titreStephen Lars is a prominent sports blogger and currently covers NFL Football
Article publié le 28/09/2012

NFL - Baltimore Ravens tops the New England Patriots

After only three games in the regular season, it seems to me that it is a bit early to set off the panic alarm in the New England Patriots locker room. Then again, this is the first time since 2003 that Tom Brady and the New England Patriots fall behind .500 in the season. It wasn’t looking that bad at all for the Patriots at first. Truth is that the visiting team managed to build up a 13-point lead before the Ravens could actually get their offensive game together. But then it got really complicated. Baltimore kept on finding ways to get back in the game. Just to get the record straight, consider for a moment that the New England Patriots led 13-0 after the first quarter and 30-21 with 14 minutes left. And yet the Ravens always managed to catch them and get back on the lead. The game looked a lot like their previous matchup, down to the details of the last minute field goal that would decide the outcome. This time however, Rookie Justin Tucker kicked a 27-yard field goal as time expired, giving the Ravens a 31-30 win. It was a great rematch of the 2010-2011 AFC Championship game. Last January it was also a last minute field goal that would decide the winner.Wholesale Nike Nfl Jerseys Sure enough the odds at stake were much higher back then, but in a little turn of fate, the Ravens took this one. In the previous meeting, Billy Cundiff missed a 32-yard field goal in the closing seconds. He not only missed the goal, he also missed the chance to roll into the Super Bowl. This time however the first-year-pro Justin Tucker managed to keep the kick just inside the right nike jerseys Little turn of fate: Tucker took the job away from the veteran Cundiff during training camp just a few weeks ago. But the biggest story of the night came from none other than Torrey Smith, who had a phenomenal game despite playing under some of the most emotionally challenging circumstances.Nfl Throwback Jerseys After less that 24 hours since getting notified that his 19-year-old brother had died in an accident, and after extensive travel to see his family and then return to Baltimore on time, Torrey Smith gut the chance to get out on the field and pays his respects doing what he knows best: play football. There was very little time between meeting his family and getting back to the camp in youth jerseys As a matter of fact it was unclear whether he would be able to play just a few hours before kickoff.wholesale mlb jerseys But he went out to the field and play with his heart and soul as he scored two touchdowns and caught six passes for 127 yards. "It was tough. I didn't know until 4 o'clock if I was going to play," Smith said. "I only had like an hour of sleep. Emotionally, I didn't know how I was going to hold up." But he did just fine. A moment of silence was observed before the game for Smith's brother, 19-year-old Tevin Jones. "When I came here, the more I was grounded. The more comfortable I began to feel," he said in a press conference after the game. "I'm glad I came back up here. It helped me out a lot."

Stephen Lars is a prominent sports blogger and currently covers NFL Football, previews and handicaps for the BetIAS' Sports Betting Blog .You may reprint this article in its full content, please note no modifications to it are accepted.

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titreThe Lakers are riding high
Article publié le 27/09/2012

L.A. Lakers Kobe Bryant-One of the Greatest?

