A Web Design Company Can Make Or Break Your Brand Image
Article publié le 19/04/2013
A Web Design Company Can Make Or Break Your Brand Image Just by hiring a good Web Design Company you can be sure of maintaining your brand image across the globe. The company may have seasoned professionals and use only the most advanced technology to deliver a fantastic website.

There is no doubt in saying that having a website for your business is mandatory these days! But it is more important to have a website that assists you at standing separate! Amidst the tens of thousands of online business it is indeed difficult to make a mark for yourself, after all.shellbeads. A good website design can get you more visitors whereas a bad website could make your customers stay away (I am pretty sure you may not want the latter to happen!).

Many scholars have proved that usually people visit the websites that rank well in Google's SERPs and stay on a website that possesses a beautiful design and essential features. By hiring a renowned, experienced Web Design Company you can be sure of having such website. For the reason that any such company may have a team of highly qualified, seasoned website designers, developers and webmasters, who may work dedicatedly on your projects, will definitely deliver you an extremely looking, highly functional website. Such firms will deliver you a site that may do every good thing to your business but hamper its growth.deangrimm. They may be using a simply designed layout for most of their clients' websites. Their employees are generally people with very less number of work experience and knowledge. The company, in fact, make use of outdated technologies as well as follows no specific guidelines.mensjewlery. Thus, it is advisable to hire only a company that could develop from the simplest to the most intricate websites including dynamic, Magento, CMS, e-commerce or social networking websites plus large portals or online booking websites. The firm may have employees, who would have been selected after a rigorous recruitment process. A good company makes no false promises.

To make sure that you are able to convince targeted customers to visit your website and buy from your website, always hire a Web Design Company that has all the capabilities if making your brand image across the globe!

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5 Things Your Child Needs To Know From You
Article publié le 19/04/2013
5 Things Your Child Needs To Know From You

Every child wants to be a winner for his parents. It is an awesome feeling for the child when he knows his parents are proud of him. As parents, you reward your child's success with money and gifts.shellbeads. Following are 5 advices or rather things kids should know from their parents:

1. Compliment them: "Wow, you're really good with math," "You helped me with work, thank you!" These little compliments may sound silly, but trust me they go a long way for a child. Children have this assurance that you are pleased with them, or they could be of help with your errands. At all times emphasize how smart they are, how talented they are, etc.

2. Accept failure: Don't let your child believe that winning is everything and that it is the only thing that matters. Accept failure; don't make it sound like it is a sign of weakness. Keep this in mind that everything can be fixed, and it's not the end of the world. Teaching and advising children on how to lose is an important lesson that will live with them for the rest of their lives.

3. I am proud of you: As mentioned earlier, your children need to know that you accept failure. Constantly assure your children that you are proud of them and of all their accomplishments; big or small.

4.deangrimm. We don't let them do a lot of things. For instance, "No, you can't eat that." "No, you can't watch TV," "No, I'm not buying you that," etc. Change that attitude once in a while and make sure you turn some of your NO's to YES. It will certainly bring a smile to their face, and the best thing is you won't regret saying it.

5. Let's have fun: Children probably tend to feel that they can have fun only with their set of friends because their parents are busy, change that. You could probably tell them you have free time, and ready to have some fun time with them. This will show the children that you care for them as well as enjoy spending time with them. You can take them shopping, to the park, a library, or simply be at home and do stuff that interests your little one.

Last, but not the least, you've heard it from your parents and you should by all means tell your children too. Three words have a great impact on your child's growth and development.mensjewlery. Show them that your love is unconditional. It is not necessary to tell them because they have done something, simply tell them that you do, and it is sure to brighten up their day. Furthermore, it will create feelings of safety, boost their confidence and strengthen their skills too.

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The Impact of an Intranet Platform on Organizational Culture For Medium- Sized Corporations
Article publié le 18/04/2013
The Impact of an Intranet Platform on Organizational Culture For Medium- Sized Corporations

When we start developing a new intranet platform for any sized company, we always ensure that we are made aware of the company's organizational culture, as we need to make sure that modern intranets have applications and interfaces that are aligned and will stand the maximum chance of being adopted by the target users.

