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Correct use of contact lenses
Article publié le 10/11/2014

1. wear contact lenses to fix the nails cut short and smooth, pick wear Cheap Mac Cosmetics Makeup wholesale Outlet lenses at a time to think carefully before you wash your hands, wash hands not touching other things;

2. Took off his thick spectacles; strictly distinguish between the left and right lenses, respectively, into the left and right mirror box immersion lenses;

3. The solution after opening unused within the period stipulated, should be discarded, replace with new solutions;

4. Mirror box should be removed periodically (3 month), weekly nursing care use a soft bristle brush and liquid cleaning a mirror box;

5. After wearing Fake Oakleys Frogskins Sunglasses Cheap for Sale makeup first took off lens Remover;

6. The immersion lens care solution, be sure to walk out, do not reuse;

7. Wear contact lenses do not drop any eye drops (except eye run);

8. Do not wear ordinary daily wear lenses for the night;

9. do not advocate using tweezers, mirror, oscillators and other accessibility tools to clean the lenses, because can cause lens small, even invisible damage and pollution;

10. The mirror to observe own eyes, if eyes don't force wearers such as congestion, secretions increase;

11. When the lens sticking together, not rip to avoid damaging the lens, lenses should be placed a few drops in the Palm of the solution, gently rub;

12. If the grains of the eye do not rub, lenses should be removed as soon as possible, the Tiffany and Co Outlet lenses are cleaned, disinfected and then wear it.

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Outdoor sunglasses
Article publié le 09/11/2014

The arrival of summer, everything seems to be enveloped by the glaring light of day, for outside of Alice for a long time, this is not only uncomfortable, more prejudice to see the sights. If you do some activities such as rafting, sand car, bicycle, then you has to put on a pair of sports Fake Oakleys Frogskins Sunglasses Cheap for Sale glasses.

But how to choose suitable outdoor Sun glasses, a lot of people are not very clear, often by feel, follow the crowd. Reporters in consultation with professionals, combined with information on the professional sites, you can give some references.

Best anti UVA and UVB

From a professional point of view, in the selection of sports glasses, when we should focus on the lens function. Because different lenses filter the light differently, which can be suited to different environment. Dark than light lenses are better, and can effectively isolate ultraviolet light with increased UV index. For example, purple lenses can reduce the visible eye level does not affect vision clarity. Cycling eyewear lenses can be purple, and is suitable for long wear. Grey lens that offers the best color perception, experts recommend type. And the yellow lenses, can enhance contrast fog days, it is recommended that when driving, do not wear. Yellow green and purple gradient lenses can effectively filter the blue light of the gilded mercury, enhance the contrast of the sky and the ground, so Golf Tiffany and Co Outlet glasses with yellow-green and purple lenses, making ball more defined in the view. Every day the Sun is constantly emitting ultraviolet, visible light, infra-red, the three light, if there is no appropriate eyewear protection, each of which would inflict serious damage to the eyes and affect. Choose a suitable exercise requires sunglasses, color is very important. In addition, best buy anti UVA and UVB radiation-proof glasses.

On the selection of sports glasses, everyone is different strokes for different folks, different faces on the frames of different shapes have different requirements. Here's a simple and easy to remember tips, namely, the principle of complementarity formula--round face shape, square face ellipse selection. Specific operation is equipped with a square face large Aviator-style glasses (commonly known as "blue"), can modify the prominent jaw lines; round face frame slightly coarse blending, lens color is cool, dark glasses and shrinking face Visual effects. Long face you should choose oval or curved lenses, slender proportions, gives a sense of unity on the vision, cat eye frames are the best choice; the joker is face, cheap oakleys sunglasses for all shapes; small faces fine for frames or rimless glasses, choose the elegant glass may have unexpected results.

Frame selection should be soft and elastic, resistant to impact, security face injury during exercise. Veneer design makes eyes were glued to the frame edge of the frame to prevent fast moving winds in stimulation of the eyes.

"Glasses" should be selected prescription sunglasses

Near-sighted's Alice and outdoor enthusiasts will of course have to choose their own degrees of myopia eyes sport spectacles, they not only have the General performance of glasses, but also used PC materials can impact resistant surface, such myopia friends can also enjoy the fun outdoor sports.

For more advanced climbers, even heat, snow remained on the mountain is very easy to damage the eyes to ultraviolet light, reflected light of 4000 meters above the snow line well over the sea with the naked eye is very easy to damage the retina, causing "snow blindness" caused untold suffering, sunglasses can reduce this damage. Sometimes, people can be fooled by cloudy weather, because UV rays can penetrate clouds, bright lights can cause headaches, and outdoor sports glasses can exceed 95% filter effects.

Used outdoor glasses, try to take some protective measures to prolong the service life. For example, avoid contact with perfumes, insecticides, chemical goods, to avoid chemical corrosion for lenses, frames, and better protect your glasses; please send your sports glasses wipe after use, keep mount glasses bags, not placed in the hard or sharp objects, so as not to scratch your lenses or topcoat. Note in particular that, when cleaning, and water glasses use Cheap Mac Cosmetics Makeup wholesale Outlet polarized lenses cannot be used ultrasonic cleaning, so as not to damage the polarizing effect.

