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Sunglasses purchase and maintenance
Article publié le 06/07/2013

Important condition what ideally oakley sunglasses outlet sunglasses should have?
1 98%, must be able to filter the sunlight more ultraviolet rays.
2, block the light feature is particularly important, dark lenses, and not creates "parallax" and "chromatic aberration".
"Parallax" is the glasses after watching walk, objects are distorted, up and down stairs miscalculation. "Chromatic aberration" serious, red light, green light is unclear, posed a danger.
3 surface treatment of glass, mirror, refraction, radian and degree of hardening is also bending sunglasses-candy and eye conditions.
4, spectacle frames are also the focus of sunglasses. In addition to the appearance of qiben requirements, it had to be stabilized lens, don't let it loose or fall off.
Pick a pair of sunglasses to protect eyes, you have to pay attention to are:
1. lens color to deep enough, if they wear their glasses can be seen through the mirror, should consider changing a pair of darker oakleys cheap sunglasses myself!
2. the lens on a fluorescent lamp, move the check, as long as there is no wave distortions, all OK!
3. just bought remember to check that the lens is smooth without scratches, bubbles, or spots.
4. Note whether the product indicating the sun signs.
5. optical service sticker on the nose and ears, if you feel inclined, for immediate adjustments, in addition to Eyelash touch lens is one of the metrics.
6. do not select lens size is too small, blocking the light effect will be a pittance.
In addition, we should also consider wearing glasses for the occasion and season and other factors.
Often ride better with resin sunglasses; when wearing a large box-shaped arc of sport sunglasses or add a belt and chains; myopia or hyperopia, and can wear Sun glasses clips or wearing dedicated optical sunglasses. In spring and autumn, choose lighter, box color solid of the lens sunglasses; in winter choose frame color gorgeous, snow day to wear color film sporty cheap oakleys sunglasses, winter use larger pattern sunglasses to wind.
Maintenance and General Sunglasses largely the same. If the lens has stain, grease or fingerprints, and special fittings available in a soft cotton cloth or special lens paper remove dust or dirt on the lens. After the wipe, should also often use lens cleaner to clean. Never use nail polish to remove the mark on the lens. On the lens when there is gravel, rinse, and then with glasses dedicated dry cloth or paper.
Many people like to put Sun glasses "," on the head, but this can easily be linked to bad. Glasses you should be careful to remove, to glasses folded when placed and on the mirror. In order to save a lot of people will not put glasses box glasses is in a bag or Pocket, it's easy to make sunglasses lens is scratched by edges, such as keys or Combs, be alert.
Special reminder is in very hot weather, sunglasses, throw in the car on the dashboard, sunglasses may heat distortion, especially framed sunglasses almost all of the plates is not heat-resistant. In addition, cosmetics or relaxant chemical constituents of beauty products, is easy to make frames discoloration or deformation, the need for timely wipe clean with a special cloth for glasses or paper.
Do you get sunglasses with one hand? Use one hand to get cheap oakley sunglasses, also makes it easy to frame deformation.

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Enjoy the colorful gems
Article publié le 06/07/2013

Colorful gems are often likened to flowers. However, the beauty of flowers is short, but beautiful gem is eternal. Let us enter the kingdom of colored gemstones, enjoy a variety of multicolored colors.
Blue - the color of the sky
Blue represents the sky, ocean, sleep and depression. The ancient Egyptians use the blue lapis lazuli represents heaven. Blue symbolizes the Virgin Mary. Blue is calming color. Pure blue is the inspiration, sincerity and innocence.
Wearing tiffany outlet blue stones enhance people's independence, soothing mood, gives a refreshing feeling. Blue also represents loyalty, trust and a sense of giving equal communication signals.
Blue Gem
Usually blue gems are: aquamarine, blue sapphire, blue square stone, kyanite, indigo tourmaline, sodalite, sillimanite, fluorite, topaz, zircon.
Blue Gem Recommended: chaumet: blue coral Paraiba, and three shades of sapphire, emerald green mixed sand Fleming Demantoid and Diamond
Purple - noble
In the West, is considered to be a royal purple color, but also a symbol of a king or queen. Meanwhile, purple also represents the mystery and magic. Purple symbolizes strength, spiritual goals, passion, leadership, respect and wealth.
Purple gemstone jewelry inspire people's creativity and inner strength. Purple also enhance artistic talent and wisdom.
Usually purple gems are: amethyst, purple spinel, stone ax, square pillar, zoisite and so on.
Green - the colors of nature
Green represents vitality, health and vitality. Green is the most serene colors. In most European countries, green is the color of good luck, a symbol of safe, fresh.
People wearing green gem, giving a quiet feeling. Wearing a green gem that can make people psychologically feel completely relaxed, soothing mood people peace of mind.
Usually greenish gems are: green grandmother, peridot, green spodumene, chrysocolla, emerald garnet, jadeite, transparent garnet, green sapphire, agate, magnesium column spar, zircon, garnet capstone sandwich , enstatite, light green chalcedony and so on.
Brown - a cup of coffee
Brown represents fertile ground, symbolizing the friendship, simple, simple and reliable. Brown is an earthy color, stability and calm.
Wear brown gems can improve a person's intelligence, with clear thinking. So, if you want to show your self-confidence, natural, healthy side you can choose a brown gems.
Usually brown gems are: tiffany jewelry outlet diamonds, tiger's eye, cat's eye, smoky quartz, agate, gold emerald, stone ax, magnesium column spar, sphalerite, variable gemstones.

