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Most take makeup black-rimmed glasses
Article publié le 18/02/2014

Think of it? Season four most pull the wind sister modeling, actually this looks a bit daft silly, like a big black-rimmed Cheap Oakleys Frogskins Sunglasses Outlet glasses Arale props! Today, the actress have a big black box shelves, but the wear effect, too finer lines of the face, far less is more cute little round face. The former looks somewhat smart sophisticated feel, while the latter is more like a pro and friendly girl next door.
The most loyal Arale glasses control: Britney britney
Britney britney mark the third time since the marriage began to become a low-key home together. She always appears cute sweet return. Britney recently fell in love with this "Arale money" oversized frame mirror, the mirror is convex effect, you can enlarge the eyes, though a bit funny, but it looks very innocent. Britney's possession particularly large, but the most authentic large round black frame, white as well as a variety of models and variations square section. It seems that Britney is to cos Ala Lei as a new career.
Different styles of glasses to bring people of different temperaments:
1 round black box is a school girl makeup Required
Former Hong Kong films to describe a girl and old-fashioned and boring, must be round black-rimmed glasses plus a large steel teeth, round black-rimmed glasses as nothing fundamental has student strength sister Queen modeling. But this season, the old-fashioned school girl look actress who has become a good heart, especially when you need makeup of the street, a pair of plain black box is definitely more than wearing a pair of round black super exaggerated even more seductive much.
Less fat just finished walking the lovely route kelly osbourne has been a very Ha this style, with strong American flavor retro outfit, she looks really much spectrum. But if she has dakota fanning such delicate little face, maybe better. After all, small round box with a little face will become more sophisticated, it really hit a generous cup face comics.
2 is a slim narrow frame necessary intellectual
Basically you can say this: If you want to install about ladies walking about intellectual route, then pick a thin, narrow black-rimmed Discount Oakleys Flak Jacket Sunglasses Cheap glasses are a must. Sharon stone like this, from the hair to the dress to smile to pose, are dedicated to excellent ladies put on the full range of children, coupled with a graceful live together were thin black frame on absolute intellectual beauty!
3. Wear no color broadside mirror obsolete
If time back ten years ago, wearing a pair of designer glasses frames wide, and then exposing the exaggerated logo, it definitely is a living sign of fashion icon. But today, this style has apparently no convincing, broad-brimmed glasses already not as recruit people to be seeing when you started out. Especially when the frame itself is nothing special, I get another broadside on eye-catching people feel even more insipid.
4 housewife who loves black frame oval mirror
More cups than the broadside mirror is oval black box, not quite sure what year style, very homely old-fashioned style, as if watching TV at home will be used for reading glasses.
5 essential influx of men bend shape small square black box
Actress who for different grade black-rimmed glasses, the actor who seems much more unified, counting up, it seems that only this square black-rimmed glasses, has been high in the chart actor preferences. Street beat photographed or stage show, cannot find more appropriate Tiffany and Co Bracelet Jewelry Outlet accessories, a pair of tidal flavor "black Small Square" will make modeling more flavor.

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According to face election Glasses
Article publié le 17/02/2014

Frame commensurate with the face shape: long shaped face dark frames Tiffany and Co Bracelet Jewelry Outlet sunglasses need to "reduce" brow line; short shaped face requires a transparent bottom frames to "improve" their brow line. An objective look at your chin and jaw, you will find the "line" is to select one of the important reference frame basis. To balance a person's face shape must follow the cheeks and jaw lines beginning with the bottom edge of the frame and tie. Otherwise, just as prominent a part of the lines of the face, cheeks appear more fat or thin feeling.
Rather long face shape: with a long face shape, and if they use a low temples (the middle of the pile head) frame, with dark edges, it will shorten the appearance of the effect of a long face, long shaped face full of personality, but the face Ministry longer wear glasses best coarse-framed glasses with striking as the first choice, so you can emphasize eye decoration and others to divert the attention of the length of the face. For long shaped face, if more pointed jaw line, matching a square of dark plate frames, there will be the effect of shortening the face shape a balanced appearance.
Face shape is shorter: In contrast with the face shape is longer, shorter face shape by wearing a transparent base or high-class composite pile head frame, which will be very long some cheeks. If fat face with a square jaw, matching the bottom of the box-shaped frame is transparent, it seems to lengthen the face, seems balanced. If the bottom edge of the frame is round, that will make the face more round.
Eyes asymmetry: If one eye than the other eye away from the center line, or two eye position varies, if coupled with an all-metal frames, even though it is already for two relatively balanced, however, Objectively, there may still be twisted to one side feeling. If instead of plastic sheet darker Discount Oakleys Flak Jacket Sunglasses Cheap frames, it will reduce the tilt sense.
Round face: round face, people often give gentle warm feeling, because it's best with a shorter face shape elongated glasses, plus the face shape rounded lines, it must be reconciled with a square frame to the overall sense. Round face plump cheeks and chin, you should select a polygon, square, etc. There outline style, avoid wearing round style, so as not to make the face look more round. Select the frame more suitable thick frame, pay special attention to the tight loose glasses to avoid the situation cheek "card" with.
Oval face: oval face shape is commonly referred to as an oval face, which is the standard face shape. Although this person unique faces shape, you can wear a variety of styles of glasses, however, is still a spectacle oval face shape can best bring out the beauty of this.
Square face: a square face people cheeks wide, short face, looks more strong stubborn. For soft facial lines, round glasses is the first choice, because it can ease too broad cheek. Because the face edges more obvious, so you should choose the angle isosceles small oval glasses to reconcile. Note that the frame should not be too thick, try to select the aspect ratio of the face shape design, so that seems to be a sense of her faces closely.
Flat face shape: choose darker frame and lens to show the outline of the face, will face more vivid; if your eyes are small: try to choose dark lenses can enhance the weight of the eye. Conversely, if your crush or handsome big eyes, wearing light-colored lenses can show charm; If your skin is dark side: Suitable for light-colored Cheap Oakleys Frogskins Sunglasses Outlet sunglasses, white, pink picture frame and lenses have to reconcile the role.

