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Italian jewelry specialty craft
Article publié le 28/06/2013

Italian jewelry is the 2000 European history, culture and art is the best interpretation - exquisite miniature marquetry, elegant and delicate decorative language, true to the traditional style of pattern drawing, inherited the essence of art in each period and continues to pass. From the Roman Empire to the Renaissance, Italy, large and small, who believe in a tiffany jewelry outlet jewelry workshop on purpose, that is "designed to be the father of all the arts," This is the Italian jewelry "and applauded" the deciding factor.

Textured carved gold France
Renaissance goldsmiths were widely used, but then gradually lost a carved gold skill, requiring patience and agile craftsmen hand-ground gold silk will be fine if a root to ride together, we should use a specific ancient tools in order to achieve the expected results, a minor mistake will lead to naught, hard gold superb craftsman carved gold weave technique under magically showing delicate fabric texture.
Round convex cutting method
In order to produce colored stones rounded soft feel, popular oriental round convex cutting method is improved development, in the past this process is used only for relatively cheap and full of decorative colored stones, and is the first to explore and Bulgari This cutting process to enhance the potential of jewelers to replace multiple facets round section gems stones, precious gems to make more rounded perfection.
Lost wax casting method
The liquid wax into the mold, and jewelry to get exactly the same copy. Then assembled in the wax tree, insert metal cylinder and filled and covered with a special chalk. Then the cylinder is placed in high-temperature oven: wax melts, leaving a mold cavity, the molten precious metal will be used to fill the space, after all the metal parts craftsman surface treatment, to form the actual shape of tiffany outlet jewelry.

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Universal sunglasses sunscreen windshield
Article publié le 27/06/2013

Nowadays the major brands of eyewear styles, rich, dazzling, frame material, shape and color is also changing. It is to look at things a convex oakleys cheap lens, or block the sunny side of the "firewall" or a variety of costumes with our closet universal treasure? Today, we must admit - Let us be clear glasses are not only a tool to see the world, but also a symbol of fashion culture. Learn to choose for their own personal qualities of the glasses, with the season's most fashionable dress.
Glasses fashion trends this year focus on luxury retro style, but not everyone is suitable for this dress. Although low-key luxury is in fashion this year, but you can wear a plastic glasses piercing American casual style, or the use of metallic design sunglasses with a Hollywood star atmosphere, excellent texture also choose a handmade glasses, creating a steady low-key style. Sometimes may wish to try something new, in order to find more interesting ideas styling. Even a white t-shirt, jeans, coupled with a long plastic glasses, or frameless thin edge metallic glasses, can immediately showing American casual style with the British Institute of two different feeling.
With skills:
Stylistically speaking, this type of glasses tend tough, more suitable for boys or girls handsome and lively. Mix in the clothing, the simple, capable is the key, you can wear with a high waist jacket taste, but also can be used with casual windbreaker jacket. In short, if you want to create a tough, resolute modern fashionable girl image, choose this style will certainly not be wrong.
Tip one: the overall harmony
While everyone's face shape is different but still can find suitable hairstyle to wear cheap oakleys glasses. In addition to selecting the principles glasses own conditions, there is co-ordination and personal qualities, including the shape of glasses harmony between face shape and facial features, as well as glasses material, color and skin color, makeup, clothes, complementary relationship. Be sure that you want to buy material, metal, plastic, or metal-plastic hybrid species.
Tip two: the tangible
In the metal-frame glasses, the most people feel different from previous years is the border design. Not just a few hundred years of rimless, semi-rimless and full frame glasses frame this year will be very creative, get rid of the traditional straight lines, into a beautiful arc, set in the inside of the lens, light and full of Flexible, fashion flavor.
Tip three: Color games
Beginning last year, the multicolored framework for the aerial six-color, changing characteristics of this year not only manifested in the frame, the lens also started many new colors to try, such as pink, dark green and the like. Of course, the color is mainly concentrated in the sunglasses, the glasses lenses very few people involved in this, but a lot of colorful frames, and especially popular with the two colors. Such as red and black, black and white, blue and green, etc., are particularly severe conflict colors cheap oakley sunglasses mix together, there is a distinctive effect.

