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Purple gemstone jewelry charm Nocturne
Article publié le 04/07/2013

Purple, has a mysterious dream atmosphere, purple gemstone in jewelry design, concentration is more affordable, fun, purple jewelry, Platinum, tiffany jewelry outlet diamonds and gold can match a variety of beautiful colors.
Purple, is regarded as nature's most elegant color, are both cool and warm tones of the two extreme feelings. Purple jewelry, luxury and gorgeous is sufficient in my mind.
Coupled with advanced jewelry craftsmanship of blessing, extraordinary glamour but also reflects a bright star. Purple jewelry like perfume, sexy mystery woman exudes a unique atmosphere.
Purple gemstone design, bias, and interesting, pairing with gold, Platinum, diamonds can be a different winter cherry color.
Exotic purple:
Senior jewelry series Tiffany necklace and ring
Rich purple and gold wrapped in green, arrange droplet waterfalls are full of exotic.

Violet in Bloom:
Senior Tiffany treasures series earrings and necklaces
Flower theme interpretation in art jewelry is always a variety of materials, blooming purple blend of all precious stones and embedded technology of subtleties, beautiful head.
Blinking Purple:
Senior Tiffany treasures series of brooches and necklaces
Finishing touch of purple, with Interwoven Platinum Diamond line series, full of a sense of design, but also tough soft lines of a lot.
Sparkling violet:
Tiffany outlet collection series Jewelry Kit
Amid the purple oval is gold-linked, framed rules showing the largest drops of purple stone mellow and atmospheric, as if seen using these jewels of Royal women in history makes up after better picture.
Purple-the blood
In the West, is considered the Royal color of purple, symbol was the King or the Queen. At the same time, purple represents mystery and magic. Purple symbolizes power, spiritual goals, passion, leadership, respect and wealth.
Purple gemstone jewelry to stimulate people's creativity and inner strength. Purple also can enhance the artistic talents and wisdom.

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Wear sunglasses to local conditions
Article publié le 03/07/2013

