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Beauty in its interest in a person's jewelry
Article publié le 30/10/2013

This world will always have two kinds of people, or a man, a woman; or spokesperson, the poor; course, can be divided into people who wear jewelry with people who do not wear tiffany and co outlet jewelry. More often is not the person is not want to wear jewelry jewels, but she or he cannot afford. Humans began to decorate, dress up their own history, than we can imagine much earlier. Beauty of the heart is that people living on their own fully affirmed. Historically, the women of every age are in accordance with fashion to beautify them.
If one day you see such a girl, she is a glass bead earring and her ring is the most worthless copper ring, or even that she was a thread hanging from his chest wearing coins ...... word, her body combined upper and lower clothing arrived, but you’re a brooch. This is not a wealthy woman wearing golden claw silver, but she should have decorations in the ground put on ornaments, is not it funny?
But you will laugh, because you have found. Dared to wear this, because she is a beautiful woman, maybe she is not beautiful, but she is very confident, English Korea, those who are not valuable jewelry out of her punctuation beauty. English Korea what will people wear shield of Korea, which is you have to admit the fact.

Jewelry may be a person born on the preferences, because it represents beauty. British skincare and cosmetics Kingdom founder Estee Lauder City said: "The pursuit of beauty is a glorious thing," so many people so desperately chase, including the rich and the poor.
I remember when young, my partners had learned in his left wrist with ink painted on a watch. Gestures as if she really wearing a watch the world's best. The hard bunk bone meters (one kind of bead-like fruit plants) drill holes, put a small rubber band, it may lead to their bracelet. Those smooth and green beads in their white bowl. Actually also have charm. They are not a little girl. Some even have to be married is a big girl, they love jewelry. Love jewelry. Like a real woman should love to be.
You may even find a chest in their silk tied necklace. Cheng Liang, swinging, likes a full moon to accompany their youth and dreams.
Jewelry and wealth would not have had contact with, like master spoken as a worthless red scarf might be able to become a quack teenager’s most unusual jewelry, because it represents the spirit that refuses to accept Discovery.
And in recent years, there have been much Western ceramic tiffany bracelet. Klaus City Mbusa Wronskian, Pierre Cardin and Barbara husband are pottery jewelry designers. The soil is not worth much, but it can be a beautiful way of pottery. Jewelry flaunt wealth for the traditional role of the eyes of Westerners have been in some decline in the status, and thus the role of jewelry and clothing is mainly used to mix. The material is expensive jewelry is cheap, is not the most important.
So what is the most important? Answer is the beauty of the soul.
Jewelry, like a brilliant pearl, gives our lives tremendous warmth and fun. Jewelry, like magic pen is depicting a beautiful color and charm.

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Teach you how to choose makeup unique cheats
Article publié le 30/10/2013

For those in the choice of eye shadow always get it working girls, there are many small colored Mac Cosmetics Wholesale eye shadow box would be an excellent choice, allowing you to have a lot of attempts.
Do not buy one and the same as the color of your eyes shadow. Only with contrast, will make your eyes look more vivid.
Check the color of eye shadow "wiped out" and "looks" are the same color. Poor often seem full color eye shadow, wiping out breezily, this eye shadow makeup not lasting, and will leave unsightly eyelid open and close at the "pink marks."
In the selection of eye shadow colors, before any of the brand put on the back of several eye shadow color rendering, try to draw up their existing eyeliner, it is best to lightly colored, will not slip, or the brand of eye shadow You do not have to be considered. Eyeliner also has to buy your own shadow on the test.
Eyeliner (liquid) Eye color should be darker than the first, dark brown, dark gray more suitable for Asian women's amber eyes, black can try, but be careful not to be too rough when drawing thick.
Eyeliner waterproof eyeliner generally easier than the traditional color, not easy to lay open. Eyeliner written out of water should be easy to control, so as to draw a clear and stable eyeliner.
Hair Color Light the 1st choice than a pencil (pink). Asian women are more suitable brown, try not entirely in black, will make eyebrows look too serious.
Mascara articles
Black mascara is the most eye discharge can improve the degree of color, your first branch mascara preferably black, but the darker the better! Although Cheap Mac Makeup Lipstick Wholesale brown mascara natural color, but it makes the eyes look dull.
Choose from the selection brush mascara should begin. Mascara lengthening, curling, dense brush effect in fact, and have the most direct relationship. Big partial thick mascara brush, curling effect, and small brush can brush out the stud clear, slim effect, but also relatively easy to brush to the corner office.
Purchase should also note whether dampened mascara brush attached to a uniform, whether fixed eyelashes arc, will not cause sticking or entangled eyelashes phenomenon.
Try to buy can effectively waterproof mascara.
Lipstick articles
Choose lipstick colors mainly consider color, hair color and wearing apparel colors. Lipstick should eye shadows, nail polish, blush colors. Bright shiny lipstick can make the lips look plump and moist, and dark color lipstick can make lips look thinner.
Try lipstick, it is best not to just rub the back of the hand and try to paint in the mouth is the best way. Because lipstick different texture, each person can bear the burden of lip skin is also different. If you are concerned about unhealthy, you can use cotton swabs clean shave a layer of paint. Lipstick feels more supple and comfortable as possible.
People who like to try new colors, you can choose freely combined lipstick, the advantage can be changed, the combination of their favorite colors.
Beginner makeup natural color lip gloss selection easier with the overall look.
Pale Mac Lipstick with no taste or taste the best. If you use lip gloss will feel sticky finger dipped in the lips will be more like a "glue" and feel uncomfortable.

