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Crystal Necklace perfect effect
Article publié le 27/08/2013

Crystal tiffany outlet Necklace as an ornament, Crystal and metal parts. Generally divided into Amethyst necklace, citrine necklaces, Crystal necklaces, Topaz necklace, Peridot necklace, Emerald necklaces, stone necklace, pink Crystal Necklace, black Crystal Necklace, Crystal Necklace natural.

Crystal necklace as an ornament in crystal clear, fantasy, shiny material and effect conquered the hearts of countless women.
Choose to wear crystal necklace to achieve perfect results, the aesthetic effect of harmony and balance is essential.
Person's face in the center of the body to beautify group, is an important feature of the site where, because of this, clothing collar styles, necklace length, thickness, for high-speed is quite a lot of people face. Crystal Necklace to change the face and neck and has many possibilities and create effects. For most women, a short necklace make the face wider, thicker neck. So, a long face and a long neck often wear this necklace is appropriate. However, wear a necklace worth attention, because it might get too long, thin neck too conspicuous. The ultimate aim should be to complement the wearer's face and personality, rather than the main emphasis Crystal own characteristics.
Unlike neck necklace often by those who had hoped the United States women to wear. In fact, it reduces the value of the necklace, because it is the attention to the way people do not want attention. Most women have a very small physical defects is also very sensitive, and excessive expectations to eliminate or weaken these areas, as well as make crystal little attention.
Cheap oakley sunglasses has been loved by the people. In short, thin neck and a long face a bunch of people who wear a flower crystal necklace or chain, give people a wider face and neck thicker feeling, and a round face or neck, chunky woman wearing a string of long necklace, or inside accompanied by a string of smaller necklace, or a fall on a "heart-shaped", will make people feel elongated face, resulting in a harmonious new equilibrium. Oval face, whether they wear a necklace which will become more attractive.
Crystal necklace women known to wear a traditional hobby, nowadays, wearing crystal necklace has become a fashion and social needs. May you choose depending on your face shape, personality and clothing commensurate with individual character grade Crystal Necklace. But also maintenance method:
1 Do not wear jewelry bathing, washing dishes, swimming! If poor cleaning, water, gas and chemicals (such as: shower gel, detergent, etc.) are attached to the crystal surface, so that crystal becomes dull.
2 Always remember to spray perfume and hair care products and then wear jewelry.
3 Place your jewelry in soft velvet jewelry box or sealed bag, avoid prolonged exposure to humid air or exposure to strong sunlight can directly place to prevent the metal surface in contact with air and oxidized black.
4 worn with clean soft cloth jewelry can maintain its unique luster! If fingerprints or soiled printed on tiffany and co outlet crystal, you can use light, soft and lint-free cloth for the crystal dust. When the light intensity should be put dust, the dust is removed from the surface of the crystal scratch.

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Choose earrings according to face
Article publié le 24/08/2013

Delicate and beautiful cheap oakley sunglasses have always been in women successfully modeling an integral part of the earring as an essential part of women's accessories, select must have higher pursuit of it. Depending on your face shape, select the appropriate style earring can not only for modeling to add sense of temperament, cosmetic facial lines can also cleverly add feminine charm.
Cute baby face suits worn down long pendant earrings, earrings, preferably simultaneously color and rich detail; visually elongated face, at the same time, rich with detail design earring, avoid excessive attention in Michelle's cheeks.
Outline more clearly defined a long face earrings suitable for short round fullness and volume to avoid Visual pressure brought about by the long hanging pendant earrings, short, exquisite earrings make the overall look more plump.
Atmosphere suitable for oval face shorter than mandibular mass hanging pendant earrings, delicate and unique design make the face looks more solid fresh.
Large face: it is inappropriate to apply circular tiffany and co outlet earrings, it is best to wear large earrings or a triangle, drop-shaped earrings, to reduce their cheeks wide.
Round face: long earrings and pendant earrings down foil, shaping the Visual effects stretching above and below, it looks more mature and pretty.
Oval face: just an oval face, standard faces. Wearing earrings of any shape effects are nice, but note that the earring size to be consistent with your overall feeling. Because an oval face outlines is quite soft, so if you select earrings of similar profile, such as pearls, drops, circles or oval earrings are best.
Square face: appropriate choice of oval, flower-shaped, heart-shaped earrings, can ease and cosmetic facial head very well.
Heart-shaped face: the Chin slightly pointed face, can choose bottom wide and narrow at the top of the earring, used to balance the pointed chin, drop-shaped, triangular or studs are good candidates.
Small faces: the most photogenic face, suitable for medium-size earrings, it's best not to exceed 2-3 cm from the ear lobe.
Long face: If the Optional long earrings on their own build confidence; if they build confidence in me enough, featured large circular tiffany outlet earrings.

