s case, that’s exactly what his “Random Shopper” does, all with a simple program you could do yourself.

He explained to Boing Boing that he loves randomness almost as much as he loves forgetting about a back-ordered product he bought on Amazon and then discovering it delivered to his doorstep weeks later. He said that it’s like a gift, and why not create something that could constantly gift him things without him knowing what they are.

So he set out to create the Random Shopper. It’s a computer program that chooses random products in Amazon’s books, movies, and music sections. It is hooked up to the Wordnik application programming interface, which gives it a random word to search. From there it chooses a product at random and then buy it. The Random Shopper has a preloaded gift card and is outfitted to order; enter shipping, billing, and payment information; and then send off a gift to Kazemi every so often until it runs out of money.

Kazemi says it’s a fairly simple program to set up, and though it is coded to send him random packages, he’s actually enjoys a majority of what it sends him. Thus far he has received a CD from ákos Rózmann, which had music that sounded more like a “defective CD,” but he wound up liking it. It then sent him The Oxford History of World Cinema and Noam Chomsky’s Cartesian Linguistics.

He has received some criticism, however, from people saying he shouldn’t waste $50 or so dollars a month on random items.
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