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How to choose short-sighted glasses
Article publié le 16/11/2014

Glasses, our face the most important decorations. A good pair of cheap oakleys glasses can totally change our image, make people look better, feel younger, more spirited. But one has to admit that truth is this: Although glasses many options on the market, but finding a style so that he is beautiful and comfortable glasses takes a little time and patience. In the selection process, in addition to understand yourself enough, but also have enough knowledge.
Good lenses determine eyeglasses
Lens quality is to determine the quality of a pair of glasses, the most important factor. There are four main types of lenses on the market today: high optical films, General resin, and resin folding tablet or PC lenses. Ordinary glass lenses are cheap and scratch resistance; resin with PC lens is lightweight and shatterproof, especially PC lenses can get rid of the nose caused by compression, such as rhinitis and headache pain, and people love the sport safer. From the aesthetic point of view, maximum number should be chosen high folding resin piece, also can choose a high broken glass. For drawing and frameless punch, choose resin lens better fit.
Frame weight of the lighter the better
As a long time objects on shelves in our nose, we would have to consider its weight. First, a pair of quality glasses is sturdy but lightweight. For people who are more sensitive noses, choose relatively light weight plates or borderless frames is more in line with the health needs. If you choose the Cheap Mac Cosmetics Makeup wholesale Outlet metal frames or bridge is not high enough, you can through the nose pads to adjust the angle of your eyes, to ensure a healthy pupil and lens angle. Another function is to reduce the nose pads the nose weight.
Frame material to choose skin suit
If you are allergic to metal, the best choice for Acetate frames, so as to avoid skin irritation.
Glasses, we face the most important decorations. A good pair of glasses can totally change our image; make people look better, feel younger, more spirited. But one has to admit that truth is this: Although glasses many options on the market, but finding a style so that he is beautiful and comfortable glasses takes a little time and patience. In the selection process, in addition to understand yourself enough, but also have enough knowledge.
Frame size is too large
In recent year’s large-frame glasses, but for nearsightedness or farsightedness, glasses, or a conservative size is more appropriate. General principle is that the frame on the box not above your eyebrows, down boxes do not press to cheekbones, not even just laughing to illustrate large glasses of your choice. Sunglasses are a different story, but much of the frame is not always appropriate to wear for too long.
In addition, new glasses usually takes some getting used to, some people feel dizzy when wearing new glasses. This is very common, especially when a spherical lens with spherical lens. If optometry degrees right, mirror adjustment is not a problem, then you need to do is to give the eyes a little time to adjust to new glasses. In the United Kingdom, an ophthalmologist will ask the optician to usually take a week or two to adjust to new Tiffany and Co Outlet glasses.

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How to choose suitable glasses
Article publié le 15/11/2014

Glasses just like clothing can play an important role about the first impression.
So how do you choose the right pair of Tiffany and Co Outlet glasses? Glasses can be based on different costumes to match, but the most important thing is to choose according to your face shape to suit your glasses.
But choose the one to suit your glasses is a very difficult thing. Want to choose the right glasses for your face shape; come take a look at the following tips according to face shapes to choose glasses!
-Square round face styles
If distressed for a round face shape, Square style glasses are the best choice. Square glasses can wear out a bit gaunt facial effects.
Metal or thick-framed glasses, not only can create gentle image, also makes it easy to create urban style.
If it's round and long face shapes, recommended that you choose a square-shaped cheap oakleys glasses. This style of glasses can distract attention and make face look smaller. Particular pattern or framework of color glasses can make alternative charm has doubled.
-Round square face style
Square face shape will bring a strong first impression. If a square face who wears square glasses, can make the whole more rough, so the best choice for round glasses.
When selecting eyewear materials, the best choice is not reflective, which face the modification is very helpful.
If you are a triangular face shape, oval frame glasses you want to select, or you can also choose to slightly round glasses.
TIP. According to eyeglasses
Square or round style glasses can be selected according to your face shape, but the frames can be selected according to the places.
If it is a business, you can choose metal-frame glasses; can immediately build able intellectual charm. If you want to enhance the cool coolness factor, basic black frame is the best choice.
If dating is tourism, and leisure activity, recommends that the selection with Cheap Mac Cosmetics Makeup wholesale Outlet color frames, can make the whole style is quite dynamic.

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titreHow to match the right pair of glassesHow to match the right pair of glasses
Article publié le 13/11/2014

Optometrist special ophthalmic hospitals, large hospital's eye, looking for experienced ophthalmologists or optometrists doctors to inform their own optician needs, such as: the pair of Tiffany and Co Outlet glasses is far or near; eye problems need to be addressed, such as eyestrain, etc.

I got my doctor's eyeglasses prescription form, depending on your face shape, prescription-only parameters and price, you need to implement functionality, such as choosing the right glasses, hospital staff will follow the parameters and requirements for prescription orders processed, made of glasses, all indexes should conform to the requirements of national standard.