The Lakers are riding high, feeding off a boisterous crowd that will now be in a Kobe-induced frenzy. I imagine the hottest NBA ticket is in Los Angeles when the Lakers play at home, Tickets are selling like hotcakes these days, as a lot of people are going to want to see what Kobe's doing each night. After scoring 81 points in one game, Kobe Bryant's status as a player is now in the company of Wilt Chamberlain, arguably, the greatest NBA player to ever play the game. Bryant's feat is second only to Chamberlain, who scored 100 points in a game for the Philadelphia Warriors in 1962 against the New York Knicks. So, it begs the question; Is Kobe Bryant one of the greatest? Well, at least he had his name placed next to Chamberlains in the record books.Kobe Bryant says he feels a little embarrassed by his 81-point effort against the Toronto Raptors, and that he is not trying to eclipse Wilt Chamberlain's long-standing record of 100 points in a game, according to a Reuters report. Bryant continues to be hounded by questions after his scoring outburst. "I'm a little embarrassed actually," Bryant said after a Lakers' practice. "I think it's exciting for the game and the organization because of all the buzz, but personally it's a little embarrassing." Kobe Bryant may have some personal issues about which he should be embarrassed, but scoring 81 in a single game is not one of them.He is trying to lead the Lakers to a successful season, and ultimately, a good showing in the NBA playoffs. Bryant leads the NBA in scoring, averaging 35.7 points per game. In January, with his 81 point game, he averaged 43.4 points per game. He joined Chamberlain again in the record books as the only other player to average over 40 points per game in a single month. He says winning is the most important thing for the Lakers."The concept is not about going out there and putting on a show or going out there and scoring points," he said. "It's to win games. I'd much rather go out and score 25 points and get 10 assists and see everybody in a rhythm, everybody in a groove." About Chamberlain's mark Bryant said, "I don't even think about it. That's unthinkable. It was done once by Wilt, and I'm not Wilt."One of the most controversial topics for basketball fans is whether Wilt Chamberlain is the best player ever. His incredible statistics are unparalleled, but the great argument against him is that he "only" won two jerseys So, there are several players who arguably rival Chamberlain for the title of greatest basketball player of all time, including Bill Russell, his lifelong on-court nemesis, who won a mind-numbing 11 titles and regularly beat up on Chamberlain's teams in the playoffs. There is also Michael Jordan, who earned six titles and won five NBA regular season and six Championship Finals MVP titles; Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, who also won six titles and is the NBA's all-time leading scorer and Earvin "Magic" Johnson, who won five titles and was more of an all-around player than Chamberlain.Statistically, Johnson was arguably the greatest offensive producer ever. Assuming every assist creates 2 points, he produced 54.85 points per 48 minutes, compared to Michael Jordan’s jerseys for sale98 or Wilt Chamberlain’s 40.82. Johnson also scored 17,707 points over the length of his career of 906 games, averaging 19.5 points per game. However, there are several arguments that support the idea that Wilt Chamberlain is the greatest football jerseys In his prime, Wilt was so dominant that the NBA actually changed the rules to stop him, including outlawing the inbounds pass over the backboard and prohibiting dunking from the foul line during free-throw attempts.The NBA hasn’t changed any rules due to Kobe Bryant’s play. However, his career straight out of high school has taken many twists and turns with numerous well-documented off-court troubles, but his game has always shown steady improvement despite various distractions. The Los Angeles Lakers became perennial championship contenders under Bryant and former teammate Shaquille O'Neal, who teamed up to form one of the deadliest center-guard duos in NBA history. Their success gave the Lakers three consecutive NBA championships in 2000, 2001, and 2002. The 2003 season saw the end of the Lakers' run as a mini-dynasty, but also became the definitive season for Kobe Bryant. An NBA superstar at only 24 years of age, Bryant averaged over 30 points per game and embarked on a historic scoring run, posting 40 or more points per game for nine consecutive contests.To be fair, offense is only part of the game of basketball. So trying to crown a "greatest ever" in the NBA is nearly an impossible task. To be even more fair, the game has changed radically since 1962 and so has the athleticism of the players.custom team jerseys The NBA is inundated with players that perform specific roles for their team. These "specialists" do what they do very well, such as three-point-shooting, defense, distributing the ball, inside game, etc. Wilt was maybe not the best, but for sure, he was the most dominant player the game ever produced.Cheap Nike Nfl Jerseys The question is, would he be as dominant in today's game with today's players? Kobe Bryant is an amazing athlete, an all-around player. It is still early in his NBA career, and although has all the tools to eclipse the greatest players in history, he hasn't done so yet. Kobe Bryant...WE WILL BE WATCHING.

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titreSome teams are lucky to have members with impressive capabilities
Article publié le 27/09/2012

Soccer Coaching Advice For Teaching Defense To Teams That Lack Speed

Some teams are lucky to have members with impressive capabilities, especially in terms of natural speed.Nfl Game Jersey There'll always be rival junior soccer teams who possess a higher level of athleticism,nike jerseys cheap wholesale which can be a potential threat if the defending team is unable to setup and execute proper defensive strategies to stop the onset of attacks.

Fortunately, smarter individuals, who received proper soccer coaching advice from their coaches, usually have teams that will emerge triumphant in matches against physically superior teams. From the defensive standpoint of 11v11, more space needs to be covered, so it's crucial that the workload is evenly distributed amongst the members of the team.

Since it's possible the challengers will either be very physical, technical, or even a combination of both,Wholesale nhl jerseys the strategies in which the defending team executes will vary, therefore requiring the coach to carefully assess the situation and devise a game plan accordingly. One method is to try playing deeper or dropping off when defending - doing so will leave less open space behind the other team. This in turn,New Nike Jerseys for sale leaves the other less space to exploit, and ultimately helps the defense. Junior soccer teams should also work on transition during practice, since a total of nine footballers are needed behind the ball when defending with pace. Soccer coaching professionals constantly tell their teams that this strategy also allows defending players to deny passing lanes, thereby slowing down attacks.

Another strategy to implement is this: have the midfielders (preferably a five-man midfield) exert more effort to close the opponents down, which in turn should ideally force them to execute negative or square passes. To deny the opposing team options, the outside midfielders should be instructed to close the opposing outside backs as they approach the half line. Moreover, in order to prevent easy access to quick forwards, screens can be used in the midfield.

