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Jewelry small objects to create the perfect impression
Article publié le 29/09/2013

Jewelry accessories as the most common are to create the overall image of decorations already indispensable items. Shuttle office OL, if you choose just the right mix of cheap Oakley sunglasses biased, perhaps simply because the source will lead to a lot full of "meaning" of the debate. Small jewelry University asked, OL rigid commuter equipment if there is a reasonable match, the image can be improved leap.
Brooch to create elegant styling
Neat suit jacket is the best choice of commute OL dress and cropped appropriately can improve temperament. Headed by the suit jacket of the classic female independent items continue to convey a strong message, but translated into everyday life, or with women's traditional image of gentle temperament is more likely to gain acceptance. When accessories play a role, a delicate and exquisite jewelry and small accessories can now always in the refraction of light, make overall image becomes gentle, too. Such as suit decorated with a small, chic brooches, will be able to get an instant change of shape perception. Select the design full of spirit is the key, the model should not be too pretentious but not too, tea plants, make people's eyes light up with delicate is the admission to the goodwill. Such unique items matching healthy and handsome suit, instantly soften and strong impressions of the woman coming out.
Mass without Queen range
Walking of the Office, although the humble attitude is supposed to have the essential qualities of, but too moderate, also can easily become hijacked by others. Can only handle low-moderate duty s throne, OL competitions sometimes not necessarily calm than their harem. First of all on costumes alone you must be scrupulous about imposing strong don't need anything, but if itself is girl, maybe need decorating cheap tiffany jewelry and accessories to complement it.
Jewelry Accessories in the application of the volume is often more difficult than smaller styles, ornate design is too prominent in the daily work will inevitably be subject to criticism, after all, not every party walk the red carpet, and too delicate style is not up to the effect, scale issues as much as the hemline and neckline high or low standards of the Office. In order to balance the grandeur and fine, choose modern design will sound a lot. Exquisite jewelry styling without stress and process, unique yet striking style is the best. -Such as long chain decor was more suited to suit style outfit. Modern art style v-shaped neckline draping large pendant in a suit not only visual effect is remarkable, and elongated neck. Gas field weaker girl choose similar styles can make the overall image look strong and not overly deliberate. Professionals daily dress up accessories don't have to special stuffing grandiose, but multiple layers of styling jewelry can dress as a whole points. Mild temperament would require striking convergence of unrestrained sense of neutralize commute even suit costume also has obviously changed.
Gadgets well image
Not just exquisite brooch class can bring unexpected results, choose the right necklace or earring can also have good image conversion. Fine jewelry of gold, silver and other precious metals and diamond Onyx to create brilliance Needless to say, such as too much luxury diamond necklace paired with classic little black suit, pearl earrings and necklaces or matching suit suits, and taste neutral suit jacket in this exquisite and delicate accessories under the dot, there are gentle as water calm temperament.
For everyday dress up, OL, highlighting the effect of costume jewelry is clearly more practical than genuine fine jewelry. Especially paired with neat suit jacket, able in addition to impressions, can achieve spectacular results. Especially in the last few quarters, as costume jewelry boom up, assisted by scientific and technological means, shell, turquoise, enamel, plastic, resin, ceramic, Crystal, stainless steel is introduced into jewelry design. These non-precious metal materials has a unique advantage, characteristics of light materials and easy to stitch, make a lot of striking visuals of the finished product. Commute with these costume tiffany outlet jewelry to go with costume, OL selection became more extensive.

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Girls love beautiful jewelry
Article publié le 28/09/2013

