Article publiť le 07/08/2018
Taking the art of origami out of the limitations of paper and bringing it to fabric, Angela Wang’s Origamei project makes outfits and clothes foldable to the extent that they occupy a small fraction of the space they would if opened out. The Origamei project has two purposes. One, to make fashion much more accessible, using the art of folding as a method to reduce a clothing item’s spatial footprint… and two, Origamei sees itself as more of an empowerment tool, as most clothes do, helping women dress in clothes that feel comfortable and make them feel confident. The fact that you can carry these clothes around in the palm of your hand, or even stash them in your clutch or the glove compartment of your car, means that the very confidence and self-esteem that you get from wearing good clothes, is made portable too.

The Origamei comes in three different styles, all for three different scenarios. The Momo, or the t-shirt dress is for casual wearing, either at home, or to meet a friend at a coffee shop. The Yuri caters to a much more social atmosphere, even serving as a formal dress, perhaps for business or an interview. The Kiku, or the tent dress, is for letting your hair down. A perfect summer dress, the Kiku is ideal for a day at the beach, or a classy date in the evening. With Origamei’s patented folding technique, you can fold down all three dresses to a built in pouch (clutch) that’s slightly bigger than your smartphone. 

Ideal for traveling, the Origamei can sit either in your bag, or glove compartment, or even strap to your backpack, using its discreet carabiner clip. Also built with an accessory pouch (for jewelry to dress up the style of the dress) and even hand pockets (a rarity and a necessity in women’s fashion), designer Angela Wang hopes that the Origamei will help empower women live a more minimal fulfilling lifestyle, by allowing them to chase their dreams and follow their heart with a compact outfit for any occasion anywhere on the go, anytime. The next step? A compact, foldable, effortless range of Origamei outfits for men too!
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Has Warcore Replaced Normcore in Fashion?
Article publiť le 31/07/2018
"If bad times are a-coming, Helmut Lang is the man to outfit the brave." That was how Vogue's Sarah Mower opened her review of Lang's Fall 2003 collection, a tactical take on ready-to-wear complete with sporty silhouettes, harness straps, and piled-on functional layers. Mower argued that the purpose of Lang's Lang-iness was "to help his army of followers stand tall in the face of geopolitical meltdown."

It's 2018 and those bad times—and that geopolitical meltdown—are here. Fashion has reacted with a Lang-aissance that began simmering in 2015 and has now begun to boil over. Look to the Spring 2019 men's runways and you'll see harness bags strapped to chests, tank tops mimicking the shape of bulletproof vests, and pants with enough pockets to double as storage units. It's at Off-White and Louis Vuitton, both designed by Lang acolyte Virgil Abloh. It's taken hold at British labels, A-Cold-Wall and Cottweiler, where models were secured with dozens of little puttees and hiking straps. It's everywhere there's a utility pocket, a hammer hook, or a stripe of 3M tape so you are safe at night.

The biggest proponent of this look is Alyx's Matthew Williams. The American creative director now based in Italy has swiftly become one of menswear's most influential men with everyone from Kanye West to Dior's Kim Jones, who asked Williams to design a special CD-logo clasp for his Dior Men's debut, nodding in his direction. At Alyx, Williams has elevated push-button clasps, the kind you find on trekking backpacks or fisherman vests, to a form of art. The signature style is a hulking buckle, heavy enough that it looks like it could secure raw steel, with aggressively curved lines and shiny metal swoops. In a Nike collaboration, he kitted out activewear with similarly functional details, mixing in balaclavas, flags with the Nike logo, and pants with zips, straps, and hooks.

The runway-to-real-way impact has been near-instant in our street style images from the recent shows in Europe. Showgoers are wearing balaclavas (a curious choice in summer) and riot-ready vests or utility trousers with functional clip-fasten belts. In plain terms, these are clothes that came to fight.
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Annabelle Neilson obituary
Article publiť le 21/07/2018

Socialite, reality TV star, author and muse of Alexander McQueen whose fast-paced lifestyle included party-hopping by helicopter

Author and adventurer, model and muse, socialite and reality television star: Annabelle Neilson lived many different lives, but the constant theme was one of drama, drugs, death and loss. Along the way she flew helicopters, swam with sharks and rode a motorbike across Australia.

Latterly this one-time It girl had scandalised polite society by joining the cast of Ladies of London, the brassy American reality show broadcast on the Bravo channel. It followed uppercrust women living in London as they balanced their social, business and family lives in a Sloane Ranger version of The Real Housewives.