Despite the autumn, but UV is still strong. However, the primary objective of many young people wearing oakley sunglasses outlet sunglasses not blocks UV light, but is used for decoration. Improperly wearing sunglasses can cause headache, eye pain, fatigue, discomfort, severe cases will even decline in Visual acuity or eye disease caused by increased.
So, how to go out in the fall to the eye when doing "sunscreen"? First of all, at 10 o'clock in the morning to avoid-4 o'clock in the afternoon and go out. If it is necessary to go out should be good defense, anti-UV lenses for sunglasses, a hat or hold umbrellas. In addition, as short as possible time under the hot sun to minimize exposure. General activities 1-2 hours in the hot sun, you want to have a rest in the shade. -13 o'clock, lunch break shall be arranged to avoid exposure.
Second, anti-UV sunglasses to wear. Glasses with light, useful eye color such as Tan, light green. When wearing sunglasses without UV-resistant capability, and dark lenses create an environment with Dim lighting, pupils do not shrink it will zoom in, through amplification of UV rays directly into the pupil of the lens, it did more damage than not wearing cheap oakley sunglasses. So when you buy sunglasses, check for glasses, anti-UV ability.
Third, pay attention to diet. Eat foods that are good for vision, for example, yams, carrots, spinach, sweet potatoes, taro, corn, animal liver, etc., or by dates, ginseng, wolfberry, chrysanthemum, Mangosteen tea drinking, can also be eye. Most people think Mangosteen fit hoarseness, throat discomfort, in fact, Mangosteen and eye for anger is not good efficacy in patients is also very significant. Eat spicy food; eat spicy makes the eyes, burning sensation, eye vascular congestion caused blurred vision.
IV, to cool the eyes in a timely manner. Eyes-cool heat, encountered the fire of the heart, when the excessive heat of the liver, eyes dried dirt, hair, irritation, congestion, often with flowing cold water washing can reduce eye diseases, vision, increase resistance to eye disease. In particular often suffer from redness, hair dry, as it's not clear who benefits more apparent.
Outdoor activities, some parents have often overlooked the baby eye protection. Before the age of 8, because the retina is not mature, baby UV in sunlight can fully penetrate the retina, hurting eyes eyesight. Sunglasses can protect your baby's eyes, but the trouble is, MOM generally hard for 2 years ago baby sunglasses and stay for more than 5 minutes.
Therefore, wear hat or bellies bloated, hat is well baby eye shading methods, and later listed some of the elastic band-baby special sunglasses are also a good choice.
In everyday life, and we will choose different clothes to bring, we attended the occasion, Sun glasses are suitable for wearing occasions and styles. For example, in the natural baths, when I sit on the shore and enjoy the sunshine, suitable for wearing Polarized Sunglasses. Polarized Sunglasses 100% not only keep out the Sun's ultraviolet rays, eye protection, and can make you comfortable and discover the beauty in the Sun if participation in Party activities and concerts, for sunglasses cool. In fact, many of the stars of the stage like wearing a pair of unique sunglasses, sunglasses requirements consistent with personal style; leisure suit wear photochromic sunglasses. Color cheap oakleys sunglasses not only can effective protection eyes, more important of is can with to everyone a copies pleasure of mood; travel shopping wear a Deputy light Sun mirror, not only can explicit pretty play cool, show unique temperament, more can visor dust, ensure eyes comfortable; driver mirror undoubtedly is drive of important equipment, a has anti-strong light and UV of features; II is is driver mirror voted light rate than high, night or had cave Shi not because light too dark effect security.
Therefore, not ever wear the same pair of glasses, but to select appropriate sunglasses in different light.
Choose sunscreen sunglasses tips
First, the election with polarized light. Sun lens materials are glass and resin, the best polarized lenses should be used. It is made with synthetic resin, is made up of seven-layer sheet, the outer two layers are super-hard wear-resistant layer; shatterproof strengthening layers; at all layers of UV filters layer, the middle layer is the polarizing filter. Polarized lenses can effectively filter out the reflected light and harmful UV rays, and has features such as shatterproof, wear, is by far the most popular sunglasses.
Second, the degrees to the right. Sunglasses lens should meet the requirements for flat lenses, and should not affect the optical defects of vision. Identification method for simple, put sunglasses on, through observation targets in the distance of the lens, such as window frame or door frame, then the glasses up and down back and forth, swing and the goal should not have wavy deformation.
Third, the color is not too dark. Lens color choice should be given after watching the surrounding environment of color distortion, object edge clear, can effectively identify the principle of different colored lights. At medium depths in General as well, such as light grey, light brown, light green, sunglasses, ultraviolet to infrared light absorption of these colors are good. Of course, if the strong shading effect is required, you can select a darker lens oakleys cheap sunglasses. Bike or car, don't wear a color too dark lenses will not be available to identify traffic lights.

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How to identify genuine and fake gold
Article publié le 03/07/2013

