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Tanabata jewelry New
Article publié le 10/07/2013

Cool colors is gives a cool feeling green, blue, purple, and they constitute a tone. Green, blue, black is cool, symbol: forest, sea, blue sky. Cyan, green, purple people feel quiet, calm, at ease. Cool as a back color, sedation, shrinkage, distant feeling. Summer wear these colors jewelry is more suitable.
So Choi Po is destined to become the protagonist summer, choose a color and pleasant, comply with mood colors gemstone jewelry, fashion Daren essential summer mix.
Romantic loves because love and wisdom icing on the cake, the wisdom of love also needs to be romantic mood swap. 2013 Valentine’s Day eve, tiffany jewelry outlet classic series introduced a new series of jewelry and veleno with world lovers to witness the wisdom of love and romance.

2013, full of romance and wisdom meant Valentine's Day gift is none other than non-tiffany new diamond ring: brown diamonds around the red tourmaline, period and London Blue Topaz Ring in love with undercurrents whispered softly.
To accept or gifts for each other a tiffany ring will commence a new world of love, because time flies, tiffany ring is worth the time to follow the footsteps of an accumulation of jewelry pieces, whether or not diamonds, they are telling you, I , her, his love story.
Each color represents an emotion; a few pieces of different colored rings of the match will be a combination of a variety of expression of love. Symbol of love, red tourmaline, peridot jealousy, gentle London Blue Topaz, or enthusiasm, joy, hope, love, miss...... Fun wisdom, you tell him / what to say?
Romance is the eternal theme of love, romantic relationship between the two is led by the Department in an endless romantic like a poison exudes a fatal temptation.
tiffany veleno series with amethyst as the main gemstone jewelry contains a full set of deep love. Mysterious and romantic amethyst meaning of "love", also known as "the guardian of love stone."
This series of tiffany outlet jewelry design with rounded shapes of water droplets or peas presentation, also like so many mysterious power of purple pills do love medicine, for the love witness forever creed.

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Sunglasses superior styling must-haves
Article publié le 09/07/2013

Choose stylish and practical sunglasses, not only on the go, traveling block the glare of the sun for your light is superior styling with fashion must-haves. Fashion mm have been trying to dress himself with cool oakley sunglasses outlet, or mysterious, or cute ......
With a: sunglasses and hoodie
A cool flavor, an infinite power, seemingly with the two elements are fused in one kind of mix them in with bunt layered miniskirt and black tights, stylish and handsome.
With two: hooded short jacket with sunglasses
Integrated lens sunglasses, shaping facial features three-dimensional feel. Semi-wraparound frame your eyes more beautiful deep; streamlined shape metal mirror with hooded jacket short paragraph style, not only visually lengthen the body line, but also for you to add a bit cool, wild makes you cool flavor.
With three: sunglasses and sports vest
Seemingly ordinary vest is summer in the wild basic models, no enchanting, no spicy, but more simple and more to win a great reputation. However, how to wear clothing in the simplicity of taste, depends on your accessories such as how to match it. At this point it has played a vital role in sunglasses, hollow metal frames with green vest, worn with jeans, piercing rock flavor.
With four: sunglasses and a baseball cap
A baseball cap, a dark cannot see eye sunglasses, a handsome, somewhat neutral dress reflected in the woman, especially if it becomes full of flavor, plus cool skinny slender woman casual dress, handsome cute to the extreme.
With five: sunglasses with a long necklace
Longer than the chest bead necklace with elongated face, neck, visual effects, with a very wide number of big cheap oakley sunglasses can make up facial defects; fan-shaped lenses have tightened cheekbones visual effects, with a simple metal beaded necklace star flavor.
With six: sunglasses with oversized earrings
Sunglasses and jewelry with you more star quality, big sunglasses and exaggerated big earrings, fashion modeling make your face more petite and attract more attention.
With seven: sunglasses with explosive head
Lovely walking route for beauty, those will be fun candy colors applied to large frame sunglasses on, full of innocence and childlike, playful spirit never let you put it down. This year the popular oversized sunglasses rather retro style, slightly exaggerated explosion head and big earrings and sunglasses echo each other, forming a whole with some lovely playful exaggerated form.
With eight: bobo head with retro sunglasses
Bobo head hot spring and summer to continue. Has a retro atmosphere with a cat-shaped, inverted figure eight with a yurt, exaggerated wide width shelf with strong colors, these details are reminiscent of "Roman Holiday" in Hepburn that dignified, elegant and somewhat exaggerated star style.
This year the popular large frame glasses, mirrors or lenses degree gradient must depend clothes with. Low-key luxury style fashion dress up demonstrations, fur, t-shirts, jeans, plus purple or metallic glasses, can emergent exclusively for your personal style. Progressive lenses pink, Ferrari red frame, dynamic and elegant, sexy not play.
This colorful cheap oakleys glasses and clothing with too many variations. Outstanding temperament purple gray plate frame elegant and intellectual, with progressive lenses create urban upstart self-confidence and fashion, superior texture to the touch and comfortable wearing experience, is that you cannot miss the star of a single product.
Broadside retro design is more striking use of color, not only to face a better modification, it is your fashionable taste daylight.
Comfort fit the contours of the face of the human design, simple and able to integrate into the overall design of the classic elements, immediately express a generous, confident fashion image, a variety of lenses of different color options to meet your needs when paired, you definitely cannot miss star single product.
Comfort fit the contours of the face of the human design, in bright minimalist fashion elements into the overall design, soft and delicate pale pink lenses immediately express a sweet lady temperament.
Metal frame feature is that it allows the wearer is very delicate, with clothing also relatively easy. Unique frame design out of the traditional metal frame glasses bookish, adding a lot of fashion. Both general influx of people dressed younger, chic contrast blue lenses special taste is that you cannot miss the star of a single product.
Finally, the choice of lenses, the optician may give you offer a variety of suggestions:
Pink lenses can absorb 95% of ultraviolet rays, and some shorter wavelength of visible light; gray lenses can absorb infrared and 98% of UV; green lenses can effectively absorb infrared light and 99% of ultraviolet rays; brown lenses can absorb more than the green lenses more blue; yellow lenses oakleys cheap sunglasses absorb 100% of UV rays.

