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Jewelry and dress occasions
Article publié le 14/09/2013

Many people know different occasions have different styles of dress. In fact, on different occasions, different clothing should also be used with different cheap tiffany jewelry. In some developed countries, people paid great attention to social etiquette of jewelry to wear. If you chose not to, and when appropriate jewelry, not only will their image will be greatly reduced impolite people feel.
1, jewelry and clothing
a, dress: dress much more solemn occasions, is to attend the dress, such as receptions, weddings, parties and so on. So to choose luxury, fashion jewelry with contrast. You can wear some of the more colorful jewelry, such as diamond earrings, diamond brooch, ruby pendants, etc., this will show superior refined, noble and beautiful temperament. For the dress, the dazzling and stylish diamond is the most suitable, is never wrong choice.
b, wear: It is the work of women in the workplace dress to suit uniforms based. Embodies a solemn, capable of temperament. Therefore, the shape of jewelry not too complicated, you should select a size medium, shape, clean lines of jewelry. Style is too complex or too expensive tiffany outlet jewelry give people an aggressive feeling. Also can not choose bright colors, shapes fancy jewelry, easy to give a sense of frivolity.
c, fashion: fashion style of the most diverse mix of jewelry are the most interesting. Must choose the appropriate style of fashion jewelry, purpose is to coordinate. For example, the design should be relatively feminine dress with style and soft, compact shape chic jewelry; rather bohemian style should be worn more exaggerated fashion, style and more personalized jewelry in order to show its free uninhibited style; Chinese tradition Or you can choose Chinese clothing cheongsam traditional designs emerald diamond series;
2, jewelry and seasonal
a, Summer: wear jewelry is the most suitable season, because the exposed parts of the body more, whether it is necklaces, bracelets, earrings, armbands, or can have the opportunity to show. As thin summer clothing, concise style, jewelry should choose slender, chic style, such as: platinum jewelry, crystal jewelry, etc., in order to have light colors and glittering flash of view very enjoyable.
b, autumn and winter: Due to relatively thick fabric, preferably with a variety of texture and weight of the jewelry, cool colors you can choose the color of the jacket abundant necklaces, rings, earrings, brooches, pins, etc..
No matter what the season, what kind of clothing, should pay attention to cheap oakley sunglasses to wear is not possible, the more expensive the better. Necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings, brooches, all worn on the body, each blooming, but no visual focus, people feel disorganized. Generally only in a very solemn occasion, it is appropriate to wear a set of ornaments, but also prioritized, giving the finishing touch feeling.

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Jewelry worn tips
Article publié le 13/09/2013

Fashion cheap oakley sunglasses is not just clothing embellishment and background, has become an integral part of the garment. Very individuals having more than pieces of jewelry to go with a different fashion . But faced with an array of accessories, how to choose the most suitable for their own it ? You know you wear jewelry tips ?
Jewelry and temperament
Since each person's appearance, age, occupation and identity , status, in which the living environment is different, so each person has the temperament are not the same . The jewelry worn well can play a finishing touch effect, can bring out the individual's unique temperament. Otherwise it will undermine the overall aesthetic.
1, age
A, 25 years : You can select an exaggeration, a little trendy fashion jewelry , not too expensive . Wear taboo is not reluctant to make mature dress , because the young talent is the capital ;
B, 25 years old -35 years old: choice is the biggest crowd . Both embody mature , capable, or charming , sexy , as long as consistent with their temperament is like . You can choose expensive jewelry ; upscale jewelry pearl class ; kit jewelry ; diamond jewelry ; style classic jewelry.
C, 35 - 45: mature women should reflect stable, dignified, should choose a design tradition , classic style . Should not wear the color is too bright , too complicated styling jewelry .
2 , size
A, tall people generally should not wear a single shape , bright colors and sizes and small tiffany outlet jewelry, such as small earrings, necklaces and other narrow thin , give people the feeling stingy . You can choose form a large and rich jewelry.
B, petite woman should not wear some of the oddly shaped , particle size is too large jewelry, such as the long V-shaped necklace decorated with hanging too much , too wide rings , etc., otherwise they will increasingly become emaciated .
C, dumpy figure should choose option slender and compact shape necklace to increase the visual extension , as earrings, rings should weight properly, people feel too thick chunky , over- rules and their thick fingers disproportionate.
D, tall and thin in order to make the neck look sleek, should choose a short and simple necklace, and earrings, rings , bracelets, etc. are advised to choose a more ornate , can ears , arms and hands while people think scintillating not too lean .
3 , career
Teachers, lawyers , executives and other people who often wear business attire should choose clean lines, without exaggerated styling accessories, as an expression of the work of rigor and discipline. While engaged in the art , such as designers, photographers , painters , etc. you can choose more exaggerated cheap tiffany jewelry, personalized ornaments and even alternative , to express their freedom , romantic style .