Ultimately, this ensures that the sponsors (which for medium-sized companies are normally members of a management team that includes the business owners or CEO) are pleased with the intranet platform project outlines, mock ups, applications and functionality, and are willing to proceed with moving the project forward, including handing over implementation responsibility to the designated project team.

However, during recent meetings we have actually asked the interesting question - "Would you like modern intranets to change the organizational culture - and if so how?"

This has led to some very interesting and thought-provoking discussions.customnbajerseys.

What Factors Determine Organizational Culture?

It is accepted knowledge that organizational culture is expressed in shared values and practices across a company and can be supported by modern intranets. This is shaped by multiple factors, some of which are external to the business - such as laws, regulations, business climate, industry - or are a part of the legacy - such as history, ownership, and role models.

But many critical cultural factors are internal, and therefore subject to influence and in turn capable of evolution, however difficult this may be to accept or adapt when planning an intranet platform.

Cultural factors to consider when developing modern intranets include: expressed corporate values, technologies the organization uses, whether the company continually looks forwards or to the legacy of the past, freedom of individual expression, how feedback is captured and expressed, how responsibilities are allocated, participation in the decision making process, what's condoned, what's discouraged, and how complaints are handled.

Difficulty of Changing Organizational Culture

The difficulties of changing organizational culture are well documented, extremely important and should be considered when developing modern intranets. Changing the cultural aspects of an organization is highly important whenever the competitive landscape changes and the old way of working and attitudes are no longer generating the lasting returns that the company has historically enjoyed.

Therefore, a new intranet platform should, in our view, be considered as one of the most practical ways to influence and change corporate culture, since an intranet is so centered on branding, communications, freedom of expression, and innovation.

What Aspects of Organizational Culture are Relevant to Modern Intranets?

There are many aspects of corporate culture that are expressed in an intranet platform and therefore subject to influence by it. For the purposes of this article we will concentrate on just four of the most obvious:


Modern intranets' design is no longer just about extending the corporate brand to internal stakeholders, but is rather an environment where style and expression provide an immediate, strong representation of organizational culture that is reinforced every working day. When well executed, design elements express many facets of company culture in a visual form - including contemporary validity, choice of images, and the extent to which participation is valued.

Communication and Access to Information

Communication is a critical expression of organizational culture and for most companies, the intranet platform is the central vehicle for all internal communication.

The control of access to information is also strongly governed by company culture - does a company allow all staff access to most information in the hope that they will engage with it and participate in making it better, or do they use modern intranets' permission engines as a way to provide information purely on a need-to-know basis?

Freedom of Expression and Participation

Companies need to decide whether staff should be allowed or encouraged to interact with all news systems and blogs, whether those comments need monitoring and approval, and whether staff can provide feedback on the quality of all types of information on the intranet platform - such as documents, policies, and even staff profiles and departmental sections.

Further decisions about organizational culture need to be made as to whether one member of staff can track the collaborative activities of another on modern intranets to establish and follow mentors - a key aspect of enterprise 2.0, but one that some companies are still equivocal towards.


Modern intranets provide innovative solutions such as channel-based micro-blogging where staff can be 'introduced' to other staff members, follow them, interact, and together evolve new ideas outside of the more formal and static organizational culture of the company.

Some of these innovative discussions on the intranet platform will ultimately be expressed as new processes and products. Companies need to decide to what extent they welcome participation on modern intranets by staff in such informal, loosely-guided areas without any formal control that ultimately would be counter-productive to the free debate required in such areas.

Why Focus on an Intranet Platform for Medium-Sized Businesses?

The U.K.'s Companies Act 2006 defines the upper limit on employees of a small company as 50 people and 250 people for a medium-sized company. On this basis, a medium-sized company of 50 to 250 staff has critical mass in terms of participation and yet can still be highly responsive. In our view, this is an ideal ground to work with modern intranets' design, applications, and configuration to influence organizational culture.

Smaller companies might find it difficult to obtain sufficient sustained participation on various topics to produce a notable shift in corporate culture. In turn, larger companies would require high-level and sustained coordination to make a difference - they would need to work on many value definitions, HR change initiatives and communication strategies of which the intranet platform would be an important part - but only a part.coolmlbjerseys. Just a few years ago, enterprise 2.0 did not exist, vendors produced configurable but well-defined rigid products rather than genuine web-based frameworks for businesses, and social media was still in its infancy.


