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Glasses with school programs
Article publié le 12/02/2014

What is the school with glasses
1, the so-called school with the assembled Tiffany and Co Bracelet Jewelry Outlet glasses, glasses according to the characteristics of the human face, to be properly adjusted so as nice and comfortable to wear, this process is called the school with glasses.
2 glasses of school with a direct impact on the effect of the use of glasses, especially myopia, the old light and astigmatism. If there is no school with a good, even optometry and lens grinding are correct, the wearer may still feel uncomfortable when used, cannot even use.
3, with the final step in the school shop for glasses Services, without this procedure the improvement of services, those glasses are definitely not satisfied.
For glasses with school work to be carried out smoothly, it is necessary to work closely with those glasses, those glasses from the specific surface type characteristics, carry out school with, glasses can be broken down into the following school with a few steps.
1, adjusting the temporal distance
The purpose of this program is to school with the mirror ring plane in front of the wearer to ensure the correct position, and no tenderness or discomfort, this task primarily by adjusting the inclination of the outer Cheap Oakleys Frogskins Sunglasses Outlet frame to complete.
2, adjust the mirror legs
Its purpose is to make the curvature of the mirror leg, bending point long, hanging with depression and glasses hanging interior angles are adapted to the human head shape, these tasks are performed by the curvature of the mirror leg, bending and vertical position and vertical interior angles depression The right choice to complete.
3, adjust the frame
Its purpose is the optical center of the lens by the visual axis of the wearer, so that the optimum correction effect glasses for this purpose, the angle can be adjusted by the size of the joint is completed.
4, adjust stipular
Its purpose is to make the nose and prop foliage can fit all of those glasses.
Fourth, technical school with glasses
1, plastic frames with school
2, with a bridge frame of school.
3, the metal frame of the school with.
Several methods with the school, mainly by manual techniques professionals Discount Oakleys Flak Jacket Sunglasses Cheap glasses, of course, have to use some special schools with tools, due to the school with methods vary, so here is not as described.

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Fashion under the sun
Article publié le 09/02/2014

Sunglasses is definitely the most dazzling stage t perfect supporting role, it is the people shade blocks out the sun, the most you can create a fashionable must-haves and enhanced gas field. In addition to the continuation of this year's Cheap Oakleys Frogskins Sunglasses Outlet sunglasses can cover his face over size characteristics, but also with a strong Sicilian fashion, from jewelry to a full sense of the crystal ornaments futuristic metal frame, all become a strong visual sensory shock under the sun.
Many big names have launched irregular lens design, polygon changed the traditional lines of the design, emphasizing the cold, hard, cool feeling, try a season of tough and thick irregular design of modernity.
Let sunglasses become your card, if you are a pursuit of individuality in social situations, those high-profile publicity, then irregularly shaped sunglasses will suit you, it has a unique fashion language, with a little laugh flavor, more suitable special stand-alone occasions, make you more surprise with a sense of presence.
Playful colors
with childish playful, colorful borders sunglasses onto the fashion scene. Whether dazzling emerald green, lovely red or blue modern full sea are essential summer fashion items.
For Westerners, those who want to wear bright colors; you have to have a tan like a honey-like Mediterranean complexion job. Asians in this regard is slightly better than some, but yellow, red, fluorescent orange and other "brave color" colorful apart easily seem cheap, remains a very difficult challenge of the project, freckle girl and disco party scene in the summer of Please use caution outside of the occasion.
Classic tortoiseshell
Natural texture tortoiseshell sunglasses become the most popular and most classic material, enduring charm, tortoiseshell sunglasses has become the first choice for most people Discount Oakleys Flak Jacket Sunglasses Cheap sunglasses.
If you want to play more close to the people, casual image, brown, gray and other colors are best worn gradient-based options. As a result of these colors are almost all kinds of color of clothing are very easy to take, and secondly, soft and fresh, there is no metallic colors look so noisy and aggressive.
Neutral style
From the 1980s evolved from the aviator glasses, that is, we often say "yurt", with a tough man walked into the new women's lives, gradient design large influx of people has become a family favorite.
Yurt really picky on the face, usually small face, nose and pretty people can try. Because of the small face and large lens will form a very sharp contrast, on the whole can adjust to each other, forming a highly personalized effect. If it is big face flat nose, it can only laugh copies of the.
Crystal and decorative metal elements became sunglasses enhance elegance, luxury and noble sense of the most commonly used design techniques to enhance the degree of shine on the material, but also to generate contact with jewelry design.
paris hilton cabinet placed Tiffany and Co Bracelet Jewelry Outlet sunglasses has become a hot topic, indeed, some senior consumers or treat them like fine dress clothes that specifically creates a sunglasses wardrobe. If you often have to go out but cannot find a temporary pair of sunglasses to happen, but worth a try this approach.

