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Accessories to help you thin face
Article publié le 09/09/2013

Celebrity sunglasses are must-haves of the street, perhaps to reflect its superstar qualities. Basic models of sunglasses seems to have been unable to meet the stars want to push a new Dress sincere feelings. So they choose a variety of decorative cheap oakley sunglasses to match the dress to go out of fashion. In addition to more compelling, it also adds some effects of modified face.

Rotund face, in the selection of sunglasses, you must deeply upset you! Want to let one's own face become longer, must guard against not choosing the round to be or an oval style, it is not so rounder! Should select thick frame, square frame to be or the picture frame with arras foot, so can decorate to your face lines, will let your face look much small.
Nude color thick frame, even more luxurious and unique, and appeared very pink skin. Classic black models, has always been very popular, is a must-have item. No matter how take very stylish.
Beige frame, personalized and stylish, with a full sense of casual vest t-shirt, hit the streets of Van Unique frame design, full of modern texture, but also exudes the young personality.
Most standard box style, you can follow this style selected for their sunglasses. Wild leopard frame, street Cool Fan Wind attracted a crowd attention.
The picture frame of the transparent feel, exquisite and fashionable, the suitable one stands careful appreciation. Big red frame in the sunlight more eye-catching, but also very feminine
Wear a good oakley sunglasses cheap can not only filter out the sun's ultraviolet rays, protect eyesight, sunglasses styles if coordinated with the face, but also can decorate your face, give you a better temperament plus. Must be selected according to their face style sunglasses.
Size: Choose a suitable face sunglasses, and the overall proportion of body coordination, a lot of relatively large frame sunglasses, the frame can not afford to pay attention to the position of the nostrils, oh. Sunglasses proportion with the body and face coordination is very important, a height of 1.5 meters and a height of girls is clearly not the girls wear the same size 1.78 mirror. Tall, big face people should wear relatively little wide, angular salient points of the glasses, look chic and elegant; while relatively thin body and face, and should wear smaller glasses, lightweight thin edge of sunglasses, look smart and wealthy Reiki. Choose sunglasses with a reasonable time should pay attention to and coordination.
Meanwhile face is one of the main basis for selection of earrings, jewelry worn on the face of a reasonable balance can play the role of modification.
Inverted triangle face: This face pointed chin, suitable for wearing style "great on the small" earrings, such as teardrop-shaped;
Triangular face: This face is narrow forehead cheeks wide, suitable for wearing pendant earrings decorated with style, you can lengthen the face;
Round face: Do not wear a ring-shaped earrings, so make your face look more round bigger; You can choose a long pendant earrings shaped to lengthen the line of sight, but close to her face to try to make tiffany outlet earrings .

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Perfect Bride earrings match rule
Article publié le 06/09/2013

Cheap oakley sunglasses with is definitely an art, unseemly mix will become the overall shape of the flaw, and for your entire image minus points! Wedding day, life in the big day, I am sure you do not want any one small detail for the wedding regrets; earrings teach you the recipe with the law, a perfect match can make you become the most shining bride!
Middle of the logo decorative geometric shape, without destroying its own great shape, round face, square face beauty bride must choose carefully.
Who says girls cannot choose a round face round earrings? Medium length, and from small to large circular composition gradually narrow width of the earring styles, it is appropriate for them choose to wear. Black and white bi-color front and back splice classical taste.
Stacked heart shaped, elongated geometric-shaped earring length, apply more comprehensively than a single heart-shaped. Contrast of solid and hollow, increases the permeability of earrings, more suitable for summer wear.
A fairly long tassel earrings, almost down to his shoulders. Tall dwarf bride carefully selected, looks relatively sparse but stylish fringed refreshing, very suitable for brides choose.
Three-dimensional hollow flower earrings, a strong sense of volume and rich colors, suitable for tall and slim brides choose to add some visual components giving, but if your face is wider at the lower part, then avoid choosing.
Middle of the logo decorative geometric shape, without destroying its own great shape, round face, square face beauty bride must choose carefully.
Done on large geometric decorative details, this season is a big geometric-shaped earring in common. The earrings are silver crystal bead decorate a new post, showing the original taste of Africa, the long curly hair loosely rolled to the back of the head, and then put it, wild flavor.
Scattered superposed square shaped tiffany outlet diamond earrings make a straight line, modified round face, diamond-shaped face has a very intuitive visual effects. While noble materials and creative designs are perfect for brides choose to wear.
Fretwork four-leaf clover earrings is moderate in length, take a moment when walking swing, fit build minimally fat brides choice gives Visual lightness feel smart.
Gold with sapphire blue mix retro but splendid sense of simple arrange simple scalloped contours and contrasts, choice that suits oval or narrow in the upper face.

