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Freshwater Pearl selection methods
Article publié le 16/01/2014

Pearl is said to be a mermaid's tears, with the energy of the moon stones, moist rich and elegant, low-key yet luxurious, Tiffany and Co Bracelet Jewelry Outlet can make a person's mind to be calm, the "Venus Tears" reputation. Can be divided into freshwater pearl beads and water beads, is an ancient organic gemstone, water beads rare we see mostly farmed freshwater pearls. So freshwater pearls that how to choose?
The size of the pearl is mainly approximated by measuring the diameter of round pearls judged primarily in millimeters. Generally speaking mother of pearl by pearl nacre secretion, accumulation of one level, only to reach the thickness of nacre thickness 3mm to grow gem-quality pearls, this means together with the growth time of mother of pearl, a Pearl often takes 3-5 years or even longer to grow to more than 8mm. The larger the pearl rarity seen higher, but we also according to their own needs to choose the size of the pearl.
Shape of
Due to the different growth conditions pearl, its shape has its own characteristics, and can be divided into the following form level: a round, of course, also has a perfect circle round, round and near-round points, the best being to belong circle. b oval, length to diameter ratio of between 10% -20%, with drop-shaped, pear-shaped and oval-shaped length. c flat, there is a similar planar one or both sides of Tiffany heart necklace jewelry outlet pearls, with symmetry. d profiled shapes, surface irregularities, there is no symmetry pearls.
Gloss is an important aspect of assessing the quality of pearls, a level particularly bright, sharp, skin like a mirror image clarity; b grade bright, uniform illumination physical image, clear images; c-level brightness arrive to see images of objects, But rather vague; surface d grade diffuse light, shiny little dull image.
Aspects of the formation of defects after all, is a natural development of the pearl, it will leave a mark on the surface of a lot of the growth process, the imprint is what we call flaws, it's pretty much a direct image of the pearl, generally divided into flawless, namely the naked eye , the surface is smooth, very difficult to see defects; micro leisure, very small surface defects, visible to the naked eye is difficult; small leisure, smaller flaws, the naked eye can see; defect is attributable to the following fourth surface imperfections clear pearls . Pearl surface can not be handled manually, so it is perfect pearls are relatively rare precious.
Sound, tactile aspects of a few grains of pearl when rubbed together, because there is resistance so there will rustle, unlike Cheap Oakleys Holbrook Sunglasses Outlet Store glass imitations that slip. Gives a sense of cool and very comfortable, no cool or cold feeling some fat ice try not to choose, the likelihood is fake.

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Tips to wear cufflinks
Article publié le 12/01/2014

As an important accessory of men, cufflinks is a symbol of high quality. The main brand of men every year and Tiffany heart necklace jewelry outlet jewelers will launch the latest cufflinks designs. Material generally used in precious metals, and some even inlaid diamonds, gemstones. Cufflinks with great knowledge, little attention people will pick the belt buckle or tie clip with the same color cufflinks; more emphasis will buy big brand belt buckles, tie clips, cufflinks suits goods, followed by large The recommended total no brand designer big mistake.
Young white-collar workers do not have the conservative mood of the older generation, those who are now found something very interesting with Dad, cufflinks then transformed into a popular favorite. It is understood that currently the most popular styles of young men for the silver classical architectural style, coupled with the intaglio pattern and a modern coin designs. Leisure activities themed cufflinks pattern is also quite sought after, such as fishing, hunting and equestrian, a shelf that is sold.
Paris in the fashion jewelry designer robinrotenier Media, said: "This year is our best-selling product cufflinks." New York's Fifth Avenue Men jewelry design brand janleslie also said:. "Male accessories there are signs of recovery" and a New York-based marketing Experts are more accurately pointed out: "Now many consumers, especially young people are tired of the polo shirt and khaki pants, dress style, they began to hope that a formal dress to reveal their professional qualities and the recession. economic era, selling Cheap Oakleys Holbrook Sunglasses Outlet Store accessories merchandise often growing trend, because consumers do not have to spend big money you can wear clothing with taste. "
More and more consumers are willing to buy high-priced gold cufflinks. Its 18k gold cufflinks series, the retail price of $ 2,500, because the American actor dennisouaid section on the famous fashion magazine wearing cufflinks "instyle" when the store shelves on this product is a packaged to sell, and even show a chance.
Computer keyboard platinum cufflinks, with the words "esc" and "alt" on cufflinks, it should comply with the nouveaux riches tastes.
Dumbbell shape cufflinks, is another round of casual fun.
Men's cufflinks with a very important, in order to show how to mix high-grade men's it? Here are just a few cufflinks match.
First, cufflinks color matching is also critical
Crystal glass sleeve
Because of its transparent crystal glass cufflinks, preferably with a white shirt;
Gold cufflinks
Red shirt with gold cufflinks, gorgeous trendy feeling;
Pink shirt with dark purple twill denim cuff equally golden edging, creating a romantic French gentleman style;
Stripe shirt with gold cuff, there are vibrant feeling of tension serious shape your successful person adds a delicate and romantic;
Blue shirt with gold cuff, there is a strong and convincing the great powers.
Silver Cufflinks
Black, white, gray shirt with silver cufflinks, there are calm, noble effect
Second, when your different occasions when the cuff has the same attention should also be changed according to changes occasion!
If you want to attend a large banquet or cocktail party fashion, gold is definitely your best choice:
Friend's Wedding on:
This retro Chinese knot cuff is very stylish and refined fashion
When an emergency meeting:
White shirt, preferably with a low profile edging white Tiffany and Co Bracelet Jewelry Outlet cuffs
Dealing with your partner, socializing time.