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Styles of jewelry
Article publié le 08/02/2014
In addition to colors, when choosing Tiffany and Co Bracelet Jewelry Outlet jewelry; jewelry style should also be noted is consistent with your own temperament and clothing styles. Carefully observe the people around, you will find people because of different face, body, personality, temperament, tend to have different styles, but people tend to style themselves have decided what kind of style suited her style of clothing and jewelry.
Elegance Jewelry: rich in curves, there is a sense of the fragile, flowers arranged as bracelets, carved rings, etc., suitable for rounded lines, temperament elegant, very feminine person. The elegant style of people available lightweight fabric has a sense of elegant dresses to match transparent, delicate jewelry simulation, as elegant and refined heroine.
Classical jewelry: orthodox, delicate, elegant, suitable for face upright, elegant urban women type of person. Close to the neck, pearl Discount Oakleys Flak Jacket Sunglasses Cheap necklace, a penny-sized button earrings can upscale and classical texture, line cutting outfits, can reflect the traditional feminist style.
Natural type of jewelry: rough, natural, and more to do with leaves and other shapes brooch, pendant shape, suitable for tall, with athletes style man. Natural style of dress people should strive simple lines, simple and elegant, luxurious design without leaving traces. Overall style of quiet, cool.
Theater-type jewelry: bold, exaggerated, personality, suitable for tall, angular face obvious, go where people are striking. Theater-type people should dress and accessories strong contemporary design and stylish, suitable for bold styling earrings, clusters of bracelets, rings and other large decorative type jewelry. avoid trivial.
Avant-garde jewelry type: compact shape, novelty, ingenuity, highly personalized, suitable for small and lively, there is a playful girl or boy temperament. Avant-garde style peculiar texture of the fabric of people available to do short design dress themselves, will be able to unique.
Romantic Jewelry: use more bow, petal, flower-type shape, smooth lines and soft. Suitable stature moderate, mellow, sexy, charming eyes with a doll-like people. The best romantic man wearing tight, sexy clothes designed, multi-use large corrugated lace decoration, coupled with flower design earrings, thin, with beautiful pendant necklace, romantic covered overflow issue Cheap Oakleys Frogskins Sunglasses Outlet will make a man dizzy.
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How to identify titanium frames
Article publié le 06/02/2014

Currently, the material is divided into titanium frames Cheap Oakleys Frogskins Sunglasses Outlet, high alloy, memory, plates, five other materials. But there is no doubt the most popular to the number of titanium frames, because of which many fine nature itself apart from titanium, the most light weight titanium frames, corrosion resistant, non-allergenic and memory and other "quality" and becoming A new glasses frame material.
Features titanium frames
1, light weight, approximately 40% of the spectacle frame of stainless steel.
2, corrosion-resistant, not rust. Titanium soak for five years in the sea does not rust, corrosion of steel in seawater is degenerate. Manufacture of vessels with titanium shell, the sea can not corrode it. Therefore, titanium is often used to make chemicals, desalination, seawater cooling power plants and other equipment or eyeglass frames, watches ......
3, high hardness, stainless steel and is about twice the ordinary glasses frame. In the world of ultra-low temperature, titanium becomes more rigid, and the performance of the superconductor, the steel will become fragile and incompetent. Made with titanium "titanium submarines", can sneak into the depth of 4,500 meters, is generally steel submarine in more than 300 meters, it is easy to be crushed water pressure.
4, feel good, titanium frames moist silky touch, there is no other feeling the cold metal Tiffany and Co Bracelet Jewelry Outlet frames.
5, non-allergenic material, titanium is harmless material, but also because the human body does not produce allergic reactions, a few metal materials are used in human medicine.
6, titanium and nickel can be made together with memory function "memory alloy." Frames with this "memory alloy" made, as happened after the frame deformation, only with a specific temperature water rinse will restitution.
How to identify titanium frames?
Now titanium frames have been widely used in the production of radiation glasses and sunglasses, but we identify titanium frame is still very limited, it is how to identify titanium frames?
Besides the above, eyeglass frames should have some understanding of their quality, a pair of qualifying frames should be viewed from several angles:
1, surface: try to choose the surface clear, shiny, unblemished disease temples, scratches, bumps, corrosion, peeling and other issues.
2, logo: In addition to the regular spectacle frame manufacturers in the printing on the number, size, also printed on the grades.
3, shape: Temple opened, flat, tilt and lens barrel to see if the mirror is angled legs, the size of the frame Discount Oakleys Flak Jacket Sunglasses Cheap is the same, whether the parts symmetrical frame, metal frame with spring leg elastic legs are the same, the various components is working fine.