In our opinion, a new modern intranet platform should at least in part be a discovery process to really engage with and learn about the existing staff. A focus on the requirements for assessing and changing organizational culture should be a factor in all new intranet project plans.

While we have yet to be contracted solely because a new client wanted to use modern intranets to change a company culture, we are increasingly asking if that is a required outcome when we start a new project.

Given the well-known difficulty with changing organizational culture, and the many different ways that an intranet platform can impact the internal cultural aspects that are within the control of management, we anticipate that this will be a growing part of our work with new clients.



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How To Syndicate Content Automatically For Free?
Article publié le 18/04/2013

How To Syndicate Content Automatically For Free?

The first phase of internet marketing was "SEO", then came "Social Media Marketing". Today the new internet marketing buzzword is "Content Marketing".

Another "New" Thing? I'm Tired Of New Things!

I know what you're thinking, "Great, another new internet marketing concept that I have to learn. I just bought MySpace wallpaper!"

We hear you, this discipline can be exhausting. The "new" things never stop.Mitsubishi automatic hand dryer Hand Dryer. Coming soon! It's as though the internet never sleeps.

Content Examples

In the old days, Content was simply the articles in newspapers or stories in magazines. This is known as Editorial content. Content is what makes a publication worth reading. Content has been the backbone of media and advertising since before the internet.

Today Content is the copy on your website, your blog posts,Source Soccer Training Jersey Products at Soccer training jerseys articles, videos and PDFs. Basically it's the stuff the search engine spiders crawl and the material your viewers read,Axen Technologies is specialized fiber patch cord patch cable supplier download and watch.

What Is Content Marketing?

Content Marketing is using content for promotional purposes.

Have you seen those boxes of text in magazines that look like mini articles? Those are called "advertorials". They're informational and usually written by experts, but they're paid for by an advertiser and they're written to get you to take action. Advertorials have been effective Content Marketing tools for over a hundred years.

In internet marketing, content marketing is a mix of editorial and advertorial content; informative with a gentle promotional push.

You Are Probably Already Content Marketing

Content Marketing is not really new. Chances are you're already doing Content Marketing as part of your SEO and Social Media marketing efforts. "Content" is simply the stuff you share when you Like, Tweet or Blog. It's the videos you submit to YouTube and the practice of uploading articles to article directories.

Content Syndication

Content syndication is the practice of loaning out the content you've created to other outlets to get more exposure and to help other media fill their space. The Associated Press articles that appear in news sites or in your local newspaper are examples of content syndication.

Since creating content is time consuming and labor intensive it's great to spread it as far and efficiently as possible. But finding guest blogging opportunities and submitting articles and videos to directories is time consuming and there's no guarantee they'll ever be seen.

Sharing your content with people who have expressed an interest in it is much more effective because people are seeking your content so they can share it. That's the benefit of Content Syndication.

Safely Syndicate Your Content is a free service that automatically makes your pages and blog posts available to other publishers who may wish to share it.

The most important feature of their service is that it syndicates your content so that it can't be changed by the next user. All your text, photos and links are encoded so that when they are embedded in another site they remain exactly as they appear in your site.

In fact, if you make any changes or updates to your pages or posts those changes will immediately appear on all the other sites where your content is already embedded!

This isn't the case when you share your content on article directories because there's always the possibility a publisher will remove your links or change your material. Also, article directories don't accept photos but photos on your site's content remain when they are shared on third party sites that embed your content via

Here are some advantages of using

Easily make your content available to other publishers in related niches Find potential new products and business partners Keep an eye on competitors Keep up with industry products, players and news Easily add a new variety of voices and topics to your blog or site

Content Sharing Plugins Available For Most Platforms has tools for WordPress, Tumblr, Blogger, TypePad, Drupal (and more) that will make your on-site content available through the website and through the dashboard of other users the software on their websites.

