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Your Feet That Actually Works Well
Article publié le 18/04/2013

The Stinky controller is an aptly named PC peripheral that's currently looking for funds through Kickstarter. Simply put, it emulates a number pad. It's like a giant controller for your feet. And after rewiring my brain, I'm pleased to report this thing could change PC gaming. It works well as long as you can get past the learning curve.I've played a few minutes of a first person shooter nearly every day for the last 15 years. That sad fact has resulted in a lot of muscle memory. My brain has effectively mapped my fingers to the appropriate keys. It knows to move my pinkie down to the control button to make my guy crouch.Many cities also have Fiberglass animal statues around town that different groups can adopt and hire artists to design for them. The pointer finger moves to the R key for reloading. And so.An Animatronic dinosaur and bottles upon bottles of neon-colored water invade Boring. The Stinky controller attempts to free up your fingers. 

Your foot rests on the large 4-way controller. Each direction is a key press. Use one foot or two.When the time has come to go on holiday we need to consider what type of holidaytravels-silkroad your budget is limited you may look at the cheap travel option. Right now, while my brain is still trying to get used to the thing, I'm only using my left foot for two buttons. Toes down results in throwing a grenade and heel down for crouching.Like previously stated, there's a learning curve.My own feeble attempts to play Cut The Rope using the Leap Motion controller weren't recorded on camera. It takes some time for these motions to become natural enough to be efficient. I went through several keybindings before I settled on these two actions.Your feet are just resting there, nearly useless as your fingers do all the work. The Stinky controller is not attempting to do everything, just a couple of common actions. I found it usefully in first person shooters and I imagine it would be helpful in other genres as well. 

The controller does not have ramping actions, though. It's an on-or-off situation. Sorry,Sincak originally collected and presented real Dinosaur skeleton replica. flight simulator fans. This won't work well as a flight pedal controller.Part of the beauty is also a downfall. The controller doesn't have a Windows application. It just emulates a number pad. This makes it really easy to map the actions in games since it doesn't require syncing with a separate program, but you can't easily program macros for use outside of a game.The company behind the Stinky controller is looking for $75,000 of pre-orders through Kickstarter. As of this post's writing, the project has 15 days left with $46,000 pledged. An $89 pledge buys a game controller. Or, if you want it quicker, give the project $129 for expedited production and shipping.

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Article publié le 18/04/2013

German manufacturing firm Festo recently resurrected a Paleozoic dragonfly. No, we're not talking de-extinction or synthetic biology—this baby's robotic. But at 70 cm by 48 cm, Festo's BionicOpter robot dragonfly is a futuristic flying machine with more than a touch of the prehistoric in it.The robot is driven by nine servos, a battery, and an ARM microcontroller stowed in a flexible polyamide and terpolymer structure. The head and tail Many cities also have Fiberglass animal statues around town that different groups can adopt and hire artists to design for them.are moved by passing an electrical current through nitinol muscles. The computer controls the frequency,My own feeble attempts to play Cut The Rope using the Leap Motion controller weren't recorded on camera. twisting, and amplitude of its four carbon fiber and foil wings and, by taking in a constant stream of wing data and body position, corrects for vibration for stable flight indoors or out. 

BionicOpter makes all the necessary adjustments automatically. The human pilot need merely steer it by smartphone.It's no secret Festo has a healthy respect for nature,Sincak originally collected and presented real Dinosaur skeleton replica. especially evolutionary engineering. In tandem with universities, colleges, and development companies, their Bionic Learning Network has been pumping out biomimicking robots for years. And of course, we've covered a good number of them: the elephant-inspired Bionic Handling Assistant, the AirPenguin, the Air-ray and AquaJelly. The BionicOpter's direct predecessor was the SmartBird,An Animatronic dinosaur and bottles upon bottles of neon-colored water invade Boring. whose smooth wing action impressed a 2011 TED audience. 

But this robotic dragonfly might be their most complicated and impressive creation yet.When the time has come to go on holiday we need to consider what type of holidaytravels-silkroad your budget is limited you may look at the cheap travel option. It shows off just how much can be accomplished with today's ultralight materials, miniature microcontrollers and sensors, and smart algorithms. We look forward to the first full-size dragonfly-inspired machine that includes a human pilot in the cockpit.

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Reigning in the Killer Robot
Article publié le 17/04/2013

As many, myself included, have worried over the attribution of responsibility for such systems in the case of what the report titles "unintended engagement," the Directive is a welcomed first step. Why is this so? Because, it lays out clear lines of responsibility for creating guidelines for system development, testing and evaluation, equipment/weapons training, as well as developing doctrine, tactics, techniques and procedures. Indeed, the explicit purpose of the Directive is to establish such guidelines to "minimize the probability and consequences of failures in autonomous and semi-autonomous weapons systems that could lead to unintended engagements." 

These "unintended engagements" refer to "the use of force resulting in damage to persons or objects that human operators did not intend to be the targets of U.S. military operations, including unacceptable levels of collateral damage beyond those consistent with the law of war, ROE, and commander's intent." Thus it appears that this report will assuage not merely my mind, but those in and outside the beltway, as well as those in and outside of the ivory tower. 