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Minimize wear sunglasses
Article publié le 05/02/2014

Summer season, Cheap Oakleys Radar Sunglasses Discount sunglasses become a fashion element chase. Prepare a summer sunglasses are necessary, but if you choose an inferior, substandard sunglasses, not only cannot resist ultraviolet rays, but will also expand the pupil, the eye More UV lens intake may therefore suffer from cataracts and other eye diseases, so sunglasses are not dispensable decorations. So usually buy sunglasses should pay attention to?
Many people are aware of the strong ultraviolet radiation can burn the skin, but many people do not know that the eyes will be "sunburn." As the human eye is extremely delicate parts, is easily UV sunburn, sun exposure has a cumulative effect, over time, there is bound to hurt the eyes, called chronic light damage on the medicine.
Due to the different ocular tissues absorb different wavelengths of ultraviolet light structures can lead to many acute and chronic eye diseases and injuries. Light will burn the retina, as you know, snow blindness, because ultraviolet radiation on the cornea epithelial damage caused by inflammation.
Many eye diseases are related to excessive sunlight. Have an eye disease called pterygium, it is the Ministry of palpebral conjunctiva and cornea of a neoplastic tissue, covering the pupil to seriously affect vision. UV damage occurs and is closely related to pterygium, because this disease is more common in outdoor workers, such as fishermen easier to get this eye disease.
But in recent years, as the air pollution, destruction of the ozone layer, more and more voices on the International believes that excessive sunlight has become another cause of cataract. Cataracts are due to ultraviolet radiation in sunlight, cause lens opacity, or protein denaturation.
Worn in the sunlight without UV protection sunglasses, eye damage is great, because most of the darker sunglasses, his eyes in the dark light environment will enlarge the pupil, so that more ultraviolet light into the pupil of the eye cause more harm.
The main effect of UV blocking Cheap Tiffany and Co Necklace Jewelry Outlet sunglasses is damage to the eyes, not just to improve the visual effects, which requires sunglasses to the sun's ultraviolet transmittance as low as possible, ie reflectivity and absorption rate as high as possible.
Solar spectrum wavelengths from 380 nm to 780 nm is called visible light, including different colors red, orange, yellow, green; wavelengths greater than 780 nm is part of human eyes can not see, called infrared; wavelength less than 380 nm Also see the section of the human eye, known ultraviolet (uv), depending on the wavelength, can be divided into UV uva, uvb, uvc and other vacuum ultraviolet band of sun damage to the skin and eyes, primarily by one of uva, uvb and uvc etc. caused by UV.
Ordinary glass, including glasses and street selling most low-end sunglasses can filter out ultraviolet part, but the general effect, in order to achieve better results UV sunglasses lens, the material must be added UV protection. Provincial Institute of Metrology engineer Wang Wen-hsing told reporters, sunglasses with UV protection uv index to measure the effect of the higher uv index, UV better.
When consumers buy sunglasses must go to a regular store, not just on the Internet, flea market to buy. If you choose sunglasses in general, we should pay attention to when buying distinguish good or bad, whether there is a clear manufacturers, trademark, address, telephone and production license number; around two lens colors are balanced; whether anti-uv logo; Frame Material, Electroplating and process-related details of the deal are detailed. If conditions permit, you can ask the store site testing Fake oakleys frogskins sunglasses cheap for sale sunglasses UV Index value, the value is greater than 96% better.

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