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Bridal jewelry with techniques introduced
Article publié le 02/09/2013

Because the wedding style and style has been basically established, so even during the production of the wedding, the bride can also try to purchase the accessories can be used with, including shoes, cheap oakley sunglasses and jewelry. Here is the bride jewelry with techniques introduced, take a look!
A Look at the face election earrings
Inverted triangle face: This face pointed chin, suitable for wearing style "great on the small" earrings, such as teardrop-shaped;
Triangular face: This face is narrow forehead cheeks wide, suitable for wearing pendant earrings decorated with style, you can lengthen the face;
Round face: Do not wear a ring-shaped earrings, so make your face look more round bigger; You can choose a long pendant earrings shaped to lengthen the line of sight, but close to her face to try to make earrings .
2 Look at the neck-type option chain
Neck short: Choose slightly slender necklace, this can increase the visual length of the neck, avoid wearing a short, thick, hoop necklace around his neck, that would make the neck look shorter;
Long neck: and neck short people just the opposite, these people wear twenty-three grabbed string necklace or collar will look good, and the choice is too long necklace will make you into a "giraffe."
3 Look at election-hand ring
Long thin fingers: This is the most enviable, because wearing anything look good, especially the larger tiffany outlet diamonds or other jewelry ring will make your finger off a more beautiful; ring should choose broadside;
Short and flat finger: ring gems to choose a vertical longer than horizontal, such as egg-shaped ring surface, this will enhance the sense of slender fingers; ring to choose the narrow side.
4 options type bracelet wrist watch
Wrist thick: suitable for wearing broad and loose bracelet or a bracelet, if you wear thin, tight, tightly hoop on the wrist, but highlights the wrist is very thick.
Slender wrist: Nature is beautiful to wear anything else, but if the wrist is too thin, then, to choose relatively narrow bracelet, do not let his arm looked like Lu Chai stick.
5 pectoral (brooch, brooch)
Be careful not to wear too complicated pectoral, otherwise distracting and obscures the beautiful wedding dress. Pectoral worn higher position, you can increase the sense of slender body.
6. Handbags
Ingenious handbags available for you to add colorful wedding, but be careful as not to have color with the wedding. Select an exquisite handbag filled them with the necessary cosmetics, or sewing kit, makeup and even if the dress appeared "accident", you have the tools to make up time.
7 bridal shoes
Choose accessories, apart from beautiful shape, but also take into account the comfort, the heel is not too high, do not choose slippers style Oh!
Highly critical selection of shoes with wedding shoes is sure to remember when putting on shoes when measurements height, to prevent wears a wedding dress size difference occurs. After a good purchase, the best dressed at home first walk, try to see if there are not fit place. Classification should take good care of tiffany and co outlet jewelry, especially pearls class more easily corrode and lose luster, you need to take care of.

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Silver perfect match
Article publié le 31/08/2013

As representative of the current cheap oakley sunglasses, have a mystical atmosphere. People pursuit silver jewelry has never stopped. In undercurrents flowing and ever-changing times in life, how to mix silver, personality, their own style?
First, the jewelry as a fashion, wearing jewelry while to notice its style is obsolete. So with silver, it should always pay attention to replace silver style, hot pursuit of fashion jewelry is also a key match.
Secondly, on select Silver, simple, capable, and is the first choice for professional women. Romantic, small, fresh, perfect literary women. Cartoon, cute, suitable for lively girls have. Exaggeration, unique, belongs to unrestrained female. According to their type, select their own style of match.
Finally, in line with the methods go pop. Such as the recent two years, the prevalence of two or more silver with each other, that is, the same one where hang two different styles of necklace pendant, or a more than two bracelets worn on the wrist, creating a distinctive feel. Of course, if you have a sense of style silver itself strong enough, it would have to focus on collocation, reflects the beauty of harmony.
Silver is a mix of art, you have to be in the realm of art find their own style match. As the trend of you, learn with the skills, personality their most important enough.
There are two silver collocation principles: First, identify their own style; Second, keeping up with fashion trends.
In general, the white-collar work should be chosen in concise style, shape slim silver necklace, such as floral patterns in fashion this year is very suitable; casual wear suitable match unique design, modeling exaggerated sterling silver rings; lovely model wearing a dress silver bracelet with small bells appropriate.
Stone inlaid with silver in the mix also need to pay attention, to be with a black silver inlay turquoise dress, which is more prominent wearer noble; silver inlay red coral jewelry should be equipped with a white dress, so that people can bring more pure; inlay colored gemstone jewelry to wear for young girls and mature women can choose a solid color inlay gemstone silver jewelry.
Rich colors characteristic of this exaggerated form, the trend is about 20 years old girl's personality best match. Each earring is held hostage by a large circle composed of several small circle, feeling full of jumps, tiffany outlet ring this simple and classic design elements in the metamorphosis of the Spanish designer's hands slightly confused and sexy taste. Earrings with a round-based with a silhouette of the face will be full of avant-garde feel, if pinned to wear sequined jeans sure to make your retention rates increased substantially. Fun eye-catching color ring thicker; matched it with a big personality pendants, feel more avant-garde.

