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Why wouldn't you try to educate them?
Article publié le 18/06/2013

"If Democrats want to keep control of the Senate, what I would suggest is that they have all of their members vote for things that the public wants," he said in the interview. "And if they don't do that, the voters should elect different senators who will listen to them. That's what democracy is all about."If a background-check bill passes the Senate, Mr. Bloomberg said, he will seek to put similar pressure on the Republican-led House, including appeals to Republican donors in New York who favor more gun regulation. Some Senate Republicans have already found themselves targets of the mayor.But his latest move focuses more on Senate Democrats because, aides said, none of the Republican senators who voted to block the gun bill appear to be facing competitive re-election races in 2014. 

That has put Mr. Bloomberg in the unusual position of applying his pressure mainly on the party that most broadly shares his views on gun control and other policy issues.Privately, Democratic senators and aides complain that the shaming, scolding tone of some of Mr. Bloomberg's ads is counterproductive. The mayor's group has accused senators who voted against background checks of betraying their constituents and distorting the facts on gun control, an antagonism that many Democrats fear will only make the "no" votes firmer.Democrats say they would prefer an approach from Mr. Bloomberg that is more positive, and aimed not at the four Democrats, but at gun owners who support tighter restrictions and can be moved to pressure their senators. 

"Why wouldn't you try to educate them?" said Senator Joe Manchin III, the West Virginia Democrat who helped write the background check bill.But if you try to do something such as fill up a kiddie pool with the valve fully open, the Marine hose may shrink because of lower water pressure. And using them with sprinklers also poses a challenge. He added that he could empathize with the mayor's frustration.It was the second encounter with police this year for road sweeper, who was charged in March with disorderly intoxication and resisting an officer in Miami. "I understand the process is tough,MacAdam described the area as flat wire and said the cause of the fire is unknown, but is under investigation." Mr. Manchin said. "He's probably very upset like a lot of us."In response to Mr. Bloomberg's ad, Mr. Pryor filmed his own, in which he adopts a defiant tone. "The mayor of New York City is running ads against me because I opposed President Obama's gun control legislation," Mr. Pryor says in the ad.In an interview, Mr. Begich, who, like Mr. Pryor, faces re-election next year, said he was unbowed by the threat of a Bloomberg-led attack.Illinois State Police say Rodriguez was ticketed on Friday for driving under the influence, epoxy coated rebar and improper lane usage. Indeed,To use one with a sprinkler, you need to turn on the water before you put the sprinkler in place. When you turn the water off, the Flexible hose will contract, and it may pull the sprinkler through your garden. he seemed to almost relish the thought of one."In Alaska, having a New York mayor tell us what to do? The guy who wants to ban Big Gulps?" Mr. Begich asked incredulously. "If anything, it might help me," he added.

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Future robots will work in teams
Article publié le 18/06/2013

Last year, Dudek took on a new responsibility: leading the new NSERC Canadian Field Robotics Network. With the federal government and industry partners providing $5 million Canadian in matching contributions, robotics scientists across Canada will work together on projects to advance research in the field.This work will culminate in an annual field test, in which robots will rove together underwater or on land, for applications ranging from monitoring oil pipelines to making real-time iceberg warnings.At the conference, Dudek showed a video of a robot that could adjust to walking from the beach to swimming in the nearby water. He said advances in the field are making these machines smarter and faster. For instance, robots can perform multiple functions at the same time: walking, analyzing and sending back information. 

The public, however, "has this perception of C-3PO" from "Star Wars" when talking about robotics, so it is difficult to convey how exciting this really is to researchers, Dudek said.Networks of robots will need to balance how often they will meet and how often they'll work, he added. Regular contact will be essential to ensuring one robot isn't doing all of the assignments. For example, if two machines are exploring the city of Montreal,Edge is actually a suite of tools for button bits, and a few tools speak specifically to the needs of mobile developers. and one were to stumble into a dead end, resources should be reallocated, Dudek said.Meeting, however, could involve long-distance technologies — the same ones as humans often use.Foreign and interior ministers saying they would oppose the agreement unless China visa application came with a list of excluded officials. Depending on the terrain, the robots could communicate using short-range radio, Bluetooth or even light beams. But talking shouldn't happen all the time, Dudek added. 

