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Carpenter's glasses
Article publié le 08/04/2014

More than half a century ago, precisely, is the spring of 1945, in the United States, an ethnic Chinese carpenters diligently doing their own work. One day, the carpenters are rushing to do a number of crates that is the local church to hold clothes shipped to China to help orphans. Finish on the way home, Carpenter reached into his shirt pocket to touch his Discount Oakleys Flak Jacket Sunglasses Cheap glasses, suddenly found his glasses were gone.
Carpenter emergency leads to sweating, this day in my mind done enough filtered it again, finally realized when he wasn't looking, glasses from slipping out of his shirt pocket, and he is anxious and angry and helpless.
United States undergoing economic depression, Carpenter to feed 6 kids, life is very tight, and that pair of glasses that he spent $ 20 just bought that morning.
Carpenter hurt to buy a pair of glasses to: "it's not fair.” On the way home, the man, kept muttering.
Six months later, the Sino-Japanese War victory. Dean orphanage-a United States missionary, back to the United States on leave and paid a visit to Carpenter, the Chicago area where the small chapel.
Missionaries began to speak, warmly thank those people who aid orphans.
"Last", he aggravated tone said, "I must thanks last year you gave I of that Deputy tiffany and co outlet glasses, everyone knows, Japanese raids has orphans homes, destroyed has all of things, including I of glasses, I then almost despair has, even I rich, in then also can't again enjoy a Deputy glasses, due to eyes see not clearly, I began every day headache, I and I of colleagues every day prayer with can has a Deputy glasses appeared. Then, your boxes arrived on. When my colleagues and I opened the lid, they found a pair of glasses lying on those clothes. ”
"Ladies and gentlemen, when I wear glasses, I found that it is tailor-made for me! My world suddenly clear head and the pain went away, I want to thank you, you did it all for me! ”
Look, as a pair of magic glasses and rejoice, but they also think the missionaries must have made a mistake, we are not sending him a pair of glasses--relief supplies on the list, no glasses at all.
Only one person knows it's all about, he stood quietly in the back seat, his face covered with tears. All of us, only he knows, is how to create a miracle of God.
"Is God borrowed my Cheap Oakleys Frogskins Sunglasses Outlet glasses as a gift to those who he believes to be most in need".
He silently grateful tears wet his praying hands.

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Kinds of goggles
Article publié le 07/04/2014

Avoid radiation cause injury or damage to the eyes, and the most effective and the most commonly used method is wearing Discount Oakleys Flak Jacket Sunglasses Cheap glasses. So-called safety glasses is a filter, you can change the light intensity and spectrum. This kind of glasses fall into two major categories, one for the absorption, and the reflective, the former is most often.
This kind of glasses can absorb some wavelengths of light, and the other wavelength light to pass through, so there is a certain color, the color of the light color. Such lenses at the time of manufacture, and in the general optical-quality glass in the recipe to join the metal oxides, such as iron, drill, chromium, strontium, nickel and manganese, as well as some rare earth metal oxide such as and neodymium, and so on. These metal oxides can make the glass of the light in a band of the electromagnetic wave as a selective absorption, such as the oxidation of the iron to absorb ultraviolet light. With this type of glass lenses can reduce some wavelengths through the lens is to reduce or prevent lenses cause injury. Different colors of the protective lens can absorb different colors of light, and the following are brief introduction of type safety glasses.
A, absorption, optical filters
1, sunglasses
visible through the rate of about 20 per cent of UV and IR absorption is better. The light green, neutral colors and are well-appointed, light tea, and many of the colors used to create shade and snow work safety Tiffany and Co Key Necklace Jewelry Outlet glasses. The light gray lens the color of the identified minimum impact; Light tea glasses to the sky looks dark and the green light through; Light Green Lens with red light through a reduction.
2, gas welding used eye glasses
This mirrors the coloring agents are mainly aluminum oxide, carbon dioxide, cobalt, yellow green, and be able to fully absorb 500 urn THE FOLLOWING wavelengths of light waves, visible through the rate below 1 per cent, there can be only a few infrared, This kind of glasses for welding operations when welding.
3, welding used eye glasses
Welding the UV, the eye-catching short exposure can cause cornea and membrane tissue damage (to 28 nm optical most serious). The strong infrared is very prone to eye lens opacities. Welding electrodes with goggles can be a very good blocking the infrared and UV light. Such lenses to optical-quality glass, aluminum oxide, and carbon dioxide cobalt and oxidized Chrome-Vanadium, coloring agents, and also to join a certain amount of carbon dioxide will increase to the ultraviolet absorption. The appearance is green or yellow and green. Can all block ultraviolet light, infrared light through Rate < 5%, visible through rate of about 0.1 per cent.
The front coated glasses, had been introduced, the lens surface coating on a greater refractive index than lens itself reflects high rates of material coating, it will increase the light reflection, reduce the light through the intensity, so that you can protect your eyes from bright light and harmful rays. Practical Work in life, and it is absorbed, and reflective work together, using the colored lenses, re-plated one storey reflector, the filter role more, such as welding, arc welding, plasma cutting, and operator with the Cheap Oakleys Frogskins Sunglasses Outlet glasses, you can use this method.