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Tiffany on the pursuit of beauty and desire
Article publié le 09/07/2013

Culture of Buddhism since childhood favorite, more peace of mind than others, she pursues transcended the soul of self, but admits, has been in the Red dust. But, Buddhist in of aesthetics culture on Ruan Xizi of effect is distant long of, only see she I, was upper and lower shrouded with a unit thaw Yu within and bulk Yu outside of classical beauty, this temperament no long of accomplishment difficult to exceeded, more vividly of reaction in she of art works in the, regardless of is cloud under of Ethereal smart, and Butterfly fly of dance, also is Chan if stars of bright flashing, also or in water party of quiet distant, each a pieces works from design to named, are revealed with thick of culture flavor. Tiffany outlet never gave up on the "United States" seeking and yearning.

Color of bright Opal mix of heavy to light butterfly, use blue black gold contrast matching, superb stereo carving, showed a butterflies of beautiful fantasy, such as a gorgeous midsummer dream.
Black opal's splendid design combined with diamond accents, like distant stars in the night sky, high polishing Opal luxurious shine more bright and smooth.
Exquisite inlaid process, soft and smooth design lines, made with colored fire opal carving out permeability. Opal Butterfly dance, play of color will be unique to the beautiful gesture of vivid, look at this work seemed to have a butterfly is sensation, smart and jump.
Originating in Brazil Indic lite clear and full, even beautiful in color and rich. Meet the infinity-edge design and channel set Diamond works as a whole looks round and plump, Matt and brightness of approach which combines a sense of craft. Earrings small and flexible as the main feature, with a flow of diamonds and pearls, gives a sense of deep in the clouds, Ethereal life.
Exquisite inlaid process, naturally embedded in a square aquamarine crystals, symbolized the invisible shackles of free spirits of the water, hit the bottom color of the original, most purely clean soul. Implicit introverted unassuming, minimalist aesthetic needs achieve a sense of distance and luxurious, look that exudes such as crystal clear aquamarine water light, quiet distant.
After rain in the jungle, Choo bird, transparent water drops reflect the verdant green, rustle hanging on a branch. This tiffany jewelry outlet pendants with birds and flowers as the theme, with the magnificent diamonds, set off red and green tourmaline full of clear, strong color contrast, smooth sense of dreamy images. Fine Vulture thin chisel vines, birds, flowers, vivid, let the whole piece vigor. Full crystal clear Red tourmaline

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Picking sunglasses color is also important
Article publié le 08/07/2013

