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Prometheus Real Estate Group Wins Two MFE Awards
Article publié le 30/11/2012

Multifamily Executive Magazine has bestowed upon Prometheus Real Estate Group, Inc. two prestigious 2012 MFE Awards in the categories of "Community Service" and "Marketing and Advertising." These are among the five total industry recognition awards that Prometheus has received in 2012. That adds to the over 80 awards the company has received during its more than 45 year history.

Both awards reflect Prometheus' distinctive approach to the multi-family housing business.  The Community Service award winner is Prometheus' volunteer program, POrCH (Promethean Outreach & Community Help). According to a leader of the program, Jessica Johnson, "While a volunteer program isn't a new idea in the corporate world, Prometheus' focused way of making a difference is.  In 2012, Prometheus expanded the program to include 37,000 residents living at our properties." Approximately 82% of Prometheus employees have participated in the program, logging over 3,100 volunteer hours. POrCH provides an effortless online tool (through to search for local volunteer opportunities.

The Marketing and Advertising award winner is a Prometheus campaign known as "Less Corporate, More Housing." The campaign removes the cold and impersonal notions associated with the renting of corporate housing, making the process effortless and fun. Through a centralized housing function, Prometheus is able to provide a one-stop shop for corporate apartment customers.

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Can't miss Christmas golf gifts
Article publié le 23/11/2012

The Christmas/Holiday shopping season is officially under way (as opposed to its unofficial start which I think was back in June). This is the time of year when I'm ever so popular. Well, maybe popular isn't the right word - but I do field dozens of calls, texts, tweets, etc. from non-golfers asking what to purchase for the significant golfer in their life. Weird how they never ask what they can get me...but I digress.

This year, the options are more impressive and varied than ever. And so are the ways to acquire these coveted items. Our editorial team will present you a few great gift guides over the next few weeks - they will certainly help steer you in a good direction. You'll see some very popular and always well-received drivers, putters, iron sets, apparel items, etc. Virtually every golfer would be thrilled with anything off these lists that are forthcoming. But to start, I want to offer you a few non-traditional ideas that are aimed at the hardest to shop for golfer - the golfer that has everything. If you've seen some of these recommendations before, there's a reason - it's sincere. These are the five items I recommend to anyone and everyone who asks.  And they are always a big hit.

I recently spent some time with a friend at Kentwool socks. When I first met them, I told them their idea for a premium sock, in a tough economy, with virtually no marketing budget and no real distribution, didn't seem like a strong idea.Good thing I know golf better than I know business. But I never really believed socks would make a difference. I do now.

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The perfect palette of gifts
Article publié le 23/11/2012

The holiday season is a great time to purchase a new piece of artwork as a special gift, or even better, as a gift to self.

The Fall River Historical Society, once a year, sets aside one upstairs room as an art gallery to showcase the work of regional artists.

“Palette Pictures,” now in its fourth year, is a silent auction of this artwork that will run from Sunday through Friday, Dec. 21, at 4 p.m.

From sailboats to marshes to animal illustrations, Palette Pictures offers loads of different styles of paintings, as well as other media, all at  very reasonable prices.

There are 58 pieces of art by 54 artists on display, making this year’s auction the largest. The artists have donated their work to the society, most on 8-by-10-inch panels or stretched canvas, though some strayed from the format.

The exhibit includes pottery, jewelry, torn paper paintings, photography, a fused glass plate, and more.

“It’s incredible that they’re willing to share their talent with us,” said Historical Society volunteer Kathy Rockett.

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Gifts "not abnormal" despite ethics code
Article publié le 15/11/2012
A suspended city of Montreal bureaucrat said Monday he has no idea why a code of ethics was introduced in 2009 to help guide municipal employees, and saw nothing wrong with accepting lavish gifts worth thousands of dollars from construction bosses over the course of his 50-year career with the municipality.

Gilles Vézina, who is still on the city’s payroll but has been temporarily suspended from his position within its roadworks division, made the startling statements during his first day on the stand before the Charbonneau Commission.

“I’m not sure … I imagine it was because there had been abuses,” Vézina said when commission lawyer Claudine Roy asked him why he thought the city felt it was necessary to draft a formal code of ethics for its staff.

The answer seemed to baffle Roy, who had just succeeded in getting Vézina to acknowledge that over the course of his decades-long career as a public servant, he accepted invitations from construction entrepreneurs to holiday parties, weddings, golf tournaments, hockey games and expensive dinners.

He took the perks happily and without hesitation, he testified, and saw nothing wrong with the fact that the entrepreneurs were picking up the tab.

It was simply their way of “thanking” him, Vézina explained, and it was common practice for city employees to accept those kinds of gifts.
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Locals to help feed hurricane victims
Article publié le 01/11/2012
Volunteers from Newton and Rockdale counties affiliated with the Stone Mountain Baptist Association are heading to Southern New Jersey to provide disaster relief to victims of Hurricane Sandy.

The first wave of 20 volunteers with Georgia Unit 11-F, a feeding unit, departed from a staging area at Calvary Baptist Church in Covington Wednesday morning. Newton County churches represented include Calvary, Porterdale and Solid Rock Baptist churches. Larry Cheek, a missionary with the group, said Rockdale volunteers are expected to be part of the teams, as well.

"We have been asked to be prepared to start serving 15,000 meals per day beginning on Friday," said Jimmy Harris, disaster relief team leader for the first responder unit. The team's exact destination was not known at the time of their departure, but they expected to get more information on down the road.

Another team will deploy Tuesday to relieve the first responders, and additional deployments are expected Nov. 11, 16 and 21.

The Stone Mountain Baptist Association is asking the community to pray for victims of the hurricane as well as volunteers. Also, the association asks that churches collect an offering this Sunday designated for disaster relief. Churches and individuals can give by making checks payable to Stone Mountain Baptist Association, designated for "disaster relief," and mailing to P.O. Box 911, Conyers, GA 30012. Online donations can be made at

Stone Mountain Baptist Association includes more than 90 churches, and serves Newton, Rockdale, DeKalb, Henry and Walton counties.

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