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Star model with cool sunglasses
Article publié le 17/08/2013

Pop Candy-colored this year I think we all know, didn't think this color power pop to sunglasses, sunglasses frames are no longer popular this year are usually black or white, red, blue, yellow, orange ... Color, model, look at stars!
Has always been a popular pointer United Kingdom supermodel Agyness Deyn wearing Jeremy Scott patterned gown + matching fluorescent pink long coat striped stockings have been cool, matched with pink cheap oakley sunglasses -more-dots.
A simple beige dress, Sienna Miller Special topped Turkey blue sunglasses, candy girls immediately become popular this year wind, so a little bit of accessories can enhance the sense of fashion.
Givenchy large knob nail full handsome leather Mary-Kate Olsen, coupled with bright eyes and the special orange box also makes her easily become the focus of public attention.

Christina Aguilera with mom for mother's day
A black and white dress with a feeling of national wind, Paris Hilton dress up a black and white color matching bright pink frame sunglasses, make styling more than black + white so dull.
Ladies black dress + black bag of wind, coupled with styling redder box sunglasses light up, more stars of flavor.
Sunglasses this season, notably the young design and modeling of dynamic elements and exaggerated. Whether Hale, pure white black ash tenderness, metal frame or retro big plastic box, regardless of how to mix, preferably covering half of his face, this is the established style key.
Christina Aguilera
More reviews: edgy styling and unique voice gives her star road has been very good, exaggerated sunglasses as her unique personality and taste.
Zhao Wei
Playful mode fully sunglasses red frame and Zhao Wei that able white collar set to the large eyes are simple and elegant, a baggy sunglasses covering her Petite face, half, but temperament is what in the way of the big stars cannot hold back.
Victoria Beckham
Able white collar set of simple elegance, a baggy sunglasses covering her Petite face, half, but temperament is what in the way of the big stars cannot hold back.
Gong Li
Dressed in black to black, and then fitted with the pure black sunglasses is really cool, is indeed the Tin Hau-level characters, make such a domineering black.
Lynn Hung
Shapely figures are every woman's dream, a short dress shorts expose undoubtedly beautiful curve, fitted with the deep dark green sunglasses, fresh and clean.
Shu Qi
Sex goddess appears always the focus of people chasing, retro gradient oakley sunglasses cheap cover her magic eye, but the attendant sense of mystery is the most attractive.

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Ideal polarized glasses
Article publié le 16/08/2013

First and foremost must be able to filter out the sun more than 98% of ultraviolet rays. UV is invisible killer, human prolonged exposure to strong sunlight, the skin turns red, to black, peeling, eye due to absorption in the crystal experience too much ultraviolet radiation fibrosis, and slowly the main reason for the formation of cataracts . Good lenses cheap oakley sunglasses are designed to filter out ultraviolet rays are the primary tasks.
Furthermore is the block glare function. To throw light comes weakened, both clear and Vision TV, and feel dazzling effort, but to cool in the heat and felt two, is particularly important that these two pieces of dark eyes lenses, cannot result in a "parallax" and "color."
Lens surface treatment, refractive, radian and degree of hardening is also bending elements of Sun glasses-candy and eye. Polarized lenses are more polarizing point of doctrine. In order to achieve these stringent optical requirements, responsible manufacturers often have to invest heavily, personnel and equipment to the design and production of it. Quality sunglasses on the market vary greatly, prices there is a world, that is why this! United States Polaroid polarizing lenses of optical events in the world of invention was for decades, in addition to more than 99% can filter out ultraviolet rays and anion-retaining outside the glare, especially can eliminate surface reflection or scattering of light, thus solves problems plagued for a long time, in Europe, widely welcomed by the driver of a car and outdoors.
Spectacle frames also were the focus of discount oakley sunglasses . In addition to the basic requirements for appearance, it had to be stabilized lens, don't let it loose or fall off.
Filter 99% 1, the Elimination of the reflection or scattering of light, so that a clearer vision, supple.
2, in line with United States ANSI highest requirements for standard filter ultraviolet rays, which absorb UVA and UVB wavelengths below 400nm reached 99.99%, protect the eye from injury.
3, in line with United States FDA highest standards of impact-resistant, safe and reliable.
4,. surface hardening on both sides, easy to wear and durability.

