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Their Newborns with Candy Gift Bag
Article publié le 05/09/2012
Almost everyone knows that feeling of dread we get when a person with a crying baby boards our flight. Try doubling that, and watching parents get on with twins. At that very moment, most of us think "'wouldn't it be nice if there were a mute button for life?"' Well, one couple decided to ease the tension and stress of their fellow passengers by being polite while on their flight.

A Reddit user posted a photo from a recent flight with the headline, "'Brilliant and thoughtful parents handed these out to everyone to everyone on my flight."' The image is of a small bag of candies with a message written within. The message reads, "Hello! We're twin baby boys on our first flight, and we're only 14 weeks old. We'll try to be on our best behavior, but we'd like to apologize in advance just in case we lose our cool, get scared, or our ears hurt." The message also offers to earplugs to anyone who requests them, which the parents could provide.

As would be expected, this gesture earned the parents a lot of fans who praised their concern for their fellow passengers. One user on Reddit wrote, "Extra props for somehow finding the space in their carry-ons to fit all of this with whatever materials you may need to console twin infants on a plane ride." Not everyone lauded the parents with applause, suggesting they went overboard, "This is considerate, but aren't we all adults who can understand that babies are prone to bouts of crying?"

The flight itself apparently was not too bad, one passenger commented, "The parents were fantastic, and the kids were better than would be expected. Saw them meeting the dad's parents at baggage, who were seeing babies for the first time, and got a bit teary."
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Gift of life
Article publié le 03/09/2012
Dranibaka of Kinoya is calling on more people to give blood and help save thousands of lives.The 21-year-old was the first person to give blood at the University of the South Pacific's Family fun day at its lower campus in Suva on Saturday.I'm giving blood to help my mother who is currently admitted at the Colonial War Memorial Hospital," Mr Dranibaka said.

I may not have a compatible blood type to that of my mother but I know how urgent and desperate her situation is," he said.I hope through my donation, I can help out someone else's mother or anybody for that matter.The blood drive at the USP family fun day received a good response from those who attended the annual event.Ministry of Health blood drive volunteer Jolame Waqavonovono said it was encouraging to see people give a part of themselves to help those that they did not even know.

It is only when we are faced with a situation where one of our relatives or friends need blood that we know just how important blood donations are," Mr Waqavonovono said.We've had a good response not only from the USP family day drive but other blood drives we've been holding. But that does not mean that we have enough, there is always a sick person out there that needs blood so we need people to keep donating.

A man is under arrest on charges of trying to steal the wedding gifts of the couple whose wedding he was attending.Police say 18-year old Omar Santiago was spotted by the maître d' in the coat room of the West Sayville Country Club carrying the white box containing the gift envelopes that had been given to the bride and groom, Larry and Joanna Williamson.

The maître d' alerted the bride,Institute of Fundraising concerned Gift Aid legislation is too complex, who did not recognize Santiago at first, and the suspect ran into the men's room. 
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Institute of Fundraising concerned Gift Aid legislation is too complex
Article publié le 31/08/2012
The Institute of Fundraising is concerned that the Small Charitable Donations Bill, which brings in the Gift Aid Small Donations Scheme, is an "overly complex" piece of legislation. It is urging ministers to amend it so that it is more likely to help small charities.

Peter Lewis, Chief Executive of the Institute of Fundraising, said: "The Government’s heart is in the right place on this but I am afraid the policy has been lost in translation." He described the Bill as "too complex, bureaucratic and unfit for purpose."

The Bill is scheduled to receive its Second Reading in the House of Commons on 4 September.

The Bill will enable each registered charity to claim a top-up equivalent to Gift Aid on up to £5,000 of small donations under £20. This would be £1,250 could be claimed without having Gift Aid declarations.

Peter Lewis is concerned that the eligibility criteria for the scheme, intended to combat fraud, is so strict that it will in practice help far fewer charities than those it was designed to help. For example, the requirement that charities must have been claiming Gift Aid for three years previously before they can benefit from the scheme is "likely to be a massive barrier to participation
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Govt carbon tax move has little direct bearing
Article publié le 30/08/2012
Govt carbon tax move has little direct The screenplay
The Federal Governments decision to dump its carbon floor price due to come into effect in  will have little direct short to medium-term impact on the beef industry stakeholders close to the carbon tax issue say.The surprise announcement on Tuesday interpreted by some commentators as a major back-down over the unpopular carbon tax means Australias future carbon price will be set by the European market, which yesterday was trading at about  a tonne.

Thats almost three times less than Australias current three-year fixed price tax of tonne for larger emitters which is currently impacting all stakeholders across the beef industry either directly or indirectly.The current fixed price carbon tax will convert to a floating price emissions trading scheme on July

Only a week after claiming the floor price was a critical component of the government’s carbon pricing policy, Climate Change minister Greg Combet announced it would be dropped, following fierce lobbying by business and industry groups.

But in a move that will make it harder for a Coalition Government to scrap the entire scheme if it takes office after next years election businesses will now be able to start buying low-priced European carbon credits to count towards their post liability.Chairman of the Australian Meat Industry Councils carbon tax working group, Tom Maguire, said the announcement meant nothing to the beef industry for the next two years.
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The screenplay
Article publié le 30/08/2012
James Fogle was a career criminal and writer who blew every chance he had to go straight, including the brief period after his manuscript about a band of outlaw junkies, Drugstore Cowboy, was made into a well-regarded 1989 movie.

Drugstore Cowboy told the story of two couples who joined forces to support their habits by robbing pharmacies. They were a quirky foursome with superstitions and their own ethical system whose exploits were laced with humor, pathos and sheer bad luck.Made into a film by director Gus Van Sant, it starred Matt Dillon as the leader of the pack, who Fogle loosely modeled on himself and a longtime cellmate. It earned enthusiastic reviews, including one by Sheila Benson in the Los Angeles Times that called it "an electrifying movie without one misstep or one conventional moment". The screenplay, co-written by Van Sant and freelance writer Daniel Yost, won honors from the Los Angeles, New York and national societies of film critics.

Novelist William Burroughs had a small part in the movie and praised the book, which was published in paperback in 1990, for its "hallucinatory reality". It was Fogle's only published novel out of 11 he wrote in prison.His characters were so perfectly real," Van Sant said of Fogle's fiction. "He was a pretty good writer who could channel his own experiences through these novels."

Fogle's life of crime began when he stole a car at 12. He spent his youth in a series of juvenile lockups and reformatories, an experience he later described as "like going to school to learn to be a thief," Yost said.

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