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Global collective of sunglasses cool
Article publié le 15/07/2013

From the beginning, the big glasses aviator style glasses around the trend, the size of the lens can cover more than half live your sheets face. Sunglasses are more and more, to a large extent not only obscured half your face sheets, and even cover half of the forehead. When an airplane wearing a pair of cheap oakleys glasses may be greatly against ultraviolet rays, but now the trend eyewear such a design, not only embodies the designers have good intentions, it is the best single product pretending to be cool.
Colorful - now the most popular colors are red, pink, blue, green, camel and various intermediate shades
Broad-brush plastic, metal frames and gold frame
Jewelry decoration and design logos are very important, but unlike in the past so unexpected
As consumers increasingly bold glasses-style accountability, broadside and increasingly popular dichroic mirror legs
Popular rectangular frame slightly larger, and with a sleek geometric lines or some corner
The latest global fashion sunglasses collective shelves
Affiliated with the world's largest group of glasses Lens Crafters---Luxottica international optical chains in the sunglasses of season brings together many of the top brand new sunglasses, like RayBan, cheap oakley sunglasses, Bvlgari, D&G, Versace,MiuMiu and Ferragamo etc, brought us synchronized with the international fashion sunglasses, new trends in the epidemic. Retro Aviator sunglasses this summer continues to be trend-setting styles for summer, retro style combines the latest in pop material becomes a summer must-have fashion items. In addition, Prada, MIUMIU, Oakley and other brands have goggles-sunglasses this year, as the flagship models, coupled with fine crystal, gemstone decor, make clothes out of glasses in the shiny elements. The bold mix of transparent plastic frames with transparent reflectors, underlines the design gurus and rebellious spirit of individuality, whether during the day or night, you can wear.
Summer anti-UV sunglasses to help you care for your eyes
Eye health care, learn more about UV protection and other aspects of common sense, you choose a good quality pair of sunglasses, and is a required course for us this summer.
According to eye experts, ultraviolet light is called "eyes number one killer", it can lead to cataracts and age-related macular disease (AMD) and other diseases. At the same time, it also can easily lead to pigment accumulation and aging of the skin around the eyes, resulting in pigmentation and fine lines.
Select a good pair of sunglasses can not only withstand ultraviolet light, avoiding damage to the Visual can also reduce visible light to stimulate and improve visual comfort, reduce eye fatigue and provide the best visual effect. Buy oakley sunglasses cheap not freeloaders, it is important to secure formal shop purchase. Because professional optical shop sales of UV sunglasses have passed strict testing to prove its capacity to resist UV up to international standards, and can filter up to 380 nm wavelength of ultraviolet light, thus effectively protecting the health of the eye.

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Blooming brooch luxury of ultra-fine
Article publié le 15/07/2013

Luxury big name super beautiful tiffany outlet brooch, in the most attractive parts of the female body, has "inadvertently" ambiguous style. During summer faded winter bloated, skirt, jacket, cardigan, vest, etc. have appeared, but also to show their talents brooch season it.

Reduction in sensuality inspired small leopard claws, plump appearance itself is very lovable, sharp black nail enamel with a similar performance was highly material color, and very agile leopard tail is also a graceful arc and leopard claws its linked, but still harmonious, lovely, perfect.
Cute little animals are designer’s never depleted source of creativity. Interesting design makes it easier to balance work pressures.
With camellias, the Eiffel Tower and other distinctive brand image do the theme, exquisite lovely brooch, elegant in with childlike.
Ultra-fine luxury big brooch interesting animal shapes show exquisite jewelry and vitality, so that women never grow up to become a princess.
Mosaics with invisible-platinum, invisible-setting rubies, diamonds to the wind as inspiration, its duties lightweight caresse d'eole series;, and in the mysterious garden of dancing butterflies envol series with a lively congregation charming little fairy series, parts Outer precious.
Camellia aka Mandala, has been called the most romantic Valentine's Day gift, should think of flowers is too cliche, then you must have this collection collectible golden camellia brooch
Witty lizard-shaped brooch makes a memorable, but also increase the individual's sense of mystery, imagine, who had seen a girl put a lizard on the body yet.
Fine diamond inlays way to create a vivid simulation flower shape. This brooch wins in the process, especially for delicate and graceful woman.
Very ornate design, the use of colored gemstones shows a classical sensibility. The mix of blue and purple, but also reflects a woman's charm.
Sleek and smooth pearl, coupled with the design of the master, in addition to tiffany pearl tiffany jewelry outlet brooch, you have a choice?

