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Simple diamond and jewelry for bonus points for style
Article publié le 01/07/2013

Platinum natural white color and never fade quality both with diamonds or colored gemstones, have access to bright stunning effect. Platinum as the best actress on the red carpet with the tiffany jewelry outlet jewelry, important witness superstars precious moments in life.
Anne Hathaway
In the 83rd Academy Awards ceremony, as host Anne Hathaway chose a red onto the red carpet, festooned with white skin and red nail polish on the lips, with bright platinum ring, highlights confidence and elegance .
Nicole Kidman
In the 83rd Academy Awards, Nicole Kidman in a white satin embroidered dress red carpet, with 13 kt platinum diamond ring, noble without losing the atmosphere.
Natalie Portman
In the 83rd Academy Awards ceremony, with "Black Swan" gains this year for Best Actress Natalie Portman, although pregnant in the body, but still elegant appearance ceremony scene, purple dress with a platinum ring, The happiness and success written on her face.
Amy Adams
In the 83rd Academy Awards ceremony, alexandrite perfect match with pure platinum, and blue sequined dress with outline, Amy Adams will portray flawless peerless beauty.

Halle Berry
In the 83rd Academy Awards ceremony, The Black Pearl Halle Berry chose beige veil look feminine, platinum diamond rings will definitely show her flirtatious one.
Mila Kunis
In the 83rd Academy Awards ceremony, purple length skirt to dress like Mila Kunis goddess of Athens, with a platinum ring, highlighting the noble.
Jessica Alba
In the 70th Golden Globes red carpet, filled with a sweet smile Barbie Girl Jessica Alba choose platinum jewelry with beautiful and moving the overall shape and makeup, become the focus of attention the red carpet.
Sophia Wo Jila
In the 70th Golden Globes red carpet, Sofia Wo Jila a tight black strapless dress with seats bright shining platinum tiffany outlet ring will show their confidence in free and easy temperament vividly.

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Choose the right sunglasses
Article publié le 01/07/2013

In the era of increasingly seeking beauty, has not only the function of cheap oakley sunglasses for vision correction, eye protection, but also beautiful face, so the choice of glasses, in addition to quality to strive for excellence, but also need to seek beauty in style, with their own face with properly, make it shine, even more attractive.
Despite people's faces are different, but in general can be summarized as long, square, round and sharp etc. type. Face different style glasses when there is not. Now on different face should choose what kind of frame styles do a little introduction:
1. Men Square face: should approximate matching square frames, should not use flat-type frames.
2. Men sharp short face: should choose lower than the top of the narrow circle glasses frames, and should not use flat-type frames.
3. Men rectangular face: should choose glasses frames longer ring height, ie the approximate height of large square wealthy frames.
4. Male short square face: should approximate matching complex type such as high temporal than nasal high stigma frames.
5. Men Round face: should be matching flat-type or pear-shaped frame, should not use too round too square frames.
6. Women short square face: should optional flat square frames, to avoid shortening the length visually.
7. Women oval face: should any style of matching frames, but not the best straight line frames that should not be too high, too flat frames.
8. Women rectangular face: should approximate square corners with matching cheap oakley sunglasses frames, mirror ring height can be higher, in order to neutralize the long face

Recommendation to buy sunglasses according to face shape
Not only a good quality sunglasses can filter out more than 96% of the sun's ultraviolet rays, but also from the glare of the projected weakening.
According to experts, sunglasses must uva, uvb two bands of ultraviolet blocking all, sunglasses lenses must meet the national standards. And the basis for face matching.
Shop the sales of eyewear products are in line with EU standards
Recipe round-shaped face frames, so you can make your face look slightly angular. Best not to select a circular frame, or make your face look more round.
Inverted triangle face is particularly tapering chin, this face to avoid wearing large glasses frames, otherwise it will only exaggerate the forehead, and the choice of a small frame would play in the visual effect of narrowing the width of the forehead.
Triangle face narrow forehead, this face as select some square frames, it will make you look wider number of narrow forehead, which coordinated the facial contours.
Square face if it is biased in favor of a rectangle, you can use some of the wider frames, visually shorten the face can play a role. If the face is not too long, we chose more refined small frames, such as oakley sunglasses outlet lenses smaller oval frames can make the face look softer

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Clever selection of sunglasses tips
Article publié le 29/06/2013