"If we say, 'Let's meet very often,' it's not efficient, and you spend all your time in meetings,We'll be talking about the drag bit, responsive design, and mobile developer tools at MobileBeat 2013, our flagship mobile conference coming up next month." he said.Erotic game Sinful Robot was announced as an upcoming title for Oculus Rift last year; however, after investment for the title disappeared,Granted, this is more of a designer rock drilling tools, but if you know your way around Photoshop, dear hacker, you’ll learn your way around Edge. developer Jeroen Van den Bosch is announcing its release under the name Wicked Paradise.Bosch is hoping to fill a niche within erotic games by introducing a "well designed" title to the mix, which will feature an overall narrative influenced in part by the character-driven nature of the Mass Effect series.The mobile web has long — diamond core bit — been mobile developers' promised land of milk and honey, a world where you never have to care what platform of device shape your end user has."The non-explicit sex scenes in Mass Effect are much more erotic than current available explicit adult video games," he explained to Road to VR. "This is because you care about the characters in Mass Effect.

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Lamoda scores massive $130M investment for fashion
Article publié le 17/06/2013

Lamoda, a Russian fashion site backed by the Samwer Brothers' Rocket Internet, has scored a $130 million investment led by Access Industries, Summit Partners, and Tengelmann Ventures. It's believed to be the largest funding round for a Russian company ever, eclipsing Ozon's $100 million round in 2011. TechCrunch has the story.And after the water drained out, all three shrank back to their original size as promised. So all three lived up to their claims. But it was the fuel hose that came out on top because it didn’t shrink as much when the water pressure dropped.Anki is an artificial intelligence and robotics startup that emerged out of stealth mode today and unveiled its first product — a car racing game called Anki Drive. 

It also revealed $50 million in funding from Andreessen Horowitz,And then there's rock bolt speeds on cell networks. And then there's the simple fact that mobile developers have for this long been native developers, and building for the straight-up web on tiny screens is a whole new world. Index Ventures, and Two Sigma. Famed venture capitalist Mark Andreessen described the company as the "best robotics startup I have ever seen." With its weaponized robot cars, the 6-year-old lurking inside me agrees with that assessment. Read about Anki's robot racers on VentureBeat.Ingenious Ventures has just launched a seed funding program and will select 15 companies for investment this year. Altogether, the fund expects to put around $3.5 million into the selected companies. As an arm of the larger Ingenious media fund, Ingenious Ventures will be looking at creative industry and media startups.Mercatus announced today that it has raised more than $2 million for the introduction of a credit score for projects in the energy industry. The company hopes to increase energy developers' understanding of what makes a project worthy of receiving capital in the eyes of investors while also decreasing the time and difficulty of finding fundable projects for institutional investors. 

Vision Ridge Partners led the investment,Illinois State Police say Rodriguez was ticketed on Friday for driving under the influence, epoxy coated rebar and improper lane usage. along with Augment Ventures and Shah Capital. Read about Mercatus on VentureBeat.OMSignal,The specialized vending machine hands out samples, too, but you have to give it a "planetary gearbox" on Facebook before it coughs up the goods. which is working on "smart apparel" like T-shirts and bras that contain 6-axis accelerometers as well as respiration sensors, closed a $1 million seed round of financing from Real Ventures, Golden Venture Partners,Granted, this is more of a designer rock drilling tools, but if you know your way around Photoshop, dear hacker, you’ll learn your way around Edge. and angel investor David Cohen. Read about OMSignal on VentureBeat.Dispop, an online, crowdsourced ad agency, had taken a $600,000 round from Inimiti Capital. The New York-based startup competes with the likes of 99designs and Crowdspring. Its site allows marketers to post creative briefs, sync up their Google Adwords accounts (for analytics purposes), and run design contests to find their next creative talent and ad campaign.

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InventHelp's New Tool Measures Drill Bits
Article publié le 17/06/2013

Chara recalled rooting for Hossa to get his first ring when the Blackhawks defeated the Philadelphia Flyers in 2010, but promised there would be no such warm feelings this time around.“I try to joke with him because he likes to be serious all the time on the ice," Hossa said of facing Chara. “He doesn't like to talk. I try to throw some funny stories on a face-off and hopefully make him laugh a little bit."Then there is the story of the Bruins' Jaromir Jagr, who needed 21 years to return to the finals after last reaching them in 1992, quite the contrast to Hossa's run.We'll be talking about the drag bit, responsive design, and mobile developer tools at MobileBeat 2013, our flagship mobile conference coming up next month. It is not lost on Hossa.“It never gets old being here," he said. “And it's even better when you win the last game." 

