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Wearing large framed glasses really could damage health
Article publié le 19/10/2014

Today, wearing large-framed Tiffany and Co Necklace Jewelry Outlet Store glasses also become a fashion in younger age groups: because it is a good modification "pie face."

But in the clinic because there are more and more people wearing large-framed glasses, appeared significantly decreased visual acuity, field of vision smaller, dizzy, and even cases of vertigo. Wearing large framed glasses have many side effects: nose deformation retraction, affect the development of the nasal cavity and nasal ventilation, induced rhinitis; visual impairment, vision continued to decline, the greater the higher the degree of side effects.

Trendy big box mirror too often due to lens, so the lens of the "IPD" probably a little bigger. Some smaller when IPD patients with large frame mirror, on the problem of excessive error IPD particularly prone.

There may be equal to the large-framed glasses wearing "prism"

If you wear glasses IPD wrong, what kind of consequences? That is equivalent to the one in front of the eye frame prism. Will produce the phenomenon of light refraction, the wearer to see things prone to ghosting. Long wear may dizziness, insomnia.

1 large box lens wear more deeper degree?
High myopia does not take, not all big box myopia will lead to vision problems.

Currently the regular hospital and optical shop using more advanced milling machine has a large frame mirror as long as IPD correct, but also can wear. Consumers barely wear small IPD does not match the big-framed glasses, or small shops making unqualified error too large framed glasses will go wrong.

Wearing large Cheap Mac Cosmetics Makeup wholesale Outlet frame mirror clinically discomfort mainly in blurred vision, dizziness and other symptoms, decreased vision inverted much. But if patients with high myopia, if not unqualified to wear large frame mirror, the impact on health is indeed larger than the average person.

2 large boxes mirror so deformed nose induced rhinitis?

Generally, adult nasal development has been completed, the nasal bone can afford a certain weight. In simple terms, large-framed glasses, although a lot heavier than ordinary glasses, but to make the nose deformation, and even affect the nasal ventilation, still not.

As induced rhinitis, and no talking. Adults wearing heavy big-framed glasses, the impact on the nose is mainly uncomfortable, but also the development of young nose yet fully developed, relatively fragile bones are not yet finalized, the impact will be relatively large, it is best not to wear. Nasal trauma, and do not wear.

Some young people are not myopic, for a pair of big box shelves poser mirrors, lenses are available and some plain, some simply do not have even the lens. This has no effect on the eye it? The doctor said, plain Fake Oakleys Gascan Sunglasses Cheap for Sale glass spectacles although no degree, but it is on the eyes, after all, is a "barrier", if the lens stained with dirt, or have some impact on vision. Amy's friends can only wear a stylish frame Falls.

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Some knowledge of resin lenses
Article publié le 13/09/2014

Now our daily lives, learning a lot of time entertainment are inseparable from the computer, the computer must have radiation, because the radiation computers are all on our own body injury. Resin Cheap Mac Cosmetics Makeup wholesale Outlet generally worn by everyone, then there asked, the resin lens radiation do not all resin lenses are radiation, because the so-called radiation, is in the process of glasses, adding a compound dielectric material in the production, posted on the lens surface radiation film.

Radiation resin lenses do, only to be able to radiation coating resin lens is the use of the physics of radiation interference phenomenon in the market, there are many plain of radiation glasses, is designed for non-myopic or people who wear contact lenses prepared resin lenses radiation it, lenses using energy reflected or absorbed radiation, infrared lenses absorb blue, yellow and green lenses absorb ultraviolet and infrared. Impact from radiation to Fake Oakleys Frogskins Sunglasses Cheap for Sale glasses, wearing a pair of coating resin lens is necessary.

Resin lenses How to maintain, after the surface coating resin lens, effectively blocking the harmful ultraviolet rays of the eye injury, eye protection and greatly improve the clarity of vision, but if you pay attention to maintenance, the film resin lens surface is abrasions, clarity decreased, and affecting wearing effect. Resin lenses how to care for, pay attention to the steps of cleaning, appliance cleaning methods. Proper maintenance, in order to make better use of resin lenses brings convenience.