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Lens classification
Article publié le 05/04/2014

Some more Tiffany and Co Key Necklace Jewelry Outlet lenses including the following species:
1, glass lens
Glass lenses have characteristics of the lenses more scratch-resistant than other materials, but also relative to their weight Sunk its relatively high refractive index: 1.523 ordinary tablets, ultra-thin: 1.72 per cent, up to a maximum of 2.0.
2, polymer resin lenses
Polymer resin lens lighter than glass lenses, impact resistance is not easy to break, but because of its low hardness, scratch more easily than glass.
3, PC lens
There is also a material more impact-resistant than the polymer resin, often used in aeronautical equipment, transparent Windows, police on the mask, and an astronaut helmet mask, its only about glass one-tenth weight, compared with traditional plastic lenses are only half the weight.
General PC lenses require plus the anti-scraping after the protective film, will be enough to get better at the using time, mostly for children's eyeglasses, eye shields or athletes. PC lens also has an important feature, namely PC lenses with isolated from harmful UV effects, but its shortcomings are also easy to scratch the surface.
4, bifocal lenses
Bifocal lenses can also correct both far and near Visual acuity, mainly for the presbyopia correction needed. General distribution of bifocal lenses: the upper part of the lens to see from a distance, lower the lenses used to watch a little closer, Fan Wei's size, depending on the nature of the work used to order it.
Highest chances of generally flat-topped two-light is used, they only have a small area at the bottom of the lens to use as closer, lens around to upper to gaze far away and provide a good peripheral vision. Traditional of double light Cheap Oakleys Frogskins Sunglasses Outlet lenses for line double light of lenses, lenses by middle is divided into upper and lower two Department copies, is lenses of half following all as near points distance by with, they provides comparison good of wide of near points vision, for more long time Yu near points workers has more better of effect, architects, accountants, artist and other work nature phase near who, this species lenses can reduced head swing of opportunities. Bifocal lenses can also be used; people who only read the correction needed to close, but a little closer to work but could not place the glasses down.
5, three focus lenses
For people who need to distance vision (usually about 18 inches to six feet), far and near, three-focus lens can be used to meet such needs, people who work in front of the computer or cash register, this distance vision particularly in demand, such lenses can meet the vision requirements of his work.
These lenses of correction effect is contains multiple range, different of is in each a different distance of Discount Oakleys Flak Jacket Sunglasses Cheap lenses its line not obviously, these more focus lenses of line, may needs in is near of Department, only can see get or through hand of touch only can feels to, but, dang using who in conversion by near to distance Shi, eyes still will has feels to is big of suddenly changes.

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Select sunglasses to see more
Article publié le 04/04/2014

When the sun gradually glares Discount Oakleys Flak Jacket Sunglasses Cheap sunglasses market also began to “hot up". Broadside big box, vintage fly-eye, smooth lines...... a variety of design allows the beauty of the girls pick dazzled, but they tend to focus only on the style at the time of purchase, the frame and lens color, but ignored the poor quality sunglasses possible harm to the eyes.

Some informal shops selling sunglasses, although looks very beautiful, but there are ripples on the poor quality of the lens, this lens wear long easily produce dizziness, vomiting and other symptoms, the greater the damage to the eyes.

Although some of the lens material with the naked eye to see that a glass or resin, but is not detected by the specialized equipment, do not know the quality is used as sunglasses, optical glass and optical plastic light transmission, wear resistance pressure, surface tension, anti-ultraviolet function were ordinary glass and resin are worlds apart.

So it looks similar glasses, the actual quality may vary. When buying Tiffany and Co Key Necklace Jewelry Outlet sunglasses, should choose reputable large stores and optical shops.

