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Perfect summer visual experience
Article publié le 19/08/2013

Where did you find such a law of fashion capital, for the perfect summer vacation? As Cannes and Paris, Miami and New York's, Scarborough of London, Sicilian and Milan, Okinawa and Tokyo, Sylt's Berlin. In fact, the reason is simple, city people's favorite thing to do, is to flee. When you finally have the opportunity, can leave the skyscrapers of the city, when a day of vacation time, you're going to feel, whether on the beach or jungle, whether small-town streets, or afternoon Café, has avoided than summer sun also became attractive, each view is all the more true beauty? For anyone who hopes to fully enjoy the Sun of summer, cheap oakley sunglasses as you carry your partner, you go to each of the different places, see around the real landscape.
As Nicole Richie says-the sunglasses are the tool that most easy to change the face. Sunglasses are like the clothes in General, is the highlight of the holiday when you go out and. It absolutely is not just a Visual tool, more explanation everyone's Outlook on life and personal style and taste, is the trend of the summer wind vane. Although the sunglasses are not as fickle as fashion trends, classic styling, likely in the 1960 of the 20th century up until today, but each season sunglasses in detail, texture and features section, will emerge. Good sunglasses can not only give you the image significantly added to, more important are the eyes to avoid ultraviolet injury, will let you see what you want to see the scenery. How to choose a balance between functionality and stylish design pair of sunglasses?
Double the most practical
In any case, sunglasses maximum impact is to provide protection. Hundred percent UV filtering, in the Sun, still look natural-colored sunglasses, is the home of travel required of a outdoor sports portable works of art. Especially for visually impaired people, configurable optical lenses of the sunglasses are very important selection criteria. With its strong expertise and innovative spirit, professional sunglasses can easily solve the problem. Neutral modern discount oakley sunglasses in particular, takes an innovative magnetic dual-use of clamping piece type design, the dual functions of both optical mirrors and sunglasses, you can frame on the magnet adsorption, easy plug-for lenses, provide optimum correction of effect at the same time, protect the eyes from ultraviolet radiation. Make a pair of glasses, addresses two issues. Simple design and trendy, sleek and neat, black, red, rose-Brown, blue and other optional color, makes it a real functionality and aesthetics or we will buy sunglasses for this season.
Modern simple regression
Of the 60 and 70 's of the last century modern trend for this season's influence is obvious, but sunglasses design for the past several seasons, too many attachments, are not easy to match, rather than simple mix of style more in keeping with this season's trends. All along, the front is the largest of all sunglasses highlight beams showing the retro feel of the main frame at the same time, front sheet metal reflects a strong modern sense of modern. In addition, elbow drop the complicated decoration, highlighting the sense of simple lines, with the simple and classic LOGO, black color, Brown, rose gold, guns and four balanced color combinations of colors, reflects the brand of professional unique timeless design concept.
Pilots style more popular
Classic pilot goggles are in General to "immortality". Regardless of how to transform the tide of fashion, will always need these iconic classics figure? But pilot’s mirrors are also unwilling to yield to others this season took on surprising new changes, all kinds of different materials used and updated as the highlight. Sunglasses, is known for its unique pilot model. Very modern stainless ultra-light material, with a minimalist t-coil-shaped front frame design, and creative pile head and slender legs mirror combination, reflecting the unique modern feel . Oakley sunglasses cheap made with advanced materials and grinding lenses, light is very strong, not easy to break. Gun sand-color, Golden, yellow, silver and white, such as four cool color, let it be a real star classic.

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Wave of natural simplicity is eternal theme
Article publié le 19/08/2013

Regardless gorgeous, complex wave of nostalgia again how to win over the people, the natural trend is still minimalist jewelry designers are inspired to continue to flash the eternal theme. Overly fancy, and no longer on minimalism blindly.
Natural Jewelry expression Broad wood attitude
A talk about Crystal, I believe you almost reflexively think of would be tiffany outlet; its top cut has really made the jewelry industry often uses a crystal proud. However, there are some brands that happens "deviant", abandoned close to perfect artificial material expense, and the only small flaws of natural materials inevitably lead.