Out of the expected future warming, all kinds of new summer have started listing. Floor, dark blue men's swimwear popular, light gray, brown, brown oakleys cheap sunglasses be favored. In addition, various types of outdoor leisure products, wedding bedding sets are synchronized popular.
In fine weather, wind is moderate, is a good day. Amid bright spring sunshine, brilliant sunshine reminded you are out it is important to protect your eyes, because of the strong sunlight and UV rays can cause damage to eyes, over time may result in eye diseases. So if activities under the Sun for a long time, we recommend that you wear a good effect of high degree, optical filters and blocking UV sunglasses. But sunglasses also changed with time, some people think of sunglasses as accessories, regardless of the lighting levels are wearing, even in indoor wear, studies have shown that wearing sunglasses without science for a long time, will produce symptoms such as headaches, irritability, not long and seriously will also cause a reduction in vision, blurred vision. So it is recommended to remove in a timely manner from the outdoor to indoor sunglasses, in the sense of continuous wearing in 30 minutes or eye fatigue when best to take them off the eye for a change, let your eyes rest in a timely manner.
Sunglasses a lot listed glasses industry look good. Light gray, Brown, Brown sunglasses by foreign companies, mainly sold to Indonesia, India, Europe and other countries; lightweight, impact-resistant plastic lenses to sell their products in Mong Kok; swimming, diving microscopic merchants to purchase most goods to the coastal cities such as orders increase significantly; grinding machine, punching machine, drying machine, measuring optical instruments such as chip demand.
Teach you a trick how to choose oakley sunglasses outlet sunglasses
1. professional reminder: on the sunglasses when you select first to identify the tag "UV400" logo, which is ultraviolet wavelengths up to 400 nm, this sign can withstand UV radiation. Also depends on the sunglasses shading functions, General 2~3 for qualified products.
2. many people believe that polarized glasses work better, in fact, the lens surface transit with a polarizing film, can be filtered out of the water caused by the reflective, reflective and mirror reflective glare, but the glasses the darker, not intended to be worn under the weak light environment.
3. choose Tan, gray, and green lenses, these colors for blocking more yellow.
4. screening qualified teach you a trick lenses. Pick up the glasses rotate to external objects, because sunglasses are no degree, qualified cheap oakley sunglasses lenses during the rotate process see the object in question is not deformed, if low-quality sunglasses, and you will find the variant, and color distortion is very sick.

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Appreciation Summer Accessories
Article publié le 29/06/2013

Tiffany jewelry outlet inspired by Latin American summer accessories, a blend of colors, interesting design and fresh sunshine, is your add embellishment to dress up and to celebrate the holiday of choice for fashion attitude. Swarovski carefully selected aesthetic accessories, will make amazing modern style girls night show glittering summer image.
Whether worn alone or mix and match, lively style pendant are the highlights of this season's hot. Filled with charming colors and romantic poetic tilly pendant, in addition to decorative chain Shangzhui crystal beads, but also through a mini hand-set crystals for delicate eye-catching dragonflies injection glory. Get inspired from Mexico torpedo amulet bracelet, woven with cotton rope and metal decorative chain woven and embroidered with peppers and eye-catching skull pendant;
Exudes a strong Brazilian style tosha bracelet that will manifest the traditional process of South America, a variety of styles of bracelets decorated with different shapes of cut crystal, as well as small and unique bright pink crystal, highlighting the beauty of the crystal-clear I , but also showcase the extraordinary elegant style. Unique exotic toco flamingo pendant, flamingo design both eye-catching and gorgeous.
This dragonfly pendant adorned ceramic technology through pointiage cryogenic crystal I, but with exquisite workmanship and gold-plated hollow design crystal wings, and the accompanying colored crystal beads decorated with gold-plated long necklace. To dress inject fresh romantic atmosphere!
Fresh and romantic choice! This bracelet is inspired by dragonfly by flashing colorful thread made of crystal beads and pendants decorated with two ︰ one pair decorated with Crystal Moonlight crystal, exquisite charming gold-plated metal wings, as well as a set with the Olive Crystal compact leaves.
This unique and charming dragonfly brooch by pointiage low-temperature ceramic technology in the dragonfly body drive sparkling crystal, with a pair of sparkling, gold-plated details combined with exquisite crystal wings, filling unparalleled exquisite tiffany and co outlet processes.
The amulet of Mexico and ethnic-inspired bracelet by palladium-plated chain, clear crystal cup chain and rope woven dyed bright red and decorated with crystal pendant pendant and patterns, including two from the acrylic glass to create skull pendant, and a red pepper pendant.
This is inspired by Mexico's palladium-plated necklace embellished with a spangle from acrylic glass to create a skull pendant, as well as pleasing colorful crystal beads, can dress adds lively embellishment.
Lively and playful choice! The flamingo Swarovski pendant through low-temperature ceramic technology unique pointiage embellished flashing pink crystal gradient, the back also added epoxy coating.
This is inspired by ethnic style palladium-plated bracelet, decorated with many pieces of beautiful and pleasing pale turquoise Silver Shade crystal, transparent crystal with the central coincides. Miansheng more fluorescent pink baby body with a slip knot design, so you can easily adjust the size. This charming bracelet by the delicate clear crystal cup chain, black cotton cord and fluorescent pink woven rope interwoven, and slip knot design is more that let you adjust the size, make sure to wear a comfortable close. You can also mix other bracelets worn again and again to create a stylish charming effect!
This charming bracelet by the delicate clear crystal cup chain, purple, sky blue dyed cotton rope and rope interwoven, and slip knot design is more that let you adjust the size, make sure to wear a comfortable close. You can also mix other bracelets worn again and again to create a stylish charming effect! This tiffany outlet bracelet is inspired by ethnic style, decorated with many pieces of Indian decent and beautiful pink and rosy red color white crystal, transparent crystal with the central coincides. Young black cotton cord itself more with the sliding knot design, so you can easily adjust the size.