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Colorful summer sunglasses market
Article publié le 13/07/2013

Into the summer, the sun is shining, people drive or walk outdoors, there is a glaring sun block cheap oakley sunglasses not only beautiful and comfortable, but also to protect eyesight, walking and more secure. During this time, the sunglasses market is clearly heating up.
Sunglasses products from the brand, style, color to the price, dazzling, to provide consumers with a variety of choices. Into the optical shop, sunglasses panels on a prominent position to seize the foyer, which has sporty gentleman section, ladies section and a children's type, adult and other products, the counter on the single-page brochure to help people understand the relevant information , many consumers into the store to find what you want, try to choose their favorite sunglasses.
Visited the market this summer, sunglasses, a major change in the number of more than myopia sunglasses, and the quality is getting better. Myopia sunglasses hard to find, consumers can only set a myopic lens sunglasses. Now the situation is quite different, myopia sunglasses glasses manufacturers around the world through continuous research and development, technology upgrading, product fully able to meet consumer demand.
In fact, both myopia sunglasses glasses and sunglasses dual function, has a huge market demand. It is understood that now use more lenses myopia resin technology, simply speaking, a resin sheet dyed various colors, can be called up sunglasses. Myopic lens dyeing more fashionable, more convenient to consumers. However, in the course of style sunglasses made of the need to address the high myopia lens curvature stain matching sunglasses and other technical problems, but fortunately this has been a breakthrough technology bottlenecks. Since last year, many well-known eyewear brands launched myopia sunglasses, popular with consumers.
The launch of oakley sunglasses cheap store styles, but also showed the brand, in the purchase of myopia sunglasses, professional optical shop in strict accordance with the technical requirements, the need for optometry checks, etc., to meet consumer demand, while beautiful fashion, to ensure that consumers visual health.
Speaking, sunglasses really new things. However, from sunglasses consumer awareness of changes and updates on people, reflecting the era of many changes.
First, people increasingly growing demand for sunglasses and more. Most people just before summer, sunglasses, and now not only is summer all year round would choose to wear sunglasses, because many people go traveling from north to south the climate varies, as a tourist, summer, sunglasses, after all, a nice dress .
Secondly, there is a pair of sunglasses before people can be, now is different, better living conditions, people attend different occasions, and even wearing different clothes, need to match different styles of sunglasses. Different brands, different styles, once bought two more for their own wear phenomenon is very unusual.
In addition, consumers can choose sunglasses more and more. From children to the elderly, basically meet the needs of all ages. Take sunglasses for children, previously only plastic glasses, now not only excellent material, but also trendy environmental health are indispensable. Sunglasses targeted and more strong, more and more professional, whether it is driving a car, cycling, extreme sports, etc., has a corresponding sunglasses meet the needs of people, some also launched customization services.
Sunglasses products, price choice, interviewed found that people choose sunglasses, more willing to choose a certain quality and brand awareness. Brand products price transparency, quality and security, the protection of people's eyes, becoming more conscious of the quality of life requirements are high, buy oakleys cheap sunglasses, will take into account these factors, the buy is a bed of roses.