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Illusion cannot afford exotic
Article publié le 05/09/2013

Cheap oakley sunglasses as the most common is to create the overall image of decorations already indispensable items. If the holiday compared to a temporary escape from troubles in life wandering, is there anything than to wandering, unfettered bohemian for the soul is more suitable for it then? Gorgeous long necklace, layered jewelry with free, completely fixed without having to adhere to their usual style.
Bohemian fashion this spoiled woman who loves the wind can go, in the fashion industry are able to build, perhaps due to the connotation of it free and uninhibited style, manifested in concrete form, is both comfortable wandering wild colors as the principal, and trouble to keep improving in the details. Jewelry can match new images of him and the wild uninhibited personality. Bohemian style represents a whole new romantic, folkloric, liberalization. Bohemian style with strong colors, complexity of design, gives a strong visual impact and mysterious atmosphere. Bohemian style of dress, not emboldened people wear will be mercilessly buried in a cascade of colors and delusion.
Jewelry and accessories in the application of the volume are often higher than the compact style of difficulty and too ornate design is too prominent in everyday life will inevitably be subject to criticism, after all, not every Party red carpet, and without effect in style too delicate for such enlargements were not good grasp. But in order to balance the grandeur and slender, Bohemian fashion modern design you should choose cheap tiffany jewelry, wear a more exaggerated shape, its style personalized jewelry can be a great free and uninhibited style.
How beautifully emphasized with the jewelry shape without craft, on the outstanding features without losing the bold style for the best. Mix of Bohemian fashion jewelry such as wood or ropes. Large pendant modern art style in the fashion deep v-collar is the possibility, not only visual effect, and long neck. Gas field weaker girl choose similar styles can make the overall image look strong and not overly deliberate. Daily dress up accessories doesn’t have to special stuffing flamboyant, but multiple layers of styling jewelry styling can be added to many.
France building qualities hard to describe with words, gorgeous rounded Dome, stained-glass Windows, elegant French style column ... ... To this gorgeous enrichment has a soul, only jewelry can do it too. Designers, circular dome turned into fine beads of cutting stones, jewels for brilliant colors to match stained glass ... ... Specifically, can be abstracted.
Luxurious sound and quite the wild ride of Bohemia, but in this age of love remix, Bohemian luxury, and luxury. France's Louis dynasty's prosperous and full of classical style of architecture. Domes, columns and ornate interior decorations are proud of the key. When they are masters of jewelry when used in tiffany outlet jewelry design, gorgeous and abstract, vintage photography, Grace's elegant surfacing. And make sure any combination is unique in France the Court of inspirations for "the game" brought a smidgen of booming luxury and exotic life.

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According to body shape selection of exclusive jewelry
Article publié le 04/09/2013

