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Article publié le 04/05/2014

If you're the kind of shy and wants to quietly hide in the crowd of consumers, low profile oval course is supposed to be a good choice. For them, Cheap Oakleys Frogskins Sunglasses Outlet glasses should not be excessively noisy, high profile. A pair of Wayfarer always fashionable choice without error, but if you feel a bit too "keep", you can try changing a less striking colors.
For girls who wanted a high profile in trying to be cool, a pair of the ultimate finishing touch for very large black sunglasses to be wardrobe essential? Does not take into consideration other color, in addition to the black hole, like ink brush had no other choice, and without red tape small details that emphasis in the noble sense of texture, big town, You could just as easily at Yves Saint Laurent, Givenchy, Discount Oakleys Flak Jacket Sunglasses Cheap found which used to hold general classic style of dressing. Girl wearing this style usually own farms are also very strong, even if it's just wearing a vest and shorts in the summer, with a texture of fine handbags and simple jewelry, also is full of near-indifference of calm and sense of place. Can refer to a number of female celebrity Street style.
If you want to take a more populist, casual image, dark brown, grey gradient is the best option. These colors with various colors of clothing are very good ride, soft, fresh, or metallic noises and offensive as it looks. More Maverick art girls can try dual-colored sunglasses, those dual-colored sunglasses is one vivid example.
If you often have to go out but could not find a pair of sunglasses, glasses centrally located all in one place, easy to choose at any time to view. Some senior consumers finishing or dressing like their clothes, tiffany and co outlet sunglasses are established for their own wardrobes, classified according to different situations, color, sunglasses, and every quarter for at least two to three pairs of different styles and colors to expand the inventory.

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Pay attention to the following six points
Article publié le 03/05/2014

First look in the mirror when you buy Cheap Oakleys Frogskins Sunglasses Outlet sunglasses UV protection and retaining bright light features, and then look at the styles and prices. Should pay attention to the following six points:
Blinkers are not equal to sunglasses, see UV logo. UV wavelengths below 400 nm, sunglasses when the election should recognize the "UV400" logo. There is this identity that resists ultraviolet rays. Some sunglasses will identify "UV" or "100% UV" and so on, this also indicates that the UV feature. No such identification do not buy. You tinted glasses on the market many, many people think that as long as the glasses have a color out of the Sun, is the sunglasses. In fact, this is a misunderstanding. UV blocking sunglasses alone two most key features, mainly out of the glare of the color of the lens, so that people cannot see the glare, and whether UV protection has nothing to do with the color of the lens, depends largely on the lens material and coating. If just styles pretty or cheap, buy a pair of no anti-UV spectacles worn, greater harm than not wearing mirrors. Because self-preservation reactions of the human body, his eyes when strong light, the pupil will narrow, enters the eye UV reducing, but wear no anti-UV spectacles, eyes received light intensity diminished, the pupil enlarges, whereas UV intrusion.
Lens shading medium is preferred. Lens color light, blocking glare capability will wither away, to the sunny activities will still glare does not apply. Lens color is too dark can affect, even interfering objects, and can't tell traffic lights. In General, medium-depth color sunglasses, you can meet people daily needs.
Lens specific colors without affecting the objects themselves, ensuring eye comfort, Market Sunglass lens colors are many, there are Brown, gray, green, but there are red, yellow, and so on. Strong sunlight will make you look uncomfortable, concerned primarily with yellow light on eye irritation. In General, dark brown, grey, green, yellow block the ability of the lens, Specific colors can be a matter of personal preference may be, but regardless of which color lens you choose should be seeing color distortion, can effectively identify traffic signals, eye feeling as the principle.
Lens surface is smooth, without ripples, bubbles, galling, see without distortion. Sunglasses are a flat mirror, lens curvature surface treatment, bending, diopter has strict standards, in particular the diopter to within 0.008. Only in this way can see without distortion. Otherwise, wear Discount Oakleys Flak Jacket Sunglasses Cheap sunglasses that exceeded the diopter, eye irritation, dizziness. Simple way to judge the quality of lenses, is to get a pair of glasses in front of around a slow-moving, whether through the lens object deformation, it is best to Watch pane, line-shaped objects such as door frames, if the line curves, then the lens diopter failed, not to buy. In addition, you should also note the lens surface is smooth; there should be no ripples, bubbles, galling.
Frame is too large. Current frame sunglasses are very popular, very popular among the young. But the size and style should be based on individual eye glasses and face may be. Generally, as long as the eye of the lens covers, completely blocking the sunlight on the line, there is no need to keep up with trendy choice picture frame great sunglasses. Sunglasses oversized, heavy frame constricts the infraorbital branch of trigeminal nerve, generally wear such glasses 1-2 weeks after lead acid eye swelling, orbital or two slow cheek numbness and sensory discomfort, bad for eye health.
Crystal lens no UV protection. Brown Crystal glasses sold in street stalls or shops popular with middle-aged and elderly friend's affection. In their view, with the Crystal glasses are beautiful. In fact, Crystal glasses without any UV protection features should not be used as sunglasses.
Adult sunglasses for children should not wear
Dark and Interior please take off sunglasses
"All in all, selection of sunglasses, be sure to select a regular factory product to normal optical shop. “The eyes of children more vulnerable than adults and more stands up to UV rays, and outdoor activities, especially bearing in mind that eye. But children should not use adult sunglasses; regular factory production should be selected to professional optical shop of children's sunglasses, which will guarantee its quality and safety.
When using sunglasses, in addition to attention to hand pick wear, preventing deformation of frame effects, lens scratches and avoid friction, but also pay special attention to wear sunglasses must occasion, location, do not always wear. Cloudy, dark, and in-room, there is no need to wear sunglasses. Some people regardless of occasion, location, regardless of sunlight, strong or weak, in the dusk, evening, or even wearing tiffany and co outlet sunglasses when watching movies, TV, and this will inevitably increase the burden of eye, caused by eye muscle tension, fatigue, vision loss, depending on the blur, or even does not apply, such as dizziness, glaucoma patients also aggravated his condition, has to be extra careful.