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Face jewelry luxury sunglasses
Article publié le 12/09/2013

Woman wearing cheap oakley sunglasses mostly because of love, they are in pursuit of the mysterious and charming; man wearing sunglasses mostly because a passion, they have a reason and passion. Sunglasses like face jewelry, it gives us a valuable exclusive private personality.
Famous wearers will highlight a person's identity and taste. In summer, the luxury sunglasses naturally become the most eye-catching of the ball face jewelry, sought after by many fashion people love.
Although expensive, but luxury sunglasses over million relative to the hundreds of expensive handbags and clothing, that was easier to bear. This issue, we will talk with friends sunglasses.
Glasses genuine price is lower than the city stores

Glasses city dior, gucci, boss, big sunglasses, the price is much lower than its brand image store, so in the big city to buy genuine regular glasses sunglasses are very cost-effective.
Purchase must first learn to brand authenticity. Each style of sunglasses has its own model and color code, the product if there is no model, or models, styles and authority in the online search on the site model does not match, naturally counterfeit goods.
In addition, almost all of the top designer sunglasses are safilo group of products; Each pair of glasses comes with a certificate issued by safilo, we can say, without a certificate are counterfeit goods.
According to select the appropriate framework for individual face
If you are a lovely round face, frame thicker, lens color colder, darker glasses, the "tightening" face visual effect. Do not choose brightly colored lenses or frames, so your face will look bigger.
If you are a enviable face, choose the elegant blue, purple, light brown and other fine lens frame or frameless glasses, have amazing results.
Slender feminine face should choose some pink or wine red lenses, can increase the brightness of faces. Round or curved mirror, mirror a little rough slender legs can weaken a sense of a long face.
Square face of people up and down the narrow framework of choice, corners rounded sunglasses were small, too big and too square frame will make the face appear more square. Lens color to sedate brown better.
Tiffany outlet attention to traditional and elegant; chanel let you enjoy a private luxury; boss mature and low-key; vogue chic unrestrained publicity; fendi ultimate retro. Which is your favorite whether it?

