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Chavez could move up in weight
Article publié le 21/09/2012
Chavez could move up in weight

Chavez could move up in weight and start down the tough road that could lead him to super middleweights like Andre Ward Carl Froch and Kelly Pavlik. Or he could stay at  and seek another belt against in order of difficulty Gennady Golovkin Daniel Geale or Dmitry Pirog. A win over one of those titlists would at least give another layer of legitimacy to an eventual rematch with Martinez should it come together.

In the meantime Martinez could stay at  and continue exploiting his great speed against bigger fighters or lose a few pounds  as he says he is still capable at age and access the most lucrative market of opponents possible.

At junior middleweight fights with Floyd Mayweather  Miguel Cotto or Canelo Alvarez would be blockbusters. Perhaps even Manny Pacquiao would feel the lure of climbing up to a catchweight to challenge Martinez for his undisputed linear middleweight title in an effort to add to his vast collection.

The alternatives for Martinez and Chavez are far too many and interesting to ignore in order to put on a rematch based on  seconds of toe-to-toe action that obscures the definitive end result. Besides an immediate rematch would add little to either fighters career strictly from a boxing standpoint. Each stands to gain more by demonstrating he can excel in different environments and against varied styles seizing the current momentum to attract other megafights. Perhaps one day then Martinez and Chavez can meet again when a rematch makes sense  for us and for them.
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My dad went back to civil service at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base
Article publié le 17/09/2012
My dad went back to civil service at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base near Dayton Lingle said. I was heavily involved in putting bands together for the musicals the church premiered in Ohio and Kentucky. It was a great place to build your faith.Musically I learned a lot because the minister of music was a young, frantic guy. When it came time for the music, he would throw it to me. I was constantly being forced to do things that were sort of jazz-oriented because so much of that is improvisation. For me, it was ‘fake it ’til you make it

Lingle joined his first band, The Regals, in Columbia when he was 10 years old. Although not familiar with bass guitar, he became the bass player because he said that was what the band needed. The group even appeared on television with WIS personality Joe Pinner.

Lingle studied music therapy for several years at what is now Charleston Southern University Before entering the jazz program at the University of North Texas, he attended the annual Fred Waring Choral Workshop in Pennsylvania.He said Warings approach to choral singing was highly acclaimed.It made vowels more pronounced and de-emphasized guttural sounds, like because he hated that Lingle said. It made it more natural sounding than most choral groups. Fred asked me to tour with him that fall.

I learned a lot about orchestration and chorals while I was there, but the best thing is I met Debra on the bus. She is an incredible vocalist, and she gave that up to raise our daughter. I am really pleased she is now back singing and performing.”
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I think Emily does amazing things
Article publié le 13/09/2012
I think Emily does amazing things, and I think it's because she has had cancer. She gets really gets it," Burke said.For example, she gives gas cards a lot because many people have so many bills to deal with they may not have gas money to travel to treatments. They worry about how they are going to fill their gas tank, Burke said.Burke, so impressed with Thomas' work, was eager to be friends with Thomas on Facebook and help her to get the word about the charity.

"I've donate gift cards I get that I know I'm not going to use. So many people have gift cards shoved in a drawer that they won't use or they forget about, and here Emily has created a wonderful use for them," Burke said.Burke also works at a school and is trying to encourage school clubs to start gift card donation drives to benefit the Cancer Card Xchange.

Recently Thomas, To the Southlake Carroll band,at the suggestion of her 13-year-old, started posting the thank-you notes on Instagram. When asked about the future of the Cancer Card Xchange, Thomas is hesitant. She has thought about it someday growing into a large nationally known charity but, worries if the nonprofit grows too large, it'll become too impersonal.Mostly cards now come from people that have a birthday party and ask attendees to give gift cards that can be donated instead of presents. We even had someone do this at a baby shower," Thomas said.

But, what Thomas really wants is more regular donors. She has a few people now that routinely buy a gift cards each time they find themselves out shopping. Even if it's just $10 or $20 a week or a month those donors really make a difference.
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To the Southlake Carroll band
Article publié le 10/09/2012
One only has to drive west on Northwest Highway to see that the billboard at the Skillman interchange has been stripped down to a much earlier skin, Steakley Chevrolet.

Many of us remember the thriving dealership that was located at that corner for so many years. Those of us who knew the owner, John W. Steakley III, remember what an avid Dallas Cowboys fan he was, how proud of his dealership he was and how much he valued his loyal employees and customers. He vowed he would never sell to a developer because he did not want any of his employees to be out of a job. He added that if the time came to sell, it would be to another dealership with a contingency that guaranteed the jobs of his employees.

The car lots are now empty and the once-bustling showroom and offices are currently occupied by a furniture warehouse. With September marking the 10th anniversary of John W. Steakley’s passing, it is ironic that the Steakley Chevrolet billboard is now visible it gives us pause to think about the man, Steakley Chevrolet and his dedicated employees.One of the classiest things I have ever seen occurred at the Allen-Southlake Carroll game. The Southlake Carroll band commissioned an arrangement of “Seventy-six Trombones” and gave the arrangement to the Allen High School band as a “housewarming gift for the new stadium.

After both bands had performed their halftime shows, Southlake Carroll first and then Allen, both bands took the field and performed the arrangement. There were over 1,000 students on the field and over 100 trombones playing at the front!
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B2B Gift Card Giving
Article publié le 07/09/2012
Sales teams, customer service teams, recruiters, and others spend over $10 billion annually on gift cards, and many of these teams also use huge SaaS platforms like Salesforce," says David Leeds, CEO and Founder of Tango Card. We created this dedicated Salesforce app to dramatically simplify the process of buying a gift card. Perhaps more importantly, doing this through Salesforce empowers teams with great business intelligence and real power to follow-up on cards they have sent. It also provides a slick way to complete holiday gift card purchases."

Beta users have raved about Tango Card for Salesforce. We have always given thank you gift cards the old-fashioned way, said Tammy Clower Vice President, Marketing and Communications, at Altair Global Relocation and an early user of the app. "When we saw how ridiculously easy Their Newborns with Candy Gift Bag was to send them through Tango Card for Salesforce, we couldn't wait to start using it."

The integration with Concur is a key component of Tango Cards application for enterprise customers. Concurs T&E Cloud is all about making the lives of our 15 million users easier. Tango Card's app addresses a huge area of spend that has always been cumbersome for clients to manage so it was an ideal partnership says Barry Padgett Executive Vice President of Concur Connect Platform Services.

The integration, built with Concur Connect APIs, was an absolute hit with clients at our Fusion 2012 user conference. Its the kind of innovation that is so simple and was connected so quickly to the Concur T&E Cloud yet will have a dramatic impact on hundreds of thousands of Concur users who grapple with reconciling these expenses on a regular basis.
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