Natural materials, nature theme are currently most mainstream trend. Jewelry, jewelry designers are increasingly inclined to use natural materials to express a green or LOHAS attitude towards life. Whether transparent crystal, agate or black lines in black and white stripes, or Brazilian agate aquatic plants like messy pattern, are naturally occurring. Even most of the material tiffany silver, nor add any plating, polishing its luster thanks to the formation of high density, since, after the addition of the plating layer will be platinum, steel effect, not natural.
Nature theme and ultimately flowers, animals and other natural conventional images. Other brands less likely to see a lot of conch image use, or abstracted into a few lines throughout the earrings, necklaces, rings and other jewelry design; or into a figurative ornaments on display in the shop does not directly sell to be customized. Fish, pebbles, waves, leaves, willow and other natural elements are also favored by designers. Some people talk about the Nordic style, naturally think of minimalist theme, in fact, in Europe, but slightly exaggerated a little more popular styles. First, they are tall, followed by European party atmosphere rich, value happyhour, which makes exaggerated style to prevail.
Moonlight gems are white at first glance, but the welcome light will glow blue. it should be cast lady's preferences. While this is the store's best-selling rings, can be modified hand.
Aquamarine is less common in the jewelry industry, pale color, like the color of the sky. Bracelet silver plating layer part of the same is not added, after a period of time will be oxidized, you can rub silver cloth simple care, but also to store renovations.
An arc of lotus leaf, tiffany and co outlet designer is in love with the natural elements, modeling stronger. A little playful, elegant style, sweet wind takes all.

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Using Code to identify sunglasses
Article publié le 18/08/2013

In our daily life, ultraviolet light is everywhere, discount oakley sunglasses as sun light stab against strong visual acuity of the human eye health products, won the young people's favorite. Combined with its cool appearance, melancholy temperament more is fashionable and bewitched. However, so many sunglasses brands on the market, there are so many agents distributors, only a dozen block dozens of cheap, your Oakley thousands, how do we as consumers should tell it, and listen to me one by one.
At least, we should choose the regular factory, there is a visibility of enterprise products, counterfeit goods are often not qualified tested, quality cannot be guaranteed, such a spectacle not only failed to protect our eyes, long wearing will cause injury to the eyes. For many large shopping centers and optical shops of sunglasses and spot checks, identified by experts close to 75% of sunglasses do not qualify. More of a surprise is that the mall's oakley sunglasses cheap are international brand labels stuck, entrusts, prices are more than 1000 Yuan. Visible, solar mirrors market a mixed bag, be sure to keep your eyes peeled as consumers, not greedy cheap and hurts my eyes.
One way to identify authenticity: product code
It's simple, like sunglasses and fashion and luggage, each variant has an own product model numbers and color codes, these codes are set by a manufacturer of specialized. Before you buy make sure to examine brand, Internet check product code description, see what people experience, evaluation of the more important thing is to check the general consumers, or eat a suffering which cannot be told to others, find sale to hold back angry again, it would have been worth.
Product if there is no model, or model and style on the authority in the online search site does not match the model, of course, is counterfeit. So that make models of imitation goods are revealed, another possibility is bad sellers really someone to serve as a stopgap figure, buyers receive similar imitations, so it is best to choose real picture or Word of mouth good sellers. Love e-commerce friends because you cannot observe the properties of the product, ready to work, in case of being taken.
Authenticity method II: certificate
United States has many Eyewear brand in the world, also has the world’s most well-known of Oakley Sunglasses manufacturer. Strict control over sales channels, not just wholesale to merchants, in the United States, only qualified for the national industry certifications of optical shops, are eligible to purchase, and there will be Commissioners monitor vendor and store, do not allow malicious competition to cut prices, so sales can only be placed on a network of small profits but quick turnover to achieve. Oakley factory is accompanied by a certificate of each pair of glasses, can and produced by cheap oakley sunglasses brands don't have certificates of the glasses were counterfeit goods.
Finally, must not say is true, beware of this for others to use.

