titreCommercial Ice Machines - The 101 on Comercial Ice Machines
Article publié le 25/07/2012

Commercial Ice Machines - The 101 on Comercial Ice Machines

Before you can decide to buy a commercial ice machine, there are a few things you need to know about choosing the right option for you. An ice machine is a piece of must-have restaurant equipment if you are in the hospitality industry, be it a restaurant, hotel, resort or even a golf club. The various options available may at first seem confusing. Read on to know more about which ice machine will suit your need the best.

The different types of ice machines available are modular ice machines and ice bins, self contained ice machines and the under counter ice machine.

The modular ice machine and ice bin are two separate units, one to make the ice and the other to store the ice. They are normally placed one atop the other, which makes them look like a single unit.

On the other hand the self contained unit is a single unit, where the ice maker and the ice bin have been put together as a single unit. Typically the capacity of self contained ice machines is much lower than that of the modular units.

Under the counter ice machines are compact enough to be installed under the counter. They are also self contained ice machine units with a low capacity suited for smaller bars or even homes.

So after considering your quantity and space requirements, you now need to decide upon the shape of ice cubes, you desire. The shapes on offer are diced cubes,baseball jerseys contour cubes nuggets and flakes. Each of the different shapes is suited for different applications and has its own advantages.

Diced ice is regular ice in the shape of cubes. It is commonly used for carbonated beverages, mixed drinks, ice displays, ice dispensing, banquet services and ice retailing. The cube ice has a favorable liquid displacement.

Contour cube ice is just right for carbonated beverages, mixed drinks, ice displays, ice dispensing and ice retailing. Their unique design reduces splashes as the contour shape encourages the liquid to flow over easily. Individual cubes make them easy to dispense.

Nugget ice or Sonic ice is the ideal choice for blended cocktails, bar fountain drinks, produce displays, salad bars and even therapeutic needs. Its diverse uses are due to the fact that the ice melts slowly. It cools a drink faster without any foam formation.Are cheap National football league jerseys authentic? And exactly where is itnba jerseys salepossible to get the best selection of inexpensive NFL jerseys? It is the right option for patient care and therapeutic needs. It also displaces more liquid, which could translate to better profits.

The last of the lot is flaked ice.With such an important football game approaching, what could possibly be considered one ofcheap mlb jerseysthe most ideal women’s accessories than one of the many NFL football jerseys manufactured especially to look good when worn by NFL’s women supporters. It is the thing for seafood, produce and meat displays. It is also useful in blended cocktails and salad bars. Flaked ice can be easily molded to use for ice displays. As it cools faster than any other ice shape, it is ideal for therapeutic or patient women jerseys

Another point of consideration would be whether you would like your ice maker machine to be an air-cooled model or a water cooled model.

An air cooled ice maker is cheaper and easier to install. Their drawback is that they cannot be installed in closed spaces; neither do they work efficiently without air conditioning in hot climates.Wholesale nfl jerseys

Water cooled machines may be more expensive and also difficult to install but they work better than air cooled machines and may also reduce running costs. But of course if your area experiences water shortages or water conservation is an issue then the air cooled machines would be a better choice.

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titreHurricane Katrina's Impact on the New Orleans Saints
Article publié le 25/07/2012

Hurricane Katrina's Impact on the New Orleans Saints

The city of New Orleans was the place where Hurricane Katrina hit the hardest in August of 2005. The hurricane extensively damaged the Louisiana Superdome, the home of the New Orleans Saints. Because of this, the Saints were not able to play any home games for the whole of the 2005 NFL season.

The Saints practiced approximately for a week in San Jose, California for a preseason game against the Oakland Raiders. This was their first temporary evacuation site. Then, they moved to San Antonio, Texas to set up temporary headquarters and practice facility. The first home game of the Saints during this time was played at the Giants Stadium with the succeeding games played at either the Tiger Stadium at the LSU and the Alamodome in San jerseys cheap wholesale The administration offices and practices were also held in San Antonio for the entire season.

During this time,They sat there, with their planet cup soccer jerseys and scarves, shouting words of cheap soccer jerseys pleasure as their workforce battled it out with opponents. media reports indicated that San Antonio expressed the want of a possible permanent relocation of the team to San Antonio. Local officials have strongly voiced out these concerns with promises of upgrading the Alamodome or even building a new stadium for the Saints. Even Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones supported having an NFL team moving to San Antonio. But all their efforts remained futile as the NFL want to keep the franchise in New Orleans. There were also rumors that the NFL wanted to move the team to LA or even have them expand to Toronto.