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Three color-matching errors
Article publié le 06/11/2014

Colored contact Tiffany and Co Outlet lenses has swept the world, become irresistible fashion trend, consumer awareness of the lenses remain blind. In view of this, Johnson School of Optometry Ms Ophthalmology Dr Tien Hsin made it clear that matching the three common mistakes of color contact lenses, called for consumers to match the quality of color contact lenses.

Security error: wear eye there is no foreign body sensation; these expert reviews of color contact lenses are safe: "this is the most common mistakes consumers! According to the relevant Central Department entitled the report on color contact lenses safety, even though eye damage at the point of needing treatment or stop wearing contact lenses, and eye pain and other symptoms may not occur? When advised consumers to buy color Cheap Mac Cosmetics Makeup wholesale Outlet contact lenses, selecting lenses really wrapped sandwich technology of pigments, pay attention to moisture, oxygen permeability, UV and other health standards.

Security myth: colored contact lenses belong to the cosmetics category, feel free to purchase. Experts commented: "not cosmetic color contact lenses! food and drug supervision departments have already clearly colored contact lenses would be a class III medical device, the wearer should have relevant certificate store to buy big brands, normal color contact lenses.

Security myth three: color contact lenses on the market using pigmented coating technology, so are health and safety does not hurt the eyes of experts commented: "not all color contact lenses Fake Oakleys Frogskins Sunglasses Cheap for Sale are safe and not hurt the eyes. Both at home and abroad have started to conduct a number of experiments for color contact lenses, identifying the quality and safety of all brands of lenses.

United States well-known magazine published an article was tested 7 different lenses on the market distribution of pigment, showed some of the color pigment is exposed at the surface. Ann Johnson used a real sandwich technology, color pigments of caught in the middle of the lens material, found no pigment on the surface. Japan's report also noted that related departments, tests confirmed that some brands claim that their product is pigment coating technology, but actually failed to do so. United Kingdom Association has released, titled report of the microbial adhesion of colored contact lenses, pointed out that the color on the surface of pigments leading to significantly higher bacterial adhesion. confirmed Johnson as the beautiful "sandwich technique" will be true isolation of pigment in the Middle cheap oakleys lens, can be done with transparency is difficult to stick like throwing bacteria.

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Choose sunglasses while driving
Article publié le 05/11/2014

In the summer, wearing Fake Oakleys Frogskins Sunglasses Cheap for Sale sunglasses and drive to proliferate. Eye specialists said, sunglasses can to some extent reduce the effects of sunlight on sight, but due to the current quality sunglasses, plus driving there is a certain risk choosing sunglasses should be cautious, to a regular store to purchase. If casually on the street to buy a pair of glasses to drive, may be storing security risks for the drive.

Use mask a more reasonable

Experts, if you use the mask above the seat sunlight glare problem can be solved, it is generally not recommended to use sunglasses. Quality sunglasses can reduce the light effects on the human eye, but eyesight will more or less have an impact. Driving as a risky behavior, environmental miscalculation easily leads to accidents. If you really want to use when driving Cheap Mac Cosmetics Makeup wholesale Outlet sunglasses, should preferably in their daily walk, get into the habit of wearing sunglasses to walk or work status. Need to be reminded that if you usually do not wear Sun glasses, don't put it in the car alone.

Sunglasses should not be selected blue lens

Eye experts warn consumers not to buy "blue light" sunglasses, glasses not filter UV rays. In the sunglasses of choice, try to choose a dark brown or gray. Drivers choose to wear sunglasses, safety should be the priority. Wearing something comfortable is the most important indicator. It is worth reminding that, wearing dark sunglasses, will give the eye creating a very dark background, easily lead to pupil dilation, long-term wear can cause some damage to the eyes.

Optometrist reminder, wearing sunglasses while driving cannot be selected, such as pink, purple and blue decorations adorn the effect sunglasses, these colors not apply eye protection glasses and, in addition, may also change color and color difference. In General, the drive should be wearing Tan and gray Tiffany and Co Necklace Jewelry Outlet Store glasses. Tinted lenses to filter a lot of Blu-ray

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Metal lace fashion ladies sunglasses
Article publié le 01/11/2014
With Tiffany and Co Necklace Jewelry Outlet Store sunglasses, a growing number of fashion elements, but spends more of how do you pick to suit your style like? Just take a look at the current period net love a pretty nice selection of several Metal lace fashion ladies sunglasses! Let your cutesy charm more women at Yo! Vintage lace sunglasses This retro metallic lace women's sunglasses, exclusive chic and elegant lace design, sophisticated and elegant, European interpretation of the romantic style. 、 Big box lace sunglasses Metal lace fashion ladies sunglasses, designed using specially selected fashion big box type, combined with rich color combinations of lace and create romantic, leisure and comfortable atmosphere. Europe and the metallic lace Fake Oakleys Frogskins Sunglasses Cheap for Sale sunglasses Most European and American style of metallic lace women's sunglasses, lace adds solid metal frames with flower embellishment, feminine yet! Metallic lace sunglasses This Metal lace fashion ladies sunglasses with high wind playing in Europe and America, can take out both hip-hop and interpretation of the feminine, absolutely wild! Lace round sunglasses Big round frame Cheap Mac Cosmetics Makeup wholesale Outlet sunglasses, but a popular one this year! Metal color lace frames, wear it, makes you more damp and full flavor.
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