Resin lenses should be completed Miao scratch heat, fumes should also be taken to avoid erosion, do not bathe with glasses, do not wear glasses, glasses should be properly placed in the glasses case. Wipe resin lens at the time, should use special glasses cloth, do not use other ordinary cloth, as this is likely to cause scratches on the lens surface, the impact of clarity. Resin lenses how to care for, resin lens due to its own reasons, the service life of about a year, but will increase the excessive use of eye fatigue.

Resin lens how to clean, resin lens is a kind of resin material, optical lenses, because there are many advantages, it gradually replaced the Cheap Ray Bans Wayfarer Sunglasses Outlet Sale glass lens, but how to clean resin lenses, is that many glasses family would like to know the answer, because the glasses piece is dirty, not only does not affect vision and beautiful to others left a sloppy impression, so clean resin lenses is necessary.

Resin lens how to clean, before resin lens cleaning, rinse with tap water, you can also use a mild soap or a special detergent, then special glasses cloth. Resin lens how to clean, hand sanitizer, dilute with water. Best use shampoo or shower gel, because the two more oil, will produce a protective film, while the role of water fog would hand sanitizer in your hand rubbing the foam is applied to the two fell out of the lens surface, and then the finger pulp close to the lens wipe back and forth. Try to avoid nails to scratch the lens.

Rinse the lenses, not too much water, smaller can. Lens with water into a 45-degree angle and slowly pan washing, try not to let the water flow to the other side of the lens. How to clean resin lenses, rinse resin lenses, vision is particularly clean, there are many optical shops for cleaning lens Tiffany and Co Key Necklace Jewelry Outlet glasses have this free service, if they cannot deal with, or go to the optical shop to clean more at ease. 

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Precautions five optional color film
Article publié le 11/09/2014

Consumers choose the Fake Oakleys Frogskins Sunglasses Cheap for Sale lens when selecting an increasing proportion of color film. More consumers do not understand the color film, only occasionally found himself a friend of the same pair of glasses lens at different times have different colors and feel strange.

First, what color film is?

Modern society increasingly serious pollution of the atmosphere, the ozone layer has been damaged a little, glasses exposure to UV sunlight. Color film is slightly discolored lenses containing silver bromide grains factor and copper oxide. When bright light, silver bromide decomposition of silver and bromine, decomposition of tiny grains of silver, so the lens showing dark brown; When the light dimmed, silver and bromine in the copper oxide catalysis regenerate bromine silver, so the lighter the color of the lens again.

Second, the advantages of color film than ordinary lenses Where?

UV rays can "sunburn" surface of the eye, the cumulative effect of long lead directly to a variety of eye diseases. Such as photokeratitis, while also grow healthy macula of the eye surface. Two other common cause pingueculae and pterygia.

According to a recent survey showed that the cumulative effect of long-term exposure can cause eye and around sensitive areas and age-related serious diseases, including cataracts and melasma sex under ultraviolet light, which is the cause of blindness in the elderly. According to data released by the World Health Organization show that 16 million people worldwide each year due to cataract blindness, of which 20% is due to the long-term exposure to UV-induced UV hazards unusual.

When color Cheap Ray Bans Wayfarer Sunglasses Outlet Sale glasses encounter ultraviolet light, its coating layer immediately in blocking ultraviolet intrusion while quickly darken substantially blocking UVA and UVB infringement of our eyes. Color film in the developed world for its health, convenience, aesthetics and many other advantages, has long been recognized by health-conscious consumers annually Lenses customers to double-digit growth rate.

Third, the price of color film is how much it cost?

In China, the color film glasses are the new face of retail, general consumer awareness of color film still, there are many question marks, but the mirror-plated 'photochromic materials' color film is about twice the normal lens, higher Price also hindered its popularity. In actual fact, as the transparent color lenses can be worn glasses indoors, outdoors and can be comparable to the price of anti-UV sunglasses, buy a pair of color lenses with two pairs of lenses than the cost is much lower.

Fourth, change color film color

A sunny day when: In the morning, the clouds thin air, less ultraviolet barrier, reaching the ground is more, so the depth of the morning Lenses relatively deep. In the evening, ultraviolet light is relatively weak, as the evening sun farther from the ground during the day due to the accumulation of fog after blocking most of the ultraviolet rays; so this time the color depth is very shallow.