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Secret between diamonds and constellations
Article publié le 13/07/2013

Fashion queen Coco Chanel said: "I chose diamonds because it hidden in the smallest volume in the greatest value." This analysis of classical confession of tiffany jewelry outlet diamonds shining in bright charm. Since 4,000 years ago was discovered, the diamond will shine with its unlimited power and confused with one million beings. Her sense only in so beautiful Zhang Xian, it is the transmission of feeling, a symbol of eternity.
Diamonds and diamond Constellation secret hidden between a woman's favorite, constellations and diamonds, but also between some degree of integration diamonds and want to know what the secret constellation exists between you? Want to know the results? Please see:
1, Round Diamond ---- Cancer, Libra
Mild elegant and peaceful rule Libra Cancer elegance, and peace-loving Libra, is in line with round diamonds emitted light.
2, oval diamond ---- Aries, Capricorn seat frank kindness and perseverance durable Aries Capricorn Aries outspoken good, persevering Capricorn, like oval diamond to show steady but little changes in the characteristics.

3, heart-shaped diamond ---- Scorpio, Pisces
Mysterious introverted sensitive Pisces Scorpio and passionate conservative introverted Scorpio, and Pisces moderate sentimental, likes heart-shaped diamond rich in emotions.
4, pear-shaped diamond ---- Leo, Aquarius
Sociable Leo and best friend of Aquarius specializes in entertainment communication Leo, Aquarius and heavy feeling, like pear-shaped diamond rounded end, narrowing to a point at one end like a deep rich charm.
5, square diamond ---- Taurus, Virgo
Law-abiding and orderly Virgo Taurus personality in the regulation and moments Taurus, and Virgo rigorous attitude to life, like a square diamond neat and Founder.
6, olive pointed diamonds----Gemini, Sagittarius
Caprice complex Gemini with the bold and lively changeable and complex, as well as bold and outgoing Sagittarius personality, like right across from the spiked ends of the tiffany outlet diamond clear and unique.

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Sunglasses for you color
Article publié le 12/07/2013

The colors black and Brown are candidates for oakley sunglasses cheap glasses, consider safe, but a lot of people confused in wearing dark glasses looks very odd, brown glasses appears to be very old and not shortcomings of the spirit of, I don't know why, they simply gave up wearing sunglasses. In fact, this is about your personal colors-season, knows its own color-season can feel free to choose color of glasses.
Purple reddish brown color lenses for most people, if black and brown lenses are not suitable for you, then you can choose the color of the color. It was a wild color. Most people can wear a beautiful feeling, will not destroy you.
Frames and lenses are glasses are ideal for intermediate person feels helpless. Eyes if your hair is black, color is not white, then so is the possibility of intermediate is very large, such as a sense of Black Beauty's love is dark-type person. Intermediate people choose the same severe craniofacial physiology of color glasses and your color coordination.
Dark-on the contrary, both sets of eyeglasses frame and lens colors are relatively shallow, ideal for shallow light hair, eyes, skin tone type people wearing, have you ever had a girl's nickname? That really suits you wear tinted oakleys cheap glasses. A set of glasses that don't wear dark wrong, would be a disaster for you.
Colors are cold and warm feeling, like Blue will make you feel the cold, who's face is a warm-, sallow face you feel it? Then you should be very specific for these cool glasses. Only with cool glasses will make your face look very spiritual.
Huang Di adjusting color of the Sun is warm, very suitable for face-Orange tones of warm people. If you're Brown or red hair brown hair color looks good, or very good wearing orange clothes, choose glasses, note that this warm must try. It will make your face glow immediately.
Color gives you a strong visual impact. Glasses frames are the most prominent place. Some gorgeous color pictures of a lot of people won't try, and too loud, even if your hair color and eyes distinct physiological color contrast of black and white, color face, you can try these gorgeous color glasses. You can wear a Western style and confident.
Some old generic colors a lot of people would consider safe and conservative, but brings you are dirt. I believe many people have had this experience, but bells, these soft dark color of cheap oakley sunglasses is not suitable for Chinese people's physiology of facial color, unless your eyes, hair, yellow, his face is not transparent like a foreigner suspected of, you wear glasses will fit in the diagram. In northern China will have much physiological color face these people?

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