Do not belittle little jewelry, whether ordinary gathering, or a grand party, cocktail party, or a gathering of friends. A beautiful pair of cheap oakley sunglasses, a dazzling necklace, a delicate bracelet ...... can make you become the focus of the crowd.
Pretty but also with the right mix of jewelry, make you between the gestures distributing charm. Is to help women no matter what the occasion can be icing on the cake is an important tool, believe that every age women have a lot to make their own sparkling jewelry, because good jewelry always attract people's attention, make you buying a and like one.
Although it is a small earring, but the workmanship is really very fine. Electroplating part is very bright, almost do not see any flaws. Stone part is also very nice.
Mazumdar elegant earrings, earrings worn on the face of the left and right sides, and the person's face is the most compelling, so earrings,
Earrings worn too decency is very important. It can be said, earrings, earrings worn properly, can make women become the face beautiful,
Play the icing on the cake.
Opal bunny earrings, a small rabbit shape, very cute, plating is very delicate, the Rabbit is relatively small, it was my heart. Work is also very good, in-kind look is very beautiful, and the price is cheap, once to buy a few pairs for the wear.
If allergies, rub with alcohol before a good point. If the allergy is severe, night wash finished first with alcohol wipe, and then cast erythromycin ophthalmic ointment. This decorative tiffany outlet earrings look good, but took too prone to allergies, every time I took are allergic to something nice with not, quite depressed.
Wearing earrings superior wear earrings; earrings generated exaggerated decorative effect is much smaller than earrings. Most earrings will have widened face visual effects, this is because wear earrings will cause the viewer's gaze swept across the entire face.
Crystal purity, cutting process, color, transparency, physical conditions have reached the ultimate. Not saying he used the artificial Crystal sells craft, natural Crystal and Crystal chemical composition in the physical nature of light is consistent, but most natural Crystal consists of bubbles, grocery, lens opacities, artificial crystals can shy away from such abuse. Necklace style is good, enough to splash. But to be honest it's the Crystal away too easily. Buy earrings fall and hasn't worn before. Another necklace, also fell, although they have warranty, but running around trouble. After a 2 year warranty is not free. This pose is very beautiful, I liked, but the upside is, this was worn for so long did not fall, so happy.
Usually used for making ornaments is still pretty good. It just a styling is good.
This circle shape is very common, but I prefer the smaller. Buy large decorative before, is too big and too heavy, Stud hurts not. Since then only buy decorations such as small stud earrings.
This love for a long time, style is so beautiful, love is dead. But I think no matter what with jewelry, pretty unattractive, depending on color, color white, wore which color looks better; color if not very white, raised gold looks good. I belong to the latter, but still feel like rose gold color look well.
Beauty is the nature of everyone, especially girls, when we saw the beautiful cheap tiffany jewelry or clothes, and always seem to resist, a lot of it is not going to buy stuff, but still bought, because the flats were beautiful, girls love that.

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Exquisite resort style platinum jewelry
Article publié le 27/09/2013