Publishers with the plugin (or addon, etc) installed will automatically see a stream of available articles in their admin area/dashboard. But not just any articles,If using an electric brush cutter, check the cord is intact and is shower hose long enough to reach the area you wish to trim back. the plugin tool actually offers content related to the other content on the host site.

Additionally, sites with the sharing tool/plugin installed will also have the option to display a button in the corner of their pages or posts encouraging viewers to embed your content in their sites. And any site owners can share embed your content using the code, they do not need to be signed up with the service or have their tools installed. The script can be placed on any page html is used and will display correctly.

Complete Share Statistics and Control

In the website you can see how many of times your content has been shared, how many impressions it has gained and even the sites where it exists. You can even block a site from embedding your material.

Have multiple sites? You can share and track multiple sites under one account while maintaining separate statistics for each one.

Makes Content Curation Easy

Although every webmaster engaged in marketing is encouraged to blog and write articles to keep their site fresh and attract visitors the truth not everyone has the time.

Another aspect of adding fresh material is a way to bring your readers (and search engines) a variety of voices.

This has lead to the popularity of "Content Curation" which is simply picking an interesting variety other people's material to share on your site. makes this simple because you'll always have access to plenty of related articles from writers willing to share.

Things To Be Aware Of

What's the catch? There's a lot of advertising. If your site is not ad heavy,New Baltimore Cheap Ravens Jerseys Cheap 2012 for Sale the articles you get from will usually contain one or two square (250 x 250) ads.

But the ads shown are related to the material so they usually seem to fit in fine with the content and it's a small price to pay for such a great free service.

Competitors See You (And You See Them)

But actually here are couple things to keep in mind - competitors in the same niche will also see exactly what you're posting as soon as you put it out there and can easily copy your idea if not your content. But since you'll be publishing first on your own site (a Content Marketing Best Practice) they could have found it there anyway.

And of course this is an easy way for you to keep tabs on articles in your industry too. But in our opinion you might as well put it all out there because it's going to get found anyway. And isn't that the point of being online?

How To Get More From

Make New Acquaintances, Build Alliances

The fact that the related posts they suggest are very accurate makes it a great way to find new potential partners you can work with to cross sell, guest post, create an affiliate relationship with, cross-promote to each other's email list or work together in another way.

Add Links To Your Other Content From Articles You Embed (Curate)

It's actually possible to add text and links to the bottom of the articles you put on your site - though it's not possible to change the content within the article, (nor do we think it would be ethical do so).

This presents a good opportunity to interlink your pages by adding a link to another page of your site that's related to the topic. It's usually a good idea to add a paragraph or two of text with the link.

We always do this respectfully by writing, "Thanks to [author name] for the great guest post above" to make it clear the new material is ours. Then we include a few thoughts of our own on the topic and at then end say something like, For more information about [topic] see [page on our website].

Use Your Google Authorship

Include your first and last name on your content and be sure you are signed up for Google Authorship to increase the quantity and variety of sites with which you're associated.

Two Plugins To Get More Out Of

Social Essentials is a WordPress plugin helps you maximize the exposure and traffic from content you share via because it embeds your social media share buttons on the bottom of the content that gets shared on other sites.

The Related Content plugin will automatically place links to related stories on your site at the bottom of the posts you embed (curate). This will help keep visitors on your site.

How Do Search Spiders See It?

Some say search engine spiders can't see the text embedded, but when we run tests using search engine spider simulators the text appears to be visible to the spiders.

This tool is one of the the fastest, easiest and most effective ways to get your information, brand name, photos, inforgraphs and links embedded on other sites in related niches.

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6th Grade Math
Article publié le 18/04/2013

6th Grade Math

This year my son entered the sixth grade (am does that make me old?). Anyway, I found that he struggled at first with the assignment. Not because he isn't capable of doing them, but because he is lazy. However, I decided to take matters into my own hands and I make him do a few problems for me (on top of his homework) on things that he has not done yet but will later in the curriculum. That of course requires knowing the curriculum. That is part of the reason I have presented here with a brief explanation of each section:

Place values in whole numbers Word names for numbers Roman numerals Decimals What decimal number is illustrated? Decimal place values Word names for decimals Convert decimals to mixed numbers Put decimals in order Inequalities with decimals Round decimals Round whole numbers and decimals: find the missing digit Decimal number lines Integers Understanding integers Absolute value and opposite integers Number lines with integers Compare and order integers Rational numbers Compare rational numbers Put rational numbers in order Absolute value of rational numbers Add and subtract rational numbers Multiply and divide rational numbers Exponents and square roots Write multiplication expressions using expThis is especially applicable if printed pcb you are outsourcing your printed circuit board manufacturing process to a service provider.onents Evaluate exponents Exponents: solve for the variable Exponents with decimal bases Exponents with fractional bases Understanding negative exponents Evaluate negative exponents Advanced exponents Square roots of perfect squares Estimate square roots Money Find the number of each type of coin Add and subtract money amounts Add and subtract money amounts: word problems Multiply money by whole numbers and decimals Multiply money: word problems Divide money amounts Divide money amounts: word problems Consumer math Which is the better coupon? Unit prices: which is the better buy? Unit prices with fractions and decimals Unit prices with customary unit conversions Sale prices Sale prices: find the original price Percents - calculate tax, tip, mark-up, and more Simple interest Time Elapsed time Time units Find start and end times Add and subtract integers Properties of addition Integer addition and subtraction rules Add integers - using counters Add integers Subtract integers - using counters Subtract integers Add and subtract integers - input/output tables Add three or more integers Add and subtract decimals Add and subtract decimals Add and subtract decimals: word problems Estimate sums and differences of decimals Maps with decimal distances Multiplication Multiply whole numbers including word problems Multiply whole numbers with four or more digits Multiply numbers ending in zeroes including word problems Multiply three or more numbers including word problems Estimate products Properties of multiplication 0 Solve for a variable using properties of multiplication Integer multiplication rules Multiply integers Division Divisibility rules Division patterns with zeroes including word problems Estimate quotients Divide whole numbers - -digit divisors Integer division rules Divide integers Problem solving and estimation Estimate to solve word problems Word problems with multiple steps or extra or missing information Guess-and-check word problems Distance/direction to starting point Use logical reasoning to find the order Number theory Convert between standard and scientific notation Compare numbers written in scientific notation Prime or composite Identify factors Prime factorization Prime factorization with exponents Greatest common factor Least common multiple GCF and LCM: word problems Multiply and divide decimals Multiply decimals Estimate products of decimals Inequalities with decimal multiplication Divide decimals by whole numbers including word problems Multiply and divide decimals by powers of ten Division with decimal quotients Inequalities with decimal division Evaluate expressions involving decimals Algebra Write variable expressions to represent word problems Evaluate variable expressions with whole numbers Solve word problems involving two-variable equations Evaluate variable expressions involving decimals, fractions, and mixed numbers Solve one-step equations with whole numbers Solve one-step equations involving decimals, fractions, and mixed numbers Evaluate multi-variable expressions Solve two-step equations Complete a function table 0 Write linear functions Linear function word problems Evaluate expressions involving integers Solve equations involving integers Does (x, y) satisfy an equation? Identify terms, coefficients, and monomials Add and subtract like terms Simplify variable expressions using properties Distributive property Solve equations involving like terms Half-life and population doubling Inequalities on number lines Solutions to variable inequalities Solve one-step linear inequalities Coordinate graphing Coordinate graphs review Graph points on a coordinate plane Coordinate graphs as maps Distance between two points Find points on a function graph Write the linear function shown in a graph Graph linear functions Relative coordinates Identify linear and nonlinear functions Charts and graphs Interpret pictographs Create pictographs Stem-and-leaf plots Interpret line plots Create line plots Create frequency tables Interpret bar graphs Create bar graphs Interpret double bar graphs Create double bar graphs Create histograms Circle graphs with fractions Interpret line graphs Create line graphs Interpret double line graphs Create double line graphs Interpret box-and-whisker plots Choose the best type of graph Statistics Calculate mean, median,They create a sense cheap jerseys from china of belonging and sort of a license to go crazy about the team one is supporting. Owning this attire however comes at a cost which not all