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Wearing contact lenses need to be cautious
Article publié le 16/02/2014

Contact lenses, as the name suggests, wonderful in "invisible." It has the functions of ordinary Discount Oakleys Flak Jacket Sunglasses Cheap glasses for vision correction, but also lifted the glasses for the inconvenience, so wear contact lenses have become a today's fashion. However, contact lenses are not for all those who need glasses are applicable and who do not wear contact lenses?
, Schoolchildren are in strong growth period, not yet shaped the visual axis of the eye, if premature or longer continuous wear contact lenses, corneal hypoxia and physiological easy to produce side effects such as metabolic disorders; lens cleaning and disinfection lax, it will secondary infection; lenses if paths are incompatible with the cornea, can also cause corneal abrasion, epithelial shedding, severe cases can lead to corneal ulceration or perforation. Accordingly, if there is no special need students, or to wear glasses is appropriate.
Hands often with a large number of patients with flu germs, they are easy to take, into the eyes when wearing contact lenses. In addition, flu is often accompanied by a slight inflammation of the retina, wearing contact lenses cause inflammation. Many colds, cough, and pain medicines contain ingredients suppress tears. Contact lenses will reduce the amount of tear secretion is too dry; reduce transparency, thereby affecting vision.
People who have allergies to wear contact lenses can lead to complications, there was a slight inflammation, eye itching, redness, conjunctivitis and eye swelling. If these conditions are not long-term treatment may endanger vision. Allergies such as the need to wear contact lenses, it is best to use and only during the day suspended at least one day a week. If inflammation occurs, it is best to stop using. If 2-3 days after the inflammation has not reduced immediately to the hospital.
Diseases glaucoma, chronic dacryocystitis, conjunctivitis, corneal ulcers, hyperthyroidism and other with Cheap Oakleys Frogskins Sunglasses Outlet contact lenses, and eye inflammation are in; to wait until the inflammation disappeared after wearing.
Fever eyes of local resistance decreased tear secretion, B. subtitles will multiply, so that metabolites of bacteria deposited between the cornea and lens, resulting in lower oxygen permeability of contact lenses, corneal disruption of normal metabolism, thus cause bacterial corneal ulcers.
When long-distance cycling tourists, air convection accelerated reduction of the moisture soft contact lenses, lens gradually dry and harden, the eyes will feel discomfort. Over time, it will damage the lens hardens the cornea, causing eye pain or bacterial infection.
The elderly to 40 years of age would be more obvious eye tissue degenerative changes. Eye down local resistance, especially the ability of the eye decreased tolerance to hypoxia, at this time if the surface of the eye lens wear thin, it will lead to eye hypoxia, which is prone to corneal infections, ulcers and other complications. 40-60 year-old middle-aged man wearing contact lenses can be a short, 60 years of age or older is best not to wear contact lenses, otherwise easily lead to serious complications, resulting in permanent visual impairment.
Pregnant women are not suitable for Tiffany and Co Bracelet Jewelry Outlet contact lens wearers. When pregnant, because the human body secretion changes, decreased barrier function of the corneal tissue, reduced tear secretion, causing discomfort to wear, so it is best not to wear.