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3 or more fold wear bracelets
Article publié le 27/06/2013

Stars as the cusp of fashion people, then fine, but the details are not spared. Take the most simple tiffany jewelry outlet bracelet, the bracelet alone one wanted to make a turnaround of the stars, or as early as possible this dead heart it, in that everyone will wear bracelets stacked consummate interpretation of the era, and do not have luck, or get down to learning how to wear a bracelet stack unexpected wonderful effect of it.
Three fold wear the bracelet, you need to have deep with skill support different styles of the same material if the match is not good, it is easy to drown together, so make sure that at least a basic shape of bracelet is quite satisfactory, so as to ingenuity with other style harmony. These stars are the model in this regard.

cassadee pope demonstration method is also very suitable, the same style of bracelet to buy a few. Same element bracelet the most suitable mix together, this combination is particularly suitable for the security card with a dress.
Exotic bracelets, although two bracelets same style, but if you only wear one of them, is far not been so imposing, bracelet color and dress color echoes.
erica ash bracelet to match with the basic models intractable pendant style, the effect is quite good.
These three bracelets can refer east wood up and down with the law; the two separated out some gaps wear bracelets, more layered.
When you do not know what jewelry with a dress today when grabbed a few similar style, color consistent bracelet to wear it.
Five bracelets, different shapes, different decoration, different sizes, mix together is unusually harmonious, plus this exotic dress, seeing jeweled red carpet, and occasionally to a strong heart so to force Pin change of taste is not bad. Same with two bracelets to match the same series of another one bracelet is the star of the most commonly used method mix.
The same section more than just small bracelet different colors though not exaggerated, but enough to show gestures to taste. 3 or more fold wear bracelets, bracelets colors also, and today's total looks the same.
Similarly to the three Baroque style tiffany outlet bracelet wide mix of such coordination. You can find the same patterns and dress bracelet, Maggie rose is really going to pick. Bracelets and dress the same color to mix and match the most suitable, over size style more suitable for stacking in strengthening the gas field.

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Different functions of different colors sunglasses
Article publié le 26/06/2013