With the use of these strategies, junior soccer teams with inferior physical abilities can stand a chance, and even defeat, stronger opponents. Of course,customized jerseys such tactics should always be coupled with complete knowledge of how to play the game in general. Also, soccer coaching experts like to put emphasis on the importance of developing the all-around skill set of each player.

Having the team members learn new techniques (always consider the age and current capabilities of the members before doing so), as well as develop the ones they currently have, will help the entire team compensate for their shortcomings.

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titreThe LA Lakers are deep-the State of the Roster
Article publié le 27/09/2012

The LA Lakers are deep-the State of the Roster

Over the past couple of years, the Lakers have been chastised as a team lacking a good bench. Players such as Slava Medvedenko, Mark Madsen, Samaki Walker, Robert Horry, etc., were all solid bench players in their own right,cheap football jerseys but all either lacked talent, had glaring holes in their game or simply were too old to make much of a difference. The Lakers’ bench never really produced an adequate sixth man, and none have averaged double figures off the bench for the past couple of years. Brian Cook, with roughly 8 points per game, had shown signs of that last year, but he started many games with the Lakers’ injury woes. The Lakers scrapped their way to the playoffs last year, albeit mostly off the heels of their starting lineup—or should I say superstar, Kobe Bryant.Coming into this season, the Lakers were not considered much of a deep team as well. There were major questions—did Smush have a reliable backup at point guard? Was Smush even a good point guard? Would Vladimir Radmanovic provide the necessary production and flourish and prove to be an apt sixth man or even starter under the Triangle offense? Was Andrew Bynum ready? To put insult over injury, the Lakers’ big men—Kwame Brown and Chris Mihm—suffered injuries that have held them out of for the early parts of the season to this date. Kobe Bryant, the Lakers’ superstar, was not at full strength either.However, thanks to the Lakers’ drafting of a special rookie,Cheap Nike Jerseys the intensity of a comeback player from last year and the stepping up of several key players, the Lakers have worked their way to become one of the deepest teams in the league—ironically. With these injuries, Jordan Farmar, Andrew Bynum, Ronny Turiaf, Lamar Odom and Luke Walton have all stepped up their games and provided the force necessary to win games. Their smarts and talent have been evident and they have meshed with each other well. Sasha Vujacic and newcomers Maurice Evans and Vladimir Radmanovic have also shown sparks of good play, and Shammond Williams also gives the Lakers a proven scorer (both in the NBA and in the EuroLeagues) off the bench.custom hockey jerseys Brian Cook, like last season, will provide great shooting ability and scoring off the bench as well.Without further ado, let’s introduce the depth chart of the Lakers, when at full strength: (Note: This is completely based on my opinion,wholesale hockey jerseys in terms of talent level and other variables)Starting lineup:PG—6’4” Smush ParkerSG—6’6” Kobe BryantSF—6’10” Vladimir RadmanovicPF—6’10” Lamar OdomC—7’0” Kwame BrownBench:6th man—6’8” Luke Walton7th man—6’5” Maurice Evans8th man—6’9” Ronny Turiaf9th man—7’0” Andrew Bynum10th man—6’9” Brian Cook11th man—6’1” Jordan Farmar12th man—7’0” Chris MihmIR:13th man—6’7” Sasha Vujacic14th man—6’1” Shammond Williams15th man—6’5” Aaron McKieLooking at this lineup (when healthy), of course, the Lakers are roughly 14 men deep, and their depth has drastically improved from last year. See what wonders can do when players step up their games? No trades are necessary, the players help their cause with more playing time, and the team morale increases. Sasha Vujacic, who was horrible (especially in his shooting) last year, was arguably the seventh or eighth man off the bench for the Lakers last season. Talentwise, now, he’s 13th man, and Phil Jackson has not even played him much for the past couple of games as well. Brian Cook, who was our sixth man last year (because we lacked a great scoring option off the