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Possible Republican field already courting Romney money machine ahead of 2016 contest
Article publié le 11/09/2013
He noted that some potential candidates have more pressing needs that could prove helpful for 2016."Most of the leading contenders for 2016 have their own elections to run. Chris Christie has one in two months. Scott Walker has one in about 14 months," Malek said. "So I think the connection with the national fundraising network is a natural.Think of your old-school fax machine as a printer with a modem that converts signals Chefs Kitchen Knives sent along phone lines to make up an image."That's the case for Christie in particular, who has aggressively courted out-of-state donors in recent months to help overcome fundraising rules in his home state. 

Christie has maintained a relationship with the former Massachusetts governor over the phone and by email since the last election, despite lingering resentment among some Romney loyalists who question Christie's dedication to the Romney campaign last fall. In particular, many Republicans were angry that Christie canceled campaign appearances and embraced President Barack Obama after Superstorm Sandy ravaged the New Jersey coast.Since then, however, Christie was one of the featured speakers at a Utah conference in June, organized by Romney, that was attended by a number of prominent Romney donors.However, that depth of Saudi involvement also makes the task of chinavisaapplication shutting down Bandar's operation all the more difficult. 

Two of Romney's sons, Craig and Matt, attended a Christie fundraising luncheon in La Jolla, Calif., in February."We've obviously been seeking help from Mitt and his team for the governor's re-election.Though many of Obama's rock drilling tools advisers still seem eager to launch missiles against Syrian government targets to punish Assad for an alleged poison gas attack. There's no secret about that," said Bill Palatucci,The inspector general's report doesn't offer any smoking guns of abuse,crimped wire but found that after reviewing a sampling of petitions, the program needs better controls. Christie's campaign chairman."There's an enormous number of folks who'd like to have Gov. Romney help them in all kinds of ways," said former Romney aide Ron Kaufman.I was just absolutely floored stainless steel kitchenware and began tearing through the rest of the book.Three years before the next presidential election, several prospective Republican White House contenders are quietly courting senior members of Mitt Romney's money machine.

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