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Jewelry dotting quintessence bright
Article publié le 23/09/2013

Traditional festive Chinese New Year approaching, it is time to lock eyes Beaming Chinese clothing up! Classical charm of Chinese pattern, unique traditional gold plate buttons stand-up collar pinch flowers, charming and graceful improved cheongsam dress the upper body, only with magnificent cheap tiffany jewelry clever mix order these quintessence brilliance finishing touch.
How do you do to limelight?
1 Chinese patterns retro style echoes the noblest
Mix with Chinese patterns of clothing, you can pick up some jewelry full of retro style, whether it is style or material, the best are a little retro flavor, but the design must pay attention to two things. Materials such as selecting pearl jewelry, avoid choose the kind of law-abiding, beads, especially white rice style, too moderate enough overhangs; tassels can choose designs or multi-layer design style, not only to show the noble qualities of the wearer , you can revel in extraordinary taste.
2 jewelry clothing color tones selected from
The colors go with jewels tones echoing Chinese clothing is a basic skill, from clothing to pick one kind of color accounted for 30% of the proportion of the whole body color than the color of choice with jewelry as a base color, absolutely cannot go wrong. If you're deep enough skill, you can choose color with a hit, but the slightest mistake will be self-defeating, fancy boring, so the color with regard must be cautious and meticulous.
3 jewelry brooch most ingenious mix easily with pattern
Chinese ink pattern on dark clothing wearing a light-colored flower brooch, or light-colored soles and Obscure clothing or worn on a black dress hue contrast brooch, absolutely full of personality, some bright spots, both chic and elegant and remarkable fashion. Sometimes brooch not only dotting clothing, there are additional effects, such as fat, thin face shape can be modified through the brooch to wear a tiffany outlet brooch at the neckline under a separate middle, from the vision can make the face look thinner more, while two separated brooch can be increased facial fullness feeling.
Colored gemstones paved over in butterfly wings, butterfly shape symbolizes the female light and elegant features. Performance of both traditional butterfly patterns elegant and beautiful hostess, but also to convey subtle elegant luxury details.
How do you want to steal the spotlight to the most?
1 paragraph cheongsam costume with best material
Chinese style of clothing appeared most often silk fabric, this fabric is very suitable with pearls, diamonds, gems and gold jewelry with materials, which are the most common pearls and gold mix, if want to play out on the occasion of the New Year some tricks, why not choose diamond jewelry, colored gemstones and other jewelry decorate themselves. Different kind of color and luster of silk embellished over the smooth, soft and hard each other, so the overall mix more interesting.
(2) high collar, collar Chinese costume jewelry sets can be ignored
High neck or collar decorative Chinese clothing itself is already very strong, and inappropriate with matching necklace earrings jewelry, this will give people a sense of the whole contrived. A little retro-style bracelet or a ring dotted with upscale chic, do not have a taste of luxury.
3 drape costume jewelry is the best partner
Chinese clothing most suitable combination of jewelry is jewelry drape, drape strong as earrings, necklaces can well meet the costume gives a sense of weight, while the stylish and elegant dish made or contemporary popular head matches. If and when you are dressed in costume to attend a gathering more foreign friends, you can choose pearl, diamond jewelry; if elders based family gatherings, can be considered with some gold, k gold jewelry. Of course, considering the style, material and clothing with the same time, we cannot ignore the face is suitable for this type of style jewelry. suitable to wear big earrings, square beauty is still suitable to wear cheap oakley sunglasses.

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Jewelry also dazzling than the dress
Article publié le 20/09/2013

Goddess is no longer the personal pronoun, now in the red carpet show floor is everywhere. To become a goddess of course, does not rely on natural beauty, external decoration is particularly important, the election of a very high degree and its own matching cheap oakley sunglasses, do not want to Muse immune and want to experience the feeling of being all follow it, fast to preview.
Regarded by the world goddess Monica Bellucci, not only has the enviable looks, but also possess a look inviolable. This mix of tiffany bracelets, so-glorious, 18k rose gold set with diamonds and pearls Dan water, filling the ultimate and luxury.
Recently, tiffany jewelry series paris nouvelle vague new conference held in Seoul. Kim Hee a white suit debut exhibition intellectual elegance, perfect hold live audience. This she chose tiffany paris nouvelle vague series of earrings, with k gold jewelry to create a hollow shape to neoclassical inspiration for the design of the dome, so that the slightest light transmittance come from heaven like the call of God, dazzling fans, but also for the dark of the night decorate splendor.