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Actress fell in love with gemstone necklace
Article publié le 11/09/2013
Gemstone most noble, the most charming, the most circulated endless glory, the recent red carpet show, the stadium, the actress who were concerned with the effort and coincidentally chose stones tiffany outlet necklace, filling the elegant charm. And dress collocation called the most perfect combination, come to see the stars of the style bar.
Sexy Hollywood actress Scarlett wearing a black low-cut dress with bvlgari necklace and earrings flora series debut, Bulgari necklace with sapphire, pink sapphire, emerald and round cut diamonds sparkling mix, perfect to bring out the her charming charm.
Known as “The Devil Wears Prada,” said Anna always prevail over others gas field, a geometric mosaic pattern sleeveless dress with colorful gemstone necklace, revealing the casual elegance.
Sophia dressed in green underwear low-cut long dress highlights the beauty of women, attractive cleavage is very attractive, with emerald drop necklace, very high-end atmosphere on the grade.
“Good sound” come out of the upstart fashion week also embarked on a long journey, Jike Juan Yi can be described as smooth, short skirts with ethnic style necklace perspective, both retro and sexy.
As an entertainment show host Giuliana a black suit is very capable, with a flower-shaped cheap tiffany jewelry necklace collar fills both empty down, but also played a role in eye-dotting.
Following the beginning of the Paris Fashion Week, the popular once again let Wu Mo invited to the 2014 Spring New York Fashion Week, the “new fashion queen” is a mix of orange lace bra + skirt + shoes + Simple Necklace mixed colors , there is enough to tide enough of the color it.
fergie sunny atmosphere strap without pants, giving a sense of fresh and natural, gold long necklace to create a big temperament. ashley greene black metal color machine wagon jacket + long necklace, to bring the overall black with a bright color, so this very plain dress up a bit a lot.
Queen Street kate moss bold Xiushen Cai, translucent chiffon coat small penetration sexy, gray shorts with a full search of slender legs, a coin-sized wear as a necklace reveals a steady sense.
dakota fanning plain + t-shirt with a suit, like a layered necklace fringed stretch the overall thought of even more elegant and dignified.
stephanie pratt casual blue denim shirt which take the same color with low necklines, bring ruddy complexion, full of ethnic style long necklace to create a casual relaxed feeling, let you Dunsheng stylish atmosphere.
ashlee simpson black gold and silver long chain of two different materials mix, revealing a bit retro feeling, while seemingly random winding way also revealed uninhibited personality
Rihanna simple black halter top, with wide style gold cheap oakley sunglasses with a unique sharp sense, should not be overlooked.
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Jewelry with tips to enhance your fashion sense
Article publié le 10/09/2013

Habit now more girls do not go out without makeup. In comparison to these complex make-up process, in fact, when we are in everyday wear, casual with cheap oakley sunglasses can make our appearance more compelling for our fashion dress plus.
Fashion jewelry decoration mix than what you can freely themselves look nice decoration. For example, on different occasions, different dress conditions, the choice of trinkets are not the same. If you cannot be taken seriously, it may be counterproductive, so that our eye-catching appearance excesses.
Clothing pursuit of individuality, the pursuit of fashion, then silver jewelry as well. Jewelry selection is as clothing styles, colors and seasonal changes, however wear because of age, sex, occupation-specific, so the fall in the silver jewelry with how it?
Loose and comfortable sweaters, cardigans, with a necklace of large rough mad, this match can reflect the vitality of the era of America; if it is a dark suit skirt, it is necessary with a mosaic class corsage, so give people feel pretty in a little side Z. If it is a beige long-sleeved shirt with white trousers, worn on the wrist began with still inlaid silver bracelets, look elegant and charming.
Among the many beautiful clothes, cheongsam has a different kind of style and charm, the East's most feminine clothing, deeply loved young woman is showing off the fall in the female body curve is the best choice, if more clothing texture, color selection set of tiffany outlet jewelry, it will reflect the elegant oriental beauty.
Purple gray park collar dress skirt, short neck, wearing a black or white pearl necklace, revealing the gentle autumn's gentle and elegant, autumn is the harvest season, whether it is refined and elegant clothing, accessories or casual nature, as long as with brilliant autumn rhythm, you can decorate a chic and stylish self.
Jewelry is every woman's essential thing, a suitable for your jewelry always give our lives icing on the cake, regardless of seasons, women's clothing in the form itself is not degenerate, but jewelry can provide clothing with different effects enough struggling various scenes. Wear wear the most exquisite workmanship should wear a pearl or silver jewelry, scarves and clothing with. Evening wear can be worn gemstones or diamond jewelry, wearing casual wear Temperamental or ethnic style jewelry.
In summer, cool dress is the theme, then we need to abandon the chest chains and other large decorative, only to let us look rustic. Cool in summer, you can use more eye-catching earrings, such as large ring earrings, let us form more refreshing, not like the earrings beauty who can also choose the color as the dress headdress relatively light, you can let us look younger . And at the banquet and other more solemn occasions, earrings, hair ornaments to choose relatively dignified style, is the theme of the occasion meet banquet
In contrast, in the autumn season, with a cheap tiffany jewelry necklace, you can look more elegant. Sweater with colors, select the appropriate chain sweater chest, can greatly enhance their image, these external small decorative, it can play a larger role.

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