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Jewelry promotion at first sight love
Article publié le 07/10/2013

Jewelry can play what role? It is your business card, without a battle, can you win the workplace first glance impression. Elites always need to appear in a variety of social situations among upscale clubs for business negotiations, business sense on the table, one by one company presentations ...... cheap tiffany jewelry can add the details of your beauty, both to enhance their self-confidence, and exquisitely subtle and more fight for your right to speak more in the workplace, gain more contacts. Of course, the most important thing to help you to others a first impression of the first 7 seconds, the head start to plunder the workplace first glance favorability.
Enhance customer first glance impression of jewelry unspoken rules
Lisa workplace executives who have always believed, and looks like jewelry can bring people intuitively first impression. So, she felt, simple but not with the same casual dress clean and neat but no lack of fashionable jewelry can meet with customers gives the impression of affinity, invisible in the process of reducing the social sense of distance. Especially if my temperament is very "big girl", interview clients also high positions, then there is no oppressive concise jewelry, especially around the gas field to make themselves easier, people easily remove the psychological defense , could not help but want to communicate with you, and even become friends.
There are gorgeous and the most important sense of design
A host was appointed as the company launches women, have proven both jobs, eloquence and a temperament has been recognized by corporate executives. For example, Crystal, as a brand manager, northern China, important new product launches at a time the company is chaired by her. Crystal view, on big occasions tried to pass your talents and strengths to present to business guests, or advertising in the media, your entire outfit, including jewelry must have enough gas field. So, then select of jewelry must to luxury for based, let even sat in last a row of guest also can was you neck between of bright by attracted, while, jewelry of design also must novel unique, so, in launches and guest of near distance chat process in the, on can attracted guest and you from work of communication transition to discussion you today of jewelry, and dress--such, this tiffany outlet sets jewelry will real for you won has first eye favor, and smooth break has workplace communication of Defense.
Delicate collar formed with high quality diamonds to create, at the press conference scene lighting, dissemination of dazzling brilliance, perfectly wild with your dress. And the overall design into his threadbare, with black and white contrasts increase Visual tension, exquisite knot increase in feminine, these details will not only reflect your charm, and are likely to be your guests exchanged greetings in a short distance of the subject.
Partners sit on the negotiating table for the first time--
Candy has always been a tough negotiating position in the company, her experience has taught us, business negotiations, in addition to working on the communication, there is actually a game taste and temperament, looking each other's clothes match, both in words and deeds. Modestly dressed with a confident personality and professional attitude to nature is essential, and efficient and there is no shortage of female detail of jewelry should be in place. So, when negotiating with each partner, she would wear a classic simple jewelry, unique details, embellished her graceful manner, the negotiation of wisdom – in this battle without Gunsmoke, deserves elaboration in every detail to make chances in this game.
Diamond Earrings has a pithy sense of line, echoing you well suit senior texture, while Diamond's own unique light, to the negotiating table, you add a lot of Quattro's prestige. Montblanc trademark hexagonal diamond because of its shape similar to the stars and the flowers, so, can raise a little feminine, softened atmosphere of Sabers, win each other's feelings for you.
Elsa Zylberstein hairstyles, makeup and the clothes create a unique charm, elegant, but not lack of power. Rich layers of necklaces shine even in the faraway places. Unique textures and innovative jewelry designs for the next guests added to the pleasantries of an important topic.
Naomi Watts demonstrated the classic mix of commercial negotiations. Jewelry and tops the overall profile is filled with powerful and skillful, but figured she ribbons on clothing garments and earrings hanging pendulum style, large frame cheap oakley sunglasses have increased as feminine, while carrot policy to win the goodwill and trust of partners.

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Match and make you more and more exquisite
Article publié le 05/10/2013