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10 of this summer's crazy in love with sunglasses
Article publié le 28/06/2013

First, knowledge sharing an interesting: In Australia, cheap oakley sunglasses have a very cute simple name "sunnies". Very much the same example, Australians like to put a lot of things are simplified, such as the breakfast called "brekky", presents became "pressies", very cute name is not it? It is this lovely "sunnies", reminds me of the 10 very nice sunglasses, you will love them!
A classic oversized oval frame sunglasses, summer is no wrong choice. It allows ordinary people immediately have star quality, and is suitable for any style of clothing with together.
Imagine when Marilyn Monroe walking in sunset boulevard, this face with sunglasses, blond hair tied turban fashion scene. This sunglasses is precisely represent Marilyn Monroe era old Hollywood fashion, so if want to go this summer, your dress retro route to you strongly recommend this sunglasses
Has a large brand logo sunglasses, designer likes, women love. And this is the best proof sunglasses, if you like Introduction styles of sunglasses, but I hope you can highlight the sexy charm, I think this sunglasses very suitable for you.
If you have already had enough of oversized oval sunglasses, then maybe you'll love this square sunglasses. Square tortoiseshell frames, cool and sweet feeling completely insulated, it is lauren conrad and nicole ritchie favorites.
Although I am not a big fan of flying mirror, but I have to admit that a lot of people have a way of sunglasses, and if this is still produced in sunglasses roberto cavalli, then the more worth having it.
I very much doubt heather mills (designer stella mccartney's stepmother) will crush on this design sunglasses. Of course, who can refuse such a sexy metallic stripe detail design? Although this oakleys cheap sunglasses so sexy, but relatively bulky, more suitable for young people wear.
This is part of hawksbill season. And this sunglasses frisked demonstration of this point, the square gives a retro feel, fit and style with elegant dress together.
If your dress sporty style than popular style, then this silver frame sunglasses with you a good fit, this sunglass provides a full range of sun protection, regardless of the summer beach volleyball, skiing or winter, you can wear it to attend. Wear it, you can easily your most loyal love sports style mixed among the usual dress.
This pink gradient sunglasses, unprecedented hippie movement and the two styles mixed together, to provide you with a protect your eyes from sun damage very stylish way.
Whether gold metal, or tortoise shell material, fully embodies the taste of this sexy sunglasses, sunglasses if you like this, maybe you will fall in love with all of our products. Unfortunately, dolce & gabbana fashion stuff is not who can buy from, but I would never go to buy a replacement, I think I was suffering from a fashion disease, because in my mind, this pair of sunglasses is beyond replaced.
Finally, I want to say is: Whether your oakley sunglasses outlet sunglasses are very fashionable that paragraph, or just to be used to block the sun, sunglasses definitely make your spring and summer dress has become more the color of the parts, in fact, whatever the season it can play such a role!

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