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Scientific wear contact lenses
Article publié le 31/03/2014

Many people on the existence of errors in the habit of wearing Tiffany and Co Key Necklace Jewelry Outlet contact lenses and care process :

Myth: Do not check before glasses

Survey shows that patients with myopia glasses 48% not before an eye exam, 49% more than a year before doing an eye exam. Experts pointed out that the purchase of contact lenses should go to a regular hospital, optician, eye examination by professionals, professional eye examination can detect whether the wearer has the potential eye disease, screening should not wear contact lenses contraindications patients.

Myth: lens care is a bubble in the lens care solution

In lens care, the survey noted that 13% of contact lens users do not wash or rub off the lens after lens. Rubbing can be more clearly removed the lens attached to the fat and protein to maintain good ventilation function of the lens. Although many domestic care solution are that rub-free, but do not mean to take off his glasses lens care solution directly into the box, but use care solution powerful rinse, then put the mirror box shaking and soaked, thus completing the nursing process.

Myth: Ignore lens life

The survey found that 37% of users use lenses longer than the period of use guide. Life of the lens should strictly comply with the manufacturer's guidance lifetime. If more than the period of use, the Cheap Oakleys Frogskins Sunglasses Outlet lens may be difficult to distinguish the naked eye damage, while the lens will precipitate, which affect eye health.

Myth: Short sleep does not have to pick a mirror

The survey also showed that 37 percent of consumers will be wearing glasses nap; 19% of people will be wearing glasses overnight. This is serious damage to the eye health of error approach, because the contact lens material (except marked " shaped continuous wear contact lenses”) oxygen permeability cannot meet the basic needs of the cornea during sleep for oxygen. Wearing glasses overnight or nap can cause corneal hypoxia, resulting in varying degrees of corneal damage, but also causes the lens surface moisture loss, and even dangerous adhesion of corneal lenses.

Our traditional thinking, the eyes do not enter a volume of sand, but now we are able to accommodate into the eyes of the lens. Yung into the lens, we should recognize that it is scientific and reasonable and can be worn correctly, both to let our eyes can see the world more clearly, Discount Oakleys Flak Jacket Sunglasses Cheap but also make our eyes more healthy.

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How to care for glasses
Article publié le 27/03/2014

1, the rotation method: If it is a temporary place Cheap Oakleys Frogskins Sunglasses Outlet glasses, set of glasses convex upward. If placed downward convex glasses, the lenses will wear flowers.

2, wipe the lens: Use a clean dedicated lens cleaning cloth, wipe the attention sure to hold the mirror hand side of the frame edge wire and gently wipe the lens. Avoid overexertion injuries caused by frame or lens.

3, wearing glasses Abstract: Hold with both hands on both sides of the temple Abstract cheek along a direction parallel to wear. If you pick to wear with one hand around the frame will destroy the balance and cause deformation.

4, the left side of the folding frame should begin: Most of the frames are from left temple begun folding design, so if the first off right temple, it is likely to cause deformation of the frame.

5, when James Gray lens or dirt: easy to wear flowers dry rub lens is recommended after dry paper towel and then rinse water with special glasses cloth. When the lens is dirty, it is recommended to use low concentrations of a mild detergent, then rinse dry.

6 please use the glasses case: when not wearing glasses, use glasses cloth into the glasses case. When you save Avoid contact with insect repellent, toilet articles, cosmetics, hair sprays, medicines and other corrosive materials, otherwise it will cause the lens, frames degradation, deterioration, and discoloration.

7, when the glasses deformed: Frame deformed nose or ears will burden the lens is also easy to lose. Recommend regular adjustments to shaping specialty.

8, do not use during intense exercise: resin Discount Oakleys Flak Jacket Sunglasses Cheap lenses have a strong impact may have broken easily because eye and facial injuries, it is recommended not to use during intense exercise.

9 Do not use lens wear flowers: It is recommended not to use the lens case has occurred scratches, stains, cracks, etc., otherwis

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Read the 4 face of perfect glasses
Article publié le 22/03/2014

