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Everyone recognized Oakley
Article publié le 21/05/2014

Many people may not know what brand Oakley is, he is by doing sports Fake Oakleys Frogskins Sunglasses Cheap for Sale sunglasses fortune now and then starts doing anything else.
In fact, its lens sunglasses and its technology can really say is the best. It is a broader awareness of fact, or in sports, such as biking, racing, golf, skiing, water skiing, etc. In fact, it has a more worthy of showing off is that it is one of the major suppliers of military logistical equipment, its protective glasses, boots are essential military equipment.
Once saw a report that an Australian soldier or American soldiers in Afghanistan hit a roadside bomb attack, he did not die, but his face was injured, so shrapnel bomb, but fortunately, his eye did not suffer any harm, because he was with the mirror Oakley protection for their equipment.
In some people's eyes, it does not Ray-Ban is good; there is no big brand sunglasses fame loud. If you can take over after it, your eyes will feel" comfortable". Oakley good reason, not because I felt his fame, but it’s unique lens processing technology. It has a variety of lens design to let you have a more targeted to choose for you, such as UV film, filters out 100% of all UVA, UVB and UVC.
Yesterday, the boys have a buddy asked what sunglasses with good; I'll just say Oakley is the best. Then Khaki sister replied: “Oakley compare pick one," This is not false.
Oakley fact, for Asians, our face is not suitable, bring back some of the money, you can even contact lenses eye his own design in my opinion is a “movement" as a starting point, that is you can take him running, surfing, playing tennis.
You are more sporty, your face and relatively thin, then I suggest you, you are more suitable with Oakley.
But if you are a collapsed bridge of the nose, then you cannot take it... Most of the design because it is curved design, it is veneer, bring feeling to be on the cover of the eye.
Having said that for a long time, it was estimated would say this:" how do you know it is good, that's good advertising, not necessarily really good." for Tiffany and Co Key Necklace Jewelry Outlet, I really fully understood, benefited.
I am in Australia, the Australian solar radiation can be said that the European countries with the Asian country immeasurably, even though sometimes it is cloudy, there is also the presence of radiation, so I took off a few of sunglasses, Oakley is make eyes feel most comfortable. Especially in the summer, 35 -degree days, the station roof. Australia and some tin roofs or flat roofs, when you stand above the sun's radiation is already feeling a mere trifle, but the reflection of sunlight iron harm to the eyes before people cannot stand, but this time I was really I feel Oakley for eye protection.
Is there a friend in Australia did not have to ask me how to feel cloudy with radiation, you may not bring sunglasses every day, every day, if you're with, then when you go out cloudy forgot, you may be wrinkly eyebrow virtual focus drive. I say that is because of my work, I open almost every day a car everywhere, almost every summer station roof. So I can feel even a cloudy day, there are no sunglasses with different and better able to feel protective effect Oakley brought to my eyes.
Attempt Performance, Sport Performance, Gradient, Polarized, Photochromic lenses, such as 5 different designs in 9 different natural environments, different color lenses give you visual effects.
If you want to protect your eyes, I suggest with Cheap Oakleys Frogskins Sunglasses Outlet sunglasses, but Oakley is not cheap, especially Juliet series, as well as Ducati family.

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Protective effect of glasses
Article publié le 19/05/2014
Safety Tiffany and Co Key Necklace Jewelry Outlet glasses are many glasses dust-proof, shock-proof glasses, chemical goggles and optical radiation resistant glasses and so on. First three glasses lenses are colorless glass, but actually because of the protective effects of different characteristics of the lens there are distinct differences. Workers engaged in industrial production, some needed glasses operation, wear these glasses are not for decoration, trendy, but in order to protect the eyes from harmful factors of injury. Therefore, this type of glasses safety glasses. Electric welding, gas welding, steel-making, glass blowing anti-arc radiation exposed workers should wear glasses. However, the arc radiation-proof glasses lens colors are dark with light, which is designed according to the different requirements, selection should be based on strength of arc and appropriate choice for work. Top Arc, darker, conversely, the selected Cheap Oakleys Frogskins Sunglasses Outlet light lenses. If arcing strong wear light protective glasses, some infrared light through the lens eye irritation and damage, long term occupational cataract but weak arc long dark protective glasses, you will make your eyes had dropped significantly. Therefore, every jobs workers need to wear protective glasses, environmental factors should be aware of their job, wear suitable protective glasses, not wearing a raspberry. Dust-proof glasses use in high dust environment, General eyeglass fastness requirements is not high, regardless of the eye-or flat mirror, flat glass production. Against attack the eyeglasses are used to flying out of small particles of wear-proof strikes the eye, its lenses require impact resistance, such as cutting, grinding sand, masonry should be shock-proof glasses, if these workers General dust-proof glasses, then sand and gravel flying shot glasses, crushed, eyes, would suffer greater harm. Chemical-resistant Fake Oakleys Frogskins Sunglasses Cheap for Sale eyeglass lenses the acid and alkali, corrosive, that it's the other glasses does not have.
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Five kinds of tinted lenses
Article publié le 18/05/2014