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Elegant romantic summer jewelry
Article publié le 16/08/2013

"Gentlemen Prefer Blondes", the Marilyn Monroe has such a line: " tiffany outlet diamonds are a girl's best friend." Off screen, Elizabeth Taylor's love for jewelry is well known. Her collection is considered by far the most beautiful priceless private collection, which includes pieces of intricate, bright colorful jewelry, as well as pieces of a monumental private collection and gifts. Elizabeth Taylor's fourth husband Eddie Fisher said that a diamond worth $ 50,000 for about four days to make Taylor happy mood. And her favorite husband Richard Burton often said with a smile: "I teach Elizabeth to drink beer, she taught me to buy jewelry."
Jewelry new season single product, from delicate subtle, playful gorgeous, elegant to extravagant atmosphere, each style have no shortage of impressive style. As a kind of art, jewelry, beauty not only bring you into clever visual illusion, more touches your soul, enlighten minds, in order to create a natural aura of extraordinary poetic beauty, romance sublimation beautiful woman inside.
Tender and fragile, gentle and sensuous rose petals, Princess Grace of Monaco series of fine jewelry of the soul, this year, Montblanc has evolved a new breed of contemporary topics abound. The topic with moist pink gold for the spindle, another variation of the diamond, equally rich and vibrant new aesthetics. Mini petals intertwined into a wreath into cheap tiffany jewelry rings, bracelets, earrings, and earrings, necklaces and bracelets of small pendants; pink gold or pink gold diamond rings and earrings shaped like the petals of a ray whirlwind distinctive contour shape flowing, do now elegance.
Pearls have always Wen Wandian ya. The old adage surrealism influenced the design concept, keys and lock heart design collection belongs only to you, not because of the passage of time and left. Akoya saltwater pearls lock in 18k gold cage, pendants and earrings constitute a part of the most shining, rings by Mabe pearls, diamonds and 18k gold composition, the whole series modeling simple, because of the "treasure" concept gives unlimited reverie .
This year, tiffany is piaget rose series Add new style, very feminine design is composed of gold and diamonds adds beauty bouquet color. Pink tourmaline and pink opal adds a touch of joy and gorgeous, elegant Earl Rose show the world the charm. Elegant and moving supermodel bar rafaeli elegant interpretation tiffany rose again the bright brilliance, the countless untold soft elegance presented in memorable and moving picture into.
Tiffany and co outlet Wave series released this year in Paris, like a melody and harmony and structured hymns, intended to show the details of the different, changing colors, moving temperament and inherent charm. Playful series is inspired by carousel circle round. A carved green jade and Lapis presents a gorgeous color, like a string of festive lights, matching k-gold and diamonds, had a playful sense of humor retro taste.