2, cloudy day when: UV sometimes not weak, it is possible to reach the ground, so the color of the lens is still able to change color. It does not change color in the room almost transparent color lenses can provide the most suitable UV and glare protection Tiffany and Co Key Necklace Jewelry Outlet glasses in any environment, timely mediation lens color according to the light, at the same time protect eyesight, anytime, anywhere for eye health protection.

3, the relationship between color film with temperature: Under the same conditions, as the temperature rises, the color of the lens discoloration due to temperature rises slowly as shallow; Conversely, when the temperature decreases when color lenses will slow slow dark. So why summer light color, winter color depth is the truth of.

Three types of five, color film

1, the surface layer style: the lens surface is coated with a thin little discoloration agent. Its advantages, background shallow near bottomless appearance was nice; but the biggest drawback, discoloration time extremes, especially high temperature, it is very easy to not change color.

2, into the formula: in general the lens surface into 1-2 mm discoloration agent advantages: a little bit of background, color uniformity. But Disadvantages: Since only a little discoloration on the surface, a lower surface does not change color, making it easy layering unchanged.

3, incorporation-type: in the monomer feed on mixed well discoloration agent, produced the entire lens is filled with color agents; advantages of color for a long time, high temperature; shortcomings, the lens in the middle and edge color will be a little gap . But we all know, the edge thickness and the thickness of the middle of the center of the lens is completely different, so look at it to color deviation; but the glasses are processed glasses when cutting pieces to take the middle part, a good pair of processing after the finished glasses, they will not dimensionless brought color problems. This process is made out of color lenses within two years of the show consistent.

After two years should be re-optometry, re-glasses, no Cheap Mac Cosmetics Makeup wholesale Outlet glasses are not worn too long advocated.

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How to color glasses
Article publié le 09/09/2014

The main color Cheap Mac Cosmetics Makeup wholesale Outlet glasses lens discoloration membrane, is the use of light-sensitive material for forming an organic film layer of color, and this resin layer coating the lens surface is the lens surface or penetration into the resin, so as to achieve color effects, characterized in that: lens background light, indoor almost colorless, color is not affected by the degree of speed. The most representative is the transition (Transitions) the company's color technology, life expectancy is longer, usually 3-4 years.

Color glasses for patients that can correct refractive errors, can also act as sunglasses outdoors, isolated ultraviolet light, adjust the light entering the eye, maintaining proper vision; status regardless of their color, it is always good to absorb ultraviolet light. Several of the major indicators of color film, color life, color speed, color uniformity. Domestic brands more color film, color film, but the main problem many domestic slow lens discoloration, fading slowly, deep color, color is not exactly easy, especially after wearing for some time, will find life color, color speed, color uniformity decline the more serious. Better the performance of well-known brands, mostly by the United States and France Corning Transitions color film technology. For example, the Japanese have adopted nikon Transitions discoloration technology. The fifth-generation ESP color film of the film composite technology is more mature, noble plated high permeability layer, its interior visual effects more clearly than ordinary hard lenses. Color depth also improved, less dependent on temperature, at 23 degrees Celsius sunshine comparable sunglasses in high temperature environments, can get other color than the current product shades deeper outdoor visual effects. And color fade faster than the first generation of Transitions Fake Oakleys Frogskins Sunglasses Cheap for Sale lenses faster.

First, the principle of color glasses

Currently used photochromic lenses are divided into two kinds: the base color lenses and film color lenses. Lenses base comes mainly from light-sensitive material mixing glass lenses, color lenses by French glass version Corning Incorporated (corning) first developed successfully, the principle is the use of ultraviolet light-sensitive silver halide (usually silver chloride) microcrystalline implantation of ordinary glass material, which is characterized by lens background darker indoors will be showing a hint of gray or brown. Speed of color lenses by, the higher the degree of color change more slowly, when the thickness of the lens is not the same, the color of concentration also will be different - a high negative lens edge thicker than the center, thus increasing the density of the color at the edges is also . High density is very easy to identify the color, light color, high refractive power leads to the phenomenon of the center, and the periphery of the ribbon has a very deep. Impact on the positive lens on the contrary, the middle area very dark, and the surrounding light color.