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Sunglasses "colored" see the world
Article publié le 02/05/2014

Red, green, blue, yellow, square, round, pointed, blunt, the Sun came out, Sunglasses have changed the pattern of women and men on the Street Bridge, her nose into a stylish stage outside the body. Shop Street, glasses, jewelry shops, a wide variety of Cheap Oakleys Frogskins Sunglasses Outlet sunglasses jumped into the lead, contests, but also confusing.
New sunglasses this year highlight the exaggeration of color profiles. Month, Horizon Blue, light green, jade-like stone powder, vivid colors, dazzling in a gorgeous summer day. Micro-cut square, corner frames demonstrated ugliest uncommon character, Pearl box, color box purchase hotspot. The lens is also a change from previous years of fine lines, revealing the full beauty of publicity, curved arc design, so the glasses more in line contours of the face, wearing them more docile.Some lenses are also exaggerated beyond basic face shapes, windscreen-like styling gives reason for enough people to play it cool.
Perfect subdivision
Watch face
With sunglasses, to some extent, "improved" face.
Fat round face frame's thick glasses, if you select the frame lines soft slim sunglasses, will "Spice it up" to face glow even more. Lenses should also be selected with the dark, there are "tightening" face of Visual effects.
Slender face shape should take the next (vertical amplitude) over a wide, round glasses to compensate for the long face "defects". Slender face shape will inevitably less "soft", wish to choose pink or red wine glasses, Spectacle frame design in glasses below the lens, side lengths, face to "fix".
Face up or down to choose a narrow vertical narrow horizontal wide square frame sunglasses lens color solid Brown is preferred.
Fine frames or rimless glasses suitable for small faces, and lens color extraction of pale pink or purple, can get the general effect.
See the nose
Nose is the only vertical facial lines, emphasize the line, can enhance the face of icing on the cake. Nose short people should pick eyeglass frames fitting at the top of Discount Oakleys Flak Jacket Sunglasses Cheap sunglasses, sunglasses that instead you should select the connector on the bottom, effectively "shorten" the length of the nose. Eyeglass frames fitting sunglasses, the same for large nose of the person, if the framework does not touch the nose, and the frame itself smaller sunglasses are better.
The eyes
Eyes in different locations in the lens will give a different impression. In General, the eye position upwards, goofing off lethargy; downwards you feel funny. Imagine glasses horizontal split eyes "demarcation line" slightly above the location is the best, Eye position adjustment by spectacle and eyeglass nose pads.
Eyebrow effect on facial appearance important eyebrows with the sunglasses frame that align to the top, slightly higher than the ideal framework. Upturned eyebrow, eyebrows natural sunglasses frames could not be reached, brows must work with the framework. Do not select the frame upwards of sunglasses, or you will inevitably receive a "cut" and "cutting" sense of funny, you must choose frame straight sunglasses.
In short, eyebrows and spectacles between frames is not a "blank", irrelevant, or feels very natural. Bushy eyebrows people should choose a thin frame or frameless sunglasses, or you'll weaken the impression of eyebrows. Conversely, thick frame tiffany and co outlet sunglasses perfect eyebrows pale, slender people.