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Three ways of myopia sunglasses
Article publié le 05/07/2013

Beauty cool oakleys cheap sunglasses and eye care so many of my friends put it down, especially in the summer sun warm moment, out the door wearing a stylish sunglasses to better highlight the personality charm, color blindness contact lenses can be most effectively protect eyes Stock by glare and UV stimulation. But the "myopia family" cannot be bothered with sunglasses on, because the market has not bought directly myopia sunglasses.
"Myopic family" to choose sunglasses products, generally has three options: First, wear contact lenses while you select plain sunglasses; Second, choose sunglasses clip sunglasses or set of mirrors; Third, custom specialized myopia sunglasses.
The first way is to employ more people, and because it's easy and does not affect the appearance, remove sunglasses indoors does not affect eyesight. However, over time it is easy to wear contact lenses because of discomfort, including dry eye, foreign body sensation, and weight and so on.
The second approach is relatively straightforward. Sunglasses clip directly caught in myopia frame glasses, free removal; while sunglasses set of mirrors set in myopia but directly on the frame. However, aesthetically inferior former.
The third way is to use a particular pair of glasses, and oakley sunglasses outlet myopia both function normally after choosing eyeglasses frames, custom special sunglasses lenses, including polarized lenses, color lenses, etc., but the price is relatively expensive.
If you need to wear a long time, or driving and other outdoor sports wear, recommended to choose a third way, convenient and practical solution too many of the difficulties of myopia.
Of course, also pay attention to myopia sunglasses lens color choices, gray lenses generally better!
Many "myopic family" choice of sunglasses there are too many limitations, because most products are plain lenses sunglasses, there are short-sighted friends want to wear sunglasses, or choose sets of glasses or sunglasses clip, or they will customize myopia sunglasses. The photochromic lens is also an option for customized myopia sunglasses, photochromic lenses color light changes with the external environment and discoloration, to protect the eye from light stimulation.
The so-called color lenses, that is, according to the change of solar flux to color change, also known as photochromic lenses. Lenses generally contain silver bromide or iodide, illumination, color blindness glasses lens light energy to break down into the silver halide and halogen atoms, the lenses become darker in color, then shading rate of up to 50%, when the sun disappears, the lenses were silver and halogen atoms bound state, the lens lighter color, shading rate of 15%. Color cheap oakley sunglasses are also affected by temperature, the temperature is high light color, dark color when cold.
How to choose sunglasses myopia lenses?
Dark green lenses: absorb heat, bring cool feeling, but low light transmission and clarity, suitable for sun and wear, not wear when driving.
Grey lenses: the case of a more comprehensive lens wear even after clearly distinguishes between colors.
Ai Watch experts say blue lens: Blue is the most popular sunglasses, blue sea and sky can effectively filter out reflected light blue.
Tinted lenses: can block the smooth and shiny surface reflects light, wearing glasses can still see the subtle part is ideal for the driver.
Through the above description, you can accord your preferences and beautiful and comfortable, the correct choice suitable for your cheap oakleys sunglasses and lenses, avoid direct sunlight on your eyes hurt.