In selected a style, the most important thing is to check the lens, because it directly affects the quality of glasses. There is a small trick to judge the quality of the lens, the lens is placed in front of about a foot away, watching through the center of a fixed items, and then gently move up and down. If it is plain mirror, objects should not move, if the object is moving along with the lens or distorted, the lens is not flat, there are convex, so definitely not buy sunglasses.

Summer has the best selection of UV protection sunglasses. For specific UV filtering effect, we should note that UV index tag on the glasses. Currently, most sunglasses, UV index between 96% to 98%, dark colored lenses lens effect is better than that.

Sunglasses quite popular this year, " jump" colors orange, yellow, grass green, etc., but cannot be colored lenses block UV, visible light absorption color only affects the performance of it. The more vivid the color, the greater the impact on the pupil, if not fully block UV lenses, eye the damage is even greater.

Experts pointed out that for myopia, wearing contact lenses and eye disease and other potentially visually impaired people, the best choice to go to hospital or Cheap Oakleys Frogskins Sunglasses Outlet sunglasses glasses high reputation Center, and professional optometrists prescribe prescription choice.

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Why are there lobes sunglasses
Article publié le 03/04/2014

In past of a years, many glasses factory including medium factory, are different degree to occurred had Sun mirror "splinter" phenomenon, to factory caused of immeasurable of loss, loss amount less who tens of thousands of, more of do up hundreds of thousands of, into mirror factory complained is lenses quality problem, and Tiffany and Co Key Necklace Jewelry Outlet lenses factory think into mirror factory itself also has problem, what is who of problem, actually does not important has, important of is find causes, for, combines in glasses industry years practitioners experience, on think comparison key of technology for analysis, hopes find problem of crux.
Frames bent is the key
Sunglasses camber usually consists of 600, 800, 1000, Bender bending and bending, most exports of sunglasses were 800, 1000 bending and bending, allowing the larger picture frame making the more difficult. Metal frame forming usually has automatically forming and manually around silk two species, Sun mirror frame forming main is first manual around silk again pressure bent of way, this on on pressure bent mold of precision has demanding, pressure bent mold and by mold manufacturers provides, glasses factory must on pressure bent mold precision repeatedly test, validation its whether meet products production technology, and quality standard of requires, this links to shut important, slightly accidentally, not only will effects products quality, and also will led to "burst tablets" phenomenon. Injection in addition to mold requires high precision, but also closely related to the injection temperature, pressure, time. Plate frames make is like that. Usually, after some changes in curvature eyeglass frames.
Frame welded can not be ignored
Sunglasses not only in terms of curvature than common optical glasses and sunglasses represent a trendy, popular style thousand odd hundred odd, such as Cheap Oakleys Frogskins Sunglasses Outlet, the bottom line is the more popular sunglasses, this class too Tin mirror frames, glasses and other more particular about welding is required. First of all, to make a jig before the welding, horizontal curvature of the fixture to match the frame camber must undergo testing, first to confirm before production, in production, often inspects the quality of products. Secondly, prolonged high temperatures, the jig will be distorted; precision needed to confirm the rear can be used. However, in actual production, because for various reasons, such as busy, ignore the detail control, and ultimately affect the Assembly quality sunglasses or even batch "blast".
Welding quality is not only this, both closely related to surface treatment of metallic glasses, the imprint left by welding, mainly through polishing, polishing can trigger frame deformation, thus affecting the effect of lens Assembly, is caused by a "blast", so during the soldering process, skills requirements to operators, types of welding wire, welding pool must be strictly controlled.
Surface treatment problems
Assembly direct impact on the final quality
Of course, even if the above links are in place, there is no guarantee that does not happen, "stroke" and "explosion" phenomenon, the lens quality is the determining factor. Frames like the body, is the face of the lens without the face, the body would have no meaning in existence, lens sunglasses at its core. Judgement of the quality of the lens, the main performance indicators must be delivered through instruments to detect the results, but does it splinter, current standards are not provided but can be judged by comparing the thickness of the lens surface strengthening layers. If the lens surface strengthened layer is too thick lenses hardness wear-resistant, but less toughness, easy splinter; strengthening layer is too thin, hardness, small easy to wear, but toughness is better, less likely to splinter. In addition, lenses, injection molding of raw materials all affect the quality of the lens.
To sum up, Discount Oakleys Flak Jacket Sunglasses Cheap glasses business only by constantly improving the quality of workers, improve processes, improve internal management, in order to minimize or avoid the "splinter".

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