and sundry can afford to spend. mode, and range Interpret charts to find mean, median, mode, and range Mean, median, mode, and range: find the missing number Identify representative, random, and biased samples Fractions and mixed numbers Equivalent fractions review Simplify fractions Understanding fractions: word problems Least common denominator Compare fractions with like and unlike denominators Compare fractions: word problems Convert between improper fractions and mixed numbers Put a mix of decimals, fractions, and mixed numbers in order Add and subtract fractions Add and subtract fractions with like denominators Add and subtract fractions with like denominators: word problems Add and subtract fractions with unlike denominators Add and subtract fractions with unlike denominators: word problems Inequalities with addition and subtraction of like and unlike fractions Add and subtract mixed numbers including word problems Estimate sums and differences of mixed numbers Maps with fractional distances Multiply fractions Fractions of whole numbers I Fractions of whole numbers II Fractions of a number: word problems Estimate products of fractions and whole numbers Multiply fractions - with models Multiply two fractions Multiply fractions: word problems Multiply three or more fractions and whole numbers Estimate products of fractions, whole numbers, and mixed numbers Multiply mixed numbers and whole numbers Multiply mixed numbers Multiply mixed numbers: word problems Multiply three or more mixed numbers, fractions, and/or whole numbers Divide fractions Divide by fractions - with models Reciprocals Divide fractions Estimate quotients when dividing mixed numbers Divide fractions and mixed numbers Divide fractions and mixed numbers: word problems Simplify expressions involving fractions Recipes with fractions and mixed numbers Mixed operations Add, subtract, multiply, and divide whole numbers Add, subtract, multiply, and divide whole numbers: word problems Add, subtract, multiply, and divide integers Add, subtract, multiply, and divide decimals Add, subtract, multiply, and divide decimals: word problems Add, subtract, multiply, and divide fractions and mixed numbers Add, subtract, multiply, and divide fractions and mixed numbers: word problems Measurement Estimate customary measurements Estimate metric measurements Convert and compare customary units Convert, compare, add, and subtract mixed customary units Multiply and divide mixed customary units Customary unit conversions involving fractions and mixed numbers Convert and compare metric units Convert between customary and metric systems Working with temperatures above and below zero Convert between Celsius and Fahrenheit Geometry Lines, line segments, and rays Review of - and -dimensional figures Angle review: measure and classify Estimate angle measurements Name angles Complementary and supplementary angles Transversal of parallel lines Triangle review Classify quadrilaterals Find missing angles and side lengths in triangles and quadrilaterals Sums of angles in polygons Parts of a circle Central angles of circles Similar and congruent figures Find side lengths of similar figures Reflection, rotation,Fun statistics about pcyzprinting As a national online printing company and translation Translations: graph the image Reflections: graph the image Rotations: graph the image Symmetry Find lengths and measures of bisected lines and angles Perimeter Area Area of compound figures Rectangles: relationship between perimeter and area Compare area and perimeter of two figures Circles: calculate area, circumference,The (very) Blue wholesale soccer jersey inaugurates their new tunic February 9 at thai Quality Soccer Jersey the Stade de France during a friendly match against Brazil. radius, and diameter Circles: word problems Identify polyhedra and count faces, edges, and vertices Which figure is being described? Front, side, and top view Nets of -dimensional figures Volume and surface area Ratios, proportions, and percents Write a ratio to describe objects in a picture Ratio tables Ratios: word problems Equivalent ratios Equivalent ratios: word problems Compare ratios: word problems Proportions Unit rates and equivalent rates Unit rates: word problems Scale drawings Convert between percents, fractions, and decimals Compare percents to each other and to fractions Compare percents and fractions: word problems Percents of numbers and money amounts Percents of numbers: word problems Percents of numbers - with fractional and decimal percents Find what percent one number is of another Find what percent one number is of another: word problems Probability Combinations Probability of one event Make predictions Probability of opposite, mutually exclusive, and overlapping events Compound events - find the number of outcomes by counting Identify dependent and independent events Probability of dependent and independent events Factorials Permutations

You will find that there are many similarities between the 5th grade math curriculum and that of 6th grade,American made hand dryer featuring the new XLERATOR but much of what is done is of course building on what was learned last year. You will also notice there are some new concepts that are being introduced that will appear again in coming years.

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