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Article publié le 11/09/2012

How to Teach a Dog Tricks in 2 Weeks

Training your dog to obey is important and when you can teach him a few tricks, it can be a lot of fun to spend time showing off to family and friends. Many different dog breeds are fairly easy to train when it comes to teaching them new tricks. With a few good tools you can teach your dog tricks in just a couple of weeks.What I've learned is that there are several ways to get cheap youth NFL jerseys. First, you can check for {%] clearance items at bricks and mortar stores or online retailers.Youth Nfl Jerseys Here are a few tips and ideas you can use to help you dog learn faster.

Use a Collar
First, if you want to teach your dog tricks fast, start out by using a good collar on him. The collar can allow you to easily control the dog and it also allows you to use a leash on your dog as well.This team-colored jersey is made of cheap nba jerseys breathable, cheap nba jerseys for salequick-drying polyester mesh and has a comfortable a flat knit rib collar and armholes. UsiWhen you're searching for a Dallas Cowboys jersey youth size, attempt to cheap youth jerseys demonstrate some restraint and wait until a sale will be a six foot leash with the collar can allow you to easily control him, keep him from wandering off, and can also allow him some freedom during the training too.Wholesale MLB jerseys will afford you every kind of {5] jerseys, just come and take a look.wholesale mlb jerseys

Teach Basic Commands First
Before you even try to start teaching your dog any tricks, you need to each him some basic commands fast. Many of the best tricks are going to use basic commands as well, so you need to teach him the basics. Start by teaching him to sit on command. Other good basics to start out with include commands like come, stay, and lie down. Once he knows the basics, teaching him tricks will be much easier.

Start Out Easy
Don't start with the tough tricks when you're trying to teach your dog tricks in just a couple of weeks. Go with something very simple to start out with.Since this can all be done for free, and centres around your own views, there is nothing to Nfl Throwback Jerseys lose or to stop you using this technique, so you can see how you can make money from the NFL throwback jerseys. One good trick to start out with is shaking hands. Starting with the easy tricks allows the dog to build up some confidence. It will also help you to build up the training until you are able to teach tricks that are more difficult.

Keep Training Sessions Short
You may be tempted to jam as much training into each day as possible so you can help you dog learn more tricks in a short period of time. This is not going to work. You will find that your dog performs better if you keep the training sessions short. Usually the sessions should be about 15 minutes at a time. However, since the sessions are short, you can try doing a couple different sessions each day.

Use Positive Reinforcement
It's definitely a good idea to use positive reinforcement if you're trying to get your dog to learn tricks fast. Whenever he does well during training, praise him. Lavish your dog with attention. It's also a good idea to reward your dog with some treats so he starts corresponding doing well with rewards and positive praise and attention.

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