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Autumn color frame sunglasses continue to popular
Article publié le 10/01/2014

When it comes to color frame sunglasses, it must count Freaky jessica alba is up to people of color frame Tiffany heart necklace jewelry outlet sunglasses. Although we did see was street fashion hot mom actually photographed wearing the same clothes, but the style is different. The first outfit fish head high heels, beige box with sunglasses, fashion sense. Second with the same costume is comfortable flat shoes and brown frame sunglasses, walking are casual. This pink jeans appears three times, but it is different with sunglasses, seen Freaky change color frame sunglasses diligent than clothes.
I heard Miss Paris Hilton driving a white Lexus out shopping, luxury cars, but it seems not to force, actually broke down. But Missy shopping good mood and was not affected, a mainly black dress, with a white frame sunglasses, shopping is to be happy.
Levin bright printed shirt as the sea breeze blowing head, fresh and natural. Round frame Fake oakleys frogskins sunglasses cheap for sale sunglasses with orange and retro little black bag, camera not strange to her.
Huang Xiaoming wearing sunglasses concealed in a small white hat, a black, looks star flavor, accompanied by the staff side, surrounded by even more powerful gas field, the airport many travelers have recognized him, have stopped looked at him at close range. Huang Xiaoming holding a cell phone all the way to the phone kept talking until time through security before reluctantly hung up the phone, and at the request of security personnel, it took off with a hat and sunglasses, star full range of children.
gwen stefani the street, a black vest with open-toed boots, autumn has the lower body, upper body still be left in the summer, lv bag is very low-key, so leopard round frame sunglasses naturally stole the show.
eva mendes a costume is very simple, white t-shirt with brown dots dress, worn with a dog for a ride so the most convenient. But the blue-green-framed Cheap Ray Bans Wayfarer 2140 Sunglasses Outlet sunglasses sister retro messenger bag highlights the elegance.