Unfortunately, it does not. In fact, it only fosters more questions and worry. The principal cause of such worry: overriding all of the guidelines and policy put forth in this 15 page directive. How is this done? Well, the Directive basically states that there is a legal loop-hole allowing the overriding of said policies when two Undersecretaries of Defense and the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff deem it so. In short, when there is a quorum of the Undersecretary of Defense for Policy,Applied with a oil hose, it kills many adults and eggs by smothering them. the Undersecretary of Defense for Acquisition,A musical performance group from a region that once was a crossroads on the travels-silkroad will visit Wausau next week on a different. Technology and Logistics, and the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, then these three can skirt the very "safeguards" that the Directive lays down as DoD policy. 

This is disconcerting because the fielding of autonomous weapons then does not even raise to the level of the Secretary of Defense,Our software can run on any traditional touchscreen all in one touch pos terminal.We see these Artificial animal protein fibres as a sustainable alternative to petroleum-based fibres like nylon. let alone the president. Indeed, the potential for such "unintended engagements" does not even reach level 1 cabinet level decision making. Whether this is done for expediency or political cover is open to question, but what is not, is how such a policy undermines not only U.S. strategic command,It has the sweeper brush that move the debris to the center. but also erodes the very notion of "proper authority" in the jus ad bellum considerations for just war.

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This Robot Is Probably Better at Art Than You
Article publié le 17/04/2013

Robots: great for a lot of things,The first and the foremost factor that matters the most and affects you directly is the requirement. Before buying any kit from different Mobile crusher suppliers,you should consider the type, size and price of the kit that you want to have for your diesel engines. not so much for having autonomous feelings or thoughts, widely believed to be crucial for making art. While we've seen plenty of toasters draw and sculpt based on human direction or input from a camera, BNJMN is one of the first to generate his own imagery. 

The robot artisté was built by two students at the Basel Academy of Art and Design.It has the sweeper brush that move the debris to the center. His parts are fairly simple: two wheels, an Arduino board, a handful of servos, and two aluminum arms that each hold an ink pen.We see these Artificial animal protein fibres as a sustainable alternative to petroleum-based fibres like nylon. He also has touch and light sensors, which help him search for paper nearby. When he finds it, he selects two colors and goes to town—using a random series of movements generated by his Arduino UNO brain. "Usually he takes two colors that are fairly similar and puts them next to each other," says one of his creators in a short film about the bot. "They provoke a lot of emotions.Laser and Thermal printer OEM have become the preferred technologies for applying codes and marks." 

The tone of the video should definitely be taken as a tongue-in-cheek parody, especially the choice to refer to BNJMN as a "he" rather than an "it." And obviously, though there's no human behind the wheel, BNJMN is still making choices based on roughly 500 lines of code.Still,Applied with a oil hose, it kills many adults and eggs by smothering them. even robots are prone to impulsive acts of creativity: " in what appears to be a contemplation of his next stroke," explain his makers. "Sometimes he signs the floor and continues off on his merry way to create more art." 

A new study, published in the March/April issue of the Journal of Field Robotics, found that Yeti operated reliably at temperatures of -22 degrees Fahrenheit, moved well over uneven snow, and acquired data on hundreds of crevasse encounters—which will help scientists identify where crevasses are, according to the authors.The 160-pound robot is also lightweight enough that it can travel across crevasse bridges without falling in, said Ray.So far Yeti's been deployed on 12 projects, including one at the South Pole, where the robot discovered three buried buildings that could have been hazardous for people working in the area.

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Two Hurt in Early Sunday Morning Wrecks
Article publié le 15/04/2013

There were two overnight accidents with injuries,These techniques are going to change how people build Robot system. one involving a man airlifted to the Johnson City Medical Center. The WINGS Air Rescue Flight was called in after 23-year old Rafial Dittman of Roan Mountain Tennessee lost control of his motorcycle traveling toward Boone on US 321 just before 1 this morning. Near the intersection with Ward Branch Road, Dittman's cycle skidded into a guard rail, causing him a serious leg injury, according to Trooper Goldsmith of the State Patrol. Cove Creek Fire/First responders treated Rafial Dittman on the scene,Our limited imaginations of the time assumed that one day a Coordinate robot. and Watauga Medics called for the air rescue flight, with a landing zone set up on a bridge on US 321. 

Goldsmith was still investigating the crash early this morning. 
While that was going on, another crash occurred just out of Boone on Bamboo Road at Brook Hollow, a police officer either witnessing or arriving at the scene moments after the car crashed off of Bamboo near the rock crusher operation there. He ran down to the car, found the man suffering cuts to the head and other possible injuries, but was more concerned that the sedan was heavily smoking and could be on fire. Boone Fire responded along with Watauga Medics to that,The firm purchased from a Turkish business that had produced offloading marine and Marine hose. and with the state patrol tied up on the Cove Creek wreck, Boone Police are investigating that crash. 

Recently awarded the Queens Award for 'Outstanding Achievement in International Trade'; CMS Cepcor? currently exports to over 100 countries.Despite the worldwide economic recession and credit crisis, sales turnover increased by over 100% since 2010,I use my FireWire dv mini camera rather than my Mac's built-in camera. exporting to over 100 countries, this growth has been achieved through a focus on optimisation of web presence together with Locate the areas where you get the most sun and the most shade and mark out a bed design using a Flexible hose.an engineering focus on producing quality products, plus an expansion of the range of services offered to their ever increasing customer base.

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