Neilson claimed that by taking part she had been hoping to promote her children's books. "I talked to my fashion friends and reality TV seems to be everyone's guilty pleasure," she told The Times in 2014. "They said, 'Do it! Do it!' Believe me, I did serious shame spiralling of myself, but I'm regretting it less and less. My real friends are incredibly loyal, and if anyone else doesn't like it, who cares?"

She began writing in 2005 with On the Pond, featuring the feathered denizens of a Regent's Park watercourse. The characters were based on members of her glamorous posse, with readers left to work out for themselves which of Tommy the Great Tit, Sally Swan and Baldy Coot might be Damien Hirst, Kate Moss and Nellee Hooper. Neilson would never say, in case her friends objected to being cast as pond life, but she told a London Evening Standard interviewer that at a dinner party "everyone was, like, 'I want to be in it too.' "

In the end On the Pond was not published, but her series of the Me Me Me's, designed to help children to learn to cope with their emotions, did appear, with titles such as Angry Me, Dreamy Me and Messy Me.


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Article publiť le 07/07/2018
Bienvenue à Fashion History Lesson, dans laquelle nous plongerons profondément dans l'origine et l'évolution des entreprises les plus influentes et omniprésentes de l'industrie de la mode, des icônes, des tendances et plus encore.

 Peu de choses incarnent davantage la vision idéalisée de la féminité de la culture occidentale qu'une jupe en tulle mousseuse. Souvent associées à des tenues nuptiales et à des ballerines, les qualités éthérées et transparentes de ce filet léger et fin sont devenues le symbole des contradictions associées à la féminité: délicate mais forte, pure mais sexy.

Le tissu romancé est devenu un défilé de mode ces dernières saisons, apparaissant sur les pistes du printemps 2018 de Saint Laurent, Moschino, Alexander McQueen, Oscar de la Renta, Simone Rocha, Preen et Delpozo, pour n'en nommer que quelques-uns. Et avec les défilés de haute couture à Paris cette semaine, c'est particulièrement répandu maintenant. (Bien sûr, cela ne compte même pas les montagnes de tulle montrées presque chaque saison par Molly Goddard et Giambattista Valli, qui pourraient probablement garder l'industrie du tulle en affaires toute seule.) La popularité des vêtements en tulle pourrait être la réaction cyclique de la mode dominance de longue date du marché des vêtements de sport, mais est-ce une coïncidence que l'un des tissus les plus traditionnellement féminins semble faire une résurgence dans le sillage du mouvement #metoo?
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Explosion de mode à Sama 2018
Article publiť le 04/06/2018
Les South African Music Awards sont une exp√©rience incroyable o√Ļ les artistes et les m√©dias sont trait√©s comme des c√©l√©brit√©s pendant un week-end entier √† Sun City. Ce week-end, les choses n'√©taient pas diff√©rentes puisque les acteurs de l'industrie de la musique √©taient habill√©s √† neuf et se pavanaient sur le tapis rouge. Zoe Modiga avait l'air √©l√©gante dans une robe dor√©e de couleur duo, balan√ßant sa t√™te ras√©e. La paroli√®re Gigi Lamayne avait l'air d'√™tre sortie de la piste avec une robe dor√©e moulante et une coupe chouette. C'√©tait la robe noire de Londie London qui a presque vol√© la vedette. Lors de la c√©r√©monie principale, Mpho Popps a continu√© de divertir une foule plus petite, avec l'une des victoires surprise du rappeur Rouge. Apr√®s cela, tout le monde est retourn√© se pr√©parer pour la nuit avec les √©toiles. Lady Zamar, Amanda Black et Thami Shobede √©taient parmi les stars qui ont march√© sur le tapis rouge, mettant leur meilleur pied en avant. Ouverture de la nuit, Kwesta; Ricky Rick; Sun-EL FT et Samthing Soweto ferment la vedette. D'autres performances puissantes sont venues de l'extracteur de foule Shekinah, qui est tellement √† l'aise sur sc√®ne qu'elle va vous faire bouger. D'autres √©taient Shwi, Joe Nina, Prime Circle et Jessica Mbangeni. Le m√©lange de r√©compenses, de musique, de mode et de commentaires de la foule fait pour une belle nuit. Et le trio Mpho Popps, Dineo Ranaka et Somizi ont fait un travail exceptionnel. Dommage que Somizi ne recommence pas. Apr√®s la nuit intense et divertissante, nous avons √©t√© d√©plac√©s √† une after-party de toutes les parties o√Ļ les √©toiles, les gagnants et tout le monde entre dansaient toute la nuit.
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