High hyperopia can find the central lens look out too affected. Since the light-sensitive material is mixed into a glass material, resulting in a shorter lifespan color lenses, usually in about 1-2 years (the life of the president of some imported materials), to be followed by the Cheap Ray Bans Wayfarer Sunglasses Outlet Sale lens and change the background color occurs between the deepest the difference is reduced, the final color is not. Most of the photochromic material of gray and brown, graying and tea becomes known, other colors may also be obtained through a special process. All the glasses, including single light, double light, gradient lens can be manufactured using a photochromic material. In recent years, the development of light-induced discoloration of resin lenses faster, currently on the market is the most commonly used material for the refractive index of the resin discoloration 1.50,1.56,1.59 (PC material), 1.67, and so on.

Second, the color glasses Material

A glass and a resin material of the light-induced discoloration of the main difference is that between the manufacturing process. Glass photochromic lenses will change color material - silver halogen, mixed together with the glass material is dissolved, through the lens blank manufacturing; while resin photochromic lenses change color substances introduced methods are mainly two kinds of coating and surface penetration. The best way is to surface penetration method. The manufacturing process, the photochromic material can be accurately controlled penetration into the front surface of the lens ~ 150 | ìm. Will determine the uniformity of penetration of the final performance of the lens' surface "applies to any kind of penetration of the refractive power of the lens, have the same performance of a uniform color effect does not occur in the glass photochromic Tiffany and Co Key Necklace Jewelry Outlet lenses color uniformity.

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Need regular replacement glasses
Article publié le 06/09/2014

Currently, there are many methods in the treatment of child myopia, some even claims to be able to let the children take off Cheap Ray Bans Wayfarer Sunglasses Outlet Sale glasses in the short term. In fact the vast majority of myopia (especially above 300 degrees), inter alia through surgical methods can let some people take off glasses, other "methods and instruments", if we can prevent the development of myopia is not easy (in fact, many "method and apparatus for" even this effect are not up to it! ) Myopia is meant to take off glasses and can get real clear, healthy vision of comfortable, durable, at least so far it is impossible.

Myopia is common eye abnormalities, and its work on prevention not cure. In addition to these technical means, in the developmental stages of children and adolescents, and good eye health habits, plenty of outdoor activity, a balanced diet, such as nearsightedness myopia controls the integrated prevention and control measures are effectively essential natural elements. Deliberately refuse to glasses, hastily took off his Cheap Mac Cosmetics Makeup wholesale Outlet glasses, blind implementation of "myopia treatment" can have an irreversible adverse effects to the eyes and even harmful.
Special reminder: need periodical replacement of glasses

Glasses are the child an indispensable tool of ametropia correction, the right pair of eyeglasses depends not only on the science of optometry program and get the accurate dispensing of prescriptions, and depends on the material, professional and skilled qualified opticians fit production technology and professional skills, norms and strict and stringent quality testing. Therefore, when matching glasses for your children please note:

1, frame selection to take into account children's facial characteristics and the development of lively nature, comfort, durability and safety should be chosen, not easily deformed wide-framed glasses as well. And size options to match the child's pupil distance as much as possible. Tiffany and Co Key Necklace Jewelry Outlet Frames as soon as damage not easily replaced. Even if new ones, also required by professionals after thorough testing when compared to implementation.

2, lenses for spectacles of "soul", a pair of high quality optical quality of the lens must have a high degree of precision in order to ensure the quality of light in retinal Imaging. And lens choice must also take into account safety, light weight, easy to wear and so on.

3, in a period of growth and development of children, the refractive State of the eye (degrees) in dynamic changes, therefore, children wearing glasses are required periodically (approximately 1 per year over 6 years old, 6 years of age approximately 1 every six months) Mydriatic refractometry, the timely replacement of Fake Oakleys Frogskins Sunglasses Cheap for Sale glasses, synchronized to guarantee change of glasses and eye development.

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