Ny dressed in gray dress lace stenciling debut, wearing tiffany paris nouvelle vague series earrings and rings, a show unique temperament. Earring shape like the gurgling river Seine flowing, soft lines and natural. Ring to overlap, into one of the two planar ring structure, they are clever and sophisticated modern woman is like Paris.
Ha Ji-dressed donna karan black wrap dress to wear tiffany paris nouvelle vague Series ring debut release, like colorful fireworks bursting in the ring, and instantly lit fingertips, filling the elegant aesthetic.
Dressed in a black turtleneck dress debut Zhang Miki, like noble black swan, the release of the gas field with infinite charm. With the tiffany outlet paris nouvelle vague Series bracelet, details America is really beautiful, blue and green colors overlap Pitt as lapis lazuli and chrysoprase cabochon multi color, been carefully crafted, these natural gems showing variegation shining like a string of holiday lights, cheerful and pleasant eye-catching.

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Women love the luxury jewelry
Article publié le 19/09/2013

In the past, strong woman could be a joke, said marriage relationship cannot buy anything, but be sure to buy your own bed, so you can keep angered his men rolled. However, the man kicked out of bed, but can't erase the smell of him in bed. So now, woman to himself buy of things have into-- cheap oakley sunglasses, such while without worry broke up Shi it was men took, change a model wear others finger or others of neck, let you gnash their teeth bathed in; on the, also can often with this fine your of small stone please himself--after all it representative has wealth, and representative has beautiful, and more representative has you in himself heart of absolute status--smart of woman, most love of is himself.
Declaration on the glory of the fingers
If you don't already have a man on one knee to ring on your left hand, and don't get discouraged! Left hand's ring, and perhaps is a sign of happiness, may also be the yoke of bondage. But the right hand ring, it is a symbol of singles. So, like diamond, you deliver yourself, take the ring on the right hand, is confidence in themselves, but also a more absolute pride!
Exaggerated form consistent with this season's fashion trends really, to create distinctive decorative impression.
Winding curves and subtle inlaid diamond, ring corner is vivid, the waves of joy like a flower.
Choi Jin outlined a woman's heart, little bit of diamonds reveal "inside" hidden charm.
Woman coquettish need not presuppose the man, even if it is on your way to work or on the way from work, the chest shone with cheap tiffany jewelry diamond glory, quavering woman of fashion expression, will rub shoulders man looks beautiful eyes break – just for a man, far from rubbing shoulders all man's attention with a sense of accomplishment!
Geometric shapes, diamond and Topaz matching, luxurious and charming.
Lace is full of gorgeous details, like the Queen Mary's jewel box of treasures.
Like gorgeous birth of stars in the universe, dazzling.
Connect a diamond like a little flower blooms in the garden, soft and full of women.
Musical ideas light up my ears and lively decorating craze.
Platinum Diamond gently in her arms, design for the lively and not play.
In love, any of the nitty-gritty of woman, is knowing the woman playing with a little wrist, for this reason, you should not neglect your jade wrist watch, decorated some jewelry for it, makes diamonds sparkle's Watch, in this way, you will find that the "wrist" to be more exciting, more beautiful.
Architectural design-like profile makes this bracelet goes off and can only match the dress of bondage, match up your fashion personality also stand out.
Diamonds and color combination of treasure, shallow exudes feminine, despite fine work is gorgeous, but not overbearing arrogance.
Slim and lively, especially for skinny little girls.
Diamond patchwork of different sizes, making it suitable for both worn on formal occasions, and lively design and equally competent in everyday life.
Platinum and tiffany outlet diamonds to make it look sporty, is hard to come by, as if a light Ribbon lightly in the wrist.

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Crystal necklace to wear method
Article publié le 18/09/2013