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Jewelry application of abstract and minimalist
Article publié le 05/07/2013

Every era has its representatives at the mainstream of culture, science, art, such as construction of the new expression of a new concept, traditional painting styles and new compositions, in the design of art and design, is the rendering of the contemporary era, which means art and design concept, has also affected the development of modern jewelry design.
Jewelry has its own characteristics and laws. Realized in the creation of, a wide coverage of modern tiffany jewelry outlet jewelry design, learning and applying concepts, methods can be said to encompass many disciplines of art. Jewelry design is based on "miscellaneous" is good at, subject to operation on a model, how to learn and explore in jewelry "modernistic", how "modern" to intervene and converge in jewelry?
Application of abstract and minimalist
In recent years, with "modern" pop metal jewelry abroad, with predominance of abstract concepts to work. From the perspective of art, abstract expressionism is one of the most stylish art in the past century. Masks of jewelry with abstract designs, which coincides with fashion itself, is a sign of pure art in the design field.
Abstract emphasis of spontaneous and unconscious from the inside, or passionate, or peace and quiet, but have expressed there is something within or beyond the expression of every part of the cover image. In other words, the abstract can be a complete design trends, and "pose" itself is an independent beauty. In jewelry design, an abstract, a fashion jewelry. Although there are unbalanced, but abstract and pose is a great way of teaching. Flowers, butterflies which "classic" material for thousands of years, does not know how much a spiritual shackles of the jeweler's talents, as modern jewelry designer, we can learn to abstract vision to see and understand things around, and in conjunction with the appropriate form to your rich works.
In addition, the "less is more" concept is also accepted by many people. Jewelry design, "less" performance for "simple" or "cut", as a rich "modernistic" concept of jewelry must be designed to be simple and beautiful, and personality can be touched. "Less is more" minimalism is a strong wave of postmodernism, not only to minimize subjective concept designer for viewers has been imposed, increasing viewer's initiative, works to understand and express more subjective.
Abstract minimalist is a new face in modern jewelry design. We live in an era of rapid development, modern urban life in colorful, eye-catching things too much. In addition, under the pressure of people in the pursuit of material values, have a desire to keep this simple, back to the original, return to the deep aspirations of the mountains. Minimalism is characterized by minimum of oppressive, the greatest perceived space and gave views on the introduction of the second identity of the designer. Minimalist tiffany outlet jewelry design in the use of materials, color combination, pattern composition of surprise, these three points are the focus of modern jewelry designers should take pains.

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Precautions before wearing sunglasses
Article publié le 04/07/2013

In the heat of the sun, many people like to wear a pair of cheap oakley sunglasses; we can avoid the strong sun damage to the eyes, but also as a decoration, bring out their own temperament, sense. But note that the improper selection and wearing sunglasses also hurt your eyes, damage eyesight.
Have you heard of "sunglasses syndrome" do? It does exist, and are often young people who in some fashion.
Continuous wearing sunglasses 1 to 2 weeks after, eyes or skin can occur between both sides of the cheek numbness, perception retardation and other symptoms, nasal discomfort when breathing feel like suffering from a cold, and some people will feel that there is a small insect crawling on the face, eye soreness and so on. This is because they often wear edge width, frame thick, heavy weight of the glasses caused.
In addition, some people like to wear sunglasses, regardless of time and place, indoors or outdoors, and even at dusk, watching movies, watching TV are wearing it, it will increase the burden on the eyes, causing eye muscle tension, blurred vision, severe dizziness will appear, cannot be long as the other symptoms. These symptoms are caused by the misuse of sunglasses.
Choose healthy oakleys cheap sunglasses

To choose the right pair of good glasses, in addition to concern sunglasses style, the following three facts cannot be ignored.
1 of UV logo
UV is the primary function of sunglasses and some sunglasses lenses or packaging with "100% UV", "uv400", "UV" and logo. If you cannot wear a low-quality UV-blocking sunglasses, ultraviolet rays entering the eye more than not wearing sunglasses, even more easily lead to eye damage, a long time can cause cataracts, there will be eye pain, corneal edema, corneal epithelial loss and other symptoms . Generally have a regular optical shop sunglasses UV detection capability of the instrument, can detect whether your choice is correct. The street small stands, hawkers glasses and often do not meet quality standards, it is best not to buy.
2 Select the gray, brown and green lenses
Lens color selection should be based on the color of the surrounding environment without distortion, sharp edges of objects, which can effectively identify the different color lights principle. Cheap oakleys lens color to gray, brown, green, preferably, the color of the lens because the infrared, ultraviolet absorption is better.

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