Crystal Awards
Winning the Battle for Souls
Article publié le 31/10/2012
Deborah Lipsky went through tremendous suffering as a child. Her high-functioning autism elicited the frustration of teachers, along with the ridicule and abuse of classmates, leaving her hurt and isolated — and eventually enraged.

She sought revenge through witchcraft and then full-blown satanism. Her goal was to destroy the Catholic Church, which she saw as responsible for her pain. Yet she found that getting even would exact a price. Despite initial thrills of power, Lipsky became increasingly miserable.

Years after narrowly escaping her demonic entanglement, Lipsky came back into full communion with the Church in 2009. Now she helps others to see beyond the glamour of the occult to the beauty of Catholicism. She does this, in part, through her new book, A Message of Hope, and through a new CD interview, Former Satanist Comes Home to the Catholic Church, both available from St. Joseph Communications.

In high school, I was even physically abused. This was disturbing, but what happened later was even more so. When I actually got enough courage to tell one of the teachers (who was a nun), she said it was my fault. This was so devastating that it took my anger beyond its previous levels. I had been severely hurt and someone in authority who was supposed to help, made things worse.

I had been through enough, and I desperately needed relief. There wasn’t any to be found, even at home, because my parents were going through a divorce. Everywhere I turned, there was trouble. It was a tumultuous time — a time of great injustice, pain and confusion.

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Donegal nominees for national awards
Article publié le 25/10/2012
Some of the cream of Donegal athletics has been nominated for the National Athletics Awards in association with Woodie’s DIY and Tipperary Crystal.

Letterkenny AC’s Mark Englsih has been shortlisted for the Track and Field Athlete of the Year following his fifth place finish at the World Junior Championships in Barcelona. The DCU student is also in contention to win the Junior Athlete of the Year.

Brendan Boyce is a nominee for Race Walker of the Year. The Milford native finished in 29th place in the Olympic Games 50k walk in August with a PB.

Lifford AC are in the running for the Development Club of the Year award, while Teresa McDaid from Letterkenny AC is one of four in with a chance of taking home the Coach of the Year award.

The awards will take place on Saturday, November 17, in Dublin’s Clyde Court Hotel.

Also this week, there were celebrations in Urris after Westport, Co Mayo, native Con Doherty produced a brilliant all-round performance to become the first Irish triathlete to make the podium in a World Championship Series Final event as he claimed bronze at the ITU Junior Championships in Auckland, New Zealand, on Sunday.

The 17-year-old was just pipped on the line for silver by France’s Simon Viain, with South Africa’s Wian Sullwald taking gold in the 16 to 19-year-old category. Con’s father John is from Urris and works in Mayo as an engineering director with Baxter Healthcare.

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Crystal Awards Used in Prestigious Events
Article publié le 19/10/2012
Why has crystal become so popular at company prsentations? It cannot just be because of the engraving potential. Something that struck me at the last event I was at, I was there with a friend who worked for the company, where crystlal awards were being presented, was how good the crystal, and glass reflected the stage lighting shining on them. Glistening like a table full of fallen stars, the sight was breath taking, and must have been exciting for the winning recipients as they walked up to the stage to collect their trophy, or gift item.

Yes the artwork was good, but there was something about the crystal decanters and claret jugs that oozed class and quality. People were genuinly impressed at how good they looked, both the people winning them, and those at their tables who were not so lucky that night.Pewter and silver plated tankards and salvers still look good, don't get me wrong.

But even at golf club events, where tankards and salvers were the staple award for presentations, crystal trophies, and indeed tankards are now becoming more dominant out of all the awards presented. It could just be a phase, or a fashion. Maybe it will slowly become less popular, and once again the various metal awards will become more fashionable. 
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titreBilly Crystal credits relationship with John Goodman for 'Monsters' success
Article publié le 12/10/2012
Actor and recent Academy Awards host Billy Crystal is talking more about his upcoming Pixar film Monsters University and continues to get us pumped for its summer debut.While Crystal is staying quiet about the plot (we know it follows Mike and Sulley in their college years at the tender ages of 17 and 18), he credited his co-star John Goodman (Sulley) for the great on-screen chemistry:

"We do it together and he's a genius," he told THR while promoting his new film Parental Guidance. "That's why I think there's a lot of affection between Mike and Sulley on the screen — the relationship between the two of us is so real. We really love working with each other.""He's my favorite character I've ever played," he continued, "This time, they're in college — 17 and 18 years old — they made us look younger, and I have a retainer. It's how they discover who they are."

Another aspect to look forward to in Monsters University is the improvisation. Crystal said he improvised "like a madman" while recording his Mike voice. "The Pixar people just let me go – if it's good, it's good, if it's not, it doesn't end up in the movie. It's hilarious."Monsters University will be released June 21, 2013. A trailer was released in June and Pixar earlier this week debuted an amazing website for the school itself.
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The best gifts in life are free
Article publié le 28/09/2012
When I look back on those gifts, the ones I remember the most clearly weren’t the most expensive ones or the ones that I wound up enjoying the most. The ones I remember were the ones where Sarah put thought into the gift and made a genuine effort to either make or find something unique and special that I would like.

Its those special, sincere gifts that I remember most fondly.One great example of this type of sincere gift was when Sarah made me several dozen handmade krumkake and wrapped them in a box. (Krumkake, for those unaware, is a very light Norwegian waffle cookie.)The ingredients for these cookies didn’t cost much at all. What it took was a lot of thoughtfulness and a little bit of time. She had witnessed me enjoying the cookies at one of her family gatherings and conceived of the idea on her own.

Sarah doesn’t remember the times I purchased roses for her, but she does remember the time I went into a farmer’s field and picked a ton of wild flowers for her for a bouquet.She doesn’t remember most of the gifts I’ve bought her, but she does remember the letters I wrote her when we were apart while we were first dating.She doesn’t remember the first time we went out to eat together, but she remembers the first time I prepared a meal at home.

What’s the key thing here? In each case, the thing given to the other person was sincere and from the heart. It took time and love and care and thought to make it, something that rarely exists with purchased gifts or purchased meals.
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