Crystal is said to be able to bring inspiration and wisdom, it's another meaning is a symbol of love, and further, that is to increase popularity and the opposite sex, can be summed up with the mysterious, romantic, elegant to describe it. Teach your  tiffany outlet crystal necklace worn methods.
Necklace with matching color
Dark-skinned mm thick dark tones suitable color necklace, bronze, vintage silver, Tibetan silver is very suitable. Mm black skin do not wear too bright white silver and pearls, so do not make the skin more shiny. Like pearls, you can choose some colors of pearls to wear. The complexion shallow mm should try to choose light colors, light and color sense some of the necklace.
Mix with collar-shaped necklace
1, in addition to matching the general pointed collar-shaped necklace, but with a long crystal necklace will be very good, do not be afraid to wear several layers of necklaces together, like bunches long necklace set with a pointed collar, often more vivid than the bunch.
2, boat neck and collar is a perfect match, longer necklace is also good, as long as the collar necklace do not just end up in the bottom of the can.
3, high collar can be used with anything less than 3 cm below the clavicle necklace.
4, wear round neck dress wearing necklace necklaces have to pay attention not to collar-shaped arc line completely parallel.
Necklace and face mix
1, long face long face is more suitable to wear the "circle effect" necklace, like traditional cheap tiffany jewelry, gemstone choker, collar circulated around the individual's unique charm. Short apron necklace, is consistent with the shape of your face, there are representatives of the fashion requirements, you can highlight your pretty at the same time, so that face look shorter.
2, oval face, you need to follow "is greater than the upper edge of the lower edge," the pendant, plus chest lock showing v-shaped lines, will bring you grace and elegance of the head. In fact, many are very suitable for oval face shape necklace shape, pick your favorite to wear on ok.
3, round face, round face, people should not wear a collar or a big necklace strung with beads, excessive facial lines is not conducive to adjust your visual impression, if a little worn long or pendant necklace, necklace can be used hanging the formation of "v" shaped angle to enhance the coherence of the face and neck. In other words, part of the neck and face with a part connected to the length of the face of the visual changes.
4 mm square face, square face to wear beautiful arc-shaped necklace, can ease the face of the founder lines. If you wear a beaded necklace, bead-shaped diamond or square should be avoided. Mm square face choose a pendant necklace or long necklace and collarbone, in the chest to form a graceful arc, can balance a wide jaw line, neck shorter length mm below the clavicle thymic selection below middle position necklace will nice.
Necklace with matching chest
1 small chest Person: suitable for wearing large ornaments, length can be down to the bottom of the chest, for example: in a round high-collar shirt can be worn outside of a rough and colorful long necklace, it is very good. But do not be a lot of gold necklace worn together, unless you are the entertainment industry stars.
2, busty People: suitable for wearing exquisite pendant, length to cleavage top, but do not let pendant buried between the breasts.
Distinctive necklace also need a substrate foil, like hanging in the moonlight glistening dark sky, it appears to the brilliance. Therefore, the color of the cheap oakley sunglasses and the color to use contrasting colors necklace, if it is the same color, then in the texture and brightness is different. Remember! Wear necklaces and matching apparel method is very similar, we must keep trying various combinations of methods in order to get more special effects, usually many perfect combination of all comes through practice.

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How to wear a crystal necklace
Article publié le 17/09/2013

Choose to wear cheap oakley sunglasses, to achieve harmony and balance aesthetic effect is essential.
Person's face in the center of the body to beautify group, is an important feature of the site where, because of this, clothing collar styles, necklace length, thickness, for high-speed is quite a lot of people face. Crystal Necklace alter the effectiveness of face, neck and the creation of a variety of possibilities. For most women, a short necklace make the face wider, thicker neck. So, a long face and a long neck often wear this necklace is appropriate. However, when wearing a necklace worth noting, because it has the potential to very long thin neck too conspicuous. The ultimate aim should be to complement the wearer's face and personality, rather than the characteristics of the main emphasis crystal itself.
Unlike neck necklace often by those who had hoped the United States women to wear. In fact, it reduces the value of the necklace, because it is the attention to the way people do not want attention. Most women have a very small physical defects is also very sensitive, and excessive expectations to eliminate or weaken these areas, as well as make crystal little attention.
In short, thin neck and a long face a bunch of people wearing flower crystal necklace or chain, give people a wider face and neck thicker feeling, and a round face or neck, chunky woman wearing a string of long cheap tiffany jewelry necklace, or inside accompanied by a string of smaller necklace, or a fall on a "heart-shaped", will make people feel elongated face, resulting in a harmonious new equilibrium. Oval face, whether they wear a necklace which will become more attractive.
Nowadays, wearing crystal necklace has become a fashion and social needs. May you according to your face shape, personality and costume shop to commensurate with the character tastes of Crystal Necklace.
Match criteria:
Are divided into pendants and beads-Crystal Necklace, Crystal Necklace for two different people are different, are mostly large pendants-Crystal Necklace Crystal matching Pi Sheng long or long chain, more suitable for fashionable young people, most of them have a lovely shape, young people used to go with casual clothes. Beaded Crystal Necklace style is rather symmetrical, for noble, generous temperament of women's wear. No matter which of the above mentioned Crystal Necklace, we must pay attention to the Crystal size. V-neck collar and a Word is more round neck, high neck clothing suitable for slightly larger pendants-Crystal Necklace. Round neck, high collar dress-matching beaded Crystal Necklace is match taboo, which is rarely reflect the Crystal texture, also looks old, bloated. Beaded Crystal Necklace is better suited for formal occasions, with a strapless evening gown, is the most classic match. Combined with wearing a close-fitting women's suits and dresses, glittering and translucent tiffany outlet Crystal Necklace, flashing that appear under the neck of the shirt, is a surprising mix

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