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Hyun personalized mix of skills
Article publié le 23/08/2013

Woman endless pursuit of fashion items, all kinds of clothes closet is stuffed full, yet I could not distressed at the most decent clothing collocation. In fact, as long as the ingenious plan, both for the wardrobe of the capacity will be able to "downsizing", but also for their own purse "decompression" - why not try to learn how to use cheap oakley sunglasses embellished clothing, so that we can create a whole new look.
Accessories are as magical stuff, it won't cost you too much, it will make you instantly collected, but also a different fashion statement with a match. Choice of accessories should be a wide range extending to any occasion to go with. You need formal accessories for his every day in the workplace, as well as those at the party of trendy accessories. If the traditional ornaments inlaid with faux pearls, diamonds are unable to attract you, you can boldly wear Renaissance style accessories, such as enameled, cloisonné enamel, large ear Hoop and a simple bracelet; they can meet your everyday needs. There are other types: matching ceramic Betty doll in the red dress pin, colorful ethnic necklace in the style of ... ... These can add different colors to your clothes.
Silver has a weird tension, in there may not seem like much, but pairing it with me, and instantly people have a different temperament, elegant and refined, rather less riotous, mysterious classical, and thought provoking. More important is that elegant Silver jewelry bright but not changing to make light of publicity, the most suitable combination of bright colors of spring clothing, it absolutely will not cover up the beauty of a dress.
Silver is also attractive in inlay materials such as gemstones or faux gems, making it more colorful and diverse. Jewelry design trends are one of the colorful this year, especially with this year's lucky---yellow most popular designers and consumers love. In addition, jewelry design itself also show matching law this year, that is, two or more silver jewelry matched with, in the same two different styles of necklaces by hanging pendant, creating a distinctive feel. In addition, the tiffany outlet jewelry is also popular with a variety of distribution stone mix, and enjoy on the silver stone mainly in Composite, this ornament has the advantage of using natural materials characteristic of ancient, polished, or after dyeing, making old fashioned a qualitative change in a variety of materials. Body color of many natural semi-precious stones are bleak, after processing and dyeing of colors will become beautiful dripping, loveliness, with clothing colors complement each other.
Silver match has two main principles: one is to find something to suit your style; the second is keeping pace with fashion trends.
In General, white-collar workers at work you should choose sterling silver necklace style is concise, the slender shape, such as the popular flower pattern is a good choice for this year; casual clothing suitable for pairing unique design sterling silver ring, the exaggerated shape; lovely dress wearing a small silver Bell bracelet fitting.
Mosaic stone jewelry distribution also should pay attention to in the mix, silver inlay turquoise with black clothes, more prominent wearers of noble; red Coral and white dress with silver inlay, which can lead to foil more pure; inlaid colored stones for a young girl wearing silver jewelry, mature women you can choose inlay solid color gemstone silver jewelry.
Rich color is characteristic of this exaggerated shape, personality currents the optimal mix of girls is about 20 years old. Each earring is made from a large ring holding several small rings, full of jumps, rings, these simple and classic design elements in Spain turned out in designer's hand slightly dazed and sexy smell. Circular earrings with matching outline face full of avant-garde feel, if you wear tiffany and co outlet nail sequins on a pair of jeans can make your retention rates have greatly increased. Thicker ring colors fun; coupled with a personalized pendants, feeling more avant-garde.

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Silver jewelry care method
Article publié le 22/08/2013