But this was really bad news for the New Orleans Saints' fans who thought that other people were taking advantage of their situation after Hurricane Katrina to steal the Saints. San Antonio's action angered the mayor of New Orleans calling their intentions as shameful and disrespectful to the team's fans who have supported them for decades despite losing most of their games. But Saints' owner Tom Benson countered that New Orleans may never be a viable location for the NFL after what have happened and that options were suggested for a possible relocation and recruitment of the franchise.The truth is, you could find NBA apparel at a lot of places, you can both store atcustom jerseysapparel stores or you can take your Jersey purchasing online. I am a big proponent of on-line purchasing for many reasons. Rumors has it that Benson was planning to void his lease agreement by declaring the Louisiana Superdome unusable for home games.

But the NFL strongly wants the team to stay in Louisiana because it has been there since the late 60's and they are doing all the necessary negotiations to keep the team there.Cheap wholesale clothing is found at various prices for print calendars customers who want varied quality clothes. A lot of people have approached team owner Benson in the midst of the Katrina relocation controversy expressing their interest in buying the team to keep them in Louisiana but Benson had no intentions of selling the team. Instead, he handed down the control to his granddaughter.

In February 2006,Cheap Nike Jerseys the NFL announced that the Superdome will reopen September of the same year after undergoing repairs. The preseason games of the year though were played elsewhere but rest is assured that the Saints and the NFL were staying in Louisiana for the long term. Fall of 2006 marked the permanent start of the New Orleans Saints playing their home games at the Superdome.

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titreThe Woodlands – a Gem of Baltimore County
Article publié le 25/07/2012

The Woodlands – a Gem of Baltimore County

Friday, 2:07 PM, 83 degrees and sunny. I sat there staring at my computer screen finding myself unable to concentrate. The sound of pings from tee shots & putts hitting the cup are running through my head. I spend the next couple minutes attempting to focus on the end-of-the-week work, but quickly realize that the only focus I’m going to have for the rest of the day will be during the 90+ strokes I’m about to take on the course (hey, we all need to start our march towards the pro tour somewhere, and for now, I’m just trying to score in the double-digits on a regular basis).

Being based in Baltimore, there are a plethora of quality public courses within a half-hour drive time. I grew up in Baltimore County and regularly played those county courses in my early years (when I actually broke 90 regularly). However, this would be my 1st visit to The Woodlands in quite some time,To prevent this, the flat-bed trailer is equipped with roll forming machines for sale rounded guard-rails at either end, which prevent bales from rolling either forward or backward. and I was excited with the expectations of playing one of the area’s most challenging and well-maintained courses.

I arrived to the course and had no problem jumping onto a tee time; judging by the number of cars in the parking lot, I figured it would be a little bit of a wait, but the staff was extremely welcoming and accommodating. I had enough time to eat (outstanding hot dog at a very reasonable price) and check out the practice facilities, which completely blew me away!

I always knew that The Woodlands/Diamond Ridge had a great driving range able to accommodate large number of golfers. However, what I did not know was that in the past couple of years they have added a 2nd putting green (13,000 square feet) and also expanded the original putting green from 6,000 to 11,000 square feet. Plus, they converted an original putting green (located closest to the driving range) into a chipping-only area so players can work on their sand shots and short game. The facilities are fantastic and I even spoke with a couple guys who said that they occasionally play the courses, but regularly show up just to practice!

I was enjoying the practice facilities so much that I nearly lost track of time, but made it over to the first tee with a couple minutes to spare. The starter gave an excellent summary of the course and made sure to highlight the tight, tree-line fairways and tough, undulating greens that lay ahead of us. It took a couple minutes for the group ahead of us to clear the fairway, and the starter filled the “dead” time with additional information about the course — The Woodlands historically had the reputation of being “wet”, a result of clay soil and bent grass causing the course to stay saturated with moisture for multiple days after lots of rain. However, large investments in recent years into irrigation and drainage have helped expedite the recovery process, and the course regularly can allow carts to “scatter” the day after a storm.