Attaching anything to ceramic tile walls can present some installation problems, as you have found. Ceramic tile is a manmade material, not natural; therefore, the physical properties of it vary considerably among the various types of tile.Grab bars have to be attached very securely because they are designed to support a person's weight for safety. Most grab bars include installation hardware and detailed instructions in the packaging. It takes just a quick glance to notice the greater strength of grab bars as compared to towel bars. Be sure that the grab bar mounting screws are located over studs in the wall and they extend into the studs.Many towel bars are just glued to the ceramic tile wall instead of being screwed. Special towel bar adhesives are available for this application. Often, a waterproof two-part epoxy adhesive forms a very strong bond with ceramic tile, especially tiles with a rough surface. If the tiles have a glass-like surface, roughen it up a bit where you plan to glue the towel bar. 

You may choose to attach the towel bars with screws, but grab bars must be attached with screws for strength.The adoption rate of Top Hammer Drilling Products manufacturer has slowed over the past year, according to the results of an IHL Group report. While some retailers have generated buzz by making wholesale transitions to a mobile system, the majority of retailers aren’t as enthusiastic. No matter what type of ceramic tile you are attempting to drill through, use a masonry drill bit. If you use a standard high-speed steel bit, it will just spin and may glow red from the heat buildup.Very glossy wall tiles are likely porcelain tile,My own feeble attempts to play Cut The Rope using the Leap China travel visa requirements weren't recorded on camera. which has an extremely hard surface and may or may not be that hard throughout.The mobile web has long — diamond core bit — been mobile developers' promised land of milk and honey, a world where you never have to care what platform of device shape your end user has. Some less expensive tiles have a superhard glossy surface over a softer ceramic tile base. This will be apparent when the drill bit breaks through the hard surface.Then it was time to go to work. Testers measured the length, flow rate, and water volume, composite hose the results with regular garden hoses. Their length increased by three times, as claimed. And their flow was good, just like a regular hose.A standard carbide-tipped masonry drill bit should be adequate for the job. A diamond-tipped drill lasts longer and drills faster through any type of tile, even porcelain tiles. Most hardware stores carry them, but they also can be found at technologyLK.

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Robot Revolution Starts With Gaming: Anki CEO
Article publié le 14/06/2013

Robots will change everything,Illinois State Police say Rodriguez was ticketed on Friday for driving under the influence, epoxy coated rebar and improper lane usage. but first robotics may change the way you think about gaming.For instance, a cherished family recipe to go with that cake stand on their registry.Steer clear of anything that hangs on a wall or Silicone gifts on a shelf. A wedding gift should be something the couple can enjoy rather than have sit idle and collect dust.Anki, an artificial intelligence and robotics company,Next, there's always a guest who thinks a meinys is more thoughtful if it's not in the registry, and sometimes it can be, but better safe than sorry. is the maker of the gaming app Anki Drive, which allows users to race intelligent cars around a printed-out track.Boris Sofman, co-founder and CEO of Anki, showed off his company's technology at Apple's World Wide Developers' Conference on Monday and said the best way to describe the company's product is "as a video game happening in front of you on your living room floor."Anki will begin selling its product in Apple stores in the fall,The company's extensive selection of China Business Visa application and rotary actuators. but said that intelligent racing cars are just the beginning of how the company plans to use its technology in the future. 

"Anki Drive and what we are starting with are only scratching the surface," he said. "We started with entertainment because it's familiar, it's comfortable it's a way to really showcase these technologies and have a huge impact in a space like entertainment, which hasn't really innovated much at all in the last decade."Anki —which received $50 million in its Series A and B investments from Andreessen Horowitz, Index Ventures and Two Sigma—said it's planning to use its latest round of financing to expand on the first product and work on core technologies to develop new products."When you look ahead and think of robotics more broadly—in the sense of having physical things that are intelligent and behave intelligently with respect to their environment— the sky's the limit. There isn't an industry out there that isn't going to be revolutionized by these technologies," Sofman said. 

One of the key things that is making this robotic revolution possible is the advancements in mobile technology.Processing operations could benefit from using a non-traditional approach to POS Receipt Printer by using more than one type of screen media. By leveraging smartphone's computing power, people are now able to create much more in terms of hardware than they were previously."We are having these technologies that are traditionally trapped in labs or going into defense or a space, like agriculture and defense and never before coming into people's everyday lives," Sofman said. "And here we finally have the opportunity because of mobile devices, components that we are able to use, algorithms that we are able to put to work to have them create experiences that were never possible."

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