Pay attention to the overall shape of harmony
While everyone's face shape is different but still can find suitable hairstyle to wear cheap oakley sunglasses. In addition to selecting the principles glasses own conditions, there is co-ordination and personal qualities, including the shape of glasses harmony between face shape and facial features, as well as glasses material, color and skin color, makeup, clothes, complementary relationship. Be sure that you want to buy material, metal, plastic, or metal-plastic hybrid species.
With skills:
In girls, for example, waves in fashion this year, there are feminine curl hair, the glasses can be used on the choice of a little exaggerated shape, or brighter colors to highlight; straight hair girls you can choose a simple and neat glasses, to create from my personality.
Boys, this year is very suitable to do slightly metallic glasses shape match. Coupled with rimless glasses from white to pink gradient lenses, with a special design or decorative mirror feet, is one of the popular styles. If you want to create a professional image, frameless, thin edge design or special temples of the glasses, it is the best option.
logo increasingly sophisticated
In the brand culture is increasingly being emphasized today, logo naturally the one hand we can not ignore. In lenses and frames convergence at each brand has left their mark. This year, more brands increased on the logo design.
With skills:
Attention to the logo, must also pay attention to brand, because the brand's logo is reflected. Reporter suggested that these glasses are more suitable for a certain identity, people wear a certain status, highlighting the big logo, no doubt of their wealth and power, a manifesto, if you are just ordinary people will have to carefully wear these oakley sunglasses cheap, otherwise will feel fake.
Kind gentle
Highlights: round, oval lens edge and the warm sun color are the main elements of the new, cute general feeling vividly facial features, decorate the share of women and lovely natural beauty.
Makeup: light and transparent foundation, rushed in pale pink blush, eye shadow can adjust the color of the border sunglasses, lip gloss best selection of warm red tones.
Clothing: pink, light blue, light green, waist and other flavor girls designer clothes are bold choice.
Accessories: simple, elegant necklace, wristlet can be worn alone or stacked to take wear.
Highlights: dark brown or black, with a semi-translucent colors have dark lines that comply with Chinese ink painting color lenses principle, like the blooming out of the same, there is a dark place, a place with light, as well as points and transparent. Red lens design breakthrough this year, instead of focusing on dark gradient to become hot.
Makeup: choose cool colors make-up, disguise themselves as objective otherworldly glamorous woman.
Clothing: pay attention to exaggeration, even if you are very thin, we should also put in their own fat suit, the style bias in neutral.
Accessories: large high waistband, oversized bags, large earrings, etc., as long as the accessories are beyond the normal size of the design in the purchase of the column.
Metal arc
Highlights: studded with metal rivets around the lens, making it worth double, and added a little avant-garde fashion taste, bits and pieces of diamonds, as well as irregular patterns are showing a divergence unique brand culture. Among the main ice lens color, or even the whole company emphasizes a single arc design is never ending weathervane. Which is designed for more intimate circle partial facial Asian models Asian women. European and American models of contiguous designs, framed arc also made adjustments.
Makeup: light colors, cool colors makeup, focused sunglasses fashion style.
Clothing: tailored fit, which was exquisite figure dresses, with a sense of perspective, Waichuan clothing can be, but the color is not too light.
Accessories: cool cross metal tiffany outlet necklace with metal decoration messenger bag, belt, metal and leather wristlet with such broad-based

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Brand jewelry manufacturing process
Article publié le 04/10/2013