Gold identified seven methods: weigh the severity, try hard and soft, and distinguish the color, tossing method, see phonology, view stamped notation reagent method.
Weigh the severity
Gold accounted for 19.3g/cm3, the relationship of color and proportion of a larger proportion of nearly 19.3 when tiffany jewelry outlet pure gold is higher. When the proportion of 18.5, gold 95%, gold 90% when 17.8, as long as they will know the proportion of measured fineness of jewelry, but generally it can weigh on the hands, if slightly weight sense can perceive, because the same weight other metals, such as silver, copper, tin, lead weight is not the same. Volume of the same size compared with other metals, gold, silver accounted for 45% of the weight of gold, copper, accounting for 46%, 38% tin, 59% lead. Visible gold are small heavy, if put in the palm Britain try, there is a sense of fall. Right stupid big but ethereal jewelry should be alert, careful to distinguish whether adulterants or semi adulterants.
Hardness test
The higher the fineness of gold jewelry more soft, more inelastic, real gold with the teeth to bite or scratch will have a light needle marks, no broken lines with folded hands, and the fire (not a very high temperature) will not change color. Low purity, false and vice versa.
Resolution color
As the saying goes, gold is "seven green, eight yellow, purple nine, ten red", because the type and composition of different impurities present different color. Experts believe that, with Jin Qicheng their jewelry was yellow with blue, yellow gold eighty percent, with Jinjiu Cheng transparent yellow in purple, gold Kazunari was red. Gold soft quality jewelry inlaid generally do not do so, where gold inlaid claiming 24k, definitely fraud.
Tossing France
True gold cast on the desktop, on the ground issued a "puff despair" of the sound, the color of the fake is issued or a sharp bright, crisp sound.
See phonological
High purity jewelry, throw in the concrete floor will dull Bata sound, and a sound and no rhyme, no strength, commonly known as the dead sound. Conversely, low fineness of gold, and cast concrete floor with rhyme and sound long and pointed and slightly bounce.
View stamped notation
Regular production plant producing gold jewelry, gold and production plants are built markers, such as cover 24k, 14k and so on. If there is no standard reporters are generally fake.
That point with 45% nitric acid test: no change in tiffany outlet gold, silver becomes black, copper, take the green bubbles. This is because gold is chemically stable, at any state will not be oxidized, water, air, hydrogen sulfide or salts, alkaline environment is also very stable. Gold is insoluble in any single acid, just dissolved in aqua regia (hydrochloric and nitric acid volume by 3 to 1 mixture).

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How to identify pros and cons sunglasses
Article publié le 02/07/2013

Summer approaching, oakleys cheap sunglasses outdoor work and in turn become a must play one of the menu items. But you know what? If the inappropriate choice of sunglasses, not only will not play the role of UV shielding, there may cause a variety of eye diseases.
If the poor selection of contact lenses, one can increase the incidence of cataracts. Because wearing the sunglasses, the lens transparency serious decline seen in the dark things like eye, the pupil becomes large, will be a substantial residual ultraviolet injected into the eye, the eye when it is absorbed by the surface of the corneal tissue, early cause lens density increases, the latter will lead to clouding of the lens and become cataracts.
Second, can induce acute glaucoma. Because after wearing sunglasses, reduce the visible light entering the eye, the pupil will naturally turn, causing the narrow anterior chamber angle, resulting in poor drainage of aqueous humor, a long time, easy to induce acute angle-closure glaucoma.
Third, can lead to amblyopia. Children under 6 years of visual function has not yet mature, wearing sunglasses a long time, macular area cannot be effectively stimulated, will affect the further development of vision, even the formation of amblyopia.
Fourth, can cause visual fatigue. Some people, regardless of time and place, whether outdoors or indoors, regardless of sunlight intensity, even in the twilight, in the evening as well as in movies, television, also wearing cheap oakleys sunglasses. Doing so will increase the burden on the eyes, causing eye muscle tension, blurred vision, severe dizziness will appear, not for a long time as the other symptoms.
Fifth, can cause sunglasses syndrome. Syndrome is more common in patient’s sunglasses fashionable young people, they prefer to wear edge width, frame thickness, heavy weight large frame sunglasses. Continuous wear these glasses 1 to 2 weeks after the wearer appear between the parts of the orbit or two cheek numbness, perception retardation and other symptoms, nasal discomfort when breathing feel like suffering from a cold. Some people feel like there are bugs crawling on the face, upper gums numbness, discomfort upper incisors, eye soreness.
When buying sunglasses, be sure to go to regular stores and branded eyewear glasses shop for qualified sunglasses. Also, note that block ultraviolet light colored eyes are not necessarily only in the UV lenses another film on the map can be used as sunglasses.
How to identify strengths and weaknesses sunglasses
Sunglasses can judge the merits of both quality and aesthetic look. Aesthetics with individual factors, then there is a certain quality standard. Mainly refers to the quality of the cheap oakley sunglasses lens quality. Currently the world's common standard for the U.S. Food and f • d • a standard.
According f • d • a standard lens, while the protection of transmittance, to filter out the sun more than 90% of ultraviolet rays, the lens should be affixed to "UV-100protct10n" label, when 100% UV filtering, you should stick "UV -400protct10n "tab, so view UV label on the lens is very important. In addition, optical lens sunglasses cannot have a "degree", and must have high strength and impact resistance test passed.
Good quality sunglasses should be able to filter 99% to 100% a type and b-type ultraviolet light. Sunglasses should be uniform color; the image cannot be deformed nor have other defects.
How to detect whether your sunglasses Standard: lift it, for some of the rectangular pattern, such as a floor, with a pair of eyes carefully observed. Slowly move up and down around the lens, if rectangular lines remain straight, on behalf of your sunglasses meet the standards. Studies have pointed out, in the snow skiing or water skiing at sea when wearing cheap and poor quality oakley sunglasses outlet sunglasses compared to people who did not wear any former UV dose received by the eyes of the latter three times!