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Four Hot fashion wedding rings
Article publié le 18/08/2013

Jewelry has been dropping in recent years, the wedding cheap tiffany jewelry ring inlaid rubies, emeralds, sapphires and other precious stones, vibrant colors, elegant look charming by some newcomers welcome. Sweetie, just for love. Dream dreams, this life, bloom again, this life enduring.
How can we find the most suitable for you that money ring? From the retro style to the diamond ring, you can capture the most fashionable information, but be sure to choose the one most suitable for your style.
1 dense diamond inlay
In the platinum ring was covered with small diamond pieces, so that you do not see the metal rings, diamond mosaic section is high, so it's quality, but also very elegant and have a sense of style but not weird. This year's secret inlay wedding ring diamond pieces BEDDING popular again, regardless of the gold or platinum, are worth buying.

2 retro styles
The more popular the more ancient times this season, these vintage wedding ring looks very delicate, is an ancient European cutting process, but you can also see the gorgeous Asscher cutting process. Truly amazing is that exquisite fancy carving, inlay and fine particles of diamond filigree ring edge technology are filled crafted.
3 color treasure and diamond wedding ring
Yellow diamond, blue and pink gem even the rare pink diamond will be in the hot season. Choice of styles you can choose the tension mounted diamond ring, because the diamond ring floating ring sandwiched style has always been the most preferred trend; while four claw mosaic style is classic; with filigree is retro. Whether you choose your own favorite color or birthday stone, diamond and colored treasure will be this season's most fashionable expression.
4 Set Ring (stacked ring)
Two, three or more rings stack, bringing a very cool hot fashion impact. Whether or Channel setting pave or you can also select only pure platinum tiffany outlet ring, you'd better choose stylish and classic fashion. Whether you decided to put it as your engagement ring, you can put it as a love anniversary.

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Buy wedding rings have attention to detail
Article publié le 17/08/2013

Budget to buy the cheapest price to buy the most cost-effective tiffany outlet wedding ring, according to their spending power, can go online to select the price is not high, the design of novel diamond as a starting point is correct. With age, economic strength, you can choose bigger diamonds, mature style. If the person above the age of 30 and then wear a bit small diamond ring is not appropriate, like a big room to put a little light, the light is difficult to play. According to their age and identity choices you will make ornaments with each other.
Matters one: If you buy a loose diamond inlaid separate yourself, remember generally 20 points or more can be a Loose diamond grading certificate, it requires businesses to produce a certificate is granted. Certificate of origin will have national or international authorities, this diamond in color, clarity is guaranteed. Loose with international certificates such as GIA is the best choice, because the international certificate of identification results is the most authoritative and authenticity. GIA had identified Loose engraved encoded at waist, while GIA official website can be found in the corresponding identification.
Matters II: more than just a diamond ring on the ring, the more expensive during all should pay attention to when shopping online look at this site is not ICP card. The sites are generally prepared through the regular case; we can see their contact information and ICP record regions. If you are the same regions and businesses, you can also choose to face transactions.
Matters III: share in the net must be familiar with the diamond before 4c common sense, and then they need to determine how much weight you want a diamond ring, as determined by the diamond color, diamond clarity grade, considered a good choice to go after them. Choose online businesses will have to try to choose a shop with high credit ratings, because, after all, the value of diamonds is relatively high, the credit guarantee is necessary.
Matters IV: online buy diamonds on the ring already than the average jewelry store to be cheap, but there are also trading online diamond ring competition, if the price is very low in outrageous, you have to worry a little.
Matters V: Choose friends who finished with cheap tiffany jewelry diamond inlaid good product to watch diamond certificate source, preferably a national jewelry appraisal issued by the agency. Note also that in the mosaic metal is "white K gold" or "pure platinum, platinum"? Many people thought it was one the concepts, it is not true: "K white gold" is a 18k gold because the ratio of other metals to form different colors, white is one of them; "Platinum" was the title of pt. precious metals, platinum ratio K gold to be valuable, the price is also higher. Tell your price so businesses must be careful inlaid metal brackets, platinum and platinum are two different things.

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