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Create stunning sunglasses season beautiful women
Article publié le 25/06/2013

Blowing hot summer, choose a stylish oakleys cheap sunglasses when going out as many female friends headaches. In fact, we are the main characters, wearing a super brightly sunglasses, unknowingly we can become the protagonist of life, but also
Exquisite always able to describe the need to meet a woman, mosaic mirror legs and patchwork heart-shaped diamond embellishment, exaggerated thickness lines transform, as the shore close to the water falls gently open peach-like, so that thinking also followed Breeze dance. The sunglasses, no matter from which point of view, are perfect visual breakthrough.
Red frame in this season is particularly eye-catching, but not monotonous formalism, and together with the classic black frame, and hard to come by each other. Mirror legs round pearl on the series, so I think desires Phoenix Nirvana. It will not be easy to choose, but the idea of having it once identified, they could not bear to put down. With a variety of colors like purple bucket sorts of sweets, no significant tedious only perfect! Let this noble phoenix burning passion of youth and vitality your life is better than this.

A pair of glasses if there are too many modifications will become cumbersome. But this pair of oakley sunglasses outlet yet a good grasp of the modified components, frames four corners are bordered with diamond pieces, not sparing even the middle frame, the same diamond pieces placed just not the same angle, the original cumbersome become a noble. Mirror legs are wild pattern, let me break feeling the breath of the season so rich.
The theme is always the fashion sunglasses match. Warm blossoming season, a small river graceful willow shore figure it would certainly be nice you stop. Beautiful season should have beautiful ornaments to match. A reverie of the season, so that classical elegance and modern fashion blend. Beautiful on your side!
Puyi round-framed glasses, a lot of people wanted to be familiar with in recent years, after improvements, the ingenuity of the round-framed glasses popular, especially by actress interpretation after the influx of more and more people have to go from the revived routes, all of them have star full range of children.
Round glasses has become a lot of stars influx of people's personal fashion icons, and now we can still see in the street wearing a lot of people round frame fashion sunglasses, we have lamented retro round frame fashion sunglasses official return.
Current leader ZhangYuQi outdone, wearing round frame fashion sunglasses, cool, relaxed and elegant minimalism with filling, enjoy the interpretation of round frame fashion cheap oakley sunglasses retro feeling!

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Dress with dotting matter
Article publié le 25/06/2013

Ultimately, everyday dress with fashion accessories to decorate, 2013 new fashion necklace recommended! Embedded sections of fine animal shapes, adding a combination of transparent elements such as fashion tiffany jewelry outlet necklaces luxury upgrades so! Apparel beauty network to share 2013 new fashion lady necklace!
Animal shaped necklace
Small zebra chic style! Very merry fairy tale feeling! Luscious cream color, and size is very eye-catching, easy to use and very lightweight plastic material, blouses, t-shirts can use it to decorate fashion index up!
Cascading style necklace ring
Many decorative ring pendant necklace! Tether configuration pendant is not fixed with a simple buckle cardigan.
Star shaped necklace
Little star necklace clavicle minimalist design, particularly small and delicate sense of style is very wild. Material lightweight, easy to use and comfortable.

Precious stones inlaid necklace
Exquisite jeweled necklace, elegant fusion of high-end color.
Simple clavicle necklace
Gold silver, especially delicate and chic collarbone necklace.
Ice cream-colored necklace
Delicate cream-colored necklaces, chains and fake rhinestones perfect combination, blouses, t-shirts, etc. can match.
Animal shaped necklace
Lion pendant necklace, thick designs, a little sense of weight.
Transparent elements necklace
Gold and transparent combination of necklace, elegant colors, unique design, very stylish one!
Mix and match necklace
Can be interpreted in two different shapes mix and match tiffany outlet necklace, beaded embellishment to the overall color added a touch of color.