Luxury cheap oakley sunglasses is every woman's dream, who does not desire that dash of color between the neck, then a star on the ring, or is under the swaying earrings that point stars. Jewelry expensive price for it cast a layer of mystery, rare precious stones, unique mosaic art, jewelry for aesthetics and quality are strict requirements, an easily hundreds of thousands of jewelry is what produced it? To take you into those mysterious with big international jewelry workshops, Quest jewelry craftsmanship.
tiffany gunsmith to show us the extraordinary jewelry making process. Jewelry of excellent quality depends not only on the level of gemstones, but also depends on the gemstone color and clarity itself. tiffany craftsmen selected according to strict criteria gem stones in order to decide every position on the jewelry.
Mania has over sixty jewelry master is responsible for the work of each piece of jewelry design and manufacturing, to create a variety of styles of jewelry, flowers and leaves are shining moving light, smooth lines in the next life. Each jewel in the hands of a craftsman at least 90 minutes after carving, so a classic unique artisan jewelry often need to spend hundreds or even thousands of hours to produce.
At tiffany's Workshop, we saw amazing mosaic art that secret style mosaic method, which is tiffany jewelry making history in the advanced revolutionary creation. The artisans are like gems on a spider web on one of the boxes, so the shape will be gemstone jewelry perfect coverage, but only to come through from the back in gold or platinum crafted intricate understanding checkered seat inserts Mosaic law was extraordinary and superior workmanship. Thin cast metal boxes must be absolutely precise, skilled master craftsmen with their show perfectly.
Customized unique fine jewelry is one of the services here, the most characteristic, but also the essence of tiffany works. Any whimsical custom requests are implemented here, but, for any customer's name will be kept strictly confidential. Customized services commissioned so many intriguing story became tiffany outlet jewelry profound historical accumulation.
Piece of jewelry, a coin, took hundreds of hours or even thousands of hours of handmade couture industry every detail use the world's most precious materials and unparalleled technology to sew, and only this one , tailor-made. Now, we went into Paris's top desrues Workshop, uncover tiffany jewelry making the whole process.
tiffany jewel purchasing fine jewelry industry strictly follow the code of ethics, its stores every diamond sold are from legitimate sources, in full compliance with the United Nations to develop a "Kimberley certification" system. tiffany fine jewelry, the precious stones, pearls and precious metals quality are essential, so tiffany gemologist force perfection and excellence, the pursuit of rare and unique beauty of the stones, to allow it to use the most enviable precious stones and pearls. As well as its technical excellence jewelry craftsmen carefully crafted to ensure that work has excellent quality. tiffany fine jewelry craftsmanship and extraordinary creativity determines its gorgeous jewelry Rose Chan, flawless, the ultimate pure.
Greek and Roman classicism combined, plus Italy, exquisite manufacturing arts, creating a unique style tiffany products. Its artistic streamer overflowing with color, glitz, alternate interpretation of fashion and elegance.
Superb use of color, complex performance, tiffany jewelry has always been a distinctive feature, a feature of the play, since the 1920s began. Throughout all works of tiffany jewelry, the most famous feature is the use of ruby, emerald, srilanka sapphire Sri Lanka sapphire (often dark blue), to conduct a comprehensive embellishment. tiffany more performance for the protruding, round, cutting mode for the flower-pattern cut, and colored gemstones with such works, because the application of such style, cheap tiffany jewelry outstanding, ever-changing, with the most eye-catching design is famous .

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Woman and gems untied plot
Article publié le 03/10/2013

If a man will watch, luxury car while intoxicated ecstasy, then make a woman crazy stuff, all kinds of tiffany outlet gemstones certain top, noble, beautiful, gorgeous, rare gem ...... These are used as the language of praise, into beautiful woman who is also fully applicable, I do not know whether women are therefore the projection of his love for precious stones. Anyway, these glittering treasures No matter where, no matter be set off or as an embellishment, can not stop the women crazy.
Around me a woman is typical of the congregation and crazy woman gems, rings, necklaces, needless to say, is determined to be covered with diamonds or colored gemstones, and even the face of all kinds of clothing, shoes, also like them because inlaid with crystal, pearls become extraordinarily brilliant. I was even more amazing is that there are now big skin care products also added a gem ingredients, not that we are familiar with pearl powder, is really emerald, jade powder on the inside, it is asking too much!
Here I come to you to talk about their crazy stories.
Fashion gurus to meet jewel possessive woman, will leave no stone unturned stones inlaid in all the things the United States, such as high heels. Another one of my work is to make friends on the heels of a real control of the family get a special storage room to put shoes, all kinds of precious stones covered with shiny stiletto most favored.
For example jimmy choo heels inlaid crystal love to just let her unable to extricate themselves, as singles older young women, than men, she always said shoes is important, no matter what kind of money, inlaid with precious stones as long as it will let her obsession to find ways to get come.

Now all kinds of cheap oakley sunglasses are also embellished with precious stones to do, and we love it just as much as other items.