Our eyes can adapt to different light and dark environments. Prolonged exposure to intense sunlight, or need for outdoor activities, not only will increase the degree of eye fatigue, but also harmful rays entering the eye (especially ultraviolet) more cause eye damage. In this case, wearing cheap oakley sunglasses good quality is the best way to protect the eyes. Guangzhou, Guangdong Institute of Optometry expert Professor He believes that only a pair of sunglasses in terms of health is absolutely not enough. Different light intensity, the eyes need protection are very different, the depth of sunglass lenses should also be not the same.
When driving, the most suitable for wearing brown sunglasses
Brown lenses can absorb light in the violet, blue, can absorb almost 100% of the ultraviolet and infrared, can block the smooth and shiny surface reflects light, wearing glasses can still see the subtle part, is the ideal choice for motorists. So, for car owners, it must not be less so a professional driving sunglasses.
When traveling, gray and green is better
Designed for the traveling lenses that are basically made of plastic material dyed. With a lens, the shallow depths. At this point, should be able to pass through the lens sunglasses 30% of the visible light, gray and green for the best, because these relatively soft colors, when looking at the scenery outside does not change color, but also resist ultraviolet radiation, to ensure visual clarity is the best condition, the color change through external objects is also the smallest.
Outdoor sports, pick professional polarized cheap oakleys sunglasses
During sea or skiing and other outdoor sports, wearing sunglasses block the glare must have a function, for example, coating polarized sunglasses. In order to filter the sun shone on the water, land or snow equality dazzling light direction, perpendicular to the direction of the lens is added a special coating that can be messy radiation outside light, scattered light, water shimmering light filtered into the soft lines, so that they no damage to the eyes. Professional polarized sunglasses for outdoor sports such as Seaside, skiing or fishing use, but normal daily life, especially in the car, was not applicable because it but will let you see clearly.
Sunlight suitable sunglasses with 35% depth
The color sunglasses into four types according to the depth, respectively, 15%, 35%, 50% and 70%. 15% of the depth of the most shallow, suitable for indoor wear, especially for people with prescription eye, can avoid the trouble of removal and wear; 35% of the depth, suitable for use outdoors in sunlight; 50% of the depth of sunglasses, can under the hot sun or beach wear; while the depth of up to 70% of sunglasses is not commonly used in everyday life, are generally used by welders and other professionals.
Summer wearing "Mirror" Notes
Dark green lenses: the absorption of light at the same time, maximize the green light to reach the eye, so oakley sunglasses outlet is cool and comfortable feeling, eye fatigue for people to use. But because of its low light transmission and clarity, suitable for sun wear, not wear when driving.
Grey lenses: for any balanced absorption chromatography, so watch the scene will darken but will not have obvious color, show the real natural feeling.
Brown lenses: can absorb light in the violet, blue, can absorb almost 100% of the ultraviolet and infrared, can block the smooth and shiny surface reflects light, wearing glasses can still see the subtle part, is the ideal choice for motorists.
Blue Lens: The most popular sunglasses color, can effectively filter out the blue sea and sky reflection, suitable to wear while playing on the beach.
Mercury lens: the lens surface using high-density mirror coating. Such lenses more visible light absorption and reflection, suitable for outdoor sports people.
Yellow lenses: Strictly speaking, these lenses are not sunglasses, because it almost does not reduce visible light, but in the foggy and dusk, yellow lenses enhance contrast, provide a more accurate video, it is also known as night-vision goggles . Hunting, shooting, wearing yellow lens oakleys cheap sunglasses when the filter is very common.
Light blue, light pink lenses: decorative than practical lenses.
Optical Co., Ltd. Xiamen Sword introduced a degree of staining pack allows the lens can also have color. Select Sword optical shop package dyeing company also services a bright spot.

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Luxury jewelry bright colors dancing
Article publié le 26/06/2013

Since the first time with a woman glistening brightly colored shell decorative gravel and slender neck and began to lay the jewelry in the eyes of a woman the most original and most eternal position. Tasteful tiffany outlet jewelry woman needed to set off their own identity, making it more elegant and generous.
tiffany jewelry to match the image of extreme daring, let it try a variety of fresh shape, so changing the color of the light even more impressive, but also allow women fascinated in her colorful world. Red garnet, red coral, crystal clear yellow diamond, sapphire, lapis lazuli calm and lively amethyst ...... variety of novel flashing jewelry lit romantic passion, vividly capture the charm of the moment.

Intellectual and elegant modern woman is undoubtedly eager to have the charm temperament, whether in the workplace or family or circle of friends, with the intellectual and elegance of women are sought after audience leader. Jewelry slightly suffused with pink rose gold, exudes innate elegance, combined with diamonds, gemstones and other precious stones, in addition to intellectual beauty and elegance to the extreme, but also use it to create a flashing light luxury gorgeous texture, great to meet a woman hidden in the deepest bottom of my heart that a vanity.
Tiffany mother's treasure box for you to open
Lock Charm forms elegant gold or silver as a material to build, or heart-shaped or oval-shaped, with a wide choice of sizes, both lively, yet elegant. Whenever and wherever, with a locking strap, will make your dress more personalized. Charm's surface, according to your requirements engraved letters, names or dates. More intimate, can open and close the lock, which do not have a world, friends and relatives can put photos or other extremely meaningful keepsake for you, so that lingering love accompany you anywhere around.
Each lock pendant Tiffany is carrying on Mother's Day to the most wonderful blessing. For modern women, these charms are a symbol of their identity, regardless of their exposure to the workplace or the home is casual, wear them are equally extraordinary. Coupled with supreme quality classic symbol of tiffany jewelry outlet blue gift box, which makes life wonderful for every memorable moment to be perfect sublimation.

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