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Sunglasses have UV protection?
Article publié le 24/06/2013

In the glare of the Sun, cheap oakley sunglasses become the indispensable equipment for many people out, especially anti-UV sunglasses is popular, if sunglasses are UV? Or darker better? I have to say, this is actually a misunderstanding.
As Xiao Li of the taxi driver, to avoid strong light stimulation to your eyes while driving, but found out in this market, and online knowledge’s type of sunglasses variety makes a loss. In a spectacle the individual store, sales of sunglasses, from dozens of dollars to three hundred or four hundred dollars’ worth of brand-name without a brand, you name it. When asked, hundreds of sunglasses have ultraviolet effects and got positive answers. Asked this salesman, there is no UV-related identity, said that, although you cannot produce ID or specification, but it can be confirmed by testing whether anti-UV sunglasses sales season comes earlier than in previous years, this year, last month has been purchased, various grades of products for sale are good.
Subsequently, and came to city a Mall of Sun mirror Shoppe, said to purchase can anti-UV of Sun mirror, vending Miss said, they sold of Sun mirror are with anti-UV features, by observation found, almost all of Sun lenses or hanging cards Shang are no marked to anti-UV, only some children sun lenses Shang marked has anti-UV of words, on this vending Miss explained said, not only is she home but "everyone are no marked".
Consumers: color, shape of the most important
Women in cheap oakleys sunglasses when the election, in addition to price and brand, most attention is the color, style, and comfort, while other functions can have the best, no matter. Sunglasses sales agents, many consumers when buying sunglasses, often focus only on appearance factors such as color, shape, sheet, ignoring the lens quality, brand licensing for glasses, book description, tag, and many other important details, coupled with the many consumers of the glasses are not sufficiently aware of this product, some people don't even know to buy glasses, what should be paid attention.
In fact, not all sunglasses are UV-resistant capacity. Generally, each Deputy quality qualified of Sun mirror, will with individual of "id", first is products of test report, above will detailed description appearance detection, and frame size, and high temperature stability, and anti-UV coefficient, professional data, and more important of is products hanging cards certificate, which involved products name, and production manufacturers, and origin, and anti-UV coefficient, and quality grade, and products category, if sales of is international well-known brand product such as oakley sunglasses outlet , manufacturers also needs has brand authorized book, and customs single,.
Lens color has nothing to do with anti-UV ability
Sunglasses lens question of whether UV effect is the more the better, I think, with anti-UV sunglasses lenses are coated with a layer of UV special coating, which directly affect the quality of the film, sunglasses with UV effects, that is, the lens material is the key of anti-UV sunglasses.
First thing to consider when choosing sunglasses color light, the wearer if you frequently under strong light, consider lens dark sunglasses, do not choose a dark lens, because wearing too dark in color lenses will cause damage to your eyes. Select sunglasses color is better at medium depth, Tan and grey sunglasses worn on the eyes of the most useful, because these are the neutral colors will not change the primary color of the object.
In addition to color, also look closely at the identity, anti-UV sunglasses UVB and U-VA identity shall be noted on the label, and a good pair of oakleys cheap sunglasses to meet the comfort, vision is clear, safe and durable, beautifully designed four features, is not necessarily more expensive, the better.

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Astronomical fine jewelry Behind the scenes
Article publié le 24/06/2013