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Earrings how to wear chic
Article publié le 30/08/2013

Cheap oakley sunglasses is a decorative ornament, a ring, broad-brush, tassel-shaped, hanging pendant type and other styles. For the different faces and colors ladies, through ingenious earrings can play a modified face, bright color, bring the role of temperament. However, some people do not like and others similar, then wear one, or turn it into a pendant to emphasize their individuality.
How to wear earrings compare chic?
Everyone will wear earrings, but this season's colorful earrings make more out of color, it takes some clever mind. In fact, to get earrings was more chic, do not just rely on the personality of earrings can buy Oh!
Dai single
If it is not present significant occasion, colorful chandelier style earrings can be worn only one way. Big single earring swaying side of the cheek, really unlimited style. Of course, with asymmetrical hairstyles, naturally highlight only one side of the ears. According to the human visual habits, generally worn on the left ear will make people look more pleasing, not to mention for most women, the left cheek than the right cheek beautiful, of course, to put through the single earring attracted people's attention.
Transfiguration pendant
The same pair of earrings for a long time will inevitably be some tired, shelved and it is a pity, in fact, you can put it into pendant as a completely different fashion mission. Method is very simple, just put off the top of the hook to wear it on a chain on it. You can wear an earring; you can also wear the two together and unique necklace DIY version of the well. Of course, when you need it, they can put the change back anytime pendant earrings.
Transfiguration phone pendants
Season earrings because bright color, cute, especially for mobile phones transformed into pendants. Method is still the tip of the hook removed, commensurate with color, hanging on the phone on it. You can wear this earring in one ear, while the other mobile phone pendant earrings made such wonderful mix will win blown away by the people around them.
What sawed wear earrings?
Ear-style earrings, small and cute, with bead-shaped, heart-shaped, butterfly-shaped, oval, etc., are advised women to wear shorter body. More suitable for large annular body tall women, small annular demure beautiful young woman wearing the most suitable.
Wear earrings, best not to wear a brooch or bracelet, so sluggish. When coupled with the color range is enriched necklace or ring. Bespectacled lady accompanied by small piercing earrings (supra-aural) that allows you to look elegant and refined, but no longer wore a necklace or brooch. Earring gives the impression that horizontal, so people who wear long face is more appropriate.
What to wear earrings look good?
Wear tiffany outlet earrings; beautify the image of man as a means of growing the female attention. Earring styles, colorful, different styles of earrings for different characteristics of women.
1) ear earrings
Such earrings, cute, there-grained, heart, butterfly, oval type. Asians are more diminutive stature most appropriate. Also, do not wear these hanging earrings, can make people become more mature, and increased face width. Therefore, the surface is not suitable for large women wear. The face is too small not suitable for people to wear, or a kind of load is too heavy feeling.
2) ring, large earrings
The earrings fit tall, dress trendy; there are gypsy woman flavor women to wear.
3) small loop earrings
Such earrings for a more engaging and demure young woman is more appropriate.
4) broad-brush earrings
The earrings fit uninhibited, dress masculine women to wear.
5) hanging pendant earrings
Such earrings for face larger women, able to make it look slightly longer face profile. It is also suitable for women to wear a bit of masculine forthright, so that they add some feminine. More suitable for hanging earrings shiny evening dress, make women even more charming.
In addition to these tiffany and co outlet earrings shape, there are bead, gemstone earrings and other styles, with everyone in the face and skin color, be sure to choose the right style, so as not to highlight the shortcomings of personal appearance, been counterproductive.

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Perfect to wear to create personalized elegance
Article publié le 29/08/2013

Are you still with your tiffany outlet jewelry and upset you? Today let me teach you how to create the charm of you!
Facial contours, color, age, occupation, gender different, matching jewelry should consider these factors cannot be entirely personal preference as the standard. If you can be the best form of distribution, it will produce a multiplier effect.
Typically, women are more like the head, hands, chest, matching jewelry to increase beauty, compelling. However, the contours of a person's face is not the same type seeds and some were, and some were rounded, which requires from the aesthetic point of view to select jewelry, jewelry equipped with congenital deficiencies can make appropriate, and vice versa may be self-defeating.
The wide and narrow oval shaped face profile, wearing large earrings shaped bottom helps make a narrow face shape look fuller. On the contrary, the narrow width of the face is not suitable to wear earrings, hair accessories suitable effect will be better.
Long neck women are not suitable for wearing thin and long necklace, but wear colorful beads can make up for deficiencies, skin color, hair color and eye color in the matching jewelry, but also need to be considered. Women with dark skin are not suitable for wearing dark blue, brown, green, jewelry, light colored or colorless gemstone jewelry would be more suitable. Shallow complexion others choice to be bigger, Chinese have a saying, "a white cover 100 ugly", a little decoration will be lovely.
People often have a tendency to choose clothing color, wearing tiffany and co outlet jewelry should also be considered with the clothing color coordination. In general, light or dark clothing optional colorless gemstones more eye-catching, light-colored clothing is suitable for colored gemstones, and colorful large flower head costume jewelry only consider sufficient, without excessive wear pectoral and pendant.
Matching jewelry is to pay attention to gender, men and women are not reflected in this issue is particularly prominent. Women matching jewelry ranges significantly greater than men, men generally only in the ring, buckle be chosen, few wear pectoral or earrings habits. Men choose rings, they should pay attention to try to meet their own animality, generally sapphires, diamonds or cat's eye would be more appropriate not to wear the color is too bright or fancy relatively complicated design, you can choose relatively large cabochon gems, too small to difficult to play a decorative role, which is due to men who are generally more bulky.
Person's age is also a matching jewelry consideration, young skin and stature is to choose jewelry favorable conditions, the optional wider scope. The identity and status of the elderly will have to consider, too fancy jewelry is often not the best choice to be able to reflect the personality and status of the elderly calm and help conceal flaws distinguished better.
Seasonal variation and selection jewelry topic has aroused interest in hanging just sent. Summer, people wearing thin, too heavy pectoral affect clothing lines, delicate necklace or pendant with small and exquisite beauty show better, but was not very subtle too thick. Winter, people dressed generous, wearing large jewelry does not give the feeling cumbersome.