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Diamond rings go with all most garments
Article publié le 29/10/2013

Participating in important occasions when two things are essential and that is clothing and tiffany jewelry outlet diamond rings, these two things can be said indispensable. Diamond ring appears to be an obscure part, but often it plays a very important role in the process with these small details are not mistakes.
Diamond ring was often as women's clothing accessories with the details of the crowning touch, regardless of exposure to various occasions of women, and clothing can always complement each other diamond rings elegant fashion style for women on the breath and then add a touch of elegance.
Professional clothing preferred annular ring grooming, fashion competent but not rigid. Wear is characterized by geometric lines clear water chestnut; in order to adapt the workplace more formal, professional needs, if appropriate combination, it will play an unexpected decorative effect. Such as an annular ring tone is solemn ideal accessories, elegant stately white diamonds, the ring around the design is revealing a trace of Reiki and lively, with women dressed in business attire on it, both to get rid of the rigid stereotypical image, but also revealed a stylish and elegant atmosphere.
Casual dress with diamond compact for everyday elegance embellishment. Women dressed in ordinary life will not be too many constraints can enjoy free and comfortable clothing, and in the mix, as long as you can show a little thought a little more elegant side. Such as a compact tiffany jewelry on sale diamond ring, the color cannot have feelings too. If the garment bright color, a white diamond ring is a riot of color in a little white, stylish and elegant; if clothing colors are pure color, either yellow or white diamond ring diamond ring, both as a spray on calm seas, lively and playful.
Although the ring looks more like a decoration, but he is also the finishing touch.
The first is that different people are different choices for the ring, if it is that people who need to wear high-grade large number of diamond ring, but as a petite Some people still seem a little delicate with some diamond ring as well, big time can show slim sense, and when they can be in a small contrasting sense of expansion, giving petite girl's suggestion is that they should wear small diamond ring, if it is wearing a slightly larger diamond ring, the effect will be greatly reduced ultimately not worth the effort.
Meanwhile mix of diamond and clothing must be reasonable, uniform style is very necessary, apparel and uniform diamond ring, luxury fabric, classic wear when one classic and gorgeous diamond ring, the general work clothing, then you need Wear simple and stylish ring.
Colors also need some unity in the mix, it will be recommended if it is cool color of clothing, it is best and cool color diamond ring mix together, such as platinum or white k gold etc. Warm clothing is you can use some of the golden or slightly bright color accents.
Of course, clothes to wear jewelry in the mix is naturally impossible only a diamond ring, while others like the best diamond jewelry at this time with the same color clothes, also need to be the same color selection.
And if body wearing jewelry of more than three, you need to focus, in which basically the same simple, while others must follow complex, and with it instead. When choosing a tiffany and co outlet diamond ring and when outfits of experience are very important, if we pay more attention to it, will make you more perfect.

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Charm eye shadow to create beautiful eyes
Article publié le 29/10/2013

Cheap Mac Makeup eye shadow is to increase the charm of cosmetics, there are a variety of rich colors, eye lines can be modified, so that the eyes of God, rich three-dimensional. But many brands have recommended a new eye shadow, Which was a better arrangement? Easy for you to recommend mac eyeshadow!
In the overall makeup, eye shadow is the most watched and most can show personal style beauty cosmetics. Face an array of eye shadow exactly choose that one do? What brand of eye shadow is good?
Pure bright eyeshadow mac
Product Features: Recipe contains milk powder binder produces close to the skin like a soft effect, eliminate the blooming phenomenon. Alternative rich colors make you freedom to create a wide variety of beautiful and rich. Vitamin e effectively enhanced silky texture, and protect the delicate skin around the eye against free radicals and other harmful environmental factors in the invasion.