Glasses when you are finished making, rigging personnel according to the features of the face, nose, ear, eye, mirror margins are properly adjusted, Cheap Mac Cosmetics Makeup wholesale Outlet makes the glasses to wear comfortable and elegant. In General, if the parameter is right, when you put on new glasses, will be very clear and comfortable.

When you select eyeglass frames, but style preferences and material requirements, paying particular attention to the selected frame size with my pupil distance match as much as possible, because what directly affects the pupil distance glasses the inherent visual quality and wearing comfort. The recognition of the quality of frames take into consideration the following:

1, good quality, good frames are generally better quality;

2, sleek frames coating quality is better;

3, smooth solder joints, and uniform quality of frames is better;

4, assemble the parts and close for good;

5, left and right cheap oakleys mirror ring size and shape must be exactly the same, symmetrical nose.

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How to choose eyeglass lenses
Article publié le 12/11/2014

In General, in accordance with the material of the Fake Oakleys Frogskins Sunglasses Cheap for Sale lens can be divided into two broad categories, namely, glass lenses and optical resin lens.

1 optical glass, glass lenses, including lenses and high refractive index lens (that is commonly referred to as super thin slices), its high hardness and good resistance to abrasion, the parameters of its quality and will not change over time, but the impact resistance, and weight of glass lenses slightly worse than plastic lenses. Due to its high weight, low impact resistance, not safe, so for now, the market has gradually been eliminated, mainstream or resin lens with light weight, good security.

2 mainstream resin lenses are much lighter than glass lenses, and impact resistance than glass, but its low surface hardness, more easily bruised. Resin and coated lenses due to its characteristics is relatively soft, so they should be careful not to let the mirror surface in direct contact with hard objects, scrubbing is best to use water (or mixing a small amount of dishwashing liquid) cleaning and then using a special test on Tiffany and Co Necklace Jewelry Outlet Store cloth or cotton paper quality lens dry eye drops. Moreover, in poor environmental conditions place coated lenses should be used with caution to avoid stained with dirt is difficult to clean. As technology develops, resin lenses also have a lot of functional lenses are used in the clinical, such as specially designed aspheric design lenses, older progressive lenses, exciter polarized glasses, part of postoperative anti-Blu-ray lens after cataract surgery, can solve the problem of poor visual quality for people.

In front of the opticians, optometry and ophthalmic examination must first do, not blindly buy glasses for such products, should go to the ophthalmic optician medical optometric Center of the hospital. Cheap Mac Cosmetics Makeup wholesale Outlet Glasses should obtain glasses from Agency documents; confirm the quality of processed data, if there is quality problem, should get in touch with institutions, the proper solution.

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Sunglasses for maintenance of common sense
Article publié le 11/11/2014

Carefully selected Cheap Mac Cosmetics Makeup wholesale Outlet sunglasses are actually very fragile, lack of proper maintenance and expensive glasses of life will be shorter! Do you protect your sunglasses? Maintenance of sunglasses and spectacles is largely the same. If the lenses when there are stains, grease or fingerprints, accessories that are available in a soft cotton cloth or special lens paper to clear the dust or dirt on the lens. After the wipe, but also often use lens cleaner to clean. Do not use a fingernail to remove the mark on the lens. While lenses with gravel, rinse, then wipe dry with a special cloth or paper glasses. Following several minor experiences, hope for all of us:


1. Take off glasses, please grab-pin positive outward pluck, one-handed pick glasses, likely to cause deformation, loosening.

2. when not in use with a wiping cloth wrapped, lenses facing up and placed in special bags, beware of Fake Oakleys Frogskins Sunglasses Cheap for Sale lenses and frames is scratched by hard objects.

3. Frame or lens stained with dust, sweat, grease, cosmetics and other warm water with neutral detergent cleaner, and then dry with a soft cloth.

4. Prohibition of the long water soaked in water and placed in a fixed position, exposure to sunlight is prohibited under current, metal edge for a long time.

5. Your mirror to fold and PIN on the left side.

6. Frames warped, prolapse, when in use, causing lens sharpness may be affected, please adjust speed to the stores for free.

7. Plate sunglasses use after a period of time may be slightly deformed, this is normal. practice adjustments to dealership.

8. in color photographic cheap oakleys lens not on hold for a long time in a strong light, otherwise it will shorten the time of color changing effect, but if a color photographic result of long-term wear and fade without the polarizing effect of the change, please rest assured that use.

Matters needing attention

Put the sunglasses on the dashboard when driving position is incorrect, in hot weather, the litter if the sunglasses in the car on the dashboard, sunglasses may be thermal deformation, especially the plate frame sunglasses is not heat-resistant.

Sunglasses on his head are not true, so very easy to pull the bad link. When not wearing glasses should be removed carefully, placed to glasses when folded, and mirror up. Will bother a lot of people are not put into glasses box glasses into a bag or Pocket so it is easy to make lenses scratched by squaring things such as Tiffany and Co Outlet keys or Combs, and not taken lightly.

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