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Exquisite tiffany Pierre
Article publié le 02/07/2013

Everything from colorful inspiration, tiffany jewelry outlet originality of exquisite fine jewelry craft, jewelry watches gives fresh and full of life. Only rare natural treasures masterpiece was fortunate enough to get the attention of tiffany jewelry master, clarity and transparent aquamarine, noble deep emerald, onyx mysterious bright, mesmerizing ruby, there was a round natural pearl ...... these perceptual rare earth materials combined with the perfect diamond shape, bring out the queen-like aristocratic temperament.
Sapphire: Precious Perliamo
For thousands of years, sapphire crystal clear beauty of color, by the ancient people to cast a mysterious supernatural color is regarded as auspicious objects, nature has enjoyed a respected position, is also quite rare and precious gems. In countless imperial supplies, we can also see a lot of sapphire figure, while many sapphires of the best, is to become the symbol of eternity, and even has a legendary story. From cornflower blue to midnight blue, sapphire inclusive almost all colors, and even yellow, pink, green, violet ......
Ruby: Do not put out the fire of love
In ancient India, ruby known as "the jewel of the first" in the title, it shows in people's minds possess extremely high status. In the Bible, rubies are celebrated as the most precious of all gems of one kind. It was hot and eye-catching red, so that people always put it between the sexes exudes the same enthusiasm, and even precious love is linked, of course, been seen as the "love stone", and always represent the love wonderful, eternal and unchangeable.
Emerald: Mystic Forest Life
Velvety smooth texture, emerald, was hailed as "the world's four precious" gems, precious stones that Wang hazy deep green color, in three thousand years, deeply captured the hearts of countless people. Back in the early twentieth century, tiffany and co outlet once produced for the Indian Maharaja Luxury emerald jewelry sets; make this worth the money gem with a more unusual charm.
Pearl: Tears of Artemis
Pearl is unique in that she is the only family of jewelry without including natural jewels, Natural fruity and delicate and smooth, elegant and gentle and subtle. Because of that gentle elegant pearl luster, and soft natural texture, tiffany it to become an indispensable material. Personal beautifully decorated pearl bracelet, it can bring out the feminine gentle and noble temperament. tiffany skillfully combines pearls and diamonds, so as to create a product for women unintentionally reveals the infinite kinds of style and gave praise.
Diamond: Eternal Rainbow Mirror
Diamond's power to make people drunk, small volume gathered enormous energy, can reflect the thousands of dazzling light. The more has a unique natural color diamonds, the more rare and has a high value. Diamond special high refractive index, high hardness, and high purity, creating unparalleled shine light and white pure hard character. Fine diamond cutting, to show the best of each diamond beauty, the perfect interpretation of the tiffany outlet watches distinguished quality, even in the most details of the office can feel the women's soft, natural harmony and the unique style of the atmosphere and elegance.

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