A lot of friends like sterling silver jewelry as like cheap oakley sunglasses, but do not know how to maintain, in fact, we only need a little effort in everyday life, you can make a silver look as new.
1, silver best care to wear every day, because the body can produce naturally moist oil sheen.
2, in the Do not wear silver jewelry while wearing other precious metals, to avoid collision deformation or abrasion.
3, to maintain silver dry, do not wear swimming, not close to the hot springs and sea water. Not available when the surface of the cotton swab or tissue paper to remove water and dirt, it would be placed in a sealed bag or box to avoid contact with air.
4, if we find silver with yellow signs, the easiest way to add a little water, light use toothpaste to wash surfaces. Or with a small brush to clean silver jewelry jewelry slits, then rub silver cloth graze the surface, we can immediately restore the original beautiful ornaments. (If you use a silver cleaning cloth to restore about 89 percent of the silver position, would not have to use silver polishing silver milk and wash water, because they all have some corrosion, silver jewelry in the use of these products, will become more easy to turn yellow. Additionally, rub silver cloth containing silver and maintenance components, can not be washed with water, after which we must remember to do general maintenance routine, and avoid another black silver, silver in the black after several times it is difficult to rub white .)
5, silver yellow too serious, with tiffany outlet silver wash water soak time not too long, usually a few seconds, remove and wash immediately with water, then dry with a tissue.
Silver presents itself is very beautiful white gloss, but the high pure silver plated easily oxidized in air, so in order to prevent this phenomenon, the general plant will be in silver surface plating, electroless silver color looks whiter , no reflection, but easy yellow black color, while the electroplated silver metallic luster, not easy to fade, but improper maintenance will occur some problems.
1, avoid wearing silver bath, beauty, hair, soap, shampoo, etc. will react chemically blackened silver chain, corrosion, flaking, and ordinary natural oxidation which is different rub silver cloth, silver wash water is clean can not afford to, electroplated silver will fade if the surface of the platinum layer showing dark black plating transition.
2, a day with a soft cotton cloth after wearing the surface trace of sweat, dirt wipe clean, if sweating more, every day to clean, some acidic sweat, it will occur chemical reaction with the coating.
3, silver allergies, some people wear jewelry allergy will occur, and people wearing this jewelry while wearing other allergic phenomena are not allergic to silver, because silver surface plating different ingredients vary and are generally silver plating layer will be nickel, rhodium, human skin allergies for these metals are not the same, it will happen some allergic conditions. Such as allergies may consider wearing a net silver (no plating) or Thai silver jewelry, sterling silver is allergic not determine whether the criteria and conditions.
4, allergic reactions, that is worn by silver and other media react to produce a third substance, causing allergies, such as to swim in the sea, wearing a tiffany and co outlet silver bath, and bath products in seawater pH and sulfur content and silver chain reaction will produce a result of allergies.

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Different jewelry different maintenance
Article publié le 21/08/2013

In addition to the general principles of maintenance of tiffany outlet jewelry, the jewelry due to some different gems have different qualities, so the maintenance and some require special attention:
Diamonds, rubies, sapphires, tourmaline, topaz (topaz) and other gemstone jewelry. These gems hard, able to withstand greater pressure, but they also have the common drawback ─ ─ brittle, in addition, also with diamonds and topaz cleavage, so these gems cannot stand the drop, knock, or they will have brittle and caving, or due to a cleavage direction along the cleavage cracks, or even shatter. Remember, even the largest diamond hardness, cannot withstand the impact.
Jade jewelry. While Jade hard and with toughness, with a certain impact resistance, however, after the jade processed products, are often thinner, also damaged by the impact.
Emerald jewelry. Slightly larger than the hardness of emerald jade, but more fragile than the emerald, so better withstand impact than emeralds and beat. In addition, the emerald afraid of high temperature, fire cause color fade, easy to burst at high temperatures.
Opal jewelry. Opal lower hardness, friction with other items should be avoided. Opal contains water, the high temperature should be avoided, otherwise lost due to evaporation of moisture, ranging from loss of transparency, heavy burst occurs. In addition, the opal is not acid, so wear opal jewelry should avoid high temperatures and acidic substances. Collection tiffany and co outlet Opal jewelry, we should pay attention to the environment cannot be too dry, or it will cause dehydration and cracks, and even rupture. To prevent dehydration, during the dry season, a certain time interval should be placed in water opal jewelry once.
Amethyst jewelry. Amethyst color instability, when the temperature or after prolonged exposure can cause fading. Wear or collection process, should avoid high temperature or exposure.
Malachite and turquoise jewelry. Both hardness of precious stones are small, very easy to wear. Both chemically unstable, acid will corrode dissolved. Tesco turquoise at high temperature to change color, even longer time of exposure, and the sweat soaked will also make turquoise color. These are worn and collection process must pay attention.
Pearl and coral jewelry. Low hardness of pearl and coral, leaving the surface due to friction can easily lose their luster. Both ingredients are calcium carbonate, acid dissolution will suffer corrosion. Easy summer sweat, sweat also make pearls, coral surface damage and lose their luster. Cosmetic powders, perfumes and hair cream, etc., but also make pearls gradually eclipsed. So summer is best not to wear such jewelry. If the perspiration stain, can be placed in clean water rinse, and then a soft fabric gently dry. Pearl jewelry in the collection before the service center after rinsing with water, the Department must also be kept away from cosmetics.
Lapis lazuli jewelry. Lapis lazuli jewelry tarnished after never soaked in water and rinse. Because lapis is a variety of mineral composition of granular aggregates if soaked in water and rinse, gems surface dirt will penetrate to the interior that will change the lapis original luster. Lapis lazuli jewelry tarnished after gently wipe with a damp cloth, wipe dirt.
Precious elegant, dazzling jewelry, pollution by oil and dust will then make it eclipsed, but as long as the constant attention on the maintenance of jewelry, using scientific methods for cleaning, then you will often wear cheap oakleys sunglasses often new and always maintain the seductive charm, and always maintain its sparkling brilliance.

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