Summer is always the best time for our holiday, we did figure out where to go on holiday, are going to feel close to nature is also large cities? But regardless of where to go on vacation, you want to dress up and look pretty. There must be a fresh and clean styling, and cheap tiffany jewelry is indispensable elements.
Bright sun, lazy afternoon, summer is always the holiday's best time. With a joy of flying, fascinating holiday spread of agitation in the streets. Hollywood stars to create their own holiday when you dress up, invariably wearing a natural white precious Platinum jewelry to highlight their own personal style, whether Jennifer. Aniston's simple and elegant style, Kate. Moss fashion casual wind or Catherine. Zeta-retro classic wind, we were on vacation in a variety of styles can always capture the Phantom of the Platinum jewelry.
Jennifer has been keeping her signature style of simple and elegant, understated yet refined, as the girl, kind, pleasant, often with pure-hearted smile on her face, like Unfading Platinum, pure nature is always as good as new. Her summer dress, relaxed and restrained. Wearing a minimalist styling of the pure white Platinum Jewelry adds elegance and atmosphere, adding style and highlights of the highlights.
Kate is always so different, Maverick. She walked at the forefront of fashion, lead rather than follow. Obsession with her temperament has a resilient, loyal to their constant heart never fade, Mills without endangering the fortitude of Platinum, moving in time. Her holiday leisure casual, natural wind free and easy, and Platinum jewelry should be advised to Johor's unique sense of natural beauty, exudes a unique personality.
Catherine features delicate, classical, plump body, giving a sense of imperial splendor. Her mix of taste, all exude noble temperament. Even when on holiday in a relaxed atmosphere, Catherine is still distinguished by fine vintage clothing and luxury tiffany outlet platinum diamond jewelry show their elegant atmosphere and extraordinary taste. Platinum and diamonds go great, gleaming, Yu Kaise Lynn bloom between the ears and neck a bright and moving Ray noble.
Platinum clear white color and elegant atmosphere, never fading, wear and durability without compromising superior traits and rich texture, creating very characteristic, when summer dress styles, Platinum jewelry is undoubtedly the best choice. Following recommended Platinum jewelry trend will make you stand out from the dazzling mix of holiday air, recycling and outstanding.
A chic, pure jewelry will make you shine more in the crowd. fruit on vacation to worry about their own jewelry, bubble water or after prolonged exposure to the Sun will fade, that would have been too boring! Jewelry material choice is important, Platinum is a never fading, natural white precious metal, whether or not you swim in the sea, was sunbathing, not to worry it will fade or discolor.
Button-shaped design is fresh. Excellent toughness Platinum nail line paint buttons and delicate, showing in a simple and exquisite. Superior texture brings a wealth of Platinum, three-dimensional sense of hierarchy. Modern clean lines, exudes a unique air of individuality. White Platinum brilliant diamonds reflect more into sparkles. Low profile shows the luxury, classic ...
Long arm Platinum earrings in ears, letting you off a charming presence. Delicate butterfly shape, let people feel the nature, full of vitality and vigor, and pure white color gives more dazzling earrings in Platinum. Retro romance tightly holding up the diamond in a Platinum setting, with the most secure protection. Perfectly set off the woman's delicate peace.
Platinum bracelets are traveling a lot of girls like to wear jewelry? A Platinum bracelets, let your wrist a full aesthetic gesture, qualities of natural pure white Platinum will never fade, you don't have to worry about water fade, is the best choice for holiday ornaments.
In addition to the bracelet, necklace for girls that were also essential. pure Platinum round the neck with a pair of big cheap oakley sunglasses show the densely populated state. Platinum is a precious metal of high purity, so even for sensitive skin, don't have to worry about wear Platinum jewelry allergies. Hope everyone is nice to spend a pleasant holiday.

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Face shapes and matching jewelry
Article publié le 26/09/2013

Beautiful cheap oakley sunglasses is that it is not only itself, but also need popularity to show. People with jewelry also has some stress, temperament have, but to fit. Lists jewelry and face a perfect match cheats! Let your unique beauty.
Your face is how to choose the jewelry should be based on people's face choose different jewelry:
1, goose-type: the oval face, a wide range of optional wear jewelry, combing long hair, wear a jewel swing ring gives a charming sense of soft, short hair by wearing a small ear Ding will look very elegant;
2, seeds Type: top (or circle), or cut down a large amount of jaw tip, suitable for wearing a variety of jewelry belonging to the face, ears can be worn like small or big flower pendant concise swing ring, necklace should be thin and short, in order to facilitate increasing the width of the jaw to avoid the feeling of the face is stretched.
3, Rectangle: This face is characterized by a top and bottom, middle length, it should be increased to wear ornaments cross the midline of the face width, therefore, choose to wear area is large and dazzling inlaid jewelry, diamond ear Ding or without falling short of the ears large round earrings, face look wider. But do not wear a swing ring, in order to avoid the formation of the next big small triangular face.
4, round: Decorative principle is to make the cheeks narrow, vertical extension, the upper can rely on thick hair blowing high pad to solve, the lower will have to come by wearing elongated slender necklace, tiffany outlet earrings then cut should not be too .
5, triangle: This is a cut on the cheek below the wide face, dress up difficult, dressed principles generally increases the width of the face, through the frontlet and hairstyles to make up, earrings should be small not big, necklaces should be long not short, should be broad rather thin, long necklace because it can serve to extend the jaw becomes cut effect.
Should be based on the person's temperament choose different jewelry;
(1) naive type: This person is a carefree character, Childish, should use pure color bright jewelry, such as light green, pink gems, which are the color of jewelry.
(2) Charming type: This man gentle personality, susceptible shy, should use styling sleek, soft color, full of warmth jewelry. Will seem sentimental, full of charm.
(3) bold type: bold character of this man, uninhibited, sloppy, should be selected with a rich dynamic big and rough and irritating jewelry. Such as men's jeans wear thick strips on gold chain or silver chain, plus Maitreya or large jade buckle; women should wear a big heart-shaped, large n person may use light green, dark green and other colors of jewelry to bring out the vitality. But should not be adorned with bright red, purple or bright blue gem, so as not to face was lined with purple.
Black-skinned people should not wear white or pink cheap tiffany jewelry stones, so strong contrast, leaving the skin appear darker. But decorated with citrine, topaz and other intermediate shades of precious stones, dilute the skin can play a good role.