Generally, our body can be roughly divided into normal and non-normal body size two kinds. Body normal human development that is balanced, in proportion, body fitness, such as wearing body tiffany outlet jewelry provides a good prerequisite. Non-normal body can generally be grouped into the following four types: type than fat, lean, partial short, high, brides are no exception.
This kind of body is characterized by thick and short, fat; neck short, wearing jewelry when visually impaired width on each side of the body. To this end, advised to select tone gloomy, such as earrings, rings, bracelets, modeling simple. Such as Matt Platinum jewelry, bracelets are a good choice. Necklace pendant should select a long, thin shape, large, colorful, these jewelry and bright charm, to attract the gaze of others, makes others less attention for the wearer's body shape, like a diamond-studded Platinum mix and materials match with slender and polished your pendant design is very suitable for weddings. Fat man's arm and wrist thick, bracelet or choose wide and wide arm ring, if it wears thin and small, feel your arms more bulky. Fat people in general are all fingers are short and flat, so we recommend that you wear narrow rings, this will make your fingers look longer. Fat is not a big problem, the key is how do you think your fat. Be a fat bride confidence, you are the most beautiful wedding.
Serum leptin
This kind of body is characterized by a thin, emaciated; the neck is long and thin, so that select principles should be a central part of wearing jewelry on both sides played down the dazzling. To make the neck appear shorter, small, simple necklace and pendant suitable choice and chains should not be too long. Such as earrings, rings, bracelets were suitable for more flashy, like on your wedding wear that pendant, earrings with size slightly larger, more complex, wrist tiffany and co outlet bracelet wearing a slightly rough so that you can make in addition to brilliant flashes don't give ether thin feeling, because overly skinny bride is not popular now. Bride and gold material is suitable for thin gold material is suitable for thin brides, gold-rich atmosphere appropriate to fill a thin in profile, with tassel design can be evaluated in a gorgeous and elegant.
Relatively low
This body type is characterized by the body less high and strong, so when choosing jewelry to the principle by using softness, so as to dilute were messy and added feminine feel. Necklace fit selected a slender, compact shape, preferably elegant Pearl pendant or Ruby tessellation models. Earrings, rings you should weight properly, too coarse ornaments are easy for people to think you're short and fat, too small and slim fingers and you are not disproportionate. Coral, jade, or other jewels and gold mix, small and exquisite, match, and personality. It might be thought that synonyms for short is a small, Dapper figure in selecting jewelry are taken advantage of, but low or no small stature is a bit more trouble. Try the mix of what is said above, you'll make friends and relatives found a pleasant surprise the bride on wedding day.
This kind of body is characterized by tall, well-built, the principle of the bride's dress is similar to thin, and is prominent on both sides played down the Central. But the tall bride also, it is important to note, suitable select coarse, long necklace, pendant design is large and rich, rings and earrings studded with jewels on the choice to mix primary and secondary, because it somewhat sturdy body and bride match. Most brides in the North for this shape, and mix only to note the day of the wedding, your height advantage will be able to cover up deficiencies in other. Unique cheap oakley sunglasses are perfect for tall brides, and stereo shaping in earrings, bracelets are also indispensable.

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The right to wear the necklace
Article publié le 03/09/2013

Many people say: "Jewelry is the key to open the atrium woman, a woman absolutely can not escape the temptation of jewelry." Though not say that this argument applies to all women, but for most women, if we can have cheap oakley sunglasses, total is a very happy thing.
Jewelry, rings, necklaces, and earrings three is called "Big Three." People's minds the necklace seen as a "Big Three" of the core, because part of it is the body in which the most obvious place. So wear a necklace, you must pay attention to style, size. Doing so can highlight the wearer's temperament, personality and charm, reduce or compensate for a person's face or neck, certain deficiencies, creating unexpected decorative effect.
Young women generally wear a necklace mainly adds youthful beauty and delicate, slender should wear some without gemstones gold chain (with k gold chain), it will give people with slim and beautiful feeling. Older women wearing necklaces, except for decorative built, more elegant means, thus wearing thick necklaces are preferred.
For the average women, short necklace can make the face wider, thicker neck. Some women neck longer, thinking that wearing a multi-string necklace neck thicker effect can be achieved, in fact, just the opposite, but to make more visible slender neck. Square face, short neck women should wear a longish necklace, matching dress neckline bigger, low point of the shirt, the necklace fully exposed, giving an impression of the neck becomes longer, thereby increasing the aesthetic.
Tall women should wear jewel smaller particles, the length longish necklace. Buxom women should wear a lighter color, larger particles gemstone necklace. It's like wearing the same clothes, body fat hypertrophy wear some clothes a little, but do not look fat; fat to wear thin clothes if you will look everywhere taut, more inconsistent.
This is an easy way out of style, this collar lines are very clean and clear. Suitable for wearing a more modern and stylish tiffany and co outlet necklaces, pendants hanging in the neck and collar the location right in the middle. Be careful not to let pendants overshadowed by clothing or firmly attached to the throat area.
High collar
For daywear, the necklace worn on the high round neck top with exaggerated suspicion. But relatively thin neck collar fit, you can add the periphery of a circular collar necklace, so that lines with harmonized.
Small lapel
If you wear clothes to wear small lapel necklace is too short, had a small opening on the clothes will make people feel more crowded; necklace is too long, the clothes will be covered. So let pendant necklace length to the middle of the collar opening is appropriate.
Slightly loose collar necklace with simple is better. Should choose the neckline cross necklace, this will look very nice, and if it is too long necklace will no echo and collar, and lose the desired effect.
Complex collar
There are complex structures neckline dress clothes, necklaces to choose a little bit of weight, so that the exposed skin to achieve a certain balance. If I choose the necklace too small, then insufficient texture, neck will appear empty.
Little Neck
Can be used with a slightly longer necklace, so necklace pendant hanging below the collar, this time, tiffany outlet necklaces and clothes the color contrast between the large number of colors, you can highlight the point.

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