Pink glass: this is a very popular color. It can absorb 95 of the UV light, and a number of shorter wavelengths of visible light. In fact, this functionality and is not normally colored lenses, that is to say, Cheap Oakleys Frogskins Sunglasses Outlet pink lenses and no more than the normal lens has a greater protective effect. But for some people, still big psychologically beneficial, because they feel more comfortable to wear.
Grey lens: absorbs infra-red and ultraviolet 98 SL. Gray lenses are not going to make the great benefits features original color change due to lens, but most satisfying is that it can be very effective in reducing the light intensity.
Green lens: Green lenses can be said to "Ray-Ban series" lenses, represented, and grey lenses, can effectively absorb infrared light and 99 of the UV rays. But green color change lenses makes certain phenomena distort. Also, blocking light effect slightly Fake Oakleys Frogskins Sunglasses Cheap for Sale grey lenses, however, green are still tantamount to excellent protective lenses.
Brown lens: this lens-light type and green lenses, but green lens absorbs more than Blu-ray. Brown lenses cause color distortions had a greater than the grey-green lenses, so most people's satisfaction is also low. But it offers another choice of colors, and slightly reduced halo of blue light, make the image clearer.
Yellow lenses: UV absorbing 100 SL, as well as infra-red and visible light through 83 of the lenses. Best feature of yellow lenses is to absorb most of the Blu-ray. Because the Sun's atmosphere, mainly Blu-ray performance (which may explain why the sky is blue). Yellow lens after the absorption of Blu-ray, you can make the scenes of nature clearer, therefore, yellow lenses are often used to "filter" or hunters use when hunting. However, no one can prove shooters wear yellow Tiffany and Co Key Necklace Jewelry Outlet glasses, target shooting and done better.

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Your color decision to fit glasses color
Article publié le 17/05/2014

Color black and Brown are candidates for Cheap Oakleys Frogskins Sunglasses Outlet glasses, determine it is safe, but a lot of people confuse black glasses seem strange, brown glasses looked very old and no mental shortcomings, I don't know why, they simply give up wearing sunglasses. Related to this and your personal colors-season, know your color-season can just select the color glasses.
The purple-red and Brown lens color is suitable for most people, if black glasses and Brown lenses, if you are not well suited to, you can choose the color. It was a wild color. Most people can wear a nice feel, will not destroy you.
Profound feeling glasses frames and lenses are very suitable for colored people. If your hair and eyes are black, color is not white you are dark-there is a distinct possibility, such as Black Beauty's sense of love is a dark man. Dark deep color glasses and you chose the same craniofacial physiology of color coordination.
Contrast with dark, these two sets of eyeglasses frame and lens colors are relatively shallow, ideal for hair, eyes, skin tone are light-colored to hide worn, have you ever had a girl's nickname? It really suits you wear tinted glasses. Don't wear dark wrong that a set of Fake Oakleys Gascan Sunglasses Cheap for Sale glasses, it would be a disaster for you.
Feeling of cold and warm colors are, like Blue will make you feel the cold, people face is there difference between heating and cooling, you look sallow and feeling? Then you are ideal for these cool glasses. Only cool glasses will make your face look great.
Sunny Huang Di color adjustment is the feeling of a warm, very suitable for face-Orange shades of warm people. If you're Brown or red hair brown hair color is gorgeous or wearing orange clothes are a disgrace, selecting glasses should also pay attention to this warm must try. It makes you immediately look up glory.
Color gives you a strong visual impact. Glasses frames are most prominent places. Some gorgeous color pictures of a lot of people won't try, and too loud, even if your hair color, and eye black, color white, face distinct physiological color contrast, you can try these gorgeous color glasses. You could easily wear Western style and assurance.
Some old generic color a lot of people would consider safe and conservative, but brings you are devastated. I believe many people have this kind of experience, but bells, these soft dark color Tiffany and Co Charm Bracelet Jewelry Outlet glasses facial physiology is very fit for Chinese, unless your eyeballs, hair yellow upon it, is not very transparent, like a foreigner suspected of, you wear glasses will fit in the diagram. In northern China, there will be a lot of these people who face physical.

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Select ski goggles
Article publié le 16/05/2014
For skiers who ski Fake Oakleys Frogskins Sunglasses Cheap for Sale goggles are essential in terms of protection, due to the very severe snow reflected sunlight Cold damage plus taxiing great eye irritation, choose the right ski goggles is very important. Whether you are a beginner or expert, the appropriate ski goggles must have the following basic functions: 1, fog, fog mirror blurred vision skiers will easily out of the accident; 2, UV, snow reflect sunlight powerful, strong ultraviolet radiation burns the eyes; 3, wind, regardless of whether you skilled, sliding snow when cold will stimulate the eyes; 4, preferably double resin, nor will face even when subjected to impact damage. 5, the ventilation opening in the frame of the canopy made of breathable foam useful in the ventilation opening, so that the facial skin to the exhaust air dispersion mirror, the Tiffany and Co Key Necklace Jewelry Outlet mirror surface to ensure a good visual effect. Buying advice a) aesthetic point of view, more or less to be considered with their favorite ski clothing color matching. b) Quality First, in any case, is a form of skiing are dangerous sport in the price range they can afford must pick the best. c) Although it is a mirror of snow ski equipment in a small part, but it also requires fully equipped, you can carry a small bag child rub snow mirror. d) strongly recommended spherical Oakley Sunglasses Cheap mirror, spherical mirror broader vision, its impact resistance and deformation resistance are much higher than the cylindrical lenses.
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