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Four types of eye disease should not wear sunglasses
Article publié le 01/05/2014

Glaucoma bring great harm to the patient, and therefore should actively care prevention, in fact, there are four categories of patients with eye diseases and should not wear Discount Oakleys Flak Jacket Sunglasses Cheap sunglasses, the following detailed description for everyone which four eye.
Which four eyes should not wear sunglasses?
The first glaucoma patients. Glaucoma is due to humor circulation disorders, increased intraocular pressure, optic nerve atrophy, visual field defects caused. If you wear sunglasses, patients will decrease because of the light, mydriasis, increased intraocular humor circulation obstacles to the already high intraocular pressure is further increased, leading to disease progression, and even cause blindness.
The second category is neuroretinitis patients. Patients wearing sunglasses exacerbate the optic nerve conduction disorders, rehabilitation disadvantage.
The third category is color blindness. Achromatopsia by wearing sunglasses does not matter. But some Semanghuanzhe, they only lack the ability to distinguish several colors, color vision if wearing sunglasses makes it more difficult.
The fourth category is night blindness patients. Because of their long-term intake of vitamin A deficiency, the body involved in the dark retinal visual response is not effectively supplement, so in dim light, the patient's vision will be affected, tiffany and co outlet sunglasses for them is not appropriate.
Ordinary consumers when choosing sunglasses should not be too deep color, the color is too deep because the human eye will not see anything and mydriasis susceptible to angle-closure glaucoma attack, reduce the human eye 's ability to distinguish color external objects, deepen myopia and so on. Determining the depth of sunglasses, we might try to look in the mirror after wearing sunglasses, could see their pupils regarded than the standard lens color lens colors.
When selecting lens color, patients with macular degeneration or retinal hemorrhage Do not use blue and purple lenses, this lens can block glare because of retinal damage, and will narrow the field of vision. Light gray lenses have to reduce fatigue, relieve eyes role, a more appropriate eye more white-collar workers and students.

Poor vision or amblyopia wearing yellow lenses can improve the sensitivity of visual cells. The color-blind or color weakness if the patient wearing a reddish Cheap Oakleys Frogskins Sunglasses Outlet lenses can increase the contrast of red and green.

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Careful with sunglasses to protect eyesight
Article publié le 29/04/2014

Sunglasses, has now become the symbol of the trend, with Sun glasses has been a mark of a star, so the trend of many fashionistas are preferred. Sales of sunglasses have a variety of prices in the market, but here a little note to remind people the main part, improper selection and wearing Discount Oakleys Flak Jacket Sunglasses Cheap sunglasses, can damage your eyes, strain your eyes.
Abuse stir up trouble
Have you ever heard of "solar mirror syndrome?" it does exist, and often appear in some fashion-conscious young people. Sunglasses 1-2 weeks in a row, between eyes or cheeks skin symptoms such as numbness, sensory retardation can occur, have nasal discomfort in breathing, just as if you had a cold, and some people will think there is a bug crawling on face, eyes and acid expansion. This is because they frequently wear big glasses, thick, heavy weight ' glasses '.
In addition, some people like to wear sunglasses, regardless of time or place, outdoors or indoors, even at dusk, watching movies, watching television are wearing it, it would increase the burden of the eye, causing a muscle tension, depending on the blur, severe symptoms including dizziness, not long as are to be found. These symptoms are caused by abuse of sunglasses. To choose a good pair of glasses, apart from the Sunglass styles, but following three details cannot be ignored.
1. UV logo
Primary function of anti-UV sunglasses, Sunglass lenses have on the packaging or "100% UV" and "UV400", "ultraviolet" logo. If not block UV rays is wearing poor-quality sunglasses, into the eyes of more UV than when you are not wearing tiffany and co outlet sunglasses, are more likely to cause eye damage, a long time can cause cataracts, eye pain, corneal edema, corneal epithelium occurs symptoms such as shedding. Regular glasses shops generally have the ability to detect sunglasses UV protection instrument, can detect your choice is correct. Street stalls, hawker of spectacles that did not meet the quality standard, it is best not to buy.
2. selection of gray, Brown, and green lenses
Lens color is distorted color choices should be based on the surrounding environment, object edge clear, can effectively identify the principle of different colored lights, Lenses of better color in gray, Brown, green, because these colors lenses for infrared, ultraviolet absorption better.
3. the medium-depth lens
In General, the stronger the lens darker shading effect, but it doesn't mean that the stronger the UV-resistant capacity of, sunglasses, UV protection features and lens materials, processes, and other factors. Lenses at medium depth are good, of course, if you require lighting effect is very strong, you should choose the darker Cheap Oakleys Frogskins Sunglasses Outlet lens. Bike or motorists who cannot choose the lens color is too dark, it will be hard to identify the traffic signal colors.

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