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Glasses girl makeup methods
Article publié le 15/02/2014
Then the girl with the Cheap Oakleys Frogskins Sunglasses Outlet glasses How about makeup? Is not any need make-up? Actually this is not the, if appropriate, well groomed, naturally will be more beautiful.
Glasses girl makeup methods: glasses vs makeup shades to be quite
Hidden in the glasses after eye makeup, is not too obvious, eye makeup can be relatively simplified, blush and lip makeup is essential to pay attention to blush, lip gloss and glasses color coordinated makeup.
First, pay attention to blush and lip color. Importantly, blush and lip color must be the same color, Pink and golden orange color system is relatively safe, try not to use strong contrasting color makeup method.
Different parts of makeup shades have a good grasp. Eye relatively simplified the same color of blush and lip, do not get too strong, so the facial makeup maintain overall coordination.
Finally, the makeup and the frame color are best to keep the same color. Color glasses frame, to the number of brown, black, white, gray, most wild. Partial white skin people, all colors can be selected, yellowish or dark skin people, not suitable match colorful frame.
Shaping temperament with glasses
It does not necessarily have to wear Tiffany and Co Bracelet Jewelry Outlet glasses myopia, in recent years, in order to change their image and temperament, or crush glasses are also many. Haunted look in fashion party or on a magazine cover star, on a glimpse. Different frame how we can bring different qualities? Stylist to help us to review.
Wallace vs Round Frame
Her face is relatively standard, skin side white, suitable for any style and color of the frame. Wearing round frame, make her look more rounded cute.
These large round glasses are not suitable for shorter people --- face framed relatively large area, face short people will become shorter. She was wearing round glasses because of two different colors, each giving a different feel lovely and calm.
Vicki vs square round frame
Vicki belong rectangular face, framed with the roundness prescription suits her. The larger frame transparent naturally sees eye makeup, so makeup should turn out to look, focusing on eyeliner and eyelashes. Although he is black-rimmed glasses, but it's clear a large area, and no modification of dark circles or eye pattern.
Bibi vs square round frame
Bibi hit from his debut, is to show people the image of glasses. Her recipe's face, plus a neutral image, square round match, but the frame is the most suitable. Can match the high-end fashion, you can also shape the neutral image; visible radius-type frame is a relatively wild frame.
Jessica Alba vs oval frame
Oval frame Discount Oakleys Flak Jacket Sunglasses Cheap integrated circular and rectangular, it is more popular in the frame, to wear some scholars’ temperament.
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Selection and use of goggles
Article publié le 14/02/2014

Currently swimming Tiffany and Co Bracelet Jewelry Outlet goggles on the market are mainly competitive models (we usually call "game Mirror") and leisure section two.
(1) Competitive models goggles: competitive models goggles main speedo, arena, swans, etc., there are domestic brands few. Competitive models goggles mirror is relatively small, streamlined better, but some designer glasses are mainly designed in accordance with European and American people face, and is not suitable for Chinese people to use, for the average is not particularly suitable for swimming enthusiasts.
(2) Casual wear: Casual mirage there is many brands, too many styles, as long as their own on it. Also, pay attention to choose the lens color when relatively deep water mirror in the outdoor swimming.
Do the following checks when selecting mirage
(1) pay attention to check whether the transparent goggles, with or without scratches.
(2) Check the goggles gasket (rubber) is sealed.
(3) Note that the width of the nose bridge of the goggles. Some goggles width can be adjusted, and some cannot, so be sure to try banding watching to see if appropriate.
(4) goggle strap. If the elastic strap, solid and good, it is easy to damage, so pay attention to quality in the selection of the tape.
In the mall can buy some good quality Cheap Oakleys Frogskins Sunglasses Outlet sunglasses goggles, but it is rare, and difficult to find, such as counter swans glasses, now seems less sold, fewer and fewer. Other brands are very poor quality, poor value for money. (Personally think is actually rubbish, we can compare them and few, quality) prices are not as high as possible, if you want to buy a good price, you can choose goggles used by athletes, it has a very good value for money the!
Goggles for use and maintenance
(1) maintain proper tightness: the goggles with great attention to the point are not to goggle with Le too tight, or likely to cause brain hypoxia or eye discomfort.
(2) Make the goggles do not fog: we often goggles fog troubles, in fact, can be a very convenient way to solve this problem.
a, smear on the goggles fogging agent. Fogging agent can buy in a store.
b, with spittle (that saliva) smear around the outside of the glasses, and then washed with water about (not by hand).
Maintenance goggles
(1) Use a clean and dry cleaning with water, be careful not to rub the lens with a towel to avoid scratching the mirror.
(2) The new goggles are generally anti-fog treatment has been done, so do not smear too much anti-fogging agent.
(3) Do not put the Discount Oakleys Flak Jacket Sunglasses Cheap goggles relatively high temperature place.
(4) Do not put more sun exposure.

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