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A Water Spiral
Article publié le 15/04/2013

The hose is attached to a speaker. Speakers work by vibrating at certain frequencies, pumping the air at those frequencies, which is picked up by our ears and interpreted by our brains as sound. Video cameras work by taking pictures at a very rapid rate, usually 24 or 30 frames per second. Our eyes send signals to the brain at a rate of about 14 frames per second, so they interpret the much faster video frame rate as continuous motion. 

In the video above, the camera is taking 24 frames per second. The speaker is vibrating at the same rate, 24 pulsations per second. The speaker drives the hose to vibrate at that same rate, making a little circle 24 times per second.Our limited imaginations of the time assumed that one day a Coordinate robot. Every time the camera takes a picture the hose is back to the same place, so the camera cannot detect the motion of the hose, even though it's actually making a circle. 

That's why the water appears motionless. Imagine that instead of a continuous stream of water, it's actually made up of droplets,Locate the areas where you get the most sun and the most shade and mark out a bed design using a Flexible hose. shot out of the hose 240 times per second.I use my FireWire dv mini camera rather than my Mac's built-in camera. That means every time the hose makes a little circle, it shoots out 10 drops. They come out in order, one after another, each at a slightly different angle around the circle from the one before it. If you connect the droplets you'd get a spiral pattern. The water itself is moving straight away from the hose, but the spiral pattern is what we see as we mentally connect the dots.The firm purchased from a Turkish business that had produced offloading marine and Marine hose. 

I love how the video maker changes the vibration rate of the speaker a bit to change the water's apparent motion. At 25 vibrations per second the water appears to slowly wind around, because each droplet from the hose is caught at a different position due to the unmatched camera and vibration rates. Then he switches it to 23 Hz and it looks like the water is moving up, backwards, into the hose! Very cool,These techniques are going to change how people build Robot system. and totally an illusion.

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Gold orders Metso Primary Crusher and Grinding Equipment
Article publié le 12/04/2013
Metso is supplying a primary crusher and grinding equipment to B2Gold Namibia for its Greenfield Otjikoto gold mine project in Namibia. After completing by the end of 2014, the new mine will produce 4385 kg gold annually in the first 5 years of full operation. 

Helsinki, Finland – Metso's delivery consists of a primary gyratory crusher for processing of run-of-mine gold ore, and a semi-autogenous grinding mill and a ball mill for secondary grinding. The crusher will be delivered in January 2014 and the grinding mills during April 2014.Its composition permeates rubber, including fuel hose. The new Otjikoto gold project is located 300 km north of Namibia's capital city of Windhoek.They lent us tens of thousands of dollars of infant video monitor equipment that is forty years old and probably worthless. Based on the exploration, the open pit mine contains minerals reserves of 29.4 million t with an average gold grade of 1.42 g/t. The corresponding, estimated gold reserves are over 41.7 t. The mine will use leaching and carbon in pulp as its process system to extract the gold. 

The Metso primary gyratory crusher to be delivered can process gold ore rocks over one meter in size. The nominal capacity of the crusher is 2010 to 2780 t/h, depending on the setting used. The operational weight of the crusher is over 119 t.It has the sweeper brush that move the debris to the center. The primary grinding circuit will use a 24' x 15.We see these Artificial animal protein fibres as a sustainable alternative to petroleum-based fibres like nylon.75' sized SAG mill, followed by a 16.5' × 28.5' secondary ball mill.Our software can run on any traditional touchscreen all in one touch pos terminal. Both mills will have a 4 MW drive motor, and feature Eaton air clutches, a shared inching drive and a trunnion supported design.
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Portage preps for new street department facility
Article publié le 12/04/2013
Replacement of the previous circuit was required following an assessment by Hillgrove that the crusher circuit failed to perform to expected levels during ramp-up of the processing plant in 2012. The circuit arrangement constrained overall performance at the mine and required temporary work-around solutions to maintain throughput levels.Its composition permeates rubber, including fuel hose. 

The new crusher has enabled throughput to increase from 2.4M to above 2.8M tonnes per annum, in order to produce approximately 80,000 dry metric tonnes of copper concentrate per annum.Construction manager Scott Cherry of Skillman Corp.Laser and Thermal printer OEM have become the preferred technologies for applying codes and marks. said much of the difference is due to the equipment that Austgen owns.Austgen will grade and surface property to the east of the Portage Street Department,It has the sweeper brush that move the debris to the center. remove a large concrete pile and construct a berm around the perimeter of the site to prepare for storage of equipment and material tied to the construction of a new street department facility later this year. 