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Misunderstandings often on driving sunglasses
Article publié le 14/08/2013
Choose sunglasses with stress, the driver best suited gray lenses
Small pair of cheap oakleys sunglasses, wearing inaccurate but also lead to an accident; this detail is not usually a lot of people will pay attention. So, how to choose sunglasses while driving be conducive to safe driving it? The driver choose sunglasses in summer, in color, choice of material has a lot of stress.
Myth one: the darker the better
Many people assume that, the darker the better UV protection. In fact, sunglasses with UV filter function are only plated film on neither the color nor the darker the better. On long-haul drivers, especially if wearing sunglasses too dark, eye fatigue more easily from the strong sun light step into the dark tunnels and other places are also more dangerous.
Myth: Polarized lenses most comfortable
Many drivers like to wear polarized light microscopy, is that we can effectively filter out glare sunglasses. Glare causes eye discomfort and fatigue and affect visual clarity, so many drivers feel most comfortable wearing eye polarizer. Mei reminded, in fact, more suitable polarizer fishing, skiing or water sports wear. Especially cheap polarizer, to see things through the windshield will deform more easily lead to accidents. If you must wear a polarizer, be sure to choose good quality optical lenses. Tens of dollars cannot wear the kind of polarizer car.
Driver if you like the comfort glare polarizer recommend mercury film lenses: Some star will wear these glasses, looks like a mirror; there is a strong anti-glare function, suitable for driving.
Myth three: do not wear myopia
Some drivers slight myopia, usually do not wear myopia car no problem. But once dark glasses, the question came up: eye fatigue more easily, vision will decline; just as night driving vision will be affected. Therefore, slight myopia driver, usually drive no problem, if you want to wear sunglasses, must be equipped with myopia lenses.
Myth: colorful fashion
Stylish young man will have a variety of colors of sunglasses, with clothes use. Mei reminded many beautiful colors of sunglasses, while playing anyway, driving unfit for use. He also detailed description of the different colors of lenses:
We Zhejiang most suitable to wear gray lenses, because gray can be integrated into a variety of spectrum does not change the basic chromatography. Followed by dark green.
Brown, yellow lenses increase the brightness of the role of a more suitable Chongqing, Beijing and other foggy, dusty city. In Hangzhou, wearing discount oakley sunglasses prone to this kind of color glare, is not appropriate.
And a lot of girls like pink, purple lenses will change color, spectrum, should not wear while driving.
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Sunglasses purchase note
Article publié le 29/07/2013

Summer comes, the sun began to increase, UV also increases, all kinds of sunglasses began debut. In order to attract the attention of consumers, major shopping centers are a variety of styles, brands and price points are different, so that consumers are confused, then the time to buy Cheap Oakleys sunglasses should pay attention to what?
Good sunglasses can block the strong light and ultraviolet radiation, inferior sunglasses can cause blurred vision, object deformation, visual fatigue, or even result in cataracts, so in this remind the majority of my friends in the choice of sunglasses when a place to note. We wear sunglasses not only have decorative features, or to play a more important role in eye health, a lot of people in our lives only consider buying sunglasses styles, colors or something, very few people would consider the role of the lens. Buy sunglasses should pay attention to what the problem?
1, whether the lens UV protection: Wear UV sunglasses is our main objective is the primary function of sunglasses, if you cannot wear a low-quality UV-blocking sunglasses, ultraviolet rays entering the eye more than not wearing sunglasses, even easily lead to eye damage, a long time can cause cataracts, there will be eye pain, corneal edema, corneal epithelial loss and other symptoms. There are regular sunglasses are generally anti-ultraviolet function, we can check whether the instrument to have this feature.
2, choose what color of lens: the lens will affect the color shading effect, should be considered depending on the desired event location. Blue, green, gray, etc. sunglasses tend to be less likely to observe objects appear larger phenomenon of color cast. So, when you do not want to find that wearing sunglasses and do not wear sunglasses appear if sentenced to two objects embarrassing phenomenon, we can consider more than a few colors. Generally darker the lens shading effect is stronger, but that does not explain her ability to strong UV protection.
3 lenses: This should be based on individual's face to choose, general recommendations are: small eyes, a small number of selected frame sunglasses, big eyes who want to choose a large frame sunglasses, fat round face shape, who wears a thick frame sunglasses, slender face shape for round frame sunglasses, flat round face people should choose a slightly narrower bottom square frame sunglasses.
Experts remind everyone in this: it is best not to wear sunglasses long in low light places do not wear sunglasses, over the age of 40 have glaucoma populations, and the crowd is best not to wear Oakley Sunglasses Cheap sunglasses, glasses for our attention to the health of these we still have to pay attention to matters, we cannot for the moment beautiful and healthy on the behind.

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