It was gratifying to know that Baltimore County and the course staff were taking such grand measures to preserve the condition of the course and to ensure the experience of the golfers who play it. The starter’s sense of pride was apparent and it only added to my excitement as I stepped up to the first tee.Nfl Football Jerseys

It doesn’t take long for your excitement to turn to focus and frustration at The Woodlands. From the get go, you are introduced to demanding uphill & downhill lies from the fairway, not to mentioned that landing on the green in regulation does not nearly guarantee a Par as a 3-putt is very easy to achieve on just about any hole.

The Par 3, 2nd Hole is a perfect example of this. Playing downhill, 195 yards from the tips, going left, right or long puts you in the rough on a steep slope, and the multi-tiered is an animal all unto itself. On this day, the Pin was located on the front-right portion of the green just below a ridge; I was lying 2 putting from the top-left and knew that it was going to be like ice. A gentle stroke still put me 8+ feet below the cup, but a very lucky Putt helped me salvage a bogey.

There are lots of other holes that will leave a lasting impression with you, like the 6th, a tree-lined dogleg right Par 5 that begs for you to go for the green in two, and the 10th, a long Par 4 that rewards golfers for cutting over the water hazard to the fairway (of course you must crank it at least 250 yards in the air to clear it).

Perhaps the most memorable hole is the 17th, a dogleg left Par 5 that is about as intimidating as they come. It’s not the longest Par 5 around, but a good tee shot is a must. From the tee you must clear a large ravine to reach the fairway and bunkers on the left side await those golfers who think that they’ll be able to shorten the hole. From the fairway, you’ll undoubtedly be faced with a downhill lie, so plans to reach the green in 2 are often dismissed. Then, of course, you have to take battle with the green, and although you’ve dealt with undulations through the first 16 holes,As the NFL football is not only one of the biggest entertainments in America, but also can unitespersonalized baseball jerseysfriends and families alike, amassing them into one big crowd of exited shouting fans. nothing will prepare you well enough for this one. Five well-struck, well-placed shots are required to walk away with a Par here.

My round at The Woodlands clocked in at just under 4:40; not bad for a 4-some, especially when you factor in the amount of putts that each person in the group took. Overall it was one of my favorite experiences so far this golf season, and my only frustration is that I did not play the course sooner! The course is in excellent condition and the staff has the ideal customer service mentality to make it a round to remember. I can’t wait to back again soon!

News from the site: is proud to announce the expansion to the states of Florida and Georgia. In an effort to continue to expand we felt it was logical to continue to expand down the east coast. Our goal is to be able to maintain an accurate directory of course information and course condition reviews across the entire country. If you have had the pleasure to play one of the fine public courses in Florida and Georgia please take a few moments and post a review. is dedicated to serving the Mid-Atlantic golf communities with a comprehensive database of all area public golf courses in Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, South Carolina, Florida, Georgia West Virginia, Delaware, New York, New Jersey and the District of Columbia.Cheap wholesale clothing is found at various prices for print calendars customers who want varied quality clothes.They sat there, with their planet cup soccer jerseys and scarves, shouting words of cheap soccer jerseys pleasure as their workforce battled it out with opponents. Our goal is to create a forum for local golfers; interactive databases where people can offer fair & honest golf course reviews and submit updates of course conditions. At its core, TheLocalGolfer is a website for the public golfer, by the public golfer.

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titreTips on Forming a Corporation
Article publié le 24/07/2012

Tips on Forming a Corporation

There is some confusion between what constitutes an LLC and what constitutes a corporation – indeed this exists to the point where many people still erroneously refer to an LLC as a “Limited Liability Corporation” where the “C” actually stands for “company”.The reality of the current age of technology and IT is that today it has become very easy to buy and sell through Cheap Cowboys Jerseys the internet and hockey jerseys sale has not been spared this advent in technology if anything, the global sales of the jerseys have been very profound in the online front than anywhere else in the world There are close similarities between a corporation and a Limited Liability Company, but it is the subtle differences between the two that are important for an individual or grouping trying to decide which suits their needs better. Within the subtle differences lies the reason for picking a corporation and not an LLC – or vice versa. If you wish to form a corporation, there are steps you should always follow.