Pick oakleys cheap sunglasses not only look at the appearance, color depth is also important.
Our eyes can adapt to different light and dark environments. Prolonged exposure to intense sunlight, or need for outdoor activities, not only will increase the degree of eye fatigue, but also harmful rays entering the eye (especially ultraviolet) more cause eye damage. In this case, wearing sunglasses good quality is the best way to protect the eyes. Only a pair of sunglasses in terms of health is absolutely not enough. Different light intensity, the eyes need protection are very different, the depth of sunglass lenses should also be not the same.
When driving, the most suitable for wearing brown sunglasses
Brown lenses can absorb light in the violet, blue, can absorb almost 100% of the ultraviolet and infrared, can block the smooth and shiny surface reflects light, wearing glasses can still see the subtle part, is the ideal choice for motorists. So, for car owners, it must not be less so a professional driving sunglasses.
When traveling, gray and green is better
Designed for the traveling lenses that are basically made of plastic material dyed. With a lens, the shallow depths. At this point, should be able to pass through the lens sunglasses 30% of the visible light, gray and green for the best, because these relatively soft colors, when looking at the scenery outside does not change color, but also resist ultraviolet radiation, to ensure visual clarity is the best condition, the color change through external objects is also the smallest.
Outdoor sports, pick professional polarized sunglasses
During sea or skiing and other outdoor sports, wearing sunglasses block the glare must have a function, for example, coating polarized sunglasses. In order to filter the sun shone on the water, land or snow equality dazzling light direction, perpendicular to the direction of the lens is added a special coating that can be messy radiation outside light, scattered light, water shimmering light filtered into the soft lines, so that they no damage to the eyes. Professional polarized sunglasses for outdoor sports such as Seaside, skiing or fishing use, but normal daily life, especially in the car, was not applicable because it but will let you see clearly.
Sunlight suitable sunglasses with 35% depth
The color oakley sunglasses outlet sunglasses into four types according to the depth, respectively, 15%, 35%, 50% and 70%. 15% of the depth of the most shallow, suitable for indoor wear, especially for people with prescription eye, can avoid the trouble of removal and wear; 35% of the depth, suitable for use outdoors in sunlight; 50% of the depth of sunglasses, can under the hot sun or beach wear; while the depth of up to 70% of sunglasses is not commonly used in everyday life, are generally used by welders and other professionals.
Summer wearing "Mirror" Notes
Dark green lenses: the absorption of light at the same time, maximize the green light to reach the eye, so it is cool and comfortable feeling, eye fatigue for people to use. But because of its low light transmission and clarity, suitable for sun wear, not wear when driving.
Grey lenses: for any balanced absorption chromatography, so watch the scene will darken but will not have obvious color, show the real natural feeling.
Brown lenses: can absorb light in the violet, blue, can absorb almost 100% of the ultraviolet and infrared, can block the smooth and shiny surface reflects light, wearing glasses can still see the subtle part, is the ideal choice for motorists.
Blue Lens: The most popular sunglasses color, can effectively filter out the blue sea and sky reflection, suitable to wear while playing on the beach.
Mercury lens: the lens surface using high-density mirror coating. Such lenses more visible light absorption and reflection, suitable for outdoor sports people.
Yellow lenses: Strictly speaking, these lenses are not sunglasses, because it almost does not reduce visible light, but in the foggy and dusk, yellow lenses cheap oakley sunglasses enhance contrast, provide a more accurate video, it is also known as night-vision goggles . Hunting, shooting, wearing yellow lens when the filter is very common.
Light blue, light pink lenses: decorative than practical lenses.

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Purple gems capture a woman's heart
Article publié le 08/07/2013

Women like flower, blossomed in the ecstasy of the moment, aromatic overflowing, refreshing. Rose, contains too many woman vision for ourselves, is to love and heart tracing. Fresh, engaging, and beautiful, of course, there are prickly ... ...
Because of this, rose to become creative genre favorite tiffany jewelry outlet designers, jewelry featuring the Rose will be a woman well, serving the Queens still products.
Purple, has a mysterious dream atmosphere, purple gemstone in jewelry design, concentration is more affordable, fun, purple jewelry, Platinum, diamonds and gold can match a variety of beautiful colors.
Purple, is regarded as nature's most elegant color, are both cool and warm tones of the two extreme feelings. Purple jewelry, luxury and gorgeous is sufficient in my mind.
Coupled with advanced jewelry craftsmanship of blessing, extraordinary glamour but also reflects a bright star. Purple jewelry like perfume, sexy mystery woman exudes a unique atmosphere.
Uncover the mystery of the purple tulle, revealing elegant and luxury, in color, purple is always to create its unique charm in a casual, charming and arrogant, makes no sense to close it with mysterious colors attract the eye of countless women. TIFFANY designs beautiful purple gemstone wedding jewelry, to store the secrets of our hearts, also captured his heart.
Purple gemstone design, bias, and interesting, pairing with gold, platinum, diamonds can be a different winter cherry color.
Exotic purple:
Senior jewelry series TIFFANY necklace and ring
Rich purple and gold wrapped in green, arrange droplet waterfalls are full of exotic.
Violet in Bloom:
Senior TIFFANY treasures series earrings and necklaces
Flower theme interpretation in art jewelry is always a variety of materials, blooming purple blend of all precious stones and embedded technology of subtleties, beautiful head.
Blinking Purple:
Senior TIFFANY treasures series of brooches and necklaces
Finishing touch of purple, with Interwoven Platinum Diamond line series, full of a sense of design, but also tough soft lines of a lot.
Sparkling violet:
Tiffany outlet collection series Jewelry Kit
Amid the purple oval is gold-linked, framed rules showing the largest drops of purple stone mellow and atmospheric, as if seen using these jewels of Royal women in history makes up after better picture.

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