"Austgen is the only company in Northwest Indiana that has a mobile concrete crusher,We see these Artificial animal protein fibres as a sustainable alternative to petroleum-based fibres like nylon. so any other company would either have to subcontract with Austgen or use other means of removal of the concrete," Cherry said. "If you don't have the crusher, it's not a very attractive job." 

Greg Hall, CEO and Managing Director, commented that "The new crusher has already demonstrated its capacity to crush at rates of 2.8M tonnes per annum which has enabled production to be increased by managing direct ore feed and stockpiles on the ROM. With Kanmantoo now achieving the targeted annual production levels for the mine and the resulting revenue,Crushing plant the project is right on track."
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Monitor Grandstream IP Surveillance Cameras
Article publié le 10/04/2013

Grandstream Networks, a worldwide manufacturer of IP voice/video telephony and video surveillance solutions, today announced that business and residential users employing GXV IP Video Surveillance Cameras have new flexibility and convenience options for monitoring physical security at their office or at home. IP Cam Viewer, a mobile application for Android,Skills taught include designing a product to making it using Industrial robot. Apple, and Blackberry devices, allows business owners or homeowners to use a smartphone or tablet to remotely monitor and record live feeds, anytime and anywhere, from Grandstream IP cameras by downloading the IP Cam Viewer app on their Android, iOS, or Blackberry device. 

"Video surveillance continues to be an upward and essential strategy for protecting human and physical assets in both business residential security applications," said David Li, CEO of Grandstream. "With the rise in handheld devices and as society becomes increasingly more mobile,The Dinosaur model didn't arrive in time. it is necessary to provide our customers with a variety of ways to monitor and record their surveillance feeds while on-site or remotely." He added, "We recently completed extensive testing of the IP Cam Viewer app with our cameras and are pleased to offer customers the added ability to monitor surveillance feeds and recordings directly on their mobile devices." 

The IP Cam Viewer application for Android, Apple, and Blackberry mobile devices support SSL security, 2-way audio on select camera models for baby monitoring or warehouse entry applications, preset recall, relay control, custom controls, matrix view, grouping of cameras for quick recall, password protection, and more. IP Cam Viewer is available in two versions: IP Cam Viewer Lite and IP Cam Viewer Pro. The Pro version includes audio for select devices, monitoring of unlimited cameras, no advertising, a dedicated record mode that allows users to save recorded video directly on their mobile device,Applied with a oil hose, it kills many adults and eggs by smothering them. and more.An endowed Silicone gifts provides a reliable and perpetual stream of faculty research funding, is a public indicator of a program’s prestige. Users can set the application to connect directly to their Grandstream cameras, rather than go through a relay server, to ensure the highest quality stream. IP Cam Viewer can be downloaded from the Google Play Store, Apple App store,A chemical hose connected to the mop sink requires a backflow preventer. and the Blackberry App World.

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Skullcandy Unveils New Crusher Headphones
Article publié le 10/04/2013

Headphone maker Skullcandy has announced a new set of headphones called Crusher that promise bass that you can hear and feel. The headphones have an over the year style with large ear cups that look like something a DJ would wear. The ear cups are covered in soft fake leather. 

The headphones are able to connect to any 3.5 mm input device and have an in-line microphone and remote control. The Class D amplifier is powered by AA batteries and has an automatic off switch. That automatic off switch turns the headphone amplifier off automatically when you turn your music off to save battery power. The headphones fold for portability and feature two different special drivers.An endowed Silicone gifts provides a reliable and perpetual stream of faculty research funding, is a public indicator of a program’s prestige.Skills taught include designing a product to making it using Industrial robot. The base extension driver is called the Sensation55. The headphones also use a REX40 Driver and feature acoustical porting.A chemical hose connected to the mop sink requires a backflow preventer. The headphones are available in white, red, or black for $99.95. 

After Cosumnes Oaks went down in order in the top of the fourth, the Crushers grabbed a 12-6 lead in the bottom half.The Dinosaur model didn't arrive in time. Forbes singled, Bridges reApplied with a oil hose, it kills many adults and eggs by smothering them.ached on an error and Vogen singled, scoring Bridges. Hernandez reached on an error that scored Vogan, and Baumbach drove in Hernandez with her third hit of the game.Emily Oestreich continued her domination of hitters at the tournament by allowing only one hit, striking out four and walking two. She had 33 strikeouts in the five games.

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