1) A corporation will generally have a three-part name consisting of what are legally described as a “Distinctive element”, a “Descriptive element” and a “legal ending”. In the US, the legal ending for a corporation will, more often than not, be either “Inc” or “Corp”. The distinctive element and the descriptive element are more variable. Assume for a moment that you are at the head of a company that makes cakes. A similar company operating within the same jurisdiction as you may already exist and go by the name “Sweet Cakes Inc.”. For legal purposes, you should choose a “distinctive” element that differentiates you and them. “Suite Cakes Inc.” would be considered too close. “Delicious Cakes Inc.” would, however, be more than acceptable. The descriptive element is the same, because you do the same jerseys The distinctive element … well, distinguishes you.

2) You should inform yourself of the corporate laws as they pertain to your own state. There are fifty separate US states, and corporate legislature is finalized at state level. Do not assume that because you have gone through the process before elsewhere you can just do the same in a new state. Not only could you be operating illegally, you could find that you are costing yourself money unnecessarily.Cheap Nike Jerseys Neither of these situations is one that you want.

3) In a corporation, it is always advantageous to own assets such as shares in another company rather than owning cash. Corporate dividends are 80% tax-free, so you can save yourself and your company a great deal of money in tax dollars if you invest sensibly. Additionally, there is no limit on the amount of loss you may carry forward to the next tax year as a women jerseys A sole proprietor cannot claim a capital loss of more than $3,000 unless this is offset by capital gains.Wholesale nfl jerseys

4) Founding a corporation can be a good deal cheaper than founding an LLC. It is worth checking with the state authorities to see whether this situation applies to you. The difference may not be much, but it could be the difference between operating at a higher or lower level. It is for you to decide which step is for you, but taking legal advice on which method suits your needs is certainly a worthwhile step. It may save you a lot of money later on.

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titreDating When You Are 50+ In Baltimore
Article publié le 24/07/2012

Dating When You Are 50+ In Baltimore

Some call this Senior Dating, Black Dating or over the hill dating in Baltimore.

I call it hysterical! As the owner of two online dating websites (one for Black Singles and one for Senior Singles) AND a black dating service (I give dating events) you would think I could at least find some datable men. YOU would be wrong!

It had been almost two years since my husband’s death before I even considered “dating” again. The gentleman was really nice, could hold a conversation but was not really my type. Now mind you, my type has been all over the place so I don’t have a type per se. However, he was not “it.”

That indefinable “it” that lets you know up front just how far to take this thing. So,baseball jerseys for me, right now I am taking everything very slowly. Being a widow does have its advantage. One of the advantages is it will buy me time. So even when I KNOW this is going absolutely no where,Wholesale nfl jerseys most men have the common sense and tact not to rush or push me. Great for me. With the slim pickings here in Baltimore, slow is the only way to go. I have been just friends with a man only to find out six months down the road that I really REALLY like this guy. So my method is to take my time,The reality of the current age of technology and IT is that today it has become very easy to buy and sell through Cheap Cowboys Jerseys the internet and hockey jerseys sale has not been spared this advent in technology if anything, the global sales of the jerseys have been very profound in the online front than anywhere else in the world feel the gentleman out and let things unfold as they may. But fellas Please help a sister out!

While I will admit I have been a little spoiled (my husband dressed his self and me very well and was always slim), I am not yet ready to deal with massive beer bellies, nose or heaven forbid ear hairs! Nor am I willing to be seen in public with some one who has on plaids with prints (wtf) or squeaky leather shoes, let alone sandals with crusty feet. What is going ON?

OK so, Yes, I do judge all my friends on their character, ability to hold a great conversation (not the one sided conversation where he talks and I yawn), along with a good sense of humor.

A women’s erogenous zone has always been between her ears, most women don’t realize that until their innate “hotness” has worn off. AND the man of their choice now is sporting one of those beer bellies. To take me to dinner a few times does not constitute an invitation to spend the night (What? You want to stay here?) I need just a little more than that. I can assist with the dressing as needed, but please get rid of those PLAIDS AND PRINTS! A man who can talk and listen is what I am seeking. A great sense of humor and adventure are always a plus. These are truly the golden years. I can do this alone, but would rather be with YOU!

If this is you,Cheap Nike Jerseys hit me on my women jerseys Ladies, happy hunting and good luck to you!

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