Our regional managers have been in love with creme de la mer, hand cream is creme de la mer, just didn't realize she was so crazy about, less than 5 minutes to the front desk, beaten me nearly a month's salary of skin care products. Creme de la mer eye cream firming regulating mining and more firming lotion, body star renewing cleansing cream, sunscreen lotion, she took eyes without blinking. Shopping guide also with we introduced, these products inside are special contains gem ingredients, eye cream inside has Brazil of Emerald ingredients, can elimination swelling, no wonder looks on has Green of color; times added tight to dew inside has blue copper gem, listening has introduced only know this blue copper gem is magic of, it was can stimulus collagen protein self growth, we General is by added collagen protein of, didn't thought collagen protein also can stimulus regeneration of. Is the most obvious, their diamond star bright skin scrub and body cream is really a diamond in it, bottle body star bright skin Frost inside the 2-Carat Diamond powder, and it looks a little shiny. Sigh, big is big or too fancy!
Shopping guide describes very carefully, I like listening to a story by the way universal access to knowledge, the Manager has been using La Mer, nature of the product is understood, after BA grass education, really is deeply planted grass, determine next time sneak down the counter to get the diamond Exfoliating cream a try. Fruit will finally understand why managers must choose this brand of skincare products, has 35+ she looks older 98 years old, women maintain their, still under work.
Are more precious things need of rare and precious stones decorated, more stylish and unique. A male best friend wedding anniversary present for his wife was a Tiffany watch, studded with a whole circle around all that brilliant diamond, a total of more than 1 carat. Tiffany has been to traditional watchmaking defenders themselves are focused on innovation in design at the same time, has always been a joke most of the industry. Tiffany I love, not as popular as Cartier, feeling very low-key and very luxurious, and is now in my wishing list, hoping to soon have.
To say diamonds, the most sacred role play is studded wedding ring, slender fingers are dotted with glittering diamond of light, even to think of the United States. New year's day when my college classmates are also good friend Mandy got married, couples preparing for the wedding of a year before, Mandy named Tiffany wedding ring, diamond has to be large, her husband was wealthy, and they 've, she is particularly good, responsive, married, of course, but also to meet her!
Badminton is said to have "Golden couple" Lin Dan and Xie xingfang Tiffany-vibe. Exchange rings when Mandy cried with tears. Said she will treasure this ring, like treasure their love.
Relationship between woman and cheap tiffany jewelry some ambition, not gem of woman should be not perfect, I'm going to work hard to make money, a rare gem of a woman!

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Jewelry secret season mix
Article publié le 30/09/2013

Color determine your look, choose color cheap tiffany jewelry is the prerequisite of color preference, but jewelry color and "skin color properties" doesn't match, face "defective" will not be able to block, will make jewel lose their sense of values. As early as 1920, United States with research colors and color expert Johannes human skin will be divided into four categories: spring, summer, autumn and winter, the color of the names of the seasons and their representatives have the right combination. Know I belong to which the color of the season, jewelry color coordinated choice to showcase jewelry spot colors of life, artistic value, are of extraordinary significance.
"Spring" pink ivory, apricot color recovery or molasses-colored
Color is bright, bright, bright, vivid impression, the warmth of the Sun like the spring, red peach blossoms and green willows life movement. Only ivory white, rosé or molasses-colored, fresh and Apricot Glazed skin, will be "Spring" movement of recovery.
Suitable for: has the clear and bright color of gemstones, jade, Garnet, red tourmaline, Amethyst, special shows are "Spring" skin female flowers.
Not suitable for: Rose Quartz, pink tourmaline, pink does not highlight the skin color, nor highlighting powder and skin color, skin the color of white people most hostile to a treasure.
Aqua fresh "summer" transparency with pink and white skin
Talking about color, soft, giving the impression of cool, soft and elegant, like blue sky cool streams flowing clean and mellow. This trait, only a "transparent" and "white" skin can feel free to elaborate.
Suitable for: choose to wear ice, Emerald, Opal, white, ivory, white coral and hibiscus tiffany outlet pink pearls with natural stone, white tones or rose jewelry can be "summer girl" face better and moving.
Not suitable for:-red or purple colored gemstones, such as Garnet, amethyst and Red tourmaline will make your skin look dull red, beauty of the gem itself will be greatly reduced.
Autumn mature charm with Brown and yellow skin
Color-rich, sophisticated, gorgeous, sensuous like the natural scenery in the fall, Autumn maple leaves cadenzas, harvest of the fruits mature color is vivid interpretation. It is more deep than that spring, only close to the Brown and yellow skin color can be matched perfectly with nature, every waking moment is thick it makes woman mature flavor, deep and contain a kind of charm.
Suitable for: shades of green and purple colored gemstones, will make your skin look mature and charming and exudes a thick feminine, such as Peridot, amethyst and other gems, will let you implied in the deep kind of charm.
Not suitable for: with color and skin colored gemstones may make your skin look dull, such as Topaz.
Distinctive pure cream in winter white or grayish olive skin
Pure, clear, like turquoise and persistence, Calyx canthus fresh, pure of the night. Only a white or grayish olive skin cream to match the winter, to distribute winter temperament.
Suitable for: select the Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, full and deep, rich color colorful jewels to decorate the best highlights the "winter" pure knowledge and strong temperament. White pearls and black pearls of pure color, soft and gorgeous reflected light, anytime, can become the focus of a beautiful winter skin woman.
Not suitable for: pink cheap oakley sunglasses produced by strong contrast, not only makes the skin more dark, also make the wearer look more icy.

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