bench), gets bumped to 10th. Chris Mihm, who was the Lakers’ starting center for half of last year, is now considered the “3rd center on the team” in Phil Jackson’s words and thus gets bumped from 5th man to 12th man slot. This season, the Lakers signed Shammond Williams to be a scoring spark off the bench—but many players have already offset him to the 14th spot—the IR, in terms of talent. Whoa. And not to mention that Lamar Odom has stepped up his game to the point where he can actually be a very legitimate second scoring option behind Kobe Bryant.Now analyzing the players who have stepped up to make this a more formidable team:Smush Parker—6’4” PG--There are still questions about whether Smush has the mentality to succeed as the starting PG, and there even some rumors about trading him. However, he’s certainly got the physical tools down pat—length, athleticism, speed, height. His feel for the game is not too good, and he routinely gets passive at times and forces the issue at others. He’s still an adequate spot-up shooter and a capable slasher with his athleticism, but his point guard and playmaking skills need definite improvement. His defense is still atrocious—getting burned by many PGs from Luke Ridnour to Baron Davis and he makes the Lakers’ secondary defense put more effort to cover up his woes. Jordan Farmar seems to be breathing down his neck especially with his heady play during preseason, so hopefully that would motivate Smush Parker. He really seems borderline starting quality at this point.Lamar Odom—6’10” SF/ PF—Lamar has really stepped up his game big-time and he’s shown it these first three games of the season. Lamar can definitely score, rebound and pass at the same time, but only when he’s motivated to do so. This season, with the loss of his infant son, he definitely seems driven. And motivated to the point where he’s making a statement, utilizing his natural talents and gifts—from slashing effectively, making flashy passes to even developing a newfound good stroke from three point range. He has proven to be effective as a go-to guy without Kobe and now he can really be an extremely legitimate second-tier player to Kobe. He definitely has the talent and capabilities to be an All-star, he just needed to put it all together. This season could be the one.Vladimir Radmanovic—6’10” SF—Radmanovic has shown flashes of his game throughout preseason and during the first three games of his season, and he’s shot well from behind the arc. But what really stands out is his intangibles—he moves well without the ball especially cutting to the basket, utilizes his nice athleticism to get open and can hustle for rebounds as well. He’s also shown himself to be a nice passer under the Triangle especially from the high post. He hasn’t exactly blown anyone away yet, but he’s not receiving much playing time as one would think (only 20 mpg), so that may come in time. Either way he’s contributing and has proven himself to be an adequate bench player at this point in time.Kwame Brown—7’0” C—Just think of the depth we would have when Kwame Brown comes back. He has our starting center at the latter stages of last year, and has proven more than adequate with his post defense on superstars such as KG and Tim Duncan. He can really defend the paint. His offense, hands and decision-making are all subpar, but he brings a dimension which is sorely needed by the Lakers. He’s currently injured, but he gives us great insurance at the big man positions.Luke Walton—6’8” SF—Luke Walton…breakout player? Fact of the matter is, Luke has really expanded his offensive game this season—hitting his three pointers, posting up and scoring over smaller guys with nifty fadeaways or scoop shots, getting to the line, he’s simply scoring in whatever. And that really opens up his passing game. In seasons past and at college, Luke was considered an offensive liability who was too unselfish and passive—thus he never generated as many assists as he should be getting. In preseason alone, Luke’s offensive game opened up his assist game—as defenders started to take notice of him, that freed up more Lakers and Luke passed it to them (Luke averaged around 5 assists at preseason). He’s the ultimate intangibles player,custom football jerseys born to play the Triangle offense with his combination of passing abili