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Jade jewelry and clothing with skills
Article publié le 24/09/2013

Jade tiffany outlet jewelry is loved by the community, in addition to giving emerald green soft gentle beauty skilled, but also gives a serene feeling. In the more solemn occasions, emerald and diamond jewelry is a good combination of the two can complement each other, giving a rich and gorgeous feeling. From a general sense, if wearing jade jewelry, best not to wear emerald green gemstone jewelry, etc., otherwise the color will produce between comparative issues, which will affect the overall co-ordination and beauty.
In addition, wearing precious stones jewelry, generally do not wear the same low-grade mixed or artificial jewelry made of jade jewelry, or a comparison between the two materials will produce a half-truths, nondescript feeling.
In short, the relationship between the United States and the human body jewelry is more complex and not readily fits-all applicable principles, the most critical is the temperament of the wearer and the wearer purposes. In general, the relationship between man and jewelry can be summarized as compared harmonious relationship. If you want to highlight your own personality or certain parts of the United States, can be a way to emphasize contrast and highlight. Conversely, if you want to create a balance through the effect of jewelry, you should pay attention to jewelry and personality and environmental coordination.
In addition to jewelry and the environment, and human relationships jewelry, jewelry still have to pay attention to some among the mix.
Diamonds can be matched with a variety of precious stones, but in general, took a master stone jewelry set with diamonds (except earrings), generally do not have to wear the other big precious stones jewelry, otherwise it will affect each other, distraction, affect the overall aesthetic.
If you wish to wear pieces of jewelry, it is best with cool color diamond jewel match, such as wearing a cheap tiffany jewelry diamond ring with a pearl necklace, or k gold necklace with a sapphire pendant.
Diamond suit is usually very popular combination, may be suitable for a variety of more solemn occasions.
Jewelry and hair tie
Leaving women with long hair shawl
Generally wear larger ear buckle or earrings or pendant-style, brightly colored earrings is appropriate, because shawl itself contours and lines on the face of the impact, and thus, in fact, long hair fewer restrictions on wearing earrings, but generally have a more eye-catching and earrings as well a certain size, the size is very limited.
Short hair woman wearing sportswear
Face a very close relationship with the earrings. First consider the type face; Secondly, we should consider ear shape and size, as long earlobes people generally should not wear pendent earrings, otherwise it will change the local profile, make the face shorter, ear button is suitable. Smaller ears, people should not wear modern abstract, geometric shapes and large earrings ear button earrings.

If a person does not want others to pay attention to their hair too much, then the shape of the chest wearing a chic, more eye-catching brooch is valid. Shorter neck or face a wide man, wearing a low opening appreciate the clothes and brooch in the lower position where it can produce a balanced and coordinated effects.
With colored stones
Main attention to the color of mutual unity. Ruby and emerald jewelry, under normal circumstances it is best not to wear the same time, otherwise the red and green are very bright colors, in addition there are a number of aesthetic vision center of attention, make people feel dazzled, it will also give red and green, tacky feel.
Generally, warm colors of gems (red, orange, yellow, etc.) the best gem with warm colors or colorless gemstones matches. The cool color gems (such as blue, green, purple, etc.) are advised with the same color or colorless gemstone matches.
The same or similar color gemstone inlaid jewelry also suits a wide range of adaptability, can be worn for all occasions.

Woman wearing glasses
Select earrings should be careful to consider the spectacle of shapes, colors and earrings fit. If the color of earrings too prominent, it will also highlight the presence of cheap oakley sunglasses .
Generally have a shiny black hair of women, wearing brightly colored gemstone earrings are coordinated. On the contrary, such as relatively dry hair, you should consider some general gems and jade earrings, such as turquoise, QUARTZ and so on.

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