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Sunglasses polarizer and the merits of Competition
Article publié le 04/01/2014
Clear and Cheap Ray Bans Wayfarer 2140 Sunglasses Outlet sunglasses polarizer say, first of all give you some knowledge and sunglasses polarizer. In fact, sunglasses polarizer can be considered part of a class, but polarized sunglasses in the mirror belongs to a class of more upscale, polarizer sunglasses do not have a general effect, the effect of this is that we can effectively block and filter out harmful to the eyes of various polarization.
The so-called polarized light is diffused reflection of light through the uneven pavement, water and other places, generated, also known as glare. This direct light to the human eye, eye discomfort will make people, prone to fatigue, and cannot be sustained depending on the material, the clarity of visual objects significantly enough.
The polarizer is precisely the use of its internal lens elements arranged in a linear body, all kinds of damage to the eyes glare filter and exclude, that is, through its lens polarizer linear molecular arrangement in the body, for that irregular reflection light to re-sort it again, leaving a clearer light into the eyes of nature.
First, the difference between the polarizer and sunglasses
so the difference between the polarizer and sunglasses reflected in where? First polarizer and general sunglasses have UV protection and reduce the effect of light intensity, but generally do not have the effect of filters to remove sunglasses or convert polarized. This is the difference between the polarizer and sunglasses place. Thus, the general sunglasses polarized sunglasses relative prices are relatively cheaper.
Second, the main purpose polarizer
the main purpose of the polarizer is under certain conditions, play a role in protecting the eyes from damage. But for the average person is not very high, you can use ordinary sunglasses, because sunglasses polarized sunglasses are relatively high point. Of course, if you need to drive the car owners, while driving is best to wear polarized Tiffany heart necklace jewelry outlet sunglasses is good, because the car will often encounter a variety of glare, polarized sunglasses can block the glare of the part can also filter out the ground or glare reflected back across the body, making clearer vision, reduce visual fatigue, conducive to safe driving.
Perspective effect polarizer clearer and more natural than sunglasses
In addition, during the fishing, skiing, and other outdoor sports resort wear polarizer is also more appropriate.
Third, ordinary polarized lenses and sunglasses differentiate tablets
to prevent unscrupulous businessmen trap friends in the purchase of polarized sunglasses, pay attention to identify. In fact, the difference between the polarizer and figuring method is relatively simple and sunglasses. As long as the two vertically stacked polarizing lens, if opacity is true indicates that the polarizer, the polarizer lens as special design only allow the parallel light through the lens, so that when the two lenses are vertically stacked light most will be blocked.
Additionally, you can be specific to the sun at the end of the experience, in the sunlight; polarized light microscopy will be significantly a lot more comfortable than the general sunglasses. Of course, the difference between the polarizer and sunglasses are also clearly reflected in the price, the market price of ordinary polarizer Fake oakleys frogskins sunglasses cheap for sale is about a few hundred dollars, while the professional outdoor polarizer as little more than the thousands of thousands of thousands.
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Bridal makeup styling
Article publié le 02/12/2013

The wedding is coming up, too happy with after shooting wedding photography, bride to be able to show a lot of charm in the wedding day, choose their own appropriate bridal Tiffany and Co Charm Bracelet Outlet makeup, but how to put their temperament vividly show out of it! Fact, different personalities The bridal makeup is not the same, look at how different personality brides choose their own bridal makeup.
Lovely bride
When you get tired of your own to play another, as most fresh and comfortable look back to look for the original you. The same sweet makeup department, because slightly transparent pearl light coral lip gloss and a different kind of graceful.
You do not have to carefully painted, or even just with a finger dipped lips lipstick smear, can be enough to make you have a popular color. After smearing lipstick, do not prevent passing the excess with a paper towel color touch lips, you can have as puberty like bright lip color. Co-ordinated with the pure flawless skin, highlighting the inherent good color, oxygen girls now stand in front of the image.
Of course, the rich clever mind you must know how to make your own style in showing a different kind of cute: Let stud clear and extreme curling eyelashes, especially elongated eyelashes can make you look silly with a little sly.

Romantic bride
Girls night dreams growing up, want to be charming, woman flavor – a splash of bright lip color enough to make you wish. High saturation of electric pink, rich and warm, just simply apply to the entire lip, you can feel defenseless romantic and feminine sheer. More full of color, can make out bright lips, smearing lipstick before you hit bottom with a concealer, Lip Gloss and transparency to brighten up the lips in the middle. Romantic powder dose of lip rebuttal is elongated and thick black eyeliner and paired with thick eyelashes as fan, and repeated in the eyes do stretch curling action, guaranteed to make your smile was full of temptation, romantic and charming. Of course, don't forget in a circular manner, in place of the Apple skin SUMI natural pink cheeks, and powder beauty lips perfect convergence.
Natural brides
Simply fill the double eyelid folds, leave no trace locations light up eye expression. Clean, delicate Cheap Mac Lipstick Makeup Wholesale eyelashes, eyeliner and root is the best mix of this eye makeup, eye clear, pleasant, seemingly natural plain, reveals noble temperament. How to make you look more gentle and moving?

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