Maybe when you see beautiful tiffany outlet jewelry, was just can't help being that working fine appearance as one of the. At this point, you may also want to know, so representing the bright eye-catching jewelry is made of? No hurry let you walk into those fine jewelry production process behind the scenes.
The first step
Metal configured by using vacuum suction machine suction or vacuum induction centrifugal casting machines burn a metal, such as water, poured into the already dry stainless steel tube baking inside.
The second step
then after cooled blow plaster with chemicals and clean a metal tree, freshly baked. Carefully cut out of the rough from the metal tree, embryonic, also known as the medical model.
This is the first step in production, empty tray cut out by the customer on the requirements for welding, nail file, attachment, hammer, the provincial process to empty tray appeared, such as deformation and surface dressing, to achieve smooth, no Chlamydia trachomatis (small hole). Practice mode when used as chemical raw materials (such as potassium cyanide) corrosion for empty Ginto contamination on the surface of the material removed, and magnetic abrasive machines for polishing.
The third step
Mosaic is to use a pair of pliers, hammers and other tools required by the style set to blow up the stone with a good color on an empty tray. When mosaic, to follow the shape of the stone, size spaces, inlaid with different requirements of law firm stone inlay, alignment, stability. Because of tools such as pliers to Mosaic inlay, sides, trimming the claw so polished.
The fourth step
silver and gold-plating, different metals, electro is different. Electroplating can be used in two ways, one-pen plating, also known as pen. Is golden water got on the electric pen, gently on the metal surface, making metal white gold, and played very good decorative effect? But because the plated surface is too small, light is only suitable for small jewelry plating, or refurbished for jewelry, etc. Is another way that obscures the plating, also known as water and electricity? With conventional plating equipment, hydropower bundled good jewelry, put the inside with a good Golden, under certain conditions of PH and temperature, through the positive and negative electrodes for electrochemical reactions electro-plating fluids, gold plating bath surface of metal ions moving onto the ornaments. After plating on the surface of the jewelry has a very good protection, corrosion due to its excellent long term wear is not easy to change color. Electroplating jewelry products after a perfect finish.
On May 20, 2013, Marion Cotillard Cannes Film Festival premieres of the movie the blood ties. Marion Cotillard wore a pair of 18K White Gold Diamond Earrings, a gold 18K white gold diamond bracelet (16.62 carat) Director Guillaume Canet film Blood Ties attended the premiere red carpet, above, both from senior jewelry series tiffany jewelry outlet.

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Grasp the key point picked the right sunglasses
Article publié le 23/06/2013

One, the frame
1, in most cases, we have a natural flow of the oakleys cheap frame curvature. But life requires innovation. If we can frame curve design some more special shape is very innovative. Face is not perfect as a girl can also disguise you.
2, some diamond inlay on the frame is also a good decoration. The best choice for the position of diamond frame extension, the entire face can play a contraction. Wear a silver necklace will come to echo the diamond will be more perfect.
3, white frame will be popular this year. With white glasses can clearly outline the contours of the design is simple, neat stroke. Clothes to wear black and white can be.
4, the frame color with yellow or green is not common, but it should be rare, so just outstanding. But also for the hot summer brings touch of cool. The best clothes to wear candy-colored, you are able to demonstrate pure and lovely.
5, frame and lens color How to choose the same time to do? Can make the cheap oakleys frame more bright in color, in order to draw a line, neither impede the overall harmony and avoid the chaotic and uncertain.
Second, the lens
6, the shape of the lens and face are closely related. Face rather long and are suitable for the selected flat and wide rectangular frame, can visually improve the aspect ratio of your face.
7, more angular face is more suitable with square sunglasses. Highlighting the sense of your outline, But this sunglass is the face of human restricted areas.
8, if you feel your face is so cute little round face, classic mirror will be very suitable for you. You will add a little playful alternative taste oh.
9, for the oval face, a lot of the shape of the glasses you can choose from. But the shape of the lens, too long it can highlight your natural strengths.
10, in black cheap oakley sunglasses has been popular since last year, this year has not yet obsolete. Big face girls can try. Color is not necessarily confined to black.
11, the gradient has been flying from t into the homes of the common people. Eyes can also be integrated into the fashion element. But more suitable to use when the light is not too strong.
Three frames
12, if there are carved frames in the spring and summer of this year on the occasion, will be the measure you have no taste one of the important elements. Put this into a carved as a cut in the metal frame will be more in.
13, since diamonds are carved with the main elements of this year, why not put them together? Oh, very on the grade. Then select the black eye the best, better highlight its gorgeous.
14, with two frames of metal filaments barricaded work best for dark and partial thickness "bottle bottom" on. It is some retro flavor oh. Best, England some of the clothes.
15, a lot of clothes on the popular element is "one size fits all", we can learn from it in bold sunglasses. Leopard is a good example. The oakley sunglasses outlet have a cool meaning. Coupled with the leopard modification, will be even more wild and uninhibited.

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