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titreMARCH MADNESS-You Can Bet on It
Article publié le 27/09/2012


March 15th, the Ides of March, marks the day that Julius Caesar met his demise, and it’s also the day after March Madness tips-off. March 17th is, of course, the day when everyone is Irish, and it’s also the mid-point between the NCAA Tournament’s first and second rounds (March 16-19, 2006). You’re a fool if you don’t know that April 1st is when the Final Four contests commence, with the NCAA National Championship being determined on April 3rd.It is a crazy time of year all-around and college basketball embraces this insanity whole-heartedly. If you’re planning on wagering on March Madness-the biggest sporting event of the month and one of the most heavily bet events each year-you may want to consider a few important facts when choosing your brackets or making a team-on-team wager.March Madness features 65 teams from some of the best known and also from some of the lesser-known college hoop conferences. Certainly you’ll see teams from the prestigious Atlantic Coast, Big East, PAC-10, SEC, Big 12 and Big 10, and you’ll also find various other conferences represented, such as the Metro Atlantic, Big Sky, Big South and America East. Most fans will have heard of and know something about the teams from the more competitive conferences, however the schools from conferences that are not closely followed during the year are often difficult for even experts to analyze.In the first round, bottom seeds contend against top seeds with the results usually being predictable-the top seeds more often than not win. However, as far as covering goes, that’s a different story. When you look at underdog teams from lower ranked conferences they rarely win, but about half of the time they beat the spread, which spells "upset" for the bettor.Whether you’re considering the first round or focused on the Sweet Sixteen, which is when making your picks gets extremely difficult, here are a few guidelines to help you make productive wagers.Ranked Number 1? Big Deal:In the last 20 years, the team nationally ranked number one going into the tournament has won it only three times. Since 1966 the top three NCAA teams have all battled it out in the Final Four only once.custom football jerseys Let’s face it, most teams competing in March Madness are pretty good and when you come down to it, what’s the difference between the seventh and first ranked team? Not a whole lot.wholesale hockey jerseys This is especially true in a sport where during the regular season there have been virtually no head-to-head match-ups between initial tournament participants. An additional fly in this year’s ointment are the numerous conference changes that various teams have initiated, with more than a half-dozen perennial March Madness contenders switching leagues.The bottom line is-do your homework. Read up on the teams and find one or two experts who have crunched the numbers for you and really analyzed each club according to how they’ve performed in various situations.Some Things Won’t Change (Probably):Teams that play well on the road tend to do well in the March Madness frenzy, where almost every team, except for the top seeds, play away from comfortable, familiar surroundings. So, if a team has been a road warrior all season, they will probably continue to be that same animal in March and possibly into April.During March Madness teams usually step it up, performing at an extremely high level. If throughout the regular season a team has played and consistently beat good teams, chances are they will continue to do so from March 14th to April 3rd. It is a tough, grueling tournament,cheap football jerseys and you want to back teams that can step up to the challenge every time. Who are they? They tend to be the clubs that have been stepping up all season.More experience and less talent will more often than not beat more talent and less experience. Why? It’s the nature of March Madness. Teams are under a lot of pressure, playing in unknown arenas and in the national spotlight against teams they’ve never seen. There’s a lot of travel and little rest between games, which translates into an advantage for a team that’s been there before with a coach who has experience in the March Madness pressure cooker.Numbers That Don’t Lie (Well, Usually They Don’t):There are no guarantees when it comes to any sporting contest. With that in mind, here are a few basic statistical observations to consider. When it comes to championships and March Madness,Cheap Nike Jerseys 13 of the last 15 teams have either been a number one or two seed. In the past 26 years (since 1979), the final two teams vying for the championship have been there before. (Limits the field a little bit, doesn’t it?) Finally, in the last 24 years there has always been a number one seed in the Final Four. Do long shots win it all? In this contest, hardly ever and certainly not in the last quarter century.Conferences are important. If a team plays in an elite conference,custom hockey jerseys has faced the type of competition that a tough conference offers, and has done well in their conference, they are definitely a contender. If they play consistently well, that means more than the occasional blowout victory amongst various games they’ve blown in the final minute. Look for teams that play well under pressure.With those tips in mind, you’ll want to consider that in the past seven NCAA Tournaments, two teams in the Final Four came from the same conference and in the last five of six tournaments three teams in the Elite Eight came from the same conference. In eight of the last 11 Sweet Sixteen rounds, one conference has contributed four teams and last year nine of the sixteen came from three conferences-the Big East, Big Ten, and ACC.You’ll want to look closely at top seeded teams from powerful conferences. Although it’s called "March Madness," remember that wagering on teams that are presently strong and have been strong contenders in the past may be conservative but it makes sense. Look for a conference that has at least four teams in the tournament and stick with them. Odds are that you’ll have someone in the Sweet Sixteen, Elite Eight, and Final Four.Also, consider a well-conditioned 10 or 12 seed for one of your picks. Why? Since 1997 each Sweet Sixteen round has had at least one 10 seed and in five of the last seven Sweet Sixteen’s a 12 seed has been there. How do seven, eight, and nine seeds do? They don’t even come close to performing the way 10’s and 12’s do. However, more often than not a three to eight seed makes it to the final four. Do your homework and pick one from this group to become a member of that heralded quartet.Team and Tournament Specifics:If you’re serious about wagering, you’ll want to read at least one or more of the many in-depth reports available through various media-magazines, newspapers, and the Web. A good report will include an analysis of the team, especially the point guard and the interior players, road and home record, recent performance, playing style, turnover ratio, penchant for committing fouls, injuries, tournament history, bench, and coaching.As an example, consider these few key elements as they relate to the tournament.Point Guard and Interior Players:Point guards are often the playmakers on the court-controlling the tempo, keeping the team on the same page; and leading by example. A sound, dynamic point guard can be the difference between long-term survival and immediate elimination. As the stakes get higher, the position becomes even more important.Strong, solid interior players who can bang inside and control the boards are essential. Teams in the top conferences work hard to secure guys who will wear down and dominate other teams inside. The Big East, ACC, Big 12, Big 10 and PAC-10 are noted for tough, interior play. In this brutal tournament these types of players can be the difference in the second half of any and every game.Fouls:A team with key players who get into foul trouble can be in big trouble in the tou

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