Glasses can't help properly shielded black eye, if you choose the right cosmetic face very well, for greater coherence in the overall effect. Each faces different, popular and trendy designs may not work for you, with the Discount Oakleys Flak Jacket Sunglasses Cheap sunglasses to suit your face shape is King!
Diamond-shaped face and glasses
Johnny Depp
Diamond shaped face is characterized by high cheekbones, narrow forehead and pointed chin, Such an angular face, best for circular and oval glasses, easing more rigid lines on their faces. Collar under a sleek pair of glasses is well able to make up for a sharp, short which defects. Circle lenses can be, but there is a security code, with the total face width is appropriate.
Long face and glasses
Woody Allen
Faces a long oblong face, the framework should cover the face as much as possible and choose bold box frame in order to reduce the long face impression, This face shape to avoid picking face similar lenses, such as narrow or thin glasses. Angular or geometric shapes that you can choose a pair of glasses to match your own face, which seems to have a spiritual temperament, highlighting men's virility.
Most suitable glasses: Butterfly-shaped Cheap Oakleys Frogskins Sunglasses Outlet frames.
Square face and glasses
Kenneth Branagh
People square face cheeks wide, face shorter looks strong, gentle facial lines, choose the slightly curved frame to make the face look more gentle, ease the cheeks are too wide. And should select a slightly thicker than face frames, so that will make the face look a little on the small side. Such a face is not suitable for wearing glasses with more edges, fit within the selection box smaller lenses long oval or rectangular style glasses make themselves look more rounded.
Most suitable glasses: small and narrow oval picture frame.
Round face and glasses
Justin Timberlake
Round f

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Careful when buy sunglasses
Article publié le 21/03/2014

Summer arrived, many fashion people, and always wears Cheap Oakleys Frogskins Sunglasses Outlet sunglasses. But now in addition to the optical shop, many jewelry stores and even the street-side stalls sunglasses on sale, many glasses, stylish, very eye-catching, some consumers will buy worn casually. Inferior sunglasses not only fail to protect the eyes, causing serious injury to the eyes, and people must be careful when you buy sunglasses.
Inferior Sun glasses of several big harm: lenses surface if rugged, will raised depending on fatigue symptoms; Sun glasses UV transmission rate if not qualified, will in block visible of while, put UV leak past, so comes, people of pupil will because light dark and zoom, instead absorption has more UV; and longtime wearing not qualified of Sun mirror, also will raised daylight sexual keratitis, and corneal endothelial injury, and fundus macular degeneration, eye disease, driver wearing inferior Sun glasses, even will in Visual Shang produces chromatic aberration, Causing a traffic accident.
What about how to pick the right sunglasses? First to the regular store brand Tiffany and Co Key Necklace Jewelry Outlet Sun glasses, to ask businesses for invoices when buying for future legal rights. Purchase Shi, should select has anti-UV features, and has anti-impact performance of glasses, for products claimed of efficacy, to put label or description save good; pick Shi, should carefully check Sun mirror of lenses, observation above has no corrugated, and classified marks, and impurities, and bubble, and stripes, defects, because these defects is may will against eyes health; lenses color as select grey and Brown, try wearing Shi to around environment color losing really, and objects edge clear, can effective recognition different color lights for better.
In addition, children, closed-angle glaucoma, optic neuritis patients, people with color blindness and low vision patients with seruo, it is inappropriate to wear Discount Oakleys Flak Jacket Sunglasses Cheap sunglasses.

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Philosophy of the sunglasses
Article publié le 20/03/2014

Almost every time to see Karl Lagerfeld, he wears Discount Oakleys Flak Jacket Sunglasses Cheap sunglasses and, in his words, "sunglasses are like portable eye shadow, this looks more beautiful in the world through tinted glasses, each looking like 10 years younger. ”
In this fashion in the eyes of the Galeries Lafayette, and sunglasses are so important. Likened to sunglasses, eye shadows, only the philosophy of fashion gurus have glasses. Just because there is a dedicated fashion ideal fashion masters, sunglasses from a simple fashion accessory, became the year-round summer fashion symbol. Sunglasses fashion we must focus, gorgeous retro, classic Aviator design, OVERSIZE resin picture frames, jewelry, sunglasses, fashion sunglasses and so on a wide range of styles and colors are all popular keywords this season.
In a long, long time ago, only stars will be wearing gigantic Cheap Oakleys Frogskins Sunglasses Outlet sunglasses or quibble, in the street, or walk around, eyes sunglasses they soliciting pedestrians turn out to be philosophy, which has been popular ever since. Of course, the paparazzi needs to have an increasingly strong sense of discernment, because maybe the girl took off her oversized sunglasses may be just your girl next door. Without it, this day and age, everyone can borrow has been popular to private oversized plastic sunglasses to ever star addiction. Or if this is the true significance of popular, plastic frame covering half of his face, and let everyone enjoy the grandiose and personality from the 70 's of the last century, but also everyone has the feeling of being a star.
If you do not buy so-called fashion philosophy fashion gurus accounts, nor does it ignore the stars that quibble, philosophy, then do whatever, because sunshine into strong summer Tiffany and Co Key Necklace Jewelry Outlet sunglasses fashion sense, a more practical reason.

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