Edit Recommended reason: we can try and feel good, silky smooth material ensures refined powder layer by layer overlay color can achieve your desired level of rich. Long-lasting, natural charm, do not fade, no smudges.
mac 2.2g eyeshadow color photographic
Product Features: The new beach purple berry new Autumn, ultra perfect mix two shades of color in one, along with eye shadow, lit, eyeliner, modification pulling capabilities to create a landscape changing psychedelic eye makeup. Efficient and meticulous spray technology allows more subtle color shades evenly, creating an unprecedented extreme delicate and smooth with bright Cheap Mac Makeup Lipstick Wholesale makeup. Anti eye wrinkles with a special polyester polymer formulations, which can effectively absorb the oil produced by eyelid position, preventing the eyelids and eye fold, the result of oil secretion produced by lines or smudged phenomenon. Another containing ginkgo leaf extract, effective antioxidant. Rosehip oil extracted from a deep moisturizing effect, prevent the makeup eye dryness produced.

Edit Recommended reason: mac eyeshadow color photographic Ginkgo biloba extract containing effective antioxidant. With deep moisturizing effect, prevent eye dryness. Has lit, modified pulling functions. Create changeable psychedelic eye makeup.
luxury suite mac eye shadow
Product Features: luxury suite mac eye shadow combines classic deep blue, and dark cocoa, light brown ice, moonlight silver and other four shades of eye shadow, is not to be missed this season's top star eye makeup products! Will be low-key and full of color and style of the night.

Edit Recommended reason: Four kinds of color can and can bottoming, the other is with flash, the color is very practical, is a good match for. Black plate is still very upscale feel; each color is very useful oh ~ very like it, highly recommended.
Painting large collection of eye shadow - eye upward
People tend to give up his eyes a very harsh feeling. It feels more moderate by using some color eye shadow to resolve. And cyan, green, compared purple warm colors better. Use a dark corner of the eye, from the middle to the corner then use a lighter color, background section should be level to draw.
Shadow painting large collection - eyes drooping
Rather than adopting a bright, pastel colors, blue or green as using cool colors such as the color of the first part starts from the corner, one begins to draw the smaller, later part of it is as close to the eye, Mac Makeup Wholesale eye shadow should gradually rise.

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Women in the workplace tourmaline jewelry with tips
Article publié le 28/10/2013

Whether in the workplace or the workplace after a social occasion, career women are more complicated ubiquitous environment, randomized, so the need for a more diverse mix today to share with you white-collar workplace tiffany jewelry outlet tourmaline jewelry with tips.
Tourmaline Jewelry with tips 1
Depending on your career, choice modeling chic tourmaline, you can also use tourmaline the meaning of the words.
"Jewelry is a professional female-specific language for professional women, the jewelry not only represent a noble and beautiful, but also can be a way of transmitting information.
Tourmaline Jewelry with tips 2
Choose sleek jewelry, colored design simple and elegant tourmaline jewelry, suitable for normal intellectual you.
If you are an interviewer, the audience should not be overshadowed for your attention to your interview subjects. Interviewed you and there is a primary and secondary relationship, whether it is clothing, jewelry or your watch, should not be transferred audience's attention factor. This is a low-key you should choose some clothes and jewelry, there will be little decoration, but not too exaggerated and show off jewelry. Usually choose tourmaline, some color choices as a solid, is also easier with costumes.
Tourmaline Jewelry with tips 3
Select the unique shape of tourmaline brooch, so stereotyped career suits look.
Career suits relatively simple and elegant color, style is also relatively simple, sometimes feel boring. Color of suit is relatively plain; styles have a single sometimes feel tedious. Tourmaline worn a brooch, add some highlights on the same suit. Clip will make you seem able and yet feminine, especially for texture slightly thicker coat or suit. Long section of the clip fit V-neck dress can be worn on the collar; while you can mix round or circular cross to pin. Appropriately matching jewelry, will give you a different life experience, so you get rid of boring in the business environment. Of people in the workplace mm were with these tips will make you different from person to add some advantages in the workplace, it will be in their hands quickly hands tiffany and co charms pendant with them now!

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