Interpersonal situations should pay attention to selection of jewelry. At more formal events people dress formally. Especially for women for white collar, is the embodiment of dignified, sophisticated personality. Wearing jewelry, taking into account as far as possible in line with the identity, should not be exaggerated, sleek and elegant style is a good choice. All kinds of dinner, dance is a social occasion, anyone can try to show their style, full of people, depending on your preference to show beautiful jewelry, attracting around the eyes. If it is present at a birthday or wedding party, it should be noted that jewelry matching the lightness. Excessively ornate decorations appear to be distracting, affecting the atmosphere, and should therefore be taken into account the overall harmony.
Sure you now know how to match up! Properly matching cheap oakley sunglasses, embodiment of aesthetics, but also a personality.

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Pearl Jewelry maintenance
Article publié le 28/08/2013

Pearl tiffany outlet jewelry includes pearl necklaces, pearl pendants, pearl bracelets, pearl jewelry is fine jewelry, worth treasuring generations, but also different from the metal ornaments pearls or other precious stones, because the main ingredient is calcium pearl, it is not the case of acid and alkali. Pearl has a magnificent color and elegance, a symbol of health, purity, rich and happy, loved by people since ancient times.
In order to round pearl particles, glossy transparent, specter, hard texture is preferred.
Precious jewelry should pay attention to maintenance; pearl jewelry is no exception, pearl maintenance is also a skill, learns how to care for pearls, pearl jewelry allows you to shine with you.
to teach you a few small maintenance method of pearl, pearl jewelry maintenance Note:
1, anti-acid erosion: To make pearl luster and color are not affected, should avoid contact with pearls acid, alkali and chemicals, such as perfume, soap, water and other stereotypes. Do not wear pearl jewelry swimming or bathing. So please put on your makeup before the lovely pearls.
2, away from the kitchen: Pearl tiny surface pores, so it should not foul the air inhaled substances. Pearl will absorb the hair spray, perfume and other substances. Do not wear pearls so nice to go electric hair, be careful in the kitchen. Do not wear a beautiful pearl cooking, steam and smoke may seep pearls, make it yellow.
3, cashmere cloth: each wearing pearls (especially on hot days) shall put away after Pearl Wax clean, will be able to maintain the luster of pearls. Best sheepskin or delicate velvet; do not use tissue paper, because some tissues, the friction will wear pearls.
4, not near water: Do not use water to clean pearls. Water can enter the holes in beads, not only difficult to dry, which may also make the fermentation, beads may also be converted to green. If worn cheap oakley sunglasses a lot, use a soft towel and carefully wipe off the wet, dry naturally after back jewelry box. Occasionally available light alkaline cleaning can be maintained moist pearl (only with nylon line string of pearls, not suitable for silk string of pearls). After pearl yellow, it can be remedied: Soak with dilute hydrochloric acid, can be melted yellow shell, so that reproduce crystal pearls gorgeous, beautiful luster color. But if the color yellow badly, it is difficult to reverse.
5, need air: not long pearl in the safe, do not use plastic bags sealed. Required between pearl fresh airs every few months to bring it up to wear, let them breathe. As long pearl on the box easily discolored ("autumnal", that is the meaning.)
6, avoid exposure: As with some of the water pearls, pearls should be placed in the shade and avoid direct exposure to the sun, or placed too dry place to prevent dehydration pearls.
7, anti-scratch hard objects: pearl jewelry should be stored separately to avoid scratching other jewelry pearl cortex. If you plan to wear beads above the clothes, the clothes are soft, smooth texture of some of the best. Too rough material may scratch your precious pearls.
8, flat storage: not long pearl necklace will hang one day, it will relax thread deformation, it should be flat collection.
9, pearl rings: off pearl tiffany and co outlet ring, grasp the ring shank or metal part, do not use beads bearing the place for you to avoid pearl loose bearing surface, but also to prevent the dirt in your hands and the skin secretion of oil sticking to the beads.
10, regularly check and replace the line: long silk easy to lose 1 to 2 years can be sent to the Division I